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New PS4 tournaments feature iconic combat, FPS and sports games

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As we look back on the past year, we are grateful for the growth of our community of competitive players and excited for what lies ahead. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be delivering a collection of new competitive PlayStation Tournament schedules offering new opportunities for look, to learnand cheek.

A look back at PS4 tournaments in 2021

Last year was our most eventful and competitive year yet. PlayStation players walked away with over $5 million in prize money from over 8,000 tournaments. We’ve also seen over 500,000 entrants win a prize from our competitions – a number we aim to beat in 2022.

We were excited to bring you the Flash Round tournaments recently. These are fast-paced competitions with no brackets or eliminations. With each round lasting just one match, players can compete in multiple flash rounds to rack up as many wins as possible and get bigger prizes at the end of the tournament. You can register for Flash Rounds by FIFA 22 or NBA 2K22 either on the Competition Center or on a PS4* console.

Upcoming programs on PS4

In our upcoming competitions, players can expect less waiting between play times, new formats, expanded prize pools, and more chances to win prizes, including PlayStation-themed avatars and themes. PS4 just for their participation. Here’s a look at some new and upcoming programs coming to PlayStation Tournaments, with many more to come.

Register for PlayStation tournaments at or visit the Events tab on PS4.

  • Apex Legends Master Circuit: Our Apex Legends Master Circuit is an epic eight-week competition offering players a chance to win a share of $10,000 in cash prizes and a PS5 console. The circuit culminates in a massive final, which you can reach by earning points in weekly qualifiers or by participating in bi-weekly two-day mini-tournaments called Slay Days. The best players and teams from the qualifiers and Slay Days will have the chance to compete in the finals for the grand prize.

Season 1 will take place in North America and Europe from May 16 to July 15**.

  • Rainbow Six Siege Open Series: You can sign up for Rainbow Six Siege: Open Series for a chance to become a champion. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other competitors and keep improving your game. We’re updating the series with a player-friendly upgrade that includes bigger prize pools, more opportunities to win prices and a faster experience.

New Rainbow Six Siege Open Series updates are now live and monthly tournaments are available in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Australia & New Zealand and the Middle East .

**To see complete rules

  • FIFA 22 PlayStation Plus Challenges: FIFA 22 is now available to download during the month of May for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Choose your team, head to the field and face new rivals. Download the game and take part in PlayStation Plus challenges to win new prizes throughout the month. For more information and to register, visit or check the events tab on your PS4.

These tournaments will be available from May 2-31 for PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America, Europe and Latin America***.

  • FGC Fight Nights: The fighting game community is always ready to show off their skills and win big. That’s why we introduced “Fight Nights”. These tournaments provide even more chances to win prizes and make a name for yourself in PlayStation live streams. Titles currently featured include Guilty Gear -Strive-, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7, and Under Night In-Birth.

This month’s Fight Nights begin May 4 and are available every month****.

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard: Open Series: Call of Duty always offers intense action and competition. We mix our Open Series tournaments with new monthly modes alternating between Search & Destroy, Hardpoint and Control. Each of these formats will come with larger prize pools, giving players more to take home each month.

Updates will go live on May 2, and tournaments will be available weekly in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. May feature Hardpoint mode.

**To see complete rules

  • Madden Summer Scrimmage: Just because it’s off season doesn’t mean you can’t hone your skills and compete. This is an epic tournament where winners will represent and play as their favorite NFL team in weekly club tournaments for the chance to win cash prizes, PS5 consoles, and more.

Available now only in North America until July 30.

***To see complete rules

*Active PS Plus membership required for PlayStation Tournaments: Flash Rounds. Eligible country and age requirements vary by title. See full rules by title.
FIFA 22: complete rules
NBA 2K22: complete rules

**Access to PS4, game title and active PS Plus subscription required. Must be 18+ and a member of an eligible country. Void where prohibited.

*** Access to PS4, game title and active PS Plus subscription required. Must be 16+ and a member of an eligible country. Void where prohibited.

****Active PS Plus membership required for PlayStation Tournaments: FGC Fight Nights. Eligible country and age requirements vary by title. See full rules by title.
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: complete rules
Guilty Equipment -Strive-: complete rules
Mortal Kombat 11: complete rules
SoulCalibur VI: complete rules
Tekken 7: complete rules
Under Night at childbirth: complete rules

Bears Great fired from Chicago sports website after allegedly ‘physically attacking’ co-worker | NFL

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Former Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz was fired from his job at CHGO Sports on Monday after the site said he “physically assaulted” a co-worker there, according to reports.

“On Monday morning an incident occurred in which Olin Kreutz physically attacked a CHGO employee,” he said in a post on Twitter. “Effective today, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. While we were shocked by the incident, we are grateful that the employee is doing well. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost concern. utmost importance and we will not tolerate any action that would endanger this.”

And Kreutz seemed to kind of own it on Twitter, retweet the CHGO post with an oft-used Mike Tyson meme that reads, “Social media has made you all too comfortable to disrespect people and not get punched in the face for it.”

Kreutz, who played center for the Bears for 14 seasons, also works for NBC Sports Chicago. He worked for CHGO Sports over the weekend with his NFL Draft coverage.

He was a six-time Pro Bowler for the Bears and was selected to the 2000s NFL All-Decade Team.

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Xbox Game Pass kicks off in May 2022 with indie and sports games

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In just a few days, on May 5, 2022, you will also be able to play “Trek to Yomi”. It is a story-based samurai game that follows the life of a young swordsman named Hiroki. Set in black and white, the game still manages to deliver beautiful visuals and a classic tale of combat against the forces of evil. “Trek to Yomi” will be available via cloud gaming, Xbox console and PC. Another title slated for release on May 5 is “Citizen Sleeper,” a space-based narrative RPG that explores life and survival in a dystopian, futuristic, sci-fi-like metropolis.

Three more titles will hit the platform on May 10, including the sequel “Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition,” “Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising,” and “This War of Mine: Final Cut.” The first arrives as part of a hit franchise and sequel to the original “Danganronpa.” First released in 2010, the franchise has established itself in the video game narrative novel genre, and the sequel seems to be following in its footsteps. “Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising” is also part of a larger franchise set in the same world as “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes”. The game combines fast-paced combat with dialogue and various elements of an action-adventure RPG. Finally, “This War of Mine: Final Cut” is a remaster of an already existing game that sees the player trying to survive in a city under siege.

The game, which is scheduled for release on May 12, is another sports title: “NHL 22”. If basketball isn’t your thing, two weeks after “NBA 2K22” you can indulge in the ultimate hockey experience through EA Play. The title offers realistic hockey simulations, with various visual enhancements and superstar players to choose from.

Former NFL All-Pro fired from sports website after allegedly attacking fellow employee

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Olin Kreutz, two-time All-Pro center and six-time Pro Bowler for the Bearwas fired by Chicago-based sports media company CHGO Sports after he allegedly assaulted one of his co-workers.

“On Monday morning, an incident occurred in which Olin Kreutz physically assaulted a CHGO employee,” the company said in a statement posted on Twitter. “Effective today, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. While we were shocked by the incident, we are grateful that the employee is doing well. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost concern. utmost importance and we will not tolerate any action that would endanger this.”

Kreutz responded on Twitter on Monday, posting a graphic with a quote from Mike Tyson: “Social media has made y’all too comfortable disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it,” which is far from an apology or denial of what happened.

Tuesday, Jeff Agrest from Chicago Sun-Times reported that Kreutz “grabbed fellow CHGO Adam Hoge by the neck in response to an offhand remark on Monday” during a staff meeting, resulting in his dismissal.

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Kreutz played for the Bears from 1998 to 2010 before a season with the Saints. He is also an analyst for NBC Sports Chicago and 670 The Score and NBC 5 in Chicago, which told the Sun-Times to investigate the incident.

CHGO, part of the All-City Network, launched in March.

More NFL coverage:

For more Chicago Bears coverage, go to Bear abstract.

Nintendo Switch Sports leak reveals possible new sporting events

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Nintendo Switch Sports was recently released for the Nintendo Switch console and as a variety of sports games, it has a very low amount of content to enjoy. With only six games available at launch, and with only one additional sport to be released as DLC this fall (Golf Mode), there’s not a lot of value to complete this package as a whole. However, it looks like data miners have discovered that Nintendo Switch Sports may receive more than one additional DLC update in the future.

In a Posting on Twitter made by “Jack” (@Wipeoutjack7), the user discovered some interesting filenames hidden in the game files and mentioned discovering two sports: basketball and dodgeball. While it’s very possible that these are two sports modes that were planned at some point but never left the development stage, it’s also very possible that these are spaces reserved for new modes that may be available sometime after the fall golf mode update.

Adding more sports modes to the game is pretty much a welcome request, as current game modes are currently lacking. Even though the game contains six games compared to the five found in the original Wii Sports, three of those games, Volleyball, Tennis, and Badminton, mechanically play the same when using the Joycons. Of course, compared to Wii Sports Resort, which offers more than 16 different game modes, the value that Nintendo Switch Sports seemed even less than before.

While being able to unlock new in-game outfits every week is a nice touch, there definitely needs to be a bit more to see and do in Nintendo Switch Sports, so if Nintendo manages to release at least a few more game modes, maybe -being one per season would give players plenty of reasons to return to the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available for the Nintendo Switch.

Bears Great fired from Chicago sports website after allegedly ‘physically assaulting’ co-worker

By Sports website

Former Chicago Bears center Olin Kreutz was fired from his job at CHGO Sports on Monday after the site said he “physically assaulted” a co-worker there, according to reports.

  • ‘He’s a…Ph.D’: Bear scout’s ‘poor, hungry and desperate’ comments about Jaquan Brisker are causing a stir on social media

“On Monday morning an incident occurred in which Olin Kreutz physically attacked a CHGO employee,” he said in a post on Twitter. “Effective today, Olin Kreutz is no longer with CHGO. While we were shocked by the incident, we are grateful that the employee is doing well. The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost concern. utmost importance and we will not tolerate any action that would endanger this.”

And Kreutz seemed to kind of own it on Twitter, retweet the CHGO post with an oft-used Mike Tyson meme that reads, “Social media has made you all too comfortable to disrespect people and not get punched in the face for it.”

Kreutz, who played center for the Bears for 14 seasons, also works for NBC Sports Chicago. He worked for CHGO Sports over the weekend with his NFL Draft coverage.

He was a six-time Pro Bowler for the Bears and was selected to the 2000s NFL All-Decade Team.

  • Chicago Bears agree to release former Eagles MVP Super Bowl QB Nick Foles: reports
  • Former Oklahoma Sooners football star plays hero role and helps free woman from wreckage after high-speed car crash: reports

How to Install Barstool Sports App on Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, etc.

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This tutorial is about installing Barstool Sports app on Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, etc. We will do our best for you to understand this guide. I hope you will like this blog How to Install Barstool Sports App on Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, etc.. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.

Check how to install Barstool Sports app on Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, etc.

Barstool Sports is one of the great brands bringing you the latest news and viral highlights from bloggers. It also lets you stream live video, podcasts, blogs, sports betting, pop culture, and other entertainment content. This app has several famous bloggers like El Presidente, Big Cat, KFC, Kmarki and other popular bloggers that provide you entertaining content to watch for free. That’s it! You have successfully installed the Barstool Sports.

The two main investors are Chernin Group and Penn National Gaming. In fact, the association of Barstool Sports and Penn National Gaming has been one of the historical associations, since they are among the big brands. It has a simple and easy to use interface with awesome features for you and works well on various devices.

How to Install Barstool Sports App on Firestick/Fire TV

  • From your device’s home screen, hover over the search icon and type “Barstool Sports”, then select the first option.
  • Select the Barstool Sports app under Apps & Games
  • Click Get or Download
  • After installation, you can choose to open the Barstool application. But for this example, we suggest holding down the home button on your remote
  • Choose apps
  • However, on the Barstool app and select Move
  • Place the Barstool Sports app in your apps and channels where you prefer
  • Launch Sports Stool
  • You have successfully installed the Barstool Sports app on your Firestick/Fire TV device.
  • You will notice the different categories to choose from!

How to Install Barstool Sports App on Roku

  • Start your Roku device and select Search
  • Enter “Barstool Sports” in the search bar
  • Click on the first Barstool Sports option that appears
  • Click Add Channel
  • Click OK when this message appears.
  • Return to the Roku home screen and locate Barstool in your channel list
  • If you want to move your channel up, select Move Channel
  • Click the OK button on your remote to place the bar stool where you want it.
  • You have successfully installed the Barstool Sports app on your Roku device.

Final Words: How to Install Barstool Sports App on Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, etc.

Hope you understand this article How to Install Barstool Sports App on Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, etc., if your answer is no, you can ask anything via the contact forum section linked to this article. And if your answer is yes, share this article with your family and friends.

Written to Commissioner to act on encroachments: Mayor of EDMC

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East Delhi Mayor Shyam Sunder Aggarwal said on Monday he had written to the City Commissioner of EDMC urging him to ‘take action and not just inspect’ sites where encroachments are found .

His statement comes amid anti-encroachment campaigns by civic bodies in various parts of the city over the past few days.

An anti-encroachment campaign is underway but there is some “backlog at the departmental level”, Aggarwal said in a statement released by the East Delhi Mayor’s office.

“To find a permanent solution to congestion, it is important to remove any encroachment,” he said.

”So, to speed things up, I wrote a letter to the municipal commissioner and the deputy commissioner urging them to act and not just inspect the sites where encroachments are noted,” the mayor said.

