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Recall of Kinder chocolates – The Royal Gazette

By April 12, 2022Sports events

Updated: April 12, 2022 12:40 PM

Health scare: Kinder products have been pulled from shelves on the islands for health reasons (photo provided)

A popular chocolate bar has been pulled from store shelves over fears of possible salmonella contamination.

Kinder products, which include chocolate eggs and bars, have been removed from Lindo grocery stores.

In a statement, the supermarket said it had received a “massive recall notice for all Kinder products”.

A company spokeswoman said: “”We urge all of our customers who have purchased any of these items from Lindo stores to return them as soon as possible for a full refund and do not consume them.

“If the products have already been consumed and you are concerned, please consult your GP.”

The statement said manufacturer Ferrero issued a massive recall notice for all Kinder products that were manufactured at any of its sites in Belgium between June 2021 and today.

Affected Kinder Products

Kinder Surprise 20g

Kinder Surprise 20g x 3 packets

Kinder 150g Egg Hunt Kit

Kinder Mini Eggs 75g

Kinder Surprise 100g

Kinder Chocolates 70g, 200g, 320g

The statement did not specify why the product was removed.

But according to reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation, the recall was made due to a salmonella scare.

Products were pulled from UK and US shelves last week.

The BBC report said: “Ferrero has recalled some of its Kinder chocolates from stores in the United States due to potential salmonella contamination.

“Kinder Happy Moments Chocolate Assortment and Kinder Mix Chocolate Candy Basket are voluntarily recalled,” said Ferrero North America.

“It comes after the company recalled its Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs from UK stores earlier this week.”

The report adds that manufacturer Ferrero made the decision after salmonella was detected at a factory in Belgium.

It came after more than 60 people in the UK, mostly young children, were infected with salmonella in an outbreak linked to Kinder Surprise sweets.