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Written to Commissioner to act on encroachments: Mayor of EDMC

East Delhi Mayor Shyam Sunder Aggarwal said on Monday he had written to the City Commissioner of EDMC urging him to ‘take action and not just inspect’ sites where encroachments are found .

His statement comes amid anti-encroachment campaigns by civic bodies in various parts of the city over the past few days.

An anti-encroachment campaign is underway but there is some “backlog at the departmental level”, Aggarwal said in a statement released by the East Delhi Mayor’s office.

“To find a permanent solution to congestion, it is important to remove any encroachment,” he said.

”So, to speed things up, I wrote a letter to the municipal commissioner and the deputy commissioner urging them to act and not just inspect the sites where encroachments are noted,” the mayor said.

On Friday, Aggarwal said action against the encroachment would continue and no “illegal activity” would be allowed on behalf of “Rohingyas and Bangladeshis”.

Interacting with reporters here, he also denounced the opposition AAP in the BJP-led East Delhi Municipal Corporation and accused their members of first complaining about encroachment and then to “scream” when the body took action.

The encroachment issue has become a flashpoint between the BJP and the AAP in recent times, especially since the BJP-led northern society bulldozed the “illegal encroachment” in the Jahangirpuri area in prey to violence, sparking widespread outrage.

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