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The new Sports app has arrived! ‘WhatsInTheGame’

By July 28, 2022Sports app

Founders, Anil Kumar Mamidala, EJB Prameela and International Badminton Player, Partner, B Sai Praneeth have launched their brand new sports media and tech startup ‘WhatsInTheGame’, a Web 3.0 and Metaverse Sports application that gives you short news in 60 words or less, schedules and scorecards for all global sports with a vision to be the go-to destination for all sports.

The start-up launch also saw distinguished guests like Mr. Jayesh Ranjan (IAS Principal Secretary, Industries & Commerce, and IT Department, TS Government)

In this ever-changing world, where people have little time and are so busy, it’s a nightmare to keep up to date with the sporting events they love because it involves following multiple apps or websites to stay current. contact with the different sports of their choice. Also, being a country with more than 75 sports, yet we come across very limited sports content.

After spending tireless days and nights changing that, we’ve developed an app that offers a fresh perspective and solution to every fan and athlete. In this initial release, WhatsInTheGame currently provides you with briefs, schedules and result maps of all Olympic, Paralympic, Non-Olympic and Winter Games with simple swipe options that not only save you time, but also to stay connected. with multiple sports you love at the same time through the same platform. Just to mention here, this is just the beginning, and the potential features and upgrades we are working on are endless, which we know will disrupt the sports media and tech industry at scale. world.

Founder, Anil Kumar Mamidala said, “This is the day we dreamed of and to see it come true is surreal. and will do whatever it takes to make this super big and accessible to people who love sports like us. I am extremely proud to say that we are already working on Metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies to give this app a whole new dimension for all sports lovers.

Sai Praneeth B, partner and international badminton player, said, “As an athlete and sports fan myself, I am thrilled to be part of the journey. We plan to add different features that will help athletes of all ages, genders, game levels and sports take their game to the next level. We are super motivated and we are absolutely preparing to conquer the sports world in the near future.