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The Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare Foundation organizes sports events and free sports training to promote the talent of Kharadi

By February 17, 2022Sports events

The Surendra Pathare Foundation organizes tournaments and other sporting events to promote the rich culture of sports among the people of Kharadi. The foundation organizes these events to develop the quality of teamwork among the people of Kharadi and give wings to the untapped talents of the society. The Surendra Pathare Foundation prepares these talents to bring laurels to Kharadi by participating in national and state tournaments.

Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare is a social worker who works with an ideology of improving society by improving their skills and mindset. Change is only possible when people’s way of life changes. To make this possible, the Surendra Pathare Foundation continuously reaches out to the untapped talents of the Kharadi by providing free sports training sessions to underprivileged people and organizing several sporting events for all sections of society. It is an attempt to bring harmony and brotherhood among the people of Kharadi. Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare believes that empowering sports is the best method to empower the people of Kharadi.

“Just as a king cannot defend a castle alone, one person cannot save the planet alone. One day we will be gone, but the changes we make today will remain; they will inspire those to come and continue to “where we have gone. Let’s make sure we leave them a legacy worth carrying”, through this statement, Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare is very committed to building something worthy for future generations, a legacy that they can carry proudly with their name.Therefore, Surendra Pathare Foundation presents itself and organizes several sporting events to motivate the participation of all the communities of the Kharadi.It believes that such events will enhance the mutual sense of teamwork among the residents and bridge the gap of various societal differences.Besides that, Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare himself is a good sportsman who understands the importance of sports in life. believes that sport is not only physical but also mental exercise.

During the pandemic, the Surendra Pathare Foundation hosted a free seven-day online fitness program called SPF FitBuddy. It was an initiative to keep everyone fit, even during lockdown when gyms were closed. The goal of this program was to inspire and guide people to live healthier lives. A total of 175 people joined the seminar and led healthy lives throughout the lockdown. SPF also sponsors free training programs for overflowing talents across the Kharadi on all conventional and unconventional sports. Under this initiative, Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare wishes to promote the untapped talents of the Kharadi who have never had the chance to hone their skills due to financial constraints. Training is provided for basketball, archery, football, skating and cricket. Thus, SPF prepares the future star athlete to win laurels. The SPF organized a sub-junior district archery championship in Kharadi in association with the Pune district archery association to give excellent visibility to the players of Kharadi. This championship saw the participation of five hundred players which generated the overflowing love and enthusiasm of the public for Archery. SPF also provided professional training and different types of expensive equipment to hone the skills of these over-the-top enthusiasts. The Surendra Pathare Foundation also hosted the first ever Day-Night Cricket Tournament for all Kharadi Societies. The 2021 SPF Championship lasted for forty days across 108 Kharadi communities. This tournament observed the participation of more than 1000 people, including men, women and children. Throughout this tournament organized by the Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare Foundation, people developed a strong bond of unity and shared similar goals. Thus, through sports activities, Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare wants to rekindle the spark of brotherhood and harmony among the inhabitants of Kharadi.