On Friday, Aggarwal said action against the encroachment would continue and no “illegal activity” would be allowed on behalf of “Rohingyas and Bangladeshis”.

Interacting with reporters here, he also denounced the opposition AAP in the BJP-led East Delhi Municipal Corporation and accused their members of first complaining about encroachment and then to “scream” when the body took action.

The encroachment issue has become a flashpoint between the BJP and the AAP in recent times, especially since the BJP-led northern society bulldozed the “illegal encroachment” in the Jahangirpuri area in prey to violence, sparking widespread outrage.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

eseo Launches in Philadelphia: New Sports App Connects Local Athletes and Gamers

By Sports app

eseo (“ee-z-oh”) is started by software investor, Ian Campbell, to create a sports community in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, May 2, 2022 / — Philadelphia is a neighborhood-centric region that loves sports. Native resident Ian Campbell is an accomplished software investor and has assembled a development team to create a new sports app. eseo (“ee-z-oh”) is now available on the App Store and the first platform of its kind to mirror the functionality of Alltrails, Meetup, etc. eseo offers tools for local athletes of all levels to come together for running, cycling, pickleball, basketball and a variety of other sports.

The app currently has approximately 1500 local neighborhood groups, gyms, courts, parks, leagues and more in the Philadelphia area. Users can download the free app (a paid version is also available) and create an account. In this account creation process, they select the sports that interest them. The app will then provide immediate recommendations to other locals also interested in those sports and provide a map interface to find places to play.

The idea behind eseo

Ian came up with the idea for this app after the chaos of the past two years caused a major disruption in community connections. A sports enthusiast in his own right, he saw the opportunity to restore in-person play and camaraderie through community sports. As a software professional, he also recognized that people needed technology-based tools to find and engage with each other.

“Communication about community sports remains largely word-of-mouth and information exists in siled and disparate places, often requiring individual research. Technology can make it easier,” said Ian.

The first version of eseo is now available in the App Store, and anyone can try it for free here.

eseo launch

eseo is first available in Philadelphia, and Ian has assembled a local team and network, following conversations with nearby running groups, fitness influencers, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and other organizations sports focused on a positive impact on the community. The brand is also already corporately backed, with partnerships and endorsements from Athletica, Philadelphia Runner and Barrys.

The future of eseo

eseo relies on a grassroots effort to spread early adoption of the application. Once the hype builds, the company plans to recreate its success in other metro areas and then expand to a national presence.

“Improving health and building unity through more accessible community sports will help shape a better future. eseo’s mission to unite athletes and build communities, and if you can move you’re an athlete, is our north star as we build eseo,” shared Ian.

It is important to keep the local sport alive. The more conditioned people are to use technology, the more important it is to equip them with tools to make real-life connections to be healthy, enjoy competition, and hone fulfilling skills.

Press contact: if you have any questions about this news or to get in touch with eseo, contact

Joy Youell
write to us here
+1 4848328748
Visit us on social media:

Volunteers are the backbone of sporting events | local sports

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It was National Volunteer Week in Canada recently and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the incredible contributions of volunteers.

If there are two words that go hand in hand, it is volunteering and sport. It is only fitting that the official announcement that Thunder Bay will host the 2024 Ontario Winter Games took place during this special week, as for this event to take place it will depend on the expertise and the dedication of more than 700 volunteers.

Scheduled to take place from February 16 to 24, 2024, around 3,500 participants will take part in no less than 27 sports taking place in 18 different venues.

The bid’s slogan was Return to the North. The last time the event was held in this area was in December 1974, meaning they will return after 50 years away.

Knowing the incredible dedication and resilience of volunteers in our local sporting community, I imagine some of the people who worked on the 1974 event will be lining up to help with the 2024 competition.

Thunder Bay has hosted a number of large-scale sporting events over the years that have required a number of volunteers, with the 2020 Special Olympics Canada Winter Games and the 2022 Scotties Tournament of Hearts not being just two of our most recent efforts.

Volunteering to help out with a sporting event in your community isn’t always an easy task, especially if you’ve taken on the leadership of a committee.

In fact, as anyone involved in the world of event management will tell you, it’s one of the most stressful jobs around. That’s why it’s all the more amazing to me that so many people are willing to give their time and talents to help out as sports volunteers, their only goal being the desire to put on a great event and proudly present their hometown.

While large-scale events require a certain number of volunteers for a specific period of time, the contributions of our sports volunteers occur every day.

Simply put, organized sport cannot exist without the thousands of volunteers and corresponding hours they donate every year.

Thunder Bay athletes continually make headlines for their success in the world of sport and they are there because of the selfless efforts of volunteers.

Every time a champion hoists a trophy or bites into a gold medal, a volunteer has played a part in helping them on their way to victory.

Behind every athlete is an army of volunteers who serve in a variety of roles such as coaching and officiating, serving on boards of directors, and fundraising to help pay for the ever-increasing expenses of running a sports team. or a league.

Of course, we also cannot forget the number of parents and other family members and friends who make those early morning drives for training or long drives to tournaments, often during cold winter days.

In my capacity as Executive Director of the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame for the past 36 years and through my involvement in a number of sporting events from the local to the national level, I have had the privilege of meeting and working with hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers.

My work has also allowed me to help recognize some people for their role as volunteer sport builders who have selflessly dedicated their lives to providing sporting opportunities to their communities.

We have inducted nearly 100 people into the builder category, some for their volunteer contributions and others for reaching the pinnacle of their sport as a professional coach or administrator.

In the category of volunteer builders, there are two of our inductees from the early days of the sport in Port Arthur who were sport builders in the truest sense of the word.

Acting as a primary fundraiser, organizer and manager, Hilda Donati helped establish Thunder Bay’s first Peewee Hockey League which, according to some reports, was also the first of its kind in Canada.

In its first year of operation, Hilda’s League, as it was known, consisted of eight teams, with each of the players personally selected, assigned and equipped by Donati.

Tom Crompton Sr. encouraged her along the way, who, in addition to his contributions to the sport of football-football as an official and organizer in the early 1900s, organized his own midget hockey team which played on what became known as Crompton’s Rink.

Every time we hold an induction ceremony where we honor a sport-building volunteer, they are often truly touched by the fact that they are being recognized for their contribution.

I encourage anyone involved in a sports group in our region who knows someone who has dedicated themselves to developing their sport above all others, to submit their name and a summary of their contributions to the selection committee. of the NWOSHOF for review for possible induction.

Speaking of volunteers and people who give of themselves to support the sport, I have to give a big thank you to Hall of Fame inductee Vern Stenlund and his sister Carol Kajorinne.

They recently held an online art auction, featuring over 50 works of art they’ve created and donated for sale, all in support of the North West Sports Hall of Fame. of Ontario.

The event ended with a reception at the Sports Hall of Fame on April 23 to see the final submissions arrive. In the end, nearly $11,000 was raised to help in our efforts to preserve and honor our regional sporting heritage.

As National Volunteer Week draws to a close, I would like to personally thank all those volunteers who continue to give one of their most precious assets, their time, to help the world of sport.

Know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. It is thanks to you that Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario have such a vibrant sport community and a rich and proud sporting heritage.

Until next time, keep this pride of sports history alive and stay safe.

Diane Imrie is the Executive Director of the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame.

Major Sporting Events in Houston: May 2-8, 2022

By Sports events
Put on your most decorative hat and hit the polo field for Mother’s Day | Courtesy of Houston Polo Club

Take a seat for these must-see games and sporting events around Houston from Monday, May 2 through Sunday, May 8, 2022.

Baseball is taking over the sports scene in Houston this week, with varsity teams, ‘Stros gifts and the Space Cowboys hitting the field.

If you’re looking for something different for Mother’s Day, then the Houston Polo Club might be for you.

Want to know more about the sports happening around H-Town? Find more games and live sports throughout the month in the 365 Houston calendar.

Top 5 Sports Games and Events in Houston This Week

  • Houston Astros vs. Seattle Mariners at Minute Maid Park | From Monday May 2 to Wednesday May 4 – The first half of a week-long home stay kicks off with a Yuli Gurriel AL Champ replica ring giveaway on Monday, and a Dollar Dog party will follow on Tuesday. $12 and up. Hours vary.
  • Sugar Land Space Cowboys vs. El Paso Chihuahuas at Constellation Field | From Tuesday May 3 to Sunday May 8 – In only their second home series of the season, the Space Cowboys host their Triple A counterparts from El Paso, with themed parties at every game and an Altuve replica ring on Saturdays. $7 and up. Hours vary.
  • College Baseball: Houston Cougars vs. Rice Owls at Schroeder Park | Wednesday May 4 – The Bayou City rivals meet at home plate for the first of two meetings this month. $10 and up. 6:30 p.m.
  • Houston Astros vs. Detroit Tigers at Minute Maid Park | From Thursday May 5 to Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8 – Former manager AJ Hinch returns to Houston for a four-weekend streak that includes freebies like a Jose Altuve 1970s rainbow jersey on Friday, an Altuve bobblehead on Saturday and an infinity scarf in the afternoon of mothers day. $15 and up. Hours vary.
  • Ponies & Petals Cup: Mother’s Day at the Houston Polo Club | Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8 – Get ready for a special Mother’s Day match, complete with ladies’ best hat contest, door prizes, expert announcement, halftime champagne divot and music from live flamenco guitar. Individual court tickets are $32.50; $15.50 for ages 12 and under. Boxes for 2-20 guests range from $89-$895. 5 p.m.

Previous postThe 12 Best Things to Do for Kids in Houston This Week: May 2-8, 2022
Next postTop 12 Live Shows and Concerts in Houston This Week: May 2-8, 2022

Lifelong Houstonian Justin Jerkins keeps tabs on all kinds of happenings in H-Town, including breweries, sports, concerts, must-see destinations and more while serving as editor of 365 things to do in Houston.

Golf pro Geordie explains how his cutting-edge sports app could benefit teams such as Newcastle United

By Sports app

Gosforth-based golf pro champions new app for pros and sport fanatics

A Geordie golf professional at the center of a cutting-edge social and professional sports app has explained how he hopes teams such as Newcastle United can make the most of his services.

Steve Bainbridge has been an elite golf professional and coach for over 34 years.

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The Gosforth-born golfer runs two academies in the area at the Northumberland Golf Club and the Golf Hub, as well as much further afield.

Steve said: “I’ve been a golf pro for 35 years now.

“I turned pro right out of school at 16 and worked with tour players for about 14 years.

“Once I was done doing my time on the tour, I looked to start golf academies.

“We started in London and then expanded to Portugal, where I moved in 2016 to set this one up before returning in 2019.”

He had gone from one-on-one coaching to working with groups of people who planted the seed of the app, called oneXp, in Steve’s head.

He explained: “The hardest thing for me was, after coaching for eight straight hours, coming home and doing another two hours of client communication and watching the swings and analyzing them – i was spending so much extra time working and not with my family and not even giving the best service.

“The concept came from wanting to make my life and my staff’s life easier but, fundamentally, to better communicate with customers and give them a better experience.”

The app is already up and running, but has a long way to go with Steve launching it as a social platform in May.

A photo of the technical side of the application in action

He said: “At the moment we are very much a coach and a client, but the concept is basically to become an adult sports Facebook.

“I’m 51, I’m crazy about sports and I hate Facebook. Sport is my life, my job, my interest, I watch it, I play it and I’m at St. James’ Park all the time.

“I want a platform that’s relevant to me and that’s what we’re trying to build.

“Video is still available, but you can talk to friends and do everything Facebook does too.”

Steve is a huge sports fan and has big plans for the app’s growth

For those who want to dabble in the technical side of the app, Steve, who supports Magpies, gave an overview of what clubs such as Newcastle United could use it for.

He said: “If we take a penalty taker, Callum Wilson for example.

“Callum is going to take a penalty and in training you would have a camera behind him and a camera in front of him.

“When he was practicing taking them, you would press a button on your watch to record and stop recording, and then those two streams would show up on the same screen.

The app could help professionals such as Callum Wilson (Image: Getty Images)

“If you hit the sync button, they go live and sync together. It almost creates a 3D view.

“The real reason we incorporated heart rate is to allow coaches to monitor technique under pressure.

“Let’s say he’s training with Dubravka tomorrow before the weekend game and his heart rate is 95 bpm.

“Then the coach on the side will film him taking a penalty against Liverpool on Saturday, and the heartbeat will go… it’s 170 bpm.

“From their data analytics platform, they can pull that out and start monitoring anxiety and pressure.”

Celebrating vee-ohn-yay – The Royal Gazette

By Sports events

Condrieu, the homeland of Viognier

International Viognier Day is celebrated annually on April 29.

There are probably many discussions about how to pronounce the name of this grape variety which, in percentage terms, has grown much more than any other in the last fifty years.

If you check online, you can see “vee-aa-nyay”, “vee-own-yay”, “vee-ON-yay”. Admittedly, the least successful essay I’ve heard locally is “wog-ner”.

Years of enjoying wines from this fruit source have made me settle for “vee-ohn-yay,” and I maintain that’s probably okay.

I think I’m also right to say that in 1975, when I first entered the wine business, there was perhaps only one vineyard left of this beautiful varietal in the whole world.

When Jancis Robinson wrote the book Grapes & Wines in 1985, she said the Viognier hardly deserved a mention because she could only find 80 acres in total.

We can definitely call it “the comeback child” with worldwide plantings of around 35,000 acres. One account I found said there were only 17 acres left in 1965; it was very close to extinction!

