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The best sports games for Android mobiles in 2022

By April 19, 2022Sports games
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Android has great video games across all genres, be it simulation, survival, action, co-op, and more. But, without a doubt, one of the most sought after are the best sports games. There is nothing like a sports title with good gameplay that allows you to enjoy a game for many hours.

Sports games are made for fun, they are competitive and test all kinds of skills.

Here we will offer you a unique list that will be focused on games that do not require any type of monetization to be able to take advantage of it. The goal is to download complete and well-made titles that are designed to give you a good time.

Hoop League Tactics: This is a sports management game, in the style of Football Manager, but intended for basketball. The title has SRPG-like tactical gameplay, best of all, its graphics are simple, allowing the game to work on any mobile. There is a season and career mode, perfect for many hours of fun.

Fishing Rapala: This title is focused on competitive fishing and is of high quality, in addition it does not require spending real money. It offers several scenarios to catch all kinds of fish, each with its own characteristics. The 3D graphics are very good and the gameplay is well done, intuitive and enjoyable.

Great mountain adventure: This is one of the best sports games because of what it offers. To begin with, its graphics are excellent, the scenarios look very good. As for the gameplay, it is relaxing and simple, if you are a lover of snowboarding and skiing, you can be sure that you will like it. Even better, it lets you play with other friends online.

Retro bowl promo 2– As the name suggests, this is a retro American football game done in the old school style. Its graphics are 8-bit, but the truth is that it offers deep gameplay and magnificent team management. Although it is very simple, it has everything you need to provide many hours of play.

Soccer Manager 2022 Mobile: For many, this is one of the best Android sports games for all that it offers. The management regarding football is the best there is, to the point that it is practically a business simulator. The goal is to build the team from scratch to one day become the champion. It requires excellent strategy and planning to be successful.