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The rules on exercise, sporting events, children’s matches and gymnasiums in Wales from Boxing Day

By December 23, 2021Sports events

Wales will see new Covid regulations introduced from 6 a.m. on Boxing Day, which will affect various aspects of our lives as the Welsh government tries to slow the spread of Omicron.

Professional and grassroots sports, gym enthusiasts, fitness classes and children’s sports will all be affected.

Here’s a look at the new rules in Wales from December 26:

Professional sport

Professional sport in Wales will have to be played behind closed doors without fans.

This is a big blow as it would normally be one of the busiest times of the year for fans attending festive sporting events.

Welsh Rugby Union chief executive Martyn Phillips has estimated that every Welsh Derby or European match played without fans will result in a loss of more than £ 100,000 per match.

The Welsh government has announced a £ 3million spectator sports fund to support affected venues.

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From Boxing Day, Alert Level Two measures will mean that there will be a general social distancing requirement of two meters in all premises open to the public, where reasonable, and that of course includes gymnasiums. .

There is no limit for members who attend a gym if they exercise separately. See what this means for fitness classes below.

Indoor events

The maximum number of people who can assemble at an indoor event will be 30.

In athletic terms, this would probably apply most often to fitness and exercise classes.

Outdoor events

The maximum number of people that can meet at an outdoor event will be 50.

This will have an impact on the organized festive swims, with Porthcawl’s Christmas Day swim already canceled.

And the spectators?

There will be an exception for team sports which allows up to 50 spectators to gather and watch, in addition to those participating.

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What about children’s events?

There is also an exception for events involving children.

The Welsh government has said there are no limits on activities for the well-being or development of children under the age of 18.


Parkrun 5k events in Wales will be suspended from January 1. The junior parkrun, however, will continue for children between the ages of four and 14 due to an exemption for children’s events.

A parkrun statement said: “We know that some Welsh parkrun events regularly host less than 50 people, but it would take a very small influx (at a generally very busy time of year) for them to exceed the limit. “

They say the events scheduled for Christmas Day may go ahead as planned, but the events for January 1 will be canceled.