I like the saying: “Viognier is for those of us who like to stop and smell the flowers. Honeysuckle, mandarin, mango, mayflower, vanilla, nutmeg and clove. The one that usually identifies it to me is the delicious ripe peach and physical stickiness that gives it a creamy feel that you can literally see when the wine is poured.

The legend says that the Roman emperor Probus brought this grape variety to France, and we will start with that of the AOC de Condrieu where it is the only grape variety authorized to be planted, and only with old strains which maintain the richness of this grape variety.

The total vineyard area of ​​this small appellation on the steep northern slopes of the Rhone Valley is only around 420 acres and it is considered the spiritual home of Viognier.

Our 2019 Chapoutier Condrieu Guest is produced by a leading family of Rhône winegrowers for over 200 years, since 1808. They are today the leaders in the field of biodynamics throughout France.

Pour and observe its deep golden yellow with green highlights. The nose is very fruity with exotic fruits (pineapple), acacia flower, lychee, apricot and white peach and it is round and full with a good length in the mouth and a final touch of vanilla. .

The soils of the vineyard are composed of altered schists and granites which are revealed in the wine by an aromatic power and a great complexity. This type of soil also gives the wine freshness and minerality.

If you have Asian or Oriental food, this is perfection. Simply sipping it is also a pleasure. Critic Jeb Dunnock gives it a very credible 94/100. $62 (Stock #9450).

Now we only move a few meters from the old limit of Condrieu and the same family offer you Chapoutier La Combe Pilate Viognier 2019 and while their winemaker observes, decides and guides, they allow Mother Nature to have the last word.

The soils of the Chapoutier estate know neither pesticides nor herbicides, the floral growth of the vine is essential. The natural cycles of the earth, sun and moon are also taken into account, as required by the principles of biodynamic agriculture.

After harvest, direct pressing of the whole bunches followed by a selection of the best juices from the pressing. Settling followed by fermentation in old 600 liter oak barrels followed by aging for 8 to 9 months in stainless steel vats.

The wine undergoes a malolactic fermentation and a very light batonnage of the lees (batonnage) during the first months of ageing. As with all Chapoutier wines, this wine bears Braille on the label.

I haven’t mentioned what you can see, smell or taste because you can pay $27 and experience the pleasure of your own impressions, which I promise will be favorable. (Stock #9438).

My go-to Viognier over the years has been Chapoutier Domaine des Granges Mirabel Viognier and I’m not the only one, because we came out of the 2018 vintage that we have on our list.

I do want to mention the 2020 vintage though, as it is expected to arrive in May. The cellar tells us that it is quite deep greenish yellow with aromas of apricot, pear and marmalade. Their sommelier offers seafood, including salmon as an accompaniment.

Like the others here, it has the Demeter symbol on the label to say it has been certified biodynamic.

I often like the tone of reviews that have been translated into English from another language and here is one about this wine from Europe: “Pear aroma on the first nose, an elegant backdrop here with a good tone clear, pleasant and decisive. The palate is good; it’s great to have a clear Viognier. The exotic fruits come together halfway. Ace wine!

Our stock is #9454 oneAnd if you find a bottle of the 2018 in one of our stores, the price is $24.55.

If we travel to the New World, the only example I can offer you is 2020 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier blend that has been for many years now, the best-selling wine, in the crates, from this iconic Napa Valley winery.

Canadian writer Natalie MacLean comments, “Pine Ridge 2020 is great value. A dynamic blend of Chenin Blanc and Viognier, the grapes for this vintage come from the banks of the Sacramento River in Clarksburg with Viognier wine grapes from California’s Lodi wine region.

“Dry, lush and medium-bodied with flavors of ripe apple, passion fruit, ginger and citrus on the palate. Refrigerate and enjoy with grilled pork chops. Chenin blanc viognier pairings: seafood fondue, grilled chicken, grilled shellfish.

A nice refresher for the upcoming weather for $24.75 (Stock No. 6037).

This column is an infomercial for Burrows Lightbourn Ltd. Contact Michael Robinson at Burrows Lightbourn has stores in Hamilton (Front Street East, 295-1554) and Paget (Harbour Road, 236-0355). Visit

Tiger Woods heads to Southern Hill for PGA practice round

By Sports games

Tiger Woods flew to Oklahoma for a practice round at Southern Hills, the first step in deciding if he can play in the PGA Championship.

The 18-hole walking practice round took place three weeks before the start of the PGA Championship to be held May 19-22 at Southern Hills in Tulsa.

Golf Channel reported that Southern Hills head pro Cary Cozby was caddying for Woods on Thursday. After the practice rounds, the PGA of America posted a photo on Twitter of Woods and Cozby looking at the distance book.

Tulsa television station KOTV showed an aerial view of Woods’ putting. He wore a black compression sleeve on his right leg. Ken MacLeod, publisher of ‘Golf Oklahoma’ magazine, was in Southern Hills and a photo he posted showed 10 Oklahoma PGA junior league members who were being honored gathered on the 18th green as Woods teeed off on the n ° 10.

Woods made a remarkable return to golf at the Masters after his Feb. 23, 2021, car accident outside Los Angeles broke his right leg and ankle bones. In his first competition and walking a course, he made the cut for the 22nd time in a row, although he tired over the weekend and his limp was more noticeable in the rounds when he shot 78 -78. He finished in 47th place out of the 52 players who made the cut.

Southern Hills last hosted a major tournament in 2007, when Woods won the PGA Championship for the second straight year and fourth time overall. That week he recorded his lowest score in a major, a 63 in the second round with a birdie putt that spun in and out of the cup on the final hole.

Woods has left Augusta National unsure of when he will play next, although he has confirmed he will be at the British Open at St. Andrews this summer.

He entered the PGA Championship and the US Open at Brookline in June, although it was a formality as an exempt player.

Woods’ move was picked up by websites tracing his private plane from South Florida to Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as a photo on Twitter showing the plane on the tarmac.

It didn’t generate the same buzz as when he traveled to Augusta National a week before the Masters, unsure then if he would play the first major of the year.

Southern Hills isn’t as strenuous a walk as Augusta National, except for the steep drop off the first and 10th tees and the inevitable climb back to the clubhouse, with only a slight rise in the process of road.

Although tired after the Masters, Woods could only imagine himself getting better.

“I don’t quite have the stamina that I would have liked to have, but a few weeks ago I didn’t even know if I was going to play in this event,” he said after the final. in Augusta. National.

“To go from there to here, we are excited about the future prospects, about training, about getting into this gym and doing other things to strengthen my leg, which we don’t couldn’t do because it needed more time to heal. Similar to the Masters, Woods likely won’t decide to play for the PGA Championship until this week.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Calling all student entrepreneurs – The Royal Gazette

By Sports events

Updated: April 28, 2022 9:35 PM

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation is accepting applications for its fifth annual Student Entrepreneur Summer Program.

The SSEP provides students aged 16-23 with the resources and support needed to start, grow and sustain their own business.

The eight-week initiative will run from July 4 to August 26.

The program is designed to make young Bermudians the next wave of entrepreneurs on the island.

A maximum of 15 students will receive educational training, a weekly financial stipend and start-up funds to run their businesses, the BEDC said.

In addition to initial training, BEDC staff will continue to support students to ensure they maximize the experience and earn as much as they can during the summer months.

The three participants with the highest profits will win an additional financial reward.

Deshun Simmons, Program Manager and Deputy Head of Communications and Development at BEDC, said: “The goal of the program is not only to help participants earn money over the summer, but also to instill in them an entrepreneurial spirit that will help them prepare. for their future working in business or as entrepreneurs.

Businesses started last year by students included luxury soy candles, herbal skincare, clothing and lifestyle brand, furniture renovation, Japanese anime clothing and bubble tea.

2021 SSEP graduate and profit winner Marli Spriggs of BookSpace said, “I think BEDC’s SSEP was an ideal starting point to propel me into a strong entrepreneurial momentum, preparing me for my own future endeavours.”

Mr. Simmons added, “The SSEP is a great opportunity for students with entrepreneurial aspirations to put their business ideas to the test.

“The program provides them with a week of intensive entrepreneurship training that shifts their mindset to prepare them for the weeks ahead of being their own boss. I look forward to receiving submissions and seeing the creative and diverse ideas that our young people come up with to implement during their summer vacation. »

Applications are accepted until Sunday, June 5 online at

Marli Spriggs (Akil Simmons File Photo)

Deshun Simmons, program manager and deputy head of communications and development at BEDC (file photo)

A Norwich sex offender took photos of girls at sporting events

By Sports events

4:43 PM April 28, 2022

13:44 29 April 2022

A Norfolk runner who has admitted indecent image offenses has taken close-up photos of girls wearing tight shorts at running and gym events.

David Murrell, 46, a former member of a Norwich-based running club, uploaded hundreds of indecent images of children.

Norwich Crown Court heard and uploaded footage to the internet Murrell also took pictures of children himself at running and gymnastics events.

Norwich Crown Court
– Credit: Archant

Chris Youell, prosecuting, said photos taken by the defendant of real girls at running events in June and August 2019 included girls wearing “tight running shorts and sports bras”.

Murrell also took photos of girls at gymnastics events in December 2019 with the images showing “close-ups of the genital areas.”

The court heard photos of the children were found in a ‘hidden’ folder on her phone that was part of a secret app that needed a PIN to access it.

Mr Youell said Murrell was arrested by police after an indecent Category B image of a child uploaded by the defendant led officers to execute a search warrant at his home in July 2020.

Devices including a cell phone and a hard drive were recovered and searched and found to contain indecent images of children.

He was found to have uploaded and taken indecent images of children over a three-year period between 2017 and 2020.

Some of the images were category A, the most severe, but there were also category B and C images found.

These included 501 category C images, of which 424 were downloaded from the internet and 77 taken by the defendant, some of which were duplicates.

Police also recovered conversations the accused had with other people online, including one where he discussed “child sexual abuse”.

Mr Youell said: “There was clearly something deep in his life where he fantasized about young children and young girls.

“He was talking about it on the internet, taking pictures and uploading pictures.”

Murrell, of Camperdown in Great Yarmouth, appeared in court on Thursday April 28 after admitting three counts of making an indecent image of a child and one count of distributing an indecent image of a child.

He also pleaded guilty to six counts of taking indecent photos of a child.

The mother of one of the children who had their photo taken read a victim impact statement in which she described the police knock on the door.

She said it was something she would “never forget” and felt “like her world had stopped”.

The woman said, “It’s something I don’t really think I’ll get over.”

She also described in court the “confusion” and “sheer terror” as well as the “disbelief and disgust” she felt.

The woman added that she lay awake at night ‘worrying about what might have happened if he hadn’t been caught’.

The father of another victim in the case described ‘dismay’ at what happened and he felt and hoped Murrell would get the help he needed.

Damien Moore, mitigating, said nothing he could say could ‘undo the damage Mr Murrell did’.

Mr Moore said Murrell wanted to apologize to the parents of the children involved and to the children themselves.

He said the defendant was ‘a completely broken man’ who had ‘lost everything’ and was going to have to live the rest of his life with ‘shame and embarrassment’ from the offenses he had committed.

Mr Moore said Murrell was ‘at rock bottom’ after going down a ‘self-destructive path’ and needed help and rehabilitation.

He said the defendant “knows he needed to be punished and was ready for it”, but urged the court to consider a non-custodial sentence.

Judge Katharine Moore adjourned sentencing until Wednesday, May 4, but warned Murrell that “the threshold for detention had been crossed by a country mile.”

Katharine Moore, newly appointed criminal judge, the first female permanent criminal judge

Judge Katharine Moore
– Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

Judge Moore took him into custody until next week due to concerns about his welfare.

It is understood Murrell was a member of the Norfolk Gazelles racing club, but was no longer entitled to be a member when the allegations emerged.

Top games and sporting events this month: May 2022

By Sports events
Jeremy Peña and the ‘Stros take to the field with fun gifts in May | Courtesy of the Houston Astros

Grab a ticket and some popcorn for our picks for the best games and sporting events in Houston in May 2022.

May brings lots of fun goodies to Minute Maid Park, the more Dynamo and Dash get into the groove of their seasons, UH baseball wraps up a strong year at home plate, the SaberCats aim for the playoffs, and much more is on the way. way to the stadiums around the city.

We’ve rounded up the main highlights of this month’s sports calendar, but you can read more about the 365 Houston schedule.

