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The introduction of Kzing Sports app

By November 2, 2021April 11th, 2022Sports app

Kzing is a white label company specializing in building online betting platforms and systems. And now Kzing has developed a newest and coolest sports app for operators and players. This sports APP provides live streaming, betting details, allowing players to get first-hand information, which could really bring them a whole new APP betting experience!

Do you have a sports betting platform? Do you want to increase the volume of turnover?

As an operator, do you have a sports app to help you grow your online gambling and sports betting business, especially when these big events like cricket tournament and world cup 2022 unfolding?

Let’s find out what the Sports APP can do for you.

Login Page

The login page can be personalized with the logo of the platform/site in the form of a video or an image. Therefore, it will be a very good way to showcase and increase your site’s brand credibility.

Home page

Kzing Sports app is uniquely designed with brightly colored and user-friendly interface. All details and layouts are the result of extensive research and design. This is to ensure that the Kzing Sports application is well suited to market needs and user needs.

betting page

The betting page adopts an ingenious and easy-to-understand layout design, so that players can place a bet easily. Moreover, the betting page also has a live streaming function, so players can watch videos from the APP.

Customer service

Kzing Sports APP supports online customer service system, Live Chat, so players can communicate with customer service whenever they have any problems.

Personalized exclusive offers

Operators can easily personalize the exclusive offer using the promotional banner feature.

Deposit system

Sports APP uses a native API to achieve a fast and stable deposit system. So that players can make the deposit as soon as possible. Kzing Sports APP has various payment gateway channels, which makes it easy for players to transact regardless of deposit or withdrawal.

Sports app function

Kzing Sports APP is the most distinctive betting application software. It is an app with everything like live streaming, accurate restoration of real-time score data and other functions like sports betting. Not only that, the Sports app also includes betting tutorials, fast transaction process, and more.

Want to start a business in the sports betting industry? What’s so special about the Kzing Sports app?

Full Tournament/Event Schedule Coverage

Kzing Sports APP covers a wide range of sports tournaments including World Cup, NBA, Premier League, La Liga, UEFA Champions League, Billiards, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, badminton, ABC and other sporting events allowing players to place a bet.

Watch live

The Sports app has the function of playing match videos, allowing players to watch them anytime, anywhere.

Scoring data

Accurately update real-time score data and match schedules.

Custom promotional banner

The Sports app has a section where you can set up a promotion banner. You can create and customize the promotion banner according to your preferences and needs.

Trendy UI design

In order to keep competitive with others, the UI design of Sports APP will be constantly updated to match the current trend and market needs, because the design will also affect the user experience.

What unique features does Sports APP bring to players? Want to optimize the player experience?

Event Notice

The notification bar always shows current sports events/announcements, you can customize the content of announcements, so that players are aware of news and lead them to place bets.

betting tutorial

The tutorial will guide new players step by step, from there players can analyze sports matches with the existing data in the APP, then they can start betting or even master the use of the Sports APP .

Menu settings

Players can choose preferred leagues or handicap to bet with using the filter feature. Adjustment can be made with just a touch of a finger.

Native Sports APP optimizes player experience

Our Sports app has Android and iOS version, and its loading efficiency is much better than H5, it will be very convenient for players to place bets using only fingertips.

As the saying goes, “If a craftsman wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools”. A good sports app or a good sports betting site can improve the player’s betting experience. Sports APP is a must-have application for online game platform operators and players. Scan the QR code now to experience the Sports app! No fees required.

Now is the right time to invest in the online sports betting platform, and let this sports app attract more players, help you generate high volume of revenue and get high returns! What are you waiting for? No matter if you are the operator of the betting site or want to be an operator, you are always welcome to contact our sales manager!

Furthermore, besides the Indian market, we are also venturing into the Chinese market and the Southeast Asian market (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia) as part of our business development expansion.

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