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The fantasy sports app “WorldTeam11” is gaining popularity among the public for its unique features

By September 30, 2020December 24th, 2021Sports app

Sep 30, 2020 4:45 PM STI

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], September 30 (ANI / NewsView): The platform is perfect for cricket fans! The incredible opportunities make it obvious for subscribers to enter the daily contests, which take place in the app.
Here is an overview of what it offers!
* Help wider users to participate in daily fantastic sports
* So far over 1 million users have started playing Fantasy Cricket and Kabaddi
* Known for providing rich experience and high reward return app
With every passing moment, users are added to one of the most successful sports gaming platforms, WorldTeam11. Users who wish to try their experience in Fantasy Cricket find it to be one of the ideal solutions for their needs. They have crossed 1 million satisfied users and vouch for more.
“In India people love cricket! WorldTeam11 gives you the platform to take the cricket craze to the next level. Our goal is to create a fantastic gaming platform that is user-friendly, more rewarding for users This is exclusively designed for Indian ‘Made for India’ users and we are working as a team to create enjoyable experiences for all sports fans, ”said Yakub Sheikh, Founder of WorldTeam11.
“For the uninitiated, the app is fully funded by Indian investors. We are the only supporters of“ Go local, Be vocal! ”Following in the footsteps of our honorable Prime Minister, we are here to make our contribution to this “Atmanirbhar Bharat! “We extend our full support and enthusiasm for the recently launched ‘IPL’ for this 2020 season,” added Yakub Sheikh.
The platform is open to everyone! Whether you are a free member or a valued top player, the game is for everyone.
WorldTeam11 is now on the exciting course of the wave of fantastic games in India which offers attractive benefits such as users can earn instant cash bonus of Rs 1000 * by registering in the app, the first time using the transaction will get a 50 percent cash bonus, and the Refer & Earn program allows users to earn an additional bonus of Rs 50 *. The number of fantastic sports players has increased and enthusiasts are devoting more time to virtual games every day. As one of the best fantasy sports games platform in India, WorldTeam11 has successfully grown into a strong community of over one million users.
It makes every Indian sports fan more skillful by allowing them to use their sports knowledge to make it a rewarding endeavor. Fans can create their own squad of real players from upcoming matches, score points based on their performance on the pitch, and compete with other fans. Given the rapidly growing online sports ecosystem, WorldTeam11 aims to bridge the gap between real sports and fantasy sports.
Currently, WorldTeam11 hosts fantastic sports like cricket and Kabaddi. Which is played using your sports knowledge and skills, where you can choose your own team made up of real players for the sport “Cricket”. The game gives you a maximum of 100 credits to choose the best possible players. Your team earns points based on the performance of your chosen players in real matches. One of the most popular features of WorldTeam11 by its users is that there are no restrictions on player choice. Users can select any number of a batsman, bowler, wicket keeper and versatile.
WorldTeam11’s future plan – WorldTeam11 will add more options, including football, quiz and sports news portal by 2021. The platform aims to create one of the largest sports communities fantastic in India with a special emphasis on supporting the growth of fan culture. in India, creating a positive impact on virtual game platforms.
World Team11
WorldTeam11 Fantasy Pvt Ltd, founded in 2018 by Yakub Sheikh, WorldTeam11 being one of the biggest fantasy sports games platform! We have proudly added thousands of users with each passing day and have grown into a strong community of over a million users. WorldTeam11 gives cricket fans enough opportunities to play and win several fantastic cricket games. So what are you waiting for!
Strengths of the platform:
* Users can select any number from a batsman, bowler, wicket-keeper, all-rounder.
* Benefit from attractive advantages
* Be part of multiple running content (3k plus contests)
* Earn lucrative prizes, daily cash
* Be in the growing list of over 9,000 winners
You can be next! Fasten your seat belt and start winning by playing!

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