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Sodexo launches the reinvented brand of sports, events and hospitality Sodexo Live!

By October 25, 2021November 19th, 2021Sports events

Sodexo Group recently launched Sodexo live!, a new global brand dedicated to the hotel space. Designed to unify and leverage the company’s vast expertise in the sports, events and hospitality sector, the new identity reaffirms the company’s commitment to being a market leader in a space on the verge of rebounding, according to Sodexo Live! officials.

“We are delighted to unveil Sodexo Live! for meeting planners, trade show planners and the space as a whole, ”said Steve Pangburn, CEO of Sodexo Live! North America. “Professionals in the meetings and events industry can expect an ongoing commitment to excellence and world-class food and beverage from us. We have global resources but a local focus and a wide range of services outside of F&B to offer, [including] venue marketing and sales, design consulting, energy management, janitorial services and more.

The re-imagining of the brand comes as people show a strong desire for face-to-face relationships, as confirmed by a September 2021 study, produced by Harris Interactive for Sodexo Live! in the US, UK, France and Spain, which cited 80% of respondents feeling comfortable attending sporting, cultural or professional events again.

In order to fully accelerate in this high potential market with the return of face-to-face events, the new Sodexo Live! The brand will be based on three fundamental pillars, including:

1. A region-specific strategy to increase its global presence by consolidating its three main markets, North America, France and the United Kingdom, and by accelerating its growth in Spain and Asia-Pacific.

2. An acute focus on priority business segments by continuing to deploy its expertise in major venues and events, including stadiums and arenas, convention and convention centers, major international events, cultural destinations and more than 170 airport lounges.

3. A portfolio of personalized services, including F&B expertise, helping clients discover new revenue streams, maximize budgets and venue operations, retain event planners, optimize sales and marketing efforts, and connect with attendees via smarter merchandising, ticketing and hospitality designs.

Formerly known as Centerplate in the more than 30 North American conference and convention centers it serves, Sodexo Live! will now offer expanded services for events beyond catering, including ticketing, merchandising, contactless technology and marketing, sales and site cleaning. Meanwhile, the Centerplate name will be kept as a restore option only for North American locations, according to Sodexo Live! officials.

“[The new Sodexo Live! brand] is intended to mark a clear investment in the provision of services other than food and beverage and helps us expand our skillset for customers, ”said Pangburn. “With over 400 global locations, we provide a local to global approach that helps client partners think globally and attract a more international travel clientele. “

He continued, “Whether in a city like Nashville, Denver, New Orleans or Chicago, we will take advantage of regions where we already have multiple locations and show how they can connect more deeply with the local food scene and with the global community in the sense. large.. For meeting and event planners, we’re the same behind the scenes and with a new brand identity. And we are now better equipped to leverage our global network of expertise to better drive revenue growth. “

In addition, Sodexo Live’s portfolio includes companies dedicated to specific expertise, such as meetings, conferences and conventions. For example, Sodexo acquired Centerplate in 2018 in order to expand its presence in North America, and since then the two entities have partnered to generate strong market growth.

Like its parent company, Sodexo Live! is committed to social and environmental progress, by supporting its clients in promoting the environment and for the benefit of their communities by asserting itself as a local economic engine, by leading a committed approach in favor of diversity and ‘inclusion and developing more responsible solutions for environmentally friendly venues and events.

Sodexo offers its customers an integrated offer developed over more than 50 years of experience, from catering, reception, maintenance and cleaning to the management of facilities and equipment; services and programs promoting employee engagement with solutions that simplify and optimize their mobility and the management of their expenses, including home assistance, nurseries and concierge services.

Founded in Marseille in 1966 by Pierre Bellon, Sodexo, based in Paris, is present in 64 countries and serves 100 million consumers daily through its on-site services, its benefits and rewards services and its personal and home services. Its North American headquarters are located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

“Sodexo live! is the affirmation of a new ambition, by bringing together our expertise related to sport, events and hospitality under a unified global brand ”, explained Nathalie Bellon-Szabo, CEO Worldwide of Sodexo Live! “With this launch, we reaffirm to our clients that we are the privileged partner to face the future and that we firmly believe in our 40,000 employees around the world to offer them world-class, creative and value-creating services.

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