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SportsHi Becomes # 2 Most Downloaded Sports App in US While Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

By August 31, 2021November 19th, 2021Sports app

NEW YORK, August 31, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SportsHi, a unique social platform connecting students with academic and professional opportunities, is proud to announce its campaign for Women’s Equality Day. The company was the second most downloaded sports app in United States the weekend after ESPN. The platform will distribute tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to raise awareness on the anniversary of the 19th Amendment to grant suffrage to women.

The mission-driven company regularly partners with top Gen Z influencers, such as TikTokers Josh Richards and Griffin johnson and NBA All-Star André Drummond, to provide scholarships to high school and college students facing financial barriers to higher education. In August, their largest scholarship campaign to date aims to tackle the inequalities women face in sport.

The statistics on female athletes, compared to their male counterparts, are shocking, and SportsHi hopes to catalyze the movement for gender equality in sport. Girls are twice as likely to quit sports as boys at 14, and while women make up 54% of college sports teams, men receive more $ 133 million more in scholarship funding. Those numbers, along with the 60% women making up SportsHi’s user base, led the company to take to social media and spread its message.

SportsHi has partnered with a long list of organizations, athletes and influencers, including the TikTok star Anna shumate, to promote and maximize the effectiveness of their campaign. Their list of contributors includes Catapult Sports, 1-800-Flowers, Whistle, Connecticut Sun (WNBA), The Basics, Elizabeth williams (Atlanta Dream), and many more. The new Yorkbased company has raised more than $ 1.5 million to date, including the main investment of the all-female group 37 Angels.

“Our goal for this campaign is to bring more attention to this issue and present a high impact solution. We hope that our celebration of Women’s Equality Day can spur change in the sports industry. , promoting inclusion and equality between male and female athletics. This initiative is just a stepping stone to ensure that all athletes, regardless of gender, receive the respect and compensation they deserve. Said the CEO of SportsHi. Alexandre miles.

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