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USFantasy to Launch Fantasy Sports App in Nevada Soon

By April 26, 2017December 9th, 2021Sports app
[toc]United StatesFantasy Sports, a daily fantasy sports mutual betting style, is set to launch a mobile betting app in Nevada after less than a year of operation. The mobile application should be released in Nevada in the coming months.

The USFantasy app, on the way

The app is designed so that the company can deploy it in other states that may offer USFantasy in the future. Currently, USFantasy operates in Nevada and in Colorado under Mile High Fantasy. When released, the app will only be usable in Nevada.

USFantasy is currently building and testing its application behind the scenes. USFantasy plans to submit to Nevada Gaming Control Board for approval shortly.

Once approved by the NCGB, it is expected to be released to the public for a live field trial. Customers can use the app, but there will be additional eyes to the process behind the scenes to make sure everything is working properly.

The USFantasy app is created in-house and will feature the same DFS pari-mutuel contests that appear in casinos. This application will only be used by USFantasy contests. Sports bettors will continue to use sports betting apps for traditional sports betting.

The product will be white label so that casinos and other neighborhoods can offer the applications themselves with their own brand. For example, Mile High Fantasy in Colorado can publish the app with its own custom branding. In Nevada, participating casinos may offer their own personalized USFantasy app.

Currently, residents of Nevada can only play USFantasy select casinos. Players wishing to go mobile will need to create a separate mobile sports betting account for USFantasy.

Once released, customers can have up to three mobile betting accounts on a single sports betting site, including traditional sports betting, horse racing, and USFantasy. NGCB and sports betting operators have been studying this issue for over a year in the hope of combine all bets on one account. Unfortunately there is no target date for that to happen.

USFantasy is exploring different ways to fund and potentially cash out mobile accounts.

Features of the USFantasy application

From the start, the USFantasy application will be able to work in wifi. When applications using miomni software was first released, it didn’t work over wifi. This was a major problem for many sports bettors. Fortunately, the problem has been fixed and USFantasy will not have this problem.

One of the best features of the app will be the ability to view recent performance from past players. The application will allow you to retrieve recent games from each player. This is a great option for doing quick player searches without closing the app.

Although the app is different from the website, you will see some of the best features of The app will show how much money each pool has and the respective results of the pools.

Fantastic pari-mutuel sports

USFantasy is different from traditional DFS. The pari-mutuel style bet is a hybrid of DFS and horse racing betting. Player pools are made available daily and bettors can choose “Win”, “place” or “show”. Bettors can also place exotic bets like exactas (1st and 2nd place) and trifectas (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) for bigger gains.

DFS operators must obtain a gaming license to operate in Nevada. DraftKings, FanDuel, and others decided not to get a license. Not all traditional DFS companies operate in Nevada. Regulations are unlikely to change in Nevada in the near future.