Top 12 games and sporting events this month: May 2022

  • Houston Dash vs. San Diego Wave at PNC Stadium | Sunday May 1 – The Dash return to the field for their home opener of the NWSL regular season, taking on the league’s newest expansion franchise, San Diego Wave, which features American football legend Alex Morgan. $15 and up. 6 p.m.
  • Houston Astros vs. Detroit Tigers at Minute Maid Park | From Thursday May 5 to Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8 – Former manager AJ Hinch returns to Houston for a four-weekend streak that includes freebies like a Jose Altuve 1970s rainbow jersey on Friday, an Altuve bobblehead on Saturday and an infinity scarf in the afternoon of mothers day. $15 and up. Hours vary.
  • Ponies & Petals Cup: Mother’s Day at the Houston Polo Club | Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8 – Get ready for a special Mother’s Day game, complete with ladies’ best hat contest, door prizes, expert announcement, halftime champagne divot and music from live flamenco guitar. Individual court tickets are $32.50; $15.50 for ages 12 and under. Boxes for 2-20 guests range from $89-$895. 5 p.m.
Put on your most decorative hat and hit the polo field for Mother’s Day | Courtesy of Houston Polo Club
  • Houston SaberCats vs. Utah Warriors at Aveva Stadium | Saturday May 14 – In their penultimate home game of the season, the SaberCats are looking to make a strong playoff push against a struggling Utah team. $15 and up. 7 p.m.
  • Houston Dynamo FC vs. Nashville SC at PNC Stadium | Saturday May 14 – Two Western Conference teams square off on the field at the PNC when Dynamo hosts Nashville SC in a Saturday night showdown. $10 and up. 7:30 p.m.
  • College Baseball: Houston Cougars vs. Rice Owls at Schroeder Park | tuesday may 17 – After posting a solid winning record, the Coogs will host Rice in their final home game of the season, before wrapping up in North Carolina. $10 and up. 6:30 p.m.
  • AEW dynamite & Carnage at the Fertitta Center | Wednesday May 18 – All Elite Wrestling is hosting a doubleheader event at the Fertitta Center on the University of Houston campus, featuring a roster of top-flight wrestling talent like CM Punk, Sting, Thunder Rosa and more. Remaining tickets start at $50, but you can find better or cheaper seats using the TicketNetwork online marketplace. 6 p.m.
  • Houston Dynamo FC vs. Seattle Sounders FC at PNC Stadium | Wednesday May 18 – With a third of the season down, the Dynamo will be looking to fend off a challenge in the Western Conference table from a strong Seattle team. $14 and up. 7:30 p.m.
All Elite Wrestling descends on Fertitta Center with double event | Courtesy of AEW
  • Houston Astros vs. Texas Rangers at Minute Maid Park | From Thursday 19 May to Sunday 22 May – With the Rangers in town for the weekend, the ‘Stros are hosting several days of giveaways, including a Chewbacca cooler on Thursdays star wars Night, an Orbit jersey on Friday, a Yuli Gurriel bobblehead on Saturday, and a limited keychain on Sunday afternoon. $15 and up. Hours vary.
  • Sugar Land Space Cowboys vs. Oklahoma City Dodgers at Constellation Field | From Friday 20 May to Sunday 22 May – This three-weekend series sees the Dodgers come to town with a special fireworks celebration on Friday, followed by Armed Forces Day – and a jersey giveaway – on Saturday. $8 and up. Hours vary.
  • Run Houston! Clear Lake 5K & 10K at the University of Houston–Clear Lake | Sunday May 22 – Get your legs moving at the next Run Houston event! series, which sends runners on 5K and 10K courses from the UH–Clear Lake campus to Bay Area Boulevard and back. Starting at $40, children can also enroll in the 1K class. $60 and up. 8 a.m.
  • Houston Dash vs. North Carolina Courage at PNC Stadium | Sunday May 29 – In only their second home game of the season, the Dash are returning from a road trip to face the Courage in an interconference matchup on Memorial Day weekend. $12 and up. 6 p.m.
Run Houston! returns to Clear Lake in late May | Courtesy of Run Houston!

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Lifelong Houstonian Justin Jerkins keeps tabs on all kinds of happenings in H-Town, including breweries, sports, concerts, must-see destinations and more while serving as editor of 365 things to do in Houston.

American basketball importer Adams named Australian NBL MVP

By Sports games

American point guard Jaylen Adams has been named Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL) Most Valuable Player after helping the Sydney Kings qualify for the playoffs in his first season. The 25-year-old averaged 20.1 points, 6.1 assists and 5.1 rebounds during the 2021-22 regular season as the Kings finished third in the standings to win a semifinal series against the Illawarra Hawks.

Adams, who played 44 NBA games for the Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks and Portland Trailblazers before calling on his talents Down Under, said it was an honor to receive the Andrew Gaze Trophy as the best 10 team league player. “I want to thank my teammates, without them it was definitely not possible,” he said in a video message on the league’s website (

“We got a special group of guys, bro, that wouldn’t want to go to war with anybody else. Let’s end this thing strong.” Adams garnered 105 votes to win the award ahead of fellow American and MVP of the past two seasons, Bryce Cotton, who plays for the Perth Wildcats.

Coach of the Year honors went to American Scott Roth after guiding the Tasmanian JackJumpers to the playoffs in their rookie season, leaving the Wildcats without a postseason game for the first time in 35 years. The JackJumpers will face defending champions Melbourne United in their best-of-three semi-final series, which begins later on Thursday.

The Kings will face the Hawks in their playoff opener in Wollongong on Friday.

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Putin says Russia is ready to host sporting events ‘without discrimination’

By Sports events

Keep Olympic News Free

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For nearly 15 years now, has been at the forefront of fearless reporting on what’s happening in the Olympic Movement. As the first website not to be placed behind a paywall, we have made information about the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and other major events more accessible than ever to everyone. has earned a global reputation for excellent reporting and breadth of coverage. For many of our readers in over 200 countries and territories around the world, the website is an essential part of their daily lives. The ping of our free daily email alert, sent every morning at 6.30am UK time, 365 days a year, landing in their inbox, is as much a part of their day as their first cup of coffee.

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The rest of 2022 will be no less busy or less challenging. We had the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing, where we sent a team of four journalists, and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the World Summer University and the Asian Games in China, the World Games in Alabama and several world championships are coming up. Plus, of course, there’s the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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Support for just £10 – it only takes a minute. If you can, consider supporting us with a regular amount each month. Thank you.

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The Football-Barcelona victory was a turning point for Eintracht-Trapp

By Sports games

Eintracht Frankfurt goalkeeper Kevin Trapp has said their surprise heavyweight elimination from Barcelona in the last eight Europa League stages was a turning point as they headed into Thursday’s semi-final, the game go to West Ham United. The Germans, winners of the competition in 1980, stunned Barcelona 3-2 in the second leg in Spain after a 1-1 draw in Germany as more than 25,000 of their supporters flocked to the Camp Nou.

“We worked hard for those moments to have them right now,” Trapp said during an online press conference on Tuesday. “For us it was a special game. Barcelona are one of the biggest names in world football. We knocked them out in two games. We didn’t lose to them.

“It was quite difficult. It was a key moment for us. They were clear favorites to win easily against us. We showed that it is not easy to play against us.” Thursday will be the second time these sides have met in the semi-finals of European competition after West Ham won the previous home and away game to reach the 1976 Cup Winners’ Cup final.

“We know West Ham will be a different game to Barcelona, ​​but the atmosphere is great. It’s the semi-finals, one step before the final. Everyone is really focused and you can feel the concentration. is what you need before a game like this,” Trapp added. The Germans, who also reached the last four in 2019 losing to Chelsea, have shone on the European stage but at home they are likely to miss out. international football next season, occupying ninth place in the Bundesliga table.

Trapp said their domestic form in 2022 was disappointing but the possibility of a Europa League final was their immediate target. “In the second half of the season we only won three games, well below our expectations,” Trapp said. “It is what it is. At the same time, we are playing a semi-final in the Europa League. A huge goal in front of us.

“We want to go all-in, we want to go to the final. West Ham have the same style of play as us, very aggressive and physical. We have to fight, be disciplined and concentrate hard for these two games.”

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

CBS Sports App: Scores, News, Mobile Highlights for Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and Soccer

By Sports app

If you want to know everything about your favorite teams and sports, and want to know it first, the CBS Sports app is the best sports app for scores, news, live events and more. With the CBS Sports app, you can get personalized sports news and video highlights from your favorite teams, leagues, and athletes right on your mobile device. With streaming access to all live events and games from CBS, CBS Sports Network, and Paramount+ in one place, you don’t have to miss a second of the action. Download the CBS Sports app here.

How to watch live sports and highlights

With verified TV service provider or Paramount+ login credentials connected to your CBS Sports app, you’ll have access to SEC Football, Masters, PGA Championship, PGA TOUR, NCAA Basketball, NFL and more still close at hand.

The CBS Sports mobile app has also extended global football coverage to the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, Serie A, Concacaf World Cup Qualifiers, Concacaf Nations League and at the NWSL, among others.

When you can’t watch the game live, the CBS Sports app offers tons of ways to get the latest sports news from the teams you love.

CBS Sports HQ provides 24/7 live news, highlights, fantasy sports information and betting tips, and it can be found streaming anytime on the app. You’ll also get access to SportsLine’s Vegas Insiders, daily Fantasy Football Today content, and everything else you might need to make sure you crush your sports betting and fantasy leagues. You can find CBS Sports HQ streaming in the “Watch” tab anytime.

How to get the latest sports scores and statistics

If you’re just looking for the latest scores and stats, the CBS Sports app has an easy-to-use interface that lets you view a variety of leagues. If you’re looking for football, basketball, baseball, soccer news, or any other live updates on the teams and leagues you care about, the CBS Sports app has you covered. With the “My Teams” tab, you can customize your app to give you all the information you’re looking for about your favorite teams in one place.

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So, if you are looking for the best sports app on iOS and the best sports app on Android, look no further than the CBS Sports app. It is free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Be sure to download the CBS Sports app on Apple or Android now.

Russia stripped of the organization of the Grand Prix of figure skating

By Sports games

Russia has been stripped of hosting an event on the figure skating Grand Prix circuit next season due to the country’s war with Ukraine.

The International Skating Union said on Monday it was looking for a replacement host for the Nov. 25-27 event after its ruling council removed the Rostelecom Cup from the schedule due to the Russian military invasion.

Last season the Rostelecom Cup was held in Sochi and the women’s event was won by 15-year-old Kamila Valieva, whose subsequent doping case dominated the sport at the Beijing Olympics.

“The Council reaffirms its solidarity with all those affected by the conflict and reiterates its condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms,” ​​the ISU said in a statement.

Russian athletes, teams, officials and event organizers have been isolated from world sports since the invasion began on February 24, with governing bodies encouraged to act by the International Olympic Committee. Russia’s military ally, Belarus, has also been largely excluded.

However, Russia may still field candidates for the ISU presidential elections in June at a congress in Phuket, Thailand. Current president Jan Dijkema of the Netherlands is stepping down after six years.

The ISU said more than 20 of its member federations urged the board to decide at its online meeting on Sunday to exclude Russian and Belarus officials from candidates for any office and to attend all meetings. The first vice-president of the ISU is the Russian Alexander Lakernik.

However, the governing committee “concluded that no decision by the council should be taken at this time”. The ISU cited “fundamental rights of ISU members” and said it was “concerned to ensure the validity” of the upcoming congress.

Instead, national federations could decide in Thailand to exclude Russia and Belarus, the ISU said, noting that the issue depended “on the situation in Ukraine” and future ballot demands.

The ISU previously allocated 200,000 Swiss francs ($209,000) to help Ukrainian skaters and officials. The money will go to member federations that “have hosted Ukrainian skaters displaced by the conflict as a contribution to help them continue their skating activities”, the ISU said on Monday.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Sporting events are expected to resume

By Sports events

Thinley Namgay

With the government announcing further relaxations of Covid-19 protocols from May 2, sporting events and tournaments are expected to resume.

Seven teams have confirmed their participation in the Jebba Dragon Cup 2022, which was previously known as the Thimphu Dzongkhag League.

Thimphu City FC (TCFC), in conjunction with the Bhutan Football Federation (BFF), will host the tournament.

The Jebba Dragon Cup will be a major football tournament after the inaugural BFF President Cup, which ended in January.

The winner will participate in the 2023 Bhutan Premier League (BPL) qualifiers if the team fulfills the BFF club licensing requirements.

A TCFC official, Yeshey Dorji, said the registration deadline had been extended from April 20 to 25. He said at least eight teams would be needed for the tournament.

He said BPL teams will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. “Three BFF club players will be allowed in a team, but national team players will not be allowed.”

Each team will have to pay an entry fee of 20,000 Nu.

Yeshey Dorji said the format of the game will be decided based on the number of teams. The exact date of the tournament is also to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, the first ongoing BFF Mini Dragon League, which was supposed to end on February 5, has been postponed.

Over 300 children under 12 from Thimphu and Paro have been participating in the league at Changlimithang Stadium since November 11 last year.

The semi-finals and finals of the first beach volleyball tournament, hosted by the Bhutan Volleyball Federation in the capital, have been called off.

The ongoing Bhutan Under-15 Amateur Baseball League in Thimphu, organized by the Bhutan Baseball and Softball Association, has also been postponed. Five teams participate in the tournament.

An official from the Bhutanese Baseball and Softball Association said the players were attending regular training sessions at schools.

The government will allow all indoor and outdoor sporting activities with spectators from May 2.

However, people with signs and symptoms of Covid-19 have been discouraged from participating in sporting events.

Watch the EFL 2022 awards tonight on the Sky Sports app

By Sports app

Aleksandar Mitrovic, Harry Wilson and Dominic Solanke are in the running to be named Sky Bet Championship Player of the Season at the 2022 EFL Awards.

The winners will be announced on Sunday evening at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, and the event will be shown live on the Sky Sports app from 7pm.

Aleksandar Mitrovic, Harry Wilson and Dominic Solanke are in the running to be named Sky Bet Championship Player of the Season

© PA
Aleksandar Mitrovic, Harry Wilson and Dominic Solanke are in the running to be named Sky Bet Championship Player of the Season

Fulham’s Mitrovic has scored 41 times so far which has helped him break the record for most goals scored in a league season. His striking, coupled with the creativity of team-mate Wilson, who provided 16 assists and scored 10 himself, propelled Fulham to the top of the division.

