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Social Media by Press App Sports

By May 5, 2022May 29th, 2022Sports app

At Press Sports, we believe that every athlete has a story worth sharing. Join over 250,000 athletes and coaches using our platform to connect with each other and share highlights at all levels and in all sports.

Think TikTok for sports, for the purpose of LinkedIn for athletes and coaches. We provide a platform where users can have an agency to tell their individual sports journeys. Athletes share their images for the Press Sports community to engage and connect. The goal for many is to seek recruiting from other teams and colleges while having the ability to share and interact with other sports-related content within a personalized sports community!

The Press Sports community consists of: MS/HS/College athletes and coaches as well as parents, coaches, fans and organizations!

Athletes benefit from:

College Recruitment
Build a personal brand
Connect and engage with other athletes in a positive environment
Have a personal sports profile
Get community support

Coaches benefit from:

Discover talents
Connecting with Athletes
Promote their programs
Build a personal brand

Parents benefit from:

Document your child’s sports career from an early age
Get support from other parents, friends and fans in the community for your child
A positive/safe platform, different from other toxic social media
Free college exposure for your child (MS/HS)

Trainers benefit from:

Build your personal training brand with the 300+ users of our platform
Connect with athletes, coaches and other coaches
Discovery of new training techniques/exercises
Give advice to current athletes to boost your presence

Teams/organizations benefit from:

Have all of your players’ highlights located on a team/organization page
Introduce your players to university coaches
Promote your program to the Sports Press Community
Update your fans on news/updates