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Sports games expected to come to Nintendo Switch Online after Wave Race 64

By August 27, 2022Sports games

The August addition of Wave Race 64 at Nintendo Switch OnlineThe growing library of retro games is welcome. The groundbreaking jet-ski racer was a revealing glimpse into the future of 3D gaming when it was released in 1996. It also represents the first standalone sports title available in Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 Expansion Pack subscription service, at excluding Nintendo titles like Mario Golf and Mario Tennis.

There are a plethora of other classic sports titles gamers would love to join Wave Race 64 In the coming months. From American football to wrestling, Nintendo has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with sports titles over the years, and it’s hopefully only a matter of time before some of these retro classics are added to the library. of content available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, and its expansion pack.


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NHL 99

Ice hockey games aren’t an incredibly popular genre outside of North America, and aside from hardcore hockey fans, most gamers are oblivious to the fact that they even exist today, although developer EA always releases new titles annually, the latest of which is next NHL 23. In 1998 however, when NHL 99 released for the N64, it managed to appeal to a wider audience with engaging gameplay that didn’t take itself too seriously. Combined with an arcade-style feel, the game got an impressive visual upgrade from its predecessor, and still plays well today for those lucky enough to own a copy.

Madden NFL 99

Madden NFL 99 represented a significant development for the franchise as the first game in the series to feature the now-standard Franchise Mode. It was a huge draw for NFL fans and ensured the popularity of the series. In addition to this improvement, Madden NFL 99 looked good, and the gameplay offered an experience that balanced realism with a slight arcade feel, satisfying fans on both sides.

wwf no mercy

When wwf no mercy came out for N64 in 2000, at the height of WWE’s popularity, he quickly created a cult following. Following WWF Wrestle Mania 2000 came with a host of upgrades over its predecessor, including new game modes and an increased roster of superstars including Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. N64 and publisher THQ had already established a reputation for producing high-quality wrestling games from WCW vs. NWO: World Tourand Without mercy was the culmination. Despite the game’s blocky graphics, thanks to gameplay that remains incredibly intuitive and balanced even by today’s standards, it’s considered by many to be one of the best wrestling games ever made.

2000 All Star Baseball

2000 All Star Baseball represented a real breakthrough for baseball games when it was released on N64. It was one of the console’s best-looking games, using every ounce of the N64’s graphics capability. The gameplay was also innovative, allowing players to control the direction in which they hit the ball. Baseball isn’t brimming with new titles these days, despite Konami working on a new game with the World Baseball and Softball Confederation. Despite this however, 2000 All Star Baseball represents one of the highlights of baseball games from this period and would be a valuable addition to the expansion pack library.

1080 Snowboarding

A classic sports title that is often overlooked is 1080 Snowboarding, which was released as an N64 exclusive in 1998. Focusing on high-octane, adrenaline-fueled snowboard racing, it’s a combination of speed and finesse, as players are tasked with completing races as well as to perform stunts and tricks successfully. The game has a fairly steep difficulty curve that may put some people off, but mastering it gives a great sense of satisfaction. Although it has enjoyed a re-release for the Wii U eShop in recent years, 1080 Snowboarding has yet to surface for the Switch, but including it in the expansion pack would change that.

These are just a handful of the huge catalog of sports titles released on Nintendo consoles over the years, and there are no doubt many more that would be great additions to the expansion pack. Nintendo Switch line. Time will tell which, if any, will join Wave Race 64 in Nintendo Switch Onlineallowing players to discover them again.

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