How Aleksandar Mitrovic broke the championship scoring recordChampionship table | Get Sky Sports

Striker Solanke, the division’s second top scorer, is also on the three-man shortlist for the award after scoring 27 goals to push Bournemouth to automatic promotion.

In Sky Bet League One, midfielders Scott Twine and Barry Bannan take on Rotherham United striker Michael Smith for the Sky Bet Player of the Season award. Twine’s 16 goals and 13 assists helped promote MK Dons promotion. Sheffield Wednesday’s Bannan’s ability and experience shined throughout the season with a series of winning performances. Smith was one of Rotherham United’s best players with 19 goals to his name.

In Sky Bet League Two, Forest Green Rovers have two players in contention in Kane Wilson and Matty Stevens, while Newport County goalscoring machine Dominic Telford completes the list. Wilson combined his dribbling ability and precise cross to the tune of 13 assists while Steven’s goals were a key factor in Forest Green’s excellent season. Telford scored 22 goals in 19 games during a marvelous four-month spell.

The EFL Young Player of the Season Awards will be awarded by division for the first time to recognize the best young talent in the League. In the Championship, Nottingham Forest duo Brennan Johnson and Djed Spence will face Fulham’s Fabio Carvalho.

In Ligue 1, Portsmouth goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu is on the list. Sunderland’s Dan Neil and Fleetwood Town’s Paddy Lane – who this summer signed with Hyde United four tiers below Cod Army – will also be up for the accolade.

Two defensive players are on the League Two shortlist, Bristol Rovers’ Connor Taylor and Leyton Orient’s Shadrach Ogie. Finn Azaz of Newport County is also nominated.

The Football Manager squads of the season will be announced overnight with a manager and starting XI chosen for each individual division.

Clubs will also be praised for their work off the pitch, with the Your Move Community Club of the Season being announced alongside the Community Project of the Season and PFA Player in the Community.

New for 2022, the EFL will also present the Diversity and Sustainability Awards alongside the Kin + Carta Family Club of the Season and Supporter of the Season.

The league’s two most prestigious awards, the League’s Contribution to Football and the Sir Tom Finney Award, will be presented on the evening.

Awarded to recipients who have had outstanding careers and made outstanding contributions to the EFL, previous winners include Kevin Phillips, Rickie Lambert and Joe Thompson.

The 2022 EFL Awards will be broadcast on the Sky Sports app from 7pm on Sunday 24 April

2022 EFL Awards Shortlist:

Sky Bet Championship Player of the Season: Aleksandar Mitrovic – FulhamDominic Solanke – BournemouthHarry Wilson – Fulham

Sky Bet League One Player of the Season: Barry Bannan – Sheffield Wednesday Michael Smith – Rotherham United Scott Twine – Milton Keynes Dons

Sky Bet League Two Player of the Season: Matty Stevens – Forest Green RoversDominic Telford – Newport CountyKane Wilson – Forest Green Rovers

Young Player of the Season Championship: Fabio Carvalho – FulhamBrennan Johnson – Nottingham ForestDjed Spence – Nottingham Forest

Ligue 1 Young Player of the Season: Gavin Bazunu – Portsmouth Paddy Lane – Fleetwood Town Dan Neil – Sunderland AFC

League Two Young Player of the Season: Finn Azaz – Newport County Shadrach Ogie – Leyton Orient Connor Taylor – Bristol Rovers

LFE Apprentice of the Season – League: Ryan Howley – Coventry CityJordan James – Birmingham CityJevon Mills – Hull CityLFE Apprentice of the Season – League One: Freddie Draper – Lincoln CityAyodeji Elerewe – Charlton AthleticMichael Williams – Crewe Alexandra

LFE Apprentice of the Season – Ligue 2: Alex Aitken – Stevenage Junior Tchamadeu – Colchester United Ethan Brierley – Rochdale

Football Manager Teams of the Season: To be announced overnight

Your Move Community Club of the Season:Middlesborough – North East & YorkshireBlackpool – North WestDerby County – MidlandsAFC Wimbledon – LondonPlymouth Argyle – South West & WalesMilton Keynes Dons – South East & EastA big winner will be announced overnight

Community Project of the Season:Championship – Preston North EndLeague One – Burton AlbionLeague Two – Swindon Town

PFA players in the community:Championship – Billy Mitchell, MillwallLigue 1 – Ryan Inniss, Charlton AthleticLigue 2 – Omar Beckles, Leyton Orient

Kin + Carta Family Club of the Season:Ipswich TownMilton Keynes DonsSheffield United

Diversity Award:Blackburn RoversExeter CityPreston North End

Environmental Sustainability Award: will be announced in the evening

Supporter of the Season: Mark Crowther – Luton TownCath Dyer – Swansea CitySue Taylor – Burton Albion

Sir Tom Finney award: To be announced overnight League Football contribution: To be announced overnight

Goal of the season 2022: To be announced in the evening

Turkey adopts TV series, social media and sporting events for exports

By Sports events

Turkey plans to embark on a new strategy to promote its brands and products and is looking to adopt several channels such as television and sports organizations, as well as new store concepts, as it seeks to expand the range of its exports to distant markets.

Over the past few years, Turkey has expressed its determination to increase sales in remote geographies and unveiled action plans.

To ensure greater recognition for its export products, Turkey now plans to engage with TV series and movies, video games and influential names on social media, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported on Sunday. ).

He cited the draft strategy prepared by the Ministry of Commerce, which has been sent to relevant non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for assessment.

The draft strategy and action plan for remote countries highlights the goal of expanding the range of exports and boosting sales in 18 countries.

These include USA, Australia, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, India, Japan , Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Chile, Thailand and Vietnam.

Total overseas sales to these countries soared 42.2% year-on-year in 2021, reaching $27.16 billion, according to data compiled by the Assembly of Turkish Exporters (TIM ).

The figure rose from $18.9 billion in 2020, the data showed, despite the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and disruption to supply chains.

Turkey currently holds only a 0.26% share of the $8.2 trillion in imports from the 18 target countries, located at an average distance of 8,500 kilometers (5,280 miles) from the country.

Ankara plans to further open up to these markets and increase exports to a level of at least $82 billion.

Turkey’s overall exports reached a record $225.4 billion in 2021, and the government revised its target to $250 billion and $300 billion set for 2022 and 2023, respectively.

The strategy includes the establishment of a support program that will ensure greater visibility of Turkish brands at sporting and fashion events, including the Olympics, world cups, motorsports and international sports weeks. fashion.

Turkey plans to support the opening of different concept stores in countries where the concepts of “pop-up stores” and “pop-up retail” have become particularly widespread and in sectors such as luxury.

The strategy projects in-depth analysis and guides for businesses in each of the countries, including potential product groups, investment environment, trade and business policies, and market characteristics.

The sub-sectors will be determined and their potentials in the countries concerned will be analyzed, followed by the establishment of targeted entry strategies, in accordance with the roadmap.

Sector trade delegations will make more frequent visits to relevant markets, supported by general trade delegation trips at least once a year.

Turkey plans to strengthen financial support for sector delegations and increase engagements in national, individual and virtual fairs.

The strategy also includes increased support for advertising activities in print and visual media, also targeting country consumption channels, shopping malls and chain stores. The activities will seek in particular to highlight the tag “Made in Turkey”.

Other activities related to Turkish goods and services will include promotions and cooperation with social media influencers.

Television series and films, as well as video games, will also be adopted to increase awareness, through cooperation with series and film actors and product placement on these platforms.

According to the strategy, Turkey seeks to support promotional activities by encouraging pioneering brands to become sponsors and prestigious international events to be held in distant countries.

Events that can increase the recognition of Turkish television series and film productions in the international arena will also be sought. And there are plans to increase support for participation in such internationally renowned programs, film festivals, biennials and festivals.

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Major Sporting Events in Houston: April 25-May 1, 2022

By Sports events
Team Dash opens its regular season against Alex Morgan on Sunday | Courtesy of Houston Dash

Take a seat for these must-see games and sporting events around Houston from Monday, April 25 through Sunday, May 1, 2022.

This week, see the Texans make moves in the NFL Draft with an official watch party at Miller Outdoor, catch back-to-back days of football at PNC Stadium as Dynamo take on rivals Austin and Dash kick off their season 2022, and Suite.

Want to know more about the sports happening around H-Town? Find more games and live sports throughout the month in the 365 Houston schedule.

Top 5 Sports Games and Events in Houston This Week

  • Houston Texans 2022 Draft Party at the Miller Outdoor Theater | Thursday April 28 | FREE – Head to Hermann Park for an official draft day hosted by the Houston Texans. Throughout the afternoon and evening attendees can enjoy a fan zone, giveaways, food and drink, player appearances, a live video call from the coach Chief Lovie Smith and coverage airing at 7 p.m. when the draft begins. 3 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • College Baseball: Rice Owls vs. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at Reckling Park | From Friday 29 April to Sunday 1 May – Space Day returns to Rice Owls baseball on Saturday, April 30 in the three-day series against WKU. Attendees can grab a lightsaber and registered kids can dive deep into the world of NASA and STEM in a pre-game talk, which starts at 9 a.m. and ends with a ticket to the game of the afternoon. $15 and up. Hours vary.
  • PurpleStride Houston 2022 at Houston Sports Park | Saturday April 30 – Head to the home of the Houston SaberCats and the Dash and Dynamo academy when PurpleStride returns to an in-person charity walk raising money for pancreatic cancer research. Registration is free and attendees receive a t-shirt at the $50 fundraising level. 7am.
  • Houston Dynamo FC vs. Austin FC at PNC Stadium | Saturday April 30 – Central Texas’ sophomore MLS team makes another stop in Houston to take on Dynamo. $24 and up. 12:30 p.m.
  • Houston Dash vs. San Diego Wave at PNC Stadium | Sunday May 1 – The Dash return to the field for their home opener of the NWSL regular season, taking on the league’s newest expansion franchise, San Diego Wave, which features American football legend Alex Morgan. $15 and up. 6 p.m.

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Lifelong Houstonian Justin Jerkins keeps tabs on all kinds of happenings in H-Town, including breweries, sports, concerts, must-see destinations and more while serving as editor of 365 things to do in Houston.

Tips for Starting a Sports App Business in Maryland

By Sports app

Cash flow is essential for sustaining life on this planet and blood circulation. In recent years, sports betting has gained popularity among younger generations. According to industrial growth models, Michigan’s economy is improving. Everyone in the state’s business community is eager to start their own sports betting business due to the growing popularity of the activity. Due to the global expansion of the betting industry, you will be able to use Maryland betting apps.

The sports betting industry is expected to grow by $134.06 billion over the next few years, making it a profitable industry. Many people rush into this business, but they don’t know where to start or what to pay attention to. In order to start a sports betting app business in Maryland, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

Set goals and decide on a financial plan

Short and long term goals should be created for any business, regardless of size. The success of any business depends on its ability to set and achieve goals. You can’t be successful in business if you don’t have a vision or strategy in mind. Remember to develop a business budget when setting new and achievable goals. As with any business, you will need to make an upfront investment, but there are plenty of software companies that offer sports betting services at much lower costs, so you can take advantage of them and make your budget a little more friendly.

Finding a Trusted Sports Betting Software Provider

Many software companies exist, but you will have to make your decision accordingly. You can never rely on inexperienced software vendors who brag about their services because they will provide you bogus services and harm your business ambitions. Before considering them as a viable alternative, be sure to review their previous experiences and list of satisfied customers.

Reliable software is used by big companies like Caesars and Fanduel to provide an efficient solution and a strong brand. To get around, you need a hiccup-free and fluid-free platform. It should also be easy to use in order to attract more visitors.

Get a gambling license

It varies from country to country whether sports betting is allowed or not. Even though Maryland has legalized sports betting, it would be much easier for you to get a gambling license. If your betting platform has a license, players will feel more confident using it. A platform with a license often attracts more players than one without. So, getting a license will help you engage more people.

Participation of third parties

It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of third-party engagement in the early stages of developing your business concept and implementing your new betting platform. Third parties such as KYC, payment gateways, analytics, etc. must be implemented in sports betting platforms for them to work effectively.

Avoid using a third-party service, though, as it may hamper development and hurt customer satisfaction. Selecting a third-party provider for your sports betting platform should be based on trust.

Betting app for mobile devices

There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people using cell phones in recent years. According to current data, more than 80% of the population has access to mobile phones and the Internet. Nowadays, the majority of business activities are carried out digitally. Every industry, including sports betting, has seen significant growth in internet usage. There’s no reason why a mobile app can’t be developed to make internet betting even easier for people.

With a mobile app, bettors will find it much easier to place bets on their favorite sports or sporting events. All they need to do is download and install the app before logging in, and they can start betting anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Betting in real time

Don’t forget casino games when choosing your software provider. Additionally, live betting has been a popular pastime for punters in recent years. You need to make sure that your users have access to a live betting option so that they come back to your site without hesitation.

Last words

The NFL playoffs are fast approaching, and the people of Maryland may already be betting. Casinos, professional sports teams and racetracks have begun submitting applications to the state office responsible for evaluating applicants, and the director predicts betting could begin “late this fall or early ‘winter”.

As the fastest growing industry, sports betting has surpassed all other businesses in terms of market value. Due to the profitability of the industry, too many individuals are investing in it and setting up sports betting or businesses there. You need to know how to start your business and what factors you need to consider when doing so; this post has provided some of those considerations.

Photo credit: The presentation image was produced by Motortion.

