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The 10 best Nintendo sports games, ranked by Metacritic

When Nintendo introduced the Wii console to the world, a door opened for a whole new wave of people to enter the world of gaming. With the simple mechanics of the Wiimote making games easy to pick up and play. play, even for non-players, Sports Wii became one of the console’s most successful titles and a key game in selling the hardware itself. Since it was so popular, Nintendo continued the theme of sports titles, and is still adding to the catalog to this day with the recent release of Nintendo Switch Sports.

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The mario sports games are incredibly successful, fun and innovative, changing the rules of sports gamers that players are familiar with. But put mario Sports titles aside, Nintendo has created a good number of games featuring a variety of sports. These games promote movement and active play, rather than the classic sit-and-play style. These offerings are spread across three console generations and have had varying levels of success, as seen on review websites like Metacritic.

ten Mario Sports Mix has a surprising 64

It would be difficult to leave out a mario sports game when considering Nintendo sports titles, but this four-sport board game shows that not all Mario sports titles are great. Mario Sports Mix offered hockey, basketball, dodgeball and volleyball.

Although these games are quite fun when playing with a group of friends, the game lacks the variety and depth that the other mario Nintendo sports and sports games have. The mechanics are quite repetitive for each sport, so any player playing solo will get bored pretty quickly. Mario Sports Mix also does not offer such a wide list of mario characters to each other mario sports titles.

9 We ski and snowboard on the slopes at 66

With the success of wififit, more games used the Balance Board peripheral. This sequel to We ski refined the ski controls and added snowboarding to the mix. The Balance Board provided a fun and interactive way to experience these winter sports in the players’ lounges.

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Players can choose from several game modes, including Racing, Slalom, and Search And Rescue, but beyond the surface experience offered by these modes, the game doesn’t do much else. It offers a good skiing and snowboarding experience for people who want to be active without the cold.

8 Wii Sports Club was a good title at 68

Much like the Wii U itself, Wii Sports Club was a sequel but not quite a sequel. The Wii U was not a full next-gen console, but an iteration of the Wii. Wii Sports Club sits in the same limbo, as it functions as a port of the original Sports Wii but now with online multiplayer.

I in Wii Sports Club diapers can join a club and participate in sports in online communities. The tablet controller offered something new, but over the next eight years Sports Wii came out, this game felt like a base port that offered nothing else.

seven Nintendo Switch Sports still has time to go 72

Nintendo’s latest sports game offering, nintendo switch sports, was released in April 2022 and features six sports that players can get active with. The game includes the well-known bowling, chambara (sword fighting) and tennis, while adding badminton, volleyball and football.

Returning sports have improved with the new Switch controls, but volleyball and soccer suffer from poor mechanics and controls. Surprisingly, badminton is one of the best sports on offer, with precise motion controls and fun gameplay. Nintendo Switch Sports only features six sports, and since two of them are quite lackluster, the game suffers in the eyes of gamers.

6 Wii Fit U was a lackluster Port 72

This direct sequel to the much-loved WiFi and WiFi Plus provided a user-friendly and accessible training program. Wii Fit U still used the Balance Board, but also incorporated the tablet controller in an interesting way to get players moving.

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The drills aren’t that intense so can’t really replace a good hard workout, but it’s a good introduction for newcomers and provides a decent amount of activity for players to start with. The FitMeter, a bundled pedometer peripheral, was a nice tool players could use to track steps in or out of the game.

5 Wii Sports was the original, but left room for improvement at 76

The original game that started it all launched on Wii and offered players a chance to play bowling, boxing, baseball, golf, and tennis. The main attraction of Sports Wii was that the motion controls were easy to learn and use, making the game extremely accessible. They mimicked real-life movements, although precision was not a requirement.

This lack of precision meant, despite being accessible to non-gamers, that players could find the gameplay a bit tedious since they could simply wave the Wiimote randomly rather than correctly. However, Sports Wii was a great board game and a great introduction to the gaming world for non-gamers.

4 Wii Sports Resort was a grand sequel scoring 80

Building on the success of Sports Wii, Nintendo released the sequel, Wii Sports Complex, offering players new sports to play and a new accessory for the Wiimote, the Wii MotionPlus. This peripheral clicked on the bottom of the original Wiimote and added more accurate motion tracking, which meant players could perform more precise movements adding another level to the gameplay.

The game featured 16 sports, a significant improvement over Sports Wii, which included archery, swordplay, disc golf, and skydiving among many others. They were great fun and the wide range of sports meant the gameplay wasn’t too repetitive.

3 The original Wii Fit ran up to 80

As the players found themselves getting a good arm workout with Sports WiiNintendo decided that the rest of the body should have fun. WiFi introduced the Balance Board peripheral, which meant players could stand on the pressure-sensitive board while it tracked weight distribution to track player activity.

The activities on offer ranged from stretching and yoga to aerobics and games, all of which provided a good workout regimen for players while still being fun.

A year after the release of the original, the sequel WiFi has been freed. WiFi Plus is not a full sequel, but rather a 1.5 version of the original. It added 15 new balance games and 6 new strength training and yoga activities.

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This allowed players to further customize their training experience to better suit their fitness level or fitness goals. Players could mix and match their own workout routine or choose from twelve routines offered in the game. WiFi Plus also added a multiplayer mode so players can get busy together.

1 Ring Fit Adventure is a complete workout at 83

With what seemed like a super clunky controller, Ring adjustment is actually the best offering in the collection of Nintendo sports and activity games. The flexible Ring-Con provides good resistance, and when combined with real-game games and drills, players can sweat properly.

The accompanying leg strap also allows players to move their legs in more ways than the Balance Board could. The games are fun, interesting and engaging, which means players will want to continue a session and come back day after day to continue playing.

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