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Release Date, Nintendo Direct Reveal, All Sports Games, DLC and More

By February 9, 2022Sports games

nintendo revealed the long-awaited sequel to Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports.

Similar to its ancestor, Nintendo Switch Sports will bring the sport into the realm of gaming, providing fans, fan friends, and fan families with an enjoyable experience for all.

Release date

nintendo switch Sports news on April 29, 2022.

Nintendo will also be hosting an online playtest starting at February 18 through February 20 which will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members.

What sports are there in Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports will feature a number of new sports such as volleyball, badminton, and more, while keeping some of the classics in-game.

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Additionally, Nintendo has announced two free updates coming post-release that will introduce Football first, then adding Wii fan favorite Golf.

It should be noted that Nintendo Switch Sports may not include another fan favorite, Boxingalthough that may also come in a future DLC like Golf and Soccer.

Other possible sports for Nintendo Switch Sports

Similar to how golf and soccer join Nintendo Switch Sports via DLC, it’s possible Nintendo decides to continue with other sports as well. Sports like…


Basketball would be a fun addition to Nintendo Switch Sports that we’d like to see added in a future DLC. Gameplay could focus more on shot selections and form rather than pitch management, and could still feature defense in a half-court setup, perhaps in a 3v3 format.

Table tennis

Similar to tennis, table tennis can be played from a standstill but on a much smaller scale with the table as the focal point, including focusing on the spin of the ball depending on how it is hit.


While he may not be able to skate the full length of the ice, a hockey mini-game could focus on finding holes in the goalie’s defense, with one player playing the role of goalie and the other handling the puck.


Archery is probably one of the easiest sports to get into with how Nintendo Switch controllers work today. With a controller in one hand and one in the other, players could shoot their arrow and shoot a target.

Will the Nintendo Switch Sports have multiplayer?

Nintendo Switch Sports will offer local and online multiplayer options! This means players can enjoy a quiet evening with family or friends in person, or take things online to battle with others.