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Cricket-Pakistan’s Abid cleared to return four months after angioplasty

By Sports games

Pakistani fly-half Abid Ali has been cleared by doctors to return to the pitch four months after undergoing angioplasty, the 34-year-old has claimed. Abid was diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome after complaining of chest pains during a top-class domestic game in Pakistan in December.

Acute coronary syndrome is associated with a sudden reduction or blockage of blood flow to the heart. “I’m really excited to be back with the prospect of playing for Pakistan again,” Abid told ESPNcricinfo website on Friday. “Doctors have cleared me to return to the field and I can finally go back to living a normal life.

“I’m going to be on medication for a while because of the stents implanted, but overall physically I feel fine. I dive, I run, I jog, I beat and it’s really great to be normal again.” again with heart disease but I didn’t give up hope… It was tough but the recovery was great with all the extensive rehab.”

Abid played 16 test matches and six one-day internationals for Pakistan. “I don’t know what the status of my national team is at the moment, but I’m ready for my return,” he added.

Also Read: Pakistani Terrorism Court Convicts Mumbai Attack Mastermind and JuD Chief Hafiz Saeed in Two More Terrorist Financing Cases.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Motor racing-Leclerc fully focused on Imola despite the theft of watches

By Sports games

Ferrari’s Formula 1 championship leader Charles Leclerc has said he is fully focused on getting his Italian team back to Imola this weekend, despite the theft of a watch that could be worth millions.

The 24-year-old Monegasque, winner of two of the first three races, had his exclusive Richard Mille watch stolen from his wrist in the Italian seaside resort of Viareggio on Monday evening. “I won’t go into too much detail. It hasn’t been a great experience. I can’t say much more than that,” Leclerc told reporters in Imola on Thursday.

“It’s all going on with the police and they’re trying to track them down. It hasn’t been as smooth as I’ve read but overall I’m fine and fully focused for the weekend. That won’t hurt me for this weekend.”

Edoardo Cetola, head of the Viareggio Carabinieri investigating the theft, told Reuters there were currently no suspects. “We are checking CCTV cameras to reconstruct all phases of the robbery and find important clues for the investigation,” he added.

A similar Richard Mille RM 67-02 Charles Leclerc watch was sold last year for 2.1 million Swiss francs ($2.20 million), according to Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille is a sponsor of Ferrari and Leclerc wore his watch, which bears his initials, on the podium.

An investigative source said Leclerc was in Viareggio with coach Andrea Ferrari, who comes from the city, driving a black Ferrari 488. The theft took place when the Formula 1 driver was approached by two people wearing scooter helmets who demanded a selfie after he dropped the coach off at his house.

The source said Leclerc attempted to give chase in his car but was unable to follow the scooter. McLaren’s Lando Norris, who had a 40,000 pound ($52,140) Richard Mille watch stolen from Wembley Stadium last year during the Euro 2020 soccer final between England and England Italy, sympathized with Leclerc by SMS.

“I messaged her as soon as I saw the news,” he told Reuters. “When I go to events now, I organize them better, in the safest way possible,” said the Briton, whose watch has not yet been recovered. “Sometimes you forget these things that can happen.

“You can’t do much because you still want to lead a normal life and be able to walk the streets.” ($1 = 0.7672 pounds) (Additional report by Giselda Vagnoni, edited by Toby Davis)

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Tyson Fury won’t discuss MTK Global’s sudden shutdown

By Sports games

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was already in full swing at a pre-fight promotional event when news broke that his former management company was abruptly closing.

MTK Global’s announcement follows a week of cascading pressure since US Ambassador to Ireland Claire Cronin announced a $5 million reward for information that will lead to ‘financial destruction of the Kinahan criminal gang or the arrest and conviction of its leaders. MTK has blamed “unprecedented levels of unfair scrutiny and criticism” since company founder Daniel Kinahan was hit with financial penalties. Daniel Kinahan was named as one of the leaders of the gang.

The only questions posed to Fury and WBC title challenger Dillian Whyte at Wednesday’s press conference came from the top table host.

The Associated Press’ first attempt to quiz Fury on MTK’s shutdown was met with silence as he posed for photos with Whyte after the crowded event where the assembled media were never asked to pose questions.

Fury was leaving the room when he was then asked if he would help US authorities – as requested by the Treasury Department – ​​with information that would lead to the arrest and conviction of members of the Kinahan gang. Fury’s response was to raise his middle finger to footage released by the fight organizers.

Fury was previously promoted on MTK’s website as “the best heavyweight on the planet”, but the Briton said he cut ties two years ago. MTK has gone out of business despite claiming in recent days that Kinahan has not been involved with the management company since 2017.

“Since major promoters informed us that they would be severing all ties with MTK and no longer working with our fighters,” MTK said, “we have made the difficult decision to cease operations at the end of this month.’ ‘ Even before the US announcement last week, Kinahan had already been identified by the High Court in Dublin as a prominent organized crime figure involved in international drug trafficking operations and firearms offences.

Kinahan was pictured with Fury in February in Dubai and has tried to arrange fights for Fury in the past.

“This man is a boxing fan, I can’t say much more,” Fury said after an open practice on Tuesday. “There isn’t much of a relationship anymore, there isn’t. ” Fury still declined the opportunity to say on Tuesday whether he had severed all ties with Kinahan.

“It’s none of your business or anyone else’s,” Fury said. “My business is my business, your business is yours, and that’s it.” Fury himself has been a controversial figure. There was a two-year backdated doping ban for having high levels of nandrolone in urine samples provided after fights in 2015. Fury also had to reapply for his UK boxing license, which was suspended for separate incidents of drug use and medical issues.

Fury acknowledged “ups and downs” on Wednesday.

“A drug addict, an alcoholic, everything else that I’m not ashamed of,” Fury said. “It’s part of who I am.” pack at Wembley on Saturday night.

“I’m ready to do whatever it takes,” Fury said. “I’m that kind of fighter where anything I have to do, I’ll do. Anything, victory by any means necessary, I will do. I’m not afraid to take risks. I risked my life, so this is nothing new.”

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

A selection of the best sports games for your smartphone

By Sports games
Sports fans have generally always adored sports video games.
Not only are they fun and entertaining, but sports-themed merchandise gives fans the chance to replicate moves with their favorite stars and take their beloved teams to the top of the pile.

For Cowboys fansfor example, there have been a number of NFL-themed games featuring some of the team’s instantly recognizable faces.

When it comes to smartphone gaming, sports games have seen tremendous growth lately. In fact, mobile gaming is booming, overall, thanks to its improved overall offering. With our new and improved modern smartphones comes a range of premium games worth sampling. Along with sports games, other mobile titles are also thriving, such as console-quality releases like Call of Duty: Mobile, augmented reality titles like Pokemon Go, and not to mention popular games. casino titles from developers like NetEnt.

Simply put, the overall mobile gaming package has never been stronger, with sports games also playing a vital role in the obvious improvement. Sports games are popular, they’re usually easy to understand, and they’re a great gaming opportunity on a miniature handheld device.

With a flurry of games constantly being released on smartphones these days, below is a rundown of some of the best sports-themed products for your device right now.

Madden NFL Mobile Soccer

Photo: Android Police

One for all the football fans among us, Madden NFL Mobile Football is one of the best American football games to play on a mobile phone right now. Play with your favorite NFL players and teams, you can hone your tactics, master specific games, and even duke it out with a friend in co-op mode.

There are also purchasable packs that will unlock new players, as well as a host of other rewards that will improve your team. If you are looking for a football game for your phone, then Madden NFL Mobile Football is easily the best option.

NBA 2K20

Offering console-quality graphics and an authentic overall feel, NBA 2K20 is at the top when it comes to basketball gaming options on a smartphone. From the game’s MyCareer Run story mode to its NBA stories that bring to life some of the greatest moments in NBA history, you’ll be entertained for hours with this one.

It’s no surprise to see NBA 2K20 register a much success, that’s for sure. Overall, for a mobile game, it’s hard to fault.

MLB 9 innings 22

Luckily, for baseball lovers, MLB 9 Innings 22 is a truly authentic baseball-themed mobile game for their enjoyment. The game features impeccable graphics, the gameplay is easy to grasp, there are more than 30 MLB baseball diamonds and over 1,700 players, and you can play the game with one hand.

Other popular options include participating in a Ranked Battle and a Club Battle mode, where you can compete against players from around the world.

Easily the best baseball game available to play on mobile, MLB 9 Innings 22 is well worth downloading.

golf star

There have been plenty of forgettable golf outings over the years, but Golf Star certainly doesn’t fall into that category. Offering intuitive controls and beautiful graphics, the game is very impressive. You can hone your skills and dive straight into a career mode, take part in a multiplayer tournament mode, enjoy a goodwill match against players online and much more. Golf Star is truly a pleasure to play.

Other options include Fishing Life, eFootball PES 2021, Boxing Star, AO Tennis, FIFA Mobile, FIE Swordplay, NBA Jam, OK Golf, Rocket League Sideswipe, and Snowboard Party: World Tour.

Featured Image: Android Police

Former Bangladeshi spinner Mosharraf Hossain dies aged 40

By Sports games

Former Bangladesh left-hand player Mosharraf Hossain has died, the country’s cricket board has announced.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) announced the death of Hossain, 40, on Twitter.

He is survived by his wife and one child.

“The BCB mourns the passing of former Bangladesh national team player, Musharraf Hossain Rubel,” the BCB said in the tweet. ”The left-arm spinner amassed over 550 wickets in all formats in a career spanning two decades. The BCB sends its deepest sympathy and condolences.” According to ESPNcricinfo, Hossain suffered from brain cancer, which was diagnosed in March 2019. He had recovered after undergoing treatment, but the tumor relapsed in November. 2020.

Hossain had been hospitalized for the past two weeks, but returned home after another bout of chemotherapy recently, according to the website.

Born in Dhaka in 1981, Hossain played five ODI matches for Bangladesh between 2008 and 2016, winning four wickets. Hossain was one of seven cricketers to score 3000 runs and take 300 wickets in top class cricket in Bangladesh. Among his career highlights, he won the player of the match award in the Bangladesh Premier League final in 2013.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Cesafi makes a long-awaited return with 13 sporting events

By Sports events

Cesafi officials led by Commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy are joined by contestants from the Miss Cesafi pageant at the league launch on Wednesday at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel.

After almost three years of waiting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cebu’s most prestigious interscholastic league – the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (CESAFI) – makes its long-awaited return on April 22, Friday, at the Coliseum from Cebu.

The new season kicked off on Wednesday afternoon at the Cebu Parklane International Hotel. Attending the event were the league’s longtime commissioner, Felix Tiukinhoy Jr., as well as athletic directors from participating schools. Also present were the

There will be 13 basketball-led events this season, kicking off at Cebu Coliseum. However, according to Tiukinhoy, there will only be a three-point shootout rather than the regular games as the different schools still need to prepare properly.

“These are just mini-events. We have changed the events we have. We would like to show that we are here and we are here to lead Cesafi for the next few years to come,” Tiukinhoy said.

Friday’s opening ceremonies will be marked by the Miss Cesafi pageant.

“We also asked schools to bring athletes and students for the parade,” Tiukinhoy added.

The sports events that will be organized this season are athletics, badminton, beach volleyball, chess, dance sports, football, karate, scrabble, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis and latest, electronic sports.

Tiukinhoy also said they are looking forward to hosting the next season in September. He added that he hoped to have regular games by then.

“By then, most schools may already have face-to-face lessons,” said Tiukinhoy, who said they would remain vigilant despite the looser regulations.

“When we have this season, we still have to comply with all the regulations we have.” (NPC)

The best sports games for Android mobiles in 2022

By Sports games
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Android has great video games across all genres, be it simulation, survival, action, co-op, and more. But, without a doubt, one of the most sought after are the best sports games. There is nothing like a sports title with good gameplay that allows you to enjoy a game for many hours.

Sports games are made for fun, they are competitive and test all kinds of skills.

Here we will offer you a unique list that will be focused on games that do not require any type of monetization to be able to take advantage of it. The goal is to download complete and well-made titles that are designed to give you a good time.

Hoop League Tactics: This is a sports management game, in the style of Football Manager, but intended for basketball. The title has SRPG-like tactical gameplay, best of all, its graphics are simple, allowing the game to work on any mobile. There is a season and career mode, perfect for many hours of fun.

Fishing Rapala: This title is focused on competitive fishing and is of high quality, in addition it does not require spending real money. It offers several scenarios to catch all kinds of fish, each with its own characteristics. The 3D graphics are very good and the gameplay is well done, intuitive and enjoyable.

Great mountain adventure: This is one of the best sports games because of what it offers. To begin with, its graphics are excellent, the scenarios look very good. As for the gameplay, it is relaxing and simple, if you are a lover of snowboarding and skiing, you can be sure that you will like it. Even better, it lets you play with other friends online.

Retro bowl promo 2– As the name suggests, this is a retro American football game done in the old school style. Its graphics are 8-bit, but the truth is that it offers deep gameplay and magnificent team management. Although it is very simple, it has everything you need to provide many hours of play.

Soccer Manager 2022 Mobile: For many, this is one of the best Android sports games for all that it offers. The management regarding football is the best there is, to the point that it is practically a business simulator. The goal is to build the team from scratch to one day become the champion. It requires excellent strategy and planning to be successful.


Sports News Roundup: Jalen Brunson scores 41 as Mavs even have a streak with Jazz; PSG’s Messi and Verratti to miss Angers clash through injury & more

By Sports games

Here is a summary of current sports news briefs.

