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Spectators are welcome at Ithaca College sporting events, indoor masks mandatory

By September 2, 2021December 10th, 2021Sports events

The Ithaca College Bombers will host spectators at home for the 2021-2022 academic year, the College said in a statement this week. “Currently, we are operating at full capacity for indoor and outdoor sites,” they say.

Photo courtesy of Ithaca College.

Face coverings will be required at all times in indoor facilities, regardless of immunization status, the college said. Face coverings will be encouraged for all spectators at outdoor venues, and face coverings and a distance of six feet, where possible, will be required for unvaccinated individuals at outdoor venues.

“Spectators can temporarily remove their masks indoors for a drink, but must immediately put their masks back on when they have finished drinking,” the statement said. “Limited concessions may be available at certain home sporting events. Spectators may bring water or non-alcoholic beverages to the competition site. Food will not be allowed in indoor areas. “

According to Ithaca College, friends and family members of student-athletes will not be allowed in the playing area, that is, on the field or the sports field, and “will not be able to approach them. players, coaches or officials before or after the competition “. Spectators may plan to meet the players after the event away from the venue.

“Ithaca College’s policies and COVID-19 protocols were developed with information released by the NCAA and the Liberty League, as well as state and local health authorities,” they said. Policies are subject to change.

IC Bombers volleyball, soccer, field hockey and golf are underway for the fall season. Tennis, cross-country and crew begin in the next few days.

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