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The Left’s Battle to Erase Women – Clarksville Online

By August 19, 2022August 21st, 2022Sports events

Written by Marsha Blackburn
US Senator

washington d.c. – Democrats have long buzzed with demands for follow the science, but the recent left-wing campaign for “gender justice” rejects basic biology. Instead of finding ways to ensure equal opportunities for men and women, their agenda arms the women’s rights movement versus women.

In women’s sports, athletes of all levels have all been forced to compete one-on-one with biological men. Swimmer Riley Gaines shared her frustration with me after running against bio-man Lia Thomas at the NCAA Championships – a competition reserved for the top 1% of college swimmers. skateboarder Taylor Silverman underwent a similar experience, consistently placing second to men competing in women’s events.

In athletics, ignoring the biological differences between the sexes disadvantages women and undermines any hope of fair competition. What is happening in women’s sport is just one example of the years-long battle to erase women.

I saw how invested Democrats are in this fight just a few months ago when I asked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson a simple question – “Can you give a definition of the word ‘woman?’ » Liberal media and party activists erupted; they claimed that even asking the question was insensitive and transphobic. These insults could not divert attention from the refusal of the left to admit a fact of fundamental biology.

They can’t face the science because they know it’s in direct contrast to what they’ve been asking for for years. In 2015, the Atlantic said the schools the new “zero pointfor the gender debate – and they were absolutely right. What started out as accepting students’ favorite pronouns quickly morphed into letting men use the women’s bathroom. The movement has since expanded by sending biological men into women’s locker rooms and onto women’s sports teams.

As students return to class and team tryouts begin, parents worry about what the ‘gender justice’ movement could mean for their own children. In the Senate, I joined my colleagues to lead the Protection of Women and Girls in Sport Act that will require schools to apply Title IX based on biological sex, not gender identity.

I also released a back to school guide for moms and dads who push back against the woke agenda of the left. By running for school board elections, meeting coaches and talking with principals, parents can continue to fight for fairness for their little ones.

Democrats will continue to use “gender justice” to erect more barriers for women and erase gender altogether. In Tennessee, we are taking a stand. Through legislation and local activism, we will not stop fighting to ensure that our daughters and granddaughters have the equal opportunities they deserve.