Football-PSG Messi and Verratti will miss the clash of Angers due to injury

Paris St Germain striker Lionel Messi and midfielder Marco Verratti will miss Wednesday’s trip to Angers through injury, the Ligue 1 club announced on Tuesday. Messi has an inflamed left Achilles tendon while that Verratti is absent with a knee problem. Central defender Presnel Kimpembe will also be out, with all three players due to be assessed again ahead of PSG’s game against Lens at the weekend.

Soccer-Pique rejects wrongdoing over €24m Saudi Super Cup deal

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has rejected any wrongdoing over his involvement in helping the Spanish FA secure a deal to move the Super Cup from Spain to Saudi Arabia, a deal that earned his company Kosmos £24m. euros ($26 million) in commission. On Monday, the El Confidencial website published leaked audio recordings from 2019 which revealed details of Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales and Pique’s contract negotiated with Saudi Arabia which included Kosmos receiving 4 million euros for each of the six editions of the Super Cup that were to be played in the Middle Eastern country.

Tennis-France withdraws from bid process to host Davis Cup group stage

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) said it had withdrawn from the bidding process to host the group stage of this year’s Davis Cup final due to “onerous financial and operational conditions “. The International Tennis Federation originally named Bologna, Glasgow, Hamburg and Malaga as hosts for the group stage of the men’s team competition from September 14-18.

Cycling-British Cycling offer support to Wiggins after abuse allegations

British Cycling said on Tuesday its backup team had contacted Bradley Wiggins after the five-time Olympic champion alleged he was sexually groomed by a coach when he was 13. Wiggins, 41, made the claim in an interview with Men’s Health UK. magazine and said the abuse impacted him as an adult. He did not name the coach.

NBA roundup: Jalen Brunson scores 41 as Mavs even have a streak with Jazz

Jalen Brunson exploded for 41 points, Maxi Kleber added 25 and host Dallas Mavericks were on fire from the outside to overcome the absence of superstar Luka Doncic in a 110-104 win over the Utah Jazz on Monday evening. The teams’ Western Conference first-round playoffs are tied at one win apiece heading into games in Salt Lake City on Thursday and Saturday.

Golf-Weir, Choi, Ogilvy and Villegas named Presidents Cup assistants

International team captain Trevor Immelman on Tuesday named Mike Weir, KJ Choi, Geoff Ogilvy and Camilo Villegas as his four assistants for the Presidents Cup showdown against the United States at Quail Hollow in September. For Weir, Choi and Ogilvy, the September 22-25 Presidents Cup in North Carolina will mark their third stint as assistants while Villegas will make his first appearance as an assistant.

Panthers LB Damien Wilson facing assault charge

Carolina Panthers linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested in Texas last week after his former girlfriend said he threatened to kill her with a tire iron, the Dallas Morning News reported. Wilson, 28, faces a charge of assault causing bodily harm to a family member, Frisco police confirmed in an email to the newspaper.

Golf-tennis champ Barty signs up for a World Celebrity Series

Former tennis world number one Ash Barty has fueled speculation that her post-retirement sporting career will focus on golf by entering a series of exhibition tournaments featuring 23 other sports celebrities. Barty, who retired at the age of 25 last month, will represent a Rest of the World team led by Ernie Els against a United States team led by another big winner, Fred Couples.

NHL roundup: Capitals snap Avalanche’s 9-game winning streak

Marcus Johansson scored the game-clinching goal at 10:46 of the third period and the Washington Capitals beat the Avalanche 3-2 Monday night in Denver, ending Colorado’s nine-game winning streak. Alex Ovechkin scored his 48th goal of the season and Garnet Hathaway added a goal for the Capitals, who won six of seven. Ilya Samsonov made 24 saves.

Soccer-Man United’s Ronaldo to miss Liverpool game after newborn twin dies

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo will not play against Liverpool in the Premier League later on Tuesday following the death of his newborn son a day earlier, the club have said. Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, who announced in October last year that they were expecting twins, said on Monday one of the two babies had died.

(With agency contributions.)

Cricket-Rajasthan’s Chahal celebrates his hat-trick in style

By Sports games

Yuzvendra Chahal had promised to recreate his signature pose from the 2019 World Cup if he did anything special in the Indian Premier League. So when the Rajasthan Royals spinner scored his first career hat-trick, he knew exactly what to do. Falling to the ground as his teammates rushed to celebrate their win over the Kolkata Knight Riders, Chahal casually crossed his legs, propped himself up on one elbow and grinned broadly.

Jos Buttler’s second century of the season had propelled Rajasthan to a formidable 217-5 at Brabourne Stadium, but Kolkata were on course to catch them at 178-4 in 16 overs. Chahal then turned the game around with a four wicket, dismissing rival captain Shreyas Iyer, Shivam Mavi and Pat Cummins on successive deliveries to register his first hat-trick.

The 31-year-old jumped for joy before striking the same pose that went viral at the 2019 World Cup, when he was pictured lying near the border while his teammates worked on the pitch. “It was a great feeling, I’ve never scored a hat-trick in my career,” Chahal, whose 5-40 finish won him man of the match, told the tournament website.

Asked about the celebration, Chahal said: “This is my favorite World Cup 2019 meme. “It’s very special to me. I had decided that whenever I would do something special, like take five wickets, I would do it.”

As the season’s top wicket-taker, Chahal has the “purple cap” for his 17 wickets in six matches. Released by Royal Challengers Bangalore before the start of the season, Chahal made an instant impact for second-placed Rajasthan behind Gujarat Titans.

Chahal had bled 38 runs in his first three overs but derailed Kolkata’s pursuit in the closing stages, especially with his dismissal of Iyer (85), who looked determined to get Kolkata over the line. “I knew I had to take wickets in there to change the game,” Chahal said.

“So I decided to play wider, mix up my deliveries and go further on that wicket.”

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Major Sporting Events in Houston: April 18-24, 2022

By Sports events
SaberCats battle for position in crowded Western Conference with weekend game | Courtesy of Houston SaberCats

Take a seat for these must-see games and sporting events around Houston from Monday, April 18 through Sunday, April 24, 2022.

This week, the Astros finally go home for an opening day of H-Town, the Dash closes out the Challenge Cup, eSports takes over NRG Stadium and a star-studded charity event dodge, duck, dive, dive and dodge at EaDo.

Want to know more about the sports happening around H-Town? Find more games and live sports throughout the month in the 365 Houston schedule.

Top 7 Sports Games and Events in Houston This Week

  • Houston Astros vs. Los Angeles Angels at Minute Maid Park | From Monday 18 April to Wednesday 20 April – Finally, it’s Opening Day at the ballpark when the Astros make their first home appearance of the delayed season in a three-game series with Los Angeles. Go early on Monday to enjoy the Astros Street Fest from 4-6:30 p.m. $9 and up. Monday and Tuesday 7 p.m.; Wednesday 5:40 p.m.
  • Houston Astros vs Toronto Blue Jays at Minute Maid Park | From Friday 22 April to Sunday 24 April – George Springer returns to Minute Maid Park with the Toronto Blue Jays in a three-game series highlighted by a 1960s-themed Flashback on Friday and Orbit’s birthday on Sunday. $28 and up. Hours vary.
  • Run the Grove 5K at Timbergrove Manor | Saturday April 23 – The annual 5K returns to Greater Heights, helping raise funds for community parks and future events. $45 in advance; $50 on race day. Kids Fun Run is $25; $30 per race day. 8 a.m.
  • Ultimate Dope Dodgeball Charity Challenge at Pitch 25 | Saturday April 23 – This charity showdown at Pitch 25 in East Downtown will see four teams of Houston sports stars and local celebrities dodge, dodge, dive, dive and dodge to earn money for their team’s nonprofit. Hosted by Houston Dynamo legend Brian Ching, the teams will be led by NFL players Whitney Mercilus, Justin Reid, Chester Pitts and DJ Big Reeks. $20; free for ages 5 and under. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Houston SaberCats vs Toronto Arrows at Aveva Stadium | Saturday April 23 – The final home game of the month will see the SaberCats take on an Eastern Conference team from Toronto. $15 and up. 7 p.m.
  • League of Legends Mid-Season Showdown at NRG Stadium | Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24 – One of the biggest eSports competitions comes to NRG for back-to-back days of action in the Spring Finals, pitting North American teams against each other in League of Legends. Tickets are $120 and up, but you can find better or cheaper seats using the TicketNetwork online marketplace. 2 p.m.
  • Houston Dash vs. Racing Louisville FC at PNC Stadium | sunday april 24 – The NWSL Challenge Cup group stage final will see Dash host Racing Louisville FC. $12 and up. 5 p.m.

Previous postTop 12 Live Shows and Concerts in Houston This Week: April 18-24, 2022

Lifelong Houstonian Justin Jerkins keeps tabs on all kinds of happenings in H-Town, including breweries, sports, concerts, must-see destinations and more while serving as editor of 365 things to do in Houston.

Wright of Surfing-Australia and Toledo of Brazil win and ring Bells

By Sports games

Two-time Australian world champion Tyler Wright crushed rankings leader Carissa Moore of Hawaii to win the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach on Sunday, capping a dominant week at the famous point break to ring the bell for the first time.

Brazilian Filipe Toledo won the men’s event, performing a series of aerial acrobatics and tight turns to beat Australian rookie Callum Robson. Wright got off to a dream start against the reigning World and Olympic champion scoring 8.93 out of 10 for a series of critical corners. She followed that up with another great score that Moore never came close to matching.

“There were so many times where I wanted to give up on getting back to that kind of form. It took everything from me and I really feel it right now,” said Wright, who returns after two years of injury and sickness. Toledo, which celebrated its 27th birthday on Saturday, won its first Bell event and took the lead in the 2022 Tour standings.

“It’s always been a dream to win this event – so much history, so many special names up the stairs,” Toledo said. Now in its 59th year, Bells is professional surfing’s oldest competition and an Australian Easter institution, where AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” blare from loudspeakers each morning to welcome competitors to the dedicated surf reserve.

Wright and Toledo were branded with ocher by the Wadawurrung Aboriginal traditional owners of the local land, before ringing the coveted trophy bells in front of a large crowd on Easter Sunday. The Australians were well represented on the day of the final, with three of the four men’s semi-finalists and Wright on the women’s side.

The waves had eased since the start of the week and all but died down when Toledo faced Ethan Ewing in the first men’s semi-final. Toledo went in search of the smaller waves on offer and got a decent score by flying twice on a fast right hander, leaving Ewing sitting sadly waiting for bigger waves that never came.

Robson, who had worked on construction sites before doing the 2022 Tour as a relative unknown, kept his cool against compatriot Jack Robinson in the second semi-final as strong onshore winds made conditions difficult. But after catching the best waves of the week, Robson couldn’t match Toledo’s speed and variety in the final.

The tour is now moving to Margaret River, Western Australia, ahead of a new mid-season cut that will halve the number of surfers, a change that has prompted protests from some competitors.

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Soccer-Chelsea’s Loftus-Cheek plays winger role under Tuchel

By Sports games

Chelsea midfielder Ruben Loftus-Cheek says he is relishing his new role as a winger under manager Thomas Tuchel after impressive performances in the last two games. Loftus-Cheek started last weekend’s Premier League game at Southampton on the right side, playing a part in four goals as Chelsea won 6-0.

The 26-year-old then excelled in the same role at the Santiago Bernabeu as Chelsea beat Real Madrid 3-2 in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, although that result was not enough for send them to the next turn. . “It was a bit different between the two games, but there were still similar characteristics in the role I was asked to play,” Loftus-Cheek told the club’s website.

“I had never started as a right-back before, but it was a role I was confident to play and achieve what was asked of me. In midfield you don’t necessarily have too much space to open up and drive with the ball and that’s one of my big strengths, so in that position it’s allowed me to open up at times and get past people and use my running power. I appreciated.”

Chelsea take on Crystal Palace in an all-London clash in the FA Cup semi-finals later on Sunday.

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The national under-18 chess championship will start from Monday

By Sports games

The six-day 31st National MPL Under-18 Chess Championship will begin on April 18 in Pollachi with a total of 238 players, including 95 in the girls category, taking part in the tournament.

14-year-old International Master H Bharath Subramaniam of Tamil Nadu, who will be awarded the Grandmaster title later this month, is the top seed with a rating of 2,503 and the champion will represent India at the World Youth Chess Championships. will be held later this year, Tamil Nadu State Chess Association President Dr M Manickam told reporters here on Saturday.

Other big stars of the tournament are International Master LR Srihari (TN), Chosen IM Avinash Ramesh (TN), FIDE Master Ayush Sharma from Madhya Pradesh, FIDE Master S Harshad from Coimbatore (TN), International Master Manish Anto Cristiana (TN), 13-year-old former National Under-9 Champion AR Ilamparithi (TN), Bhagyashree Patil of Maharashtra and 2021 Under-16 National Online Champion Kheethi Ganta.

The championship will be held at Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology in Pollachi, jointly organized with the Coimbatore District Chess Association, said Manickam, who is also chairman of the Sakthi Group of Industries which runs the college.

The championship will be inaugurated by renowned Indian Grandmaster trainer RB Ramesh, who has produced several grandmasters including R Praggnanandhaa, who recently beat world champion Magnus Carlsen.

Out of the total prize money of Rs 9 lakh, the winners of the two categories will receive Rs 90,000 each, said tournament coordinator and TNSCA Vice Chairman R Anantharam.

