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TSN Sports app reportedly crashed or crashed and frozen for many

By November 22, 2022Sports app

TSN Sports is one of Canada’s leading sports entertainment companies. They currently have the rights to the FIFA World Cup streams, so it’s obvious that many eyes are on them.

But things didn’t go as we hoped.

Broken TSN Sports app

According to reports, many TSN Sports viewers are having issues with the app and claiming that it is extremely flawed (1,2,3,4,5,6,seven,8,9).


Many users report that the app crashes frequently. For some, the reading freezes every few seconds or minutes.

Others reportedly have audio issues, with some reporting that there is sound during commercials, but matches are muted entirely.

This makes it extremely difficult for viewers to enjoy World Cup coverage. Additionally, this issue is not limited to one platform, implying that TSN servers may also be affected.

@TSN_Sports your coverage is good the analysis is good but your app is just terrible and unchanged from the last wc why reveal the score before the highlights? Why call 7minutes “extended” hl? Why use 2 minutes to get out of the tunnel? Please please improve doing WC properly! Please!

Thanks for pointing this out, because your app was constantly crashing and making me see the same ad again every time I tried to activate the stream. Fortunately, he could see Gakpo’s goal. Not impressed with your streaming.

The app occasionally displays ads even after purchasing a premium subscription (1,2,3,4,5).

Many viewers are irritated because when they refresh the stream after the app crashes, they are forced to watch an advertisement.

The frustration is further compounded when the app crashes as much as it does, during the action, and you can’t quickly reload it because you have 30 seconds of ads to skip.

Unfortunately, there is no official acknowledgment of this issue at this time. It is therefore unknown when a patch will be released for TSN Sports users.

That being said, stay tuned to PiunikaWeb for if and when there are further developments regarding the issue.

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