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The most popular sporting events in the world

By November 22, 2021December 23rd, 2021Sports events

(STL.News) Sport is an integral part of human culture. This has been the case since time immemorial. Almost everyone in the world will have an interest or at least an interest in one type of sport or another. The popularity of various sporting activities is also increasing as internet connectivity and television rights continue to expand across the world.
While all kinds of sports have impressive audience figures, some are doing better than others. The number of spectators varies widely from sport to sport and this is easily seen from the audience of sporting events. To put that in perspective, let’s take a look at the most popular sporting events today.

Fifa World Cup

The World Cup is without a doubt the most anticipated sporting event on the planet. It occurs every four years, and in those years it is often one of the most watched sporting events in the world. On average, the World Cup audience is 3.5 billion people. Football or soccer, as it is commonly known, is already establishing itself as one of the most recognizable sporting activities in the world. So it’s no surprise that the World Cup brings together so many people to celebrate beautiful sport.

Other equally footballing events that draw an equally massive audience are the Women’s World Cup, the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Confederation Cup.

Olympic Games

Now the Olympics are a different kind of event. This is because it involves multiple sports and athletics unlike the other events listed here. It often attracts more viewers than any other sport for this reason. In 2008, the Beijing Olympics drew 600 million viewers, which is very close to the number of viewers for the 2010 World Cup final. That’s the size of these games.

Tour de France

It turns out that there are many people around the world who are deeply interested in cycling tournaments. The Tour de France is the biggest in the world and it has the numbers to prove it. With up to 3.5 billion viewers, the event that takes place in France each summer is a prestigious sports competition that resonates with many fans. It is a very difficult route which often involves cycling through incredible landscapes. This perhaps adds to its appeal.

Cricket world cup

The popularity of cricket is quite disproportionate, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is one of the most watched sports. In some countries like Pakistan and India, it is the most watched single and this has contributed to its dominance as one of the main sporting events. At least 400 million viewers come together every four years to watch the Cricket World Cup. Some cricket matches have even attracted audiences of over a billion people.

The Super Bowl

In America, few sporting events are even close to being as big as the Super Bowl. This American football event is the National Football League championship game and it has the numbers to back it up. Each year, it attracts tens or even hundreds of millions of viewers, most of them from the United States. Although it does not enjoy such popularity outside the country, the part of the American population that is fans is very respectable considering the population of the country.

NBA Finals

For basketball fans, few leagues are as popular as the NBA. Fans always follow their favorite teams throughout an 82-game regular season that typically ends in the playoffs and finally, the NBA Finals. These finals are often honored by many spectators as well as public figures and celebrities. This further adds to its appeal with a peak audience of over 16 million people in a single game.

NCAA Finals

College sports are also no slouch when it comes to the world’s most popular sporting events. In fact, this is usually where professional athletes start. So it’s no surprise that NCAA basketball games are so important. Players can not only show off their talent, but also put teams from their schools on the map. The maximum viewership for the event has passed 16 million, making it almost as popular as the NBA Finals.

Honorable mentions

Other incredible sporting events with huge viewership numbers that we can’t leave out include the Rugby World Cup, Kentucky Derby, Masters, Boxing, and the World Series. There are plenty of events to watch out for depending on where you are and what interests you have. It all depends on the sport you like. There is always a chance that there will be an event just for that.