The last edition of the championship was held in Ernakulam in 2019 where 89 boys and 55 girls played as the events were not held in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, he said.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Sreenidi’s Colombian striker Castaneda is also a manufacturing engineer

By Sports games

Colombian striker of Sreenidi Deccan FC, David Castaneda is not only good at scoring goals, he is also good at academics. He is currently studying industrial engineering. The 27-year-old, who scored nine goals in 11 appearances to sit fourth in the current I-League top scorers table, is studying industrial engineering at the University of Antioquia in his native country .

“When I was in school I was very good with numbers and my teachers encouraged me to try to become an engineer because it would open up a lot of career opportunities,” he told the website. of the I-League.

”Many of the people who occupy management positions in the world of sport are engineers who specialize in management and administration. Maybe in the future I could be the president of a football club,’ Castaneda smiled.

Pursuing a professional football career alongside a technical degree might lead to a work-life imbalance, but with pure discipline he is able to manage both.

”It’s not easy because you have games every few days, training sessions, trips to different cities for away games. But if you are disciplined and take responsibility, you can handle both,” he said.

After plying his trade in Colombia for several years, Castaneda found himself playing in the Iraqi Premier League with Zakho SC before hitting Indian shores to lead the line for new I-League boys Sreenidi Deccan.

”I played in Colombia for many years but my dream has always been to go abroad and play in other countries. So far it has been a very good experience for me here. I’m very happy and everyone in the team – the staff, the players have been really good to me,” he said.

Having booked their ticket to the 2021-22 I-League Championship Stage, Castaneda sees no reason why they can’t go all the way.

”We believe we can win the title because we have a very good team. We prepare very well for every game and we have a very good group of people working there. Our goal is to bring the trophy home,” he concluded.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Sporting events on air on Sunday April 17 |

By Sports events

7 p.m.: NASCAR Cup, Food City Dirt Race (WGHP)

1 p.m.: Clemson at Wake Forest (ACCNX)

1 p.m.: Florida at Vanderbilt (ESPN2)

2:00 p.m.: Georgia Tech in North Carolina (ACCNX)

2 p.m.: Virginia at Pittsburgh (ACC)

11 a.m.: Princeton at Yale (ESPNU)

Noon: State of Florida in North Carolina (ACCNX)

Noon: Syracuse to Louisville (ACC)

1 p.m.: NC State at Georgia Tech (ACCNX)

4 p.m.: Texas A&M at Tennessee (SEC)

8:30 a.m.: SEC championship (SEC)

People also read…

9:00 a.m.: ACC Championship (ACCNX)

Noon: Maryland to Ohio State (Big Ten)

Noon: USFL, Houston vs. Michigan (WXII, Peacock)

4 p.m.: USFL, Philadelphia vs. New Orleans (USA)

8 p.m.: USFL, Tampa Bay vs. Pittsburgh (FS1)

8:30 a.m.: PGA, RBC Legacy (ESPN+)

9:15 a.m.: PGA, RBC Heritage, Featured Groups and Featured Holes (ESPN+)

9:30 a.m.: PGA, RBC Heritage, marquee group (ESPN+)

1 p.m.: PGA, RBC Heritage (Golf)

1 p.m.: PGA, RBC Heritage, featured group and featured hole (ESPN+)

3 p.m.: PGA, RBC Legacy (WFMY)

3 p.m.: PGA, Professional Championship (Golf)

1 p.m.: Minnesota at Boston (MLB)

2:10 p.m.: St. Louis at Milwaukee (ESPN+)

4 p.m.: Houston at Seattle (MLB)

7 p.m.: Atlanta at San Diego (ESPN, ESPN2)

1 p.m.: Atlanta to Miami (TNT)

3:30 p.m.: Brooklyn at Boston (WXLV, ESPN3)

6:30 p.m.: Chicago to Milwaukee (TNT)

9 p.m.: New Orleans at Phoenix (TNT)

1 p.m.: Florida at Detroit (ESPN)

5 p.m.: Buffalo at Philadelphia (ESPN+)

6 p.m.: St. Louis at Nashville (NHL)

6 p.m.: San Jose, Minnesota (ESPN+)

7:30 p.m.: New York Islanders at Toronto (ESPN+)

8:30 p.m.: Columbus at Anaheim (ESPN+)

9:15 am: Premier, Leicester City at Newcastle United (USA)

9.15am: Premier, Burnley at West Ham United (Peacock)

9:30 am: Bundesliga, Bayern Munich at Arminia Bielefeld (ESPN+)

11:30 am: Bundesliga, Eintracht at 1. FC Union Berlin, SpVgg Greuther Furth at TSG Hoffenheim (ESPN+)

1:30 p.m.: Bundesliga, RB Leipzig at Bayer Leverkusen (ESPN+)

11:30 am: English FA Cup, Crystal Palace at Chelsea (ESPN+)

1 p.m.: MLS, Real Salt Lake at New York City FC (ESPN+)

4 p.m.: MLS, Sporting Kansas City at Los Angeles FC (ESPN)

6 p.m.: NWSL, OL reign in Angel City (CBS Sports)

5:30 am: ATP, Monte Carlo Masters (Tennis)

8:30 am: ATP, Monte Carlo Masters (Tennis)

Youth sports app TeamSnap launches new system designed for clubs and leagues – TechCrunch

By Sports app

TeamSnap, a web-based recreational and competitive sports team and group management service, announced the launch of its all-in-one multi-program management system for youth sports organizations. With the new system, clubs and leagues will be able to register players and take advantage of new planning and team management tools. The launch is set to go live on Tuesday, April 26, and the offering will include the TeamSnap mobile app.

Peter Frintzilas, CEO of TeamSnap, said: “With this deployment, our platform that connects over 25 million youth sports users and over 19,000 organizations can now respond seamlessly, securely and efficiently to all the business management needs of a sports organization, while empowering them. spend more time doing what they love – and that focuses on playtime.”

TeamSnap was founded in 2009 and has come a long way over the past decade, now with over 4 million monthly active users and approaching 2 million daily active users. The app also caters to customers in 135 countries, with teams representing more than 100 different sports, according to the company’s announcement.

Frintzilas spoke to TechCrunch about the new release as well as the benefits of a team sports app and the company’s overall goal.

“We provide easy-to-use tools for communications planning, payment collection, registration. [Youth sports] is a complicated and disorganized industry. And our goal is really to help organize some of that chaos,” he said, “by providing a management platform that brings together leagues, coaches, parents, players, fans in one place and developing that community.

TeamSnap provides a convenient mobile experience for consumers, whether they are independent coaches, parents, families, or even fans. Parents of multiple kids can probably count the number of times they’ve gotten the wrong pitch, gotten the wrong game time, or forgotten it was their turn to bring the orange slices and water bottles. Although these issues may seem minor, it is important for a child to avoid the disappointment of missing a game.

Along the same lines, TeamSnap also aims to bring a valuable user experience to clubs and organizers.

“At the end of the day, our club’s elite clients are very small businesses, and so providing them with the level of financial and cash flow information across all of their programs is critical to success. This new version of the club and the league includes a whole new type of in-depth financial reporting, tracking, allowing them to sort of manage the finances as a whole,” said the CEO.

TeamSnap for Clubs and Leagues integrates the online registration process with roster management, payment, scheduling, event editing tools and more. The offer also gives clubs and leagues a way to simply start a new season or club offer without starting all over again once the year is over.

Registering multiple players quickly is a big plus, as TeamSnap eliminates the need to re-type the same information over and over again. It even helps keep track of which players are family members.

Picture credits: TeamSnap

“With our new system, we’re really pushing to enable these organizers to support these types of setups, allowing their coordinators to have the right level of access to tools and, importantly, data, all while one place,” added Frintzilas.

One client in particular, the North Bay Minor Hockey Association, received terrible support through an anonymous technology vendor. “Communication was poor, support was poor, and that was the last straw,” said Matt Duquette, club secretary and treasurer, in a testimonial for TeamSnap. He added: “We used to put entries and tryouts on our website and hope people would watch. We were emailing the coaches and asking them to email the team. We would post on Facebook. It was a shot in the dark, hoping we would reach everyone.

Just by doing a quick search, there are a fair amount of apps out there that offer communication and planning tools for coaches, like Sports Illustrated Play, LeagueApps (which just raised $15 million), Teamer, and StackSports, among others. While there may be sports teams organizing through a Facebook group or perhaps soon through the new WhatsApp Communities feature, these are only used for communication purposes.

“Unfortunately, in the industry and in sports technology as a whole, we’ve seen vendors reduce that live support for organizations and coaches and we’ve done the opposite, and we’ve gone way beyond the norm of industry Monday through Friday and get full support 12 hours a day in all time zones, seven days a week. Our responsive live chat accounts for over 50% of our interactions,” Frintzilas said.

He also told TechCrunch that the company is looking to integrate video into the user experience, whether through live game streaming or the ability to create highlight reels. User experience is critical to the success of an application and as TeamSnap evolves, the value will hopefully continue to increase for customers.

It’s also important to look at the pandemic and how youth sports teams have declined over the past two years. COVID-19 has stopped many games and delayed seasons. TeamSnap conducted a research study with the Aspen Institute and Utah State University to examine the impact of losing sports on athletes and families.

More than half of parent respondents said their children’s mental health (52%) and physical fitness (53%) had declined during the pandemic. With TeamSnap’s new health check feature and global advocacy for improving youth sports, we hope this will improve over time.

NAB 2022: TVU Networks will showcase a multi-camera control app for sports

By Sports app

TVU Networks, a market and technology leader in cloud-based and IP-based live video solutions, has announced a multi-camera control sports application that allows officials to instantly review the game during matches and producers to include this live video in their coverage. The application is part of TVU Networks overall microservices-based modular approach, with the TVU Producer cloud-based production platform providing management of camera inputs, live streams, interaction with the audience and the audio mix. Replay will premiere at NAB later in April at TVU booth W3806.

Called TVU Replay, the app will have two modes: Review and Replay. Review mode allows in-game officials and coaches to immediately “review” any close call from their phone or tablet. Replay provides all the production elements needed to produce clips on any device. The app is as easy to use as any smartphone interface.

[TVU One Mobile Transmitter to Deliver Live Broadcasts for Traveling Reality Show]

“We are introducing TVU Replay in response to customer feedback,” said Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks. “We spoke with various college conferences and their need for a next-generation exam solution. Everything we do is in response to solving customer challenges. Thanks to our DevOps culture, we quickly and easily built a versatile solution for a variety of applications. We’ve created a toolset that has revolutionized the way proofreading is handled in terms of ease of use and in a fully cloud-based workflow. »

TVU Networks, NAB 2022

(Image credit: TVU Networks)

The frame rate in Replay and Review can be controlled with your fingers on the touchscreen of a phone or tablet or using a video game controller for a laptop. “By replacing purpose-built replay hardware with a video game controller, we’re opening the door to a new potential talent base,” Shen added. “It’s just another example of innovation through listening. Clients have told us about the challenges they face and the obstacles that prevent them from doing what they want, the way they want. The old way is just that, the old way. Our cloud solutions are available today.

TVU Replay is ideal for sports teams, sports leagues, broadcasters and production companies.

[Malaysian Talk Show Converts to Cloud Production With TVU Networks Solutions]

In addition to Replay, TVU will showcase its latest cloud and IP solutions that are reinventing the media supply chain. Experience hands-on demos of TVU Channel, a cloud-native 24/7 streaming solution with full SCTE ad insertion, FAST Channels, emergency offsite remote master control, and dedicated OTT channels. TVU will also showcase REMI remote production and the latest aggregated 5G cellular IP transmissions with 8K support.

High school sports games postponed due to snowy, freezing weather – WCCO

By Sports games

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) – It didn’t matter if you played baseball professionally or in high school on Thursday. Almost all games were postponed due to wintry weather which brought snow, strong winds and freezing cold.

He kept the fields quiet and the gymnasiums bustling with America’s pastime.

READ MORE: One of the first women to run the Boston Marathon puts on her shoes again

“We were looking for wind chills below 20 for game time and with snow flights. It was 10 a.m. and it was snowing hard,” said Brian Wright, head coach of the Breck School varsity baseball team.

With their match postponed, training at their home ground was the next best option.

But other challenges await when mother nature does not cooperate.

“Ideally, with my 40 guys, I could use all this complex. But sometimes we have lacrosse here, we share space with softball,” he said.

Three games have been postponed for Breck so far this year. Not a crazy number, but one that could easily increase as storms approach in the coming weeks. That would mean more late-season catch-up games, putting pressure on the coaching staff to navigate the pitch count limits for players heading into the postseason.

From bats to clubs, none would be swung away on Thursday.

“We thought hopefully the 30 mph wind forecast was off by 30 miles per hour,” Michael Kraft joked.

READ MORE: What’s good to buy in bulk? And when is it not profitable?

He is the head women’s golf coach at Edina High School, which had to cancel its second day of practice due to weather.

“Every year is different and you are at the mercy of not only the weather but also the golf courses opening when they deem it appropriate,” he said.

These obstacles, which partly explain why there is a online petition to push the sport from spring to fall.

Kraft fully agrees with this idea and thinks the other coaches agree.

“Courses are absolutely packed in the spring. Everyone is dying to go out. Around Labor Day, everyone played a lot of golf. There is not as much pressure on the courses. So that would take a lot of the pressure off the prices in the spring,” he said.

Changing seasons would take more than a petition. Kraft says a fall