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The best sports games on the Oculus Quest

By November 7, 2021November 27th, 2021Sports games

Sports video games are a popular genre and dozens of new sports games are released each year. Virtual reality allows you to experience video games with motion controls, which makes sports games much more immersive. The Oculus Quest has a giant game library, so it’s no surprise that there are many great sports games on this virtual reality headset.

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Sports games can include anything from table tennis to snowboarding, and some sports even have unique VR twists, including motion controls that let you use your body movements to determine your actions. in the game. Here are the best sports games on the Oculus Quest and the things that make them so fun to play.

Mini Golf VR Walkabout


There is no shortage of golf games, especially on virtual reality headsets. VR platforms offer the option of using your arms to swing the club, which makes the experience very realistic. You have two choices for golf games; you can play traditional golf or mini golf.

Walkabout Mini Golf VR is one of the best mini golf games available on the Oculus Quest and VR headsets in general. You can go through multiple maps trying to get the highest score possible. The environments have a beautiful graphic style and the game runs smoothly on every golf course.


Creed: Rise To Glory


Boxing is a very interesting sport, and it works incredibly well in virtual reality because you can use your body movements to hit and dodge oncoming attacks by moving your head in any direction. Creed: Rise To Glory is one of the most popular boxing games available for VR headsets, which makes sense given its finish.

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If you want to test your skills, you can use the multiplayer mode to fight other players online. Creed: Rise To Glory is an amazing experience that any sports game enthusiast should try ASAP, especially since the Oculus Quest is wireless, so it’s easier to navigate your playground.

Carve Snowboard


There is currently a lack of popular winter sports games for VR headsets. However, Carve Snowboarding is available to fill this gap by allowing you to snowboard in virtual reality. Snowboarding is a difficult sport to master in real life, and not everyone lives near snow-capped mountains, so Carve Snowboarding gives you a taste of what it really feels like to hurtle down a mountain.

Carve Snowboarding lets you learn tricks, so you’ll never be bored exploring all that this extreme sports game has to offer.

Echo Arena


Sometimes a VR game completely changes the way you experience a genre by adding a mechanic that only works well in VR. This is exactly what makes Echo Arena such a great VR game. In Echo Arena, you play Frisbee with other players online; however, there is a twist. Echo Arena adds weightlessness to the mix, which means you float inside the arena and have to use your boosters and items in the arena to move around the small map.

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With a few teammates, you have to score by throwing the frisbee into the other team’s goal. Aiming for the frisbee is difficult due to the lack of gravity; However, once you master Echo Arena, you will quickly fall in love with it.

Sport race


Sports Scramble is a game that offers many different sports. However, what makes Sports Scramble unique is the ability to combine sports. For example, you can play a game of virtual reality tennis with a golf club, which completely changes your experience.

The unique sports mixing feature, along with plenty of sports to play, makes Sports Scramble an experience you won’t soon forget. There is also a multiplayer mode, so you won’t have to embark on this sporting journey yourself.

Topgolf with professional putt


Mini-golf games work well in virtual reality. However, regular golf is also available on most VR headsets. Pro Putt is one of the best golf games on the Oculus Quest because of its large course and the ability to play with other people, whether they are random players or friends; both options are possible.

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If you want to experience golf in VR, there aren’t many games on the Oculus Quest that can compete with Pro Putt. There is also a custom avatar feature, so you can customize your own character. With so much content in Pro Putt, you expect hours and hours of golf fun.

Eleven table tennis


Table tennis is a game that everyone loves, and whether you participate in a competition or finish a friendly match, the feeling of winning at table tennis is very exciting. Eleven Table Tennis is an in-depth table tennis simulator where you can compete to win the game. You use motion controls in Eleven Table Tennis, which makes it almost as immersive as it is in real life.

You can play Eleven Table Tennis offline alone or with other players online. The ability to test your skills against other players is a major selling point of Eleven Table Tennis. Eleven Table Tennis is a virtual reality game worth playing if you like the sport.

The climb


Oculus isn’t just one of the most popular virtual reality platforms; it also features a collection of unique games that you can only access on Oculus headsets, including the Oculus Quest. The Climb is a climbing game where you can use your hands to climb mountains in virtual reality. If you’ve always dreamed of climbing but never have, then The Climb can give you a simulated experience of what it’s like to climb mountains and contemplate the scenery below.

There is a single player and multiplayer mode in The Climb, which means you can play it however you want. There are day and night versions of the maps, so you can climb while it’s daytime or try climbing at night if you want an even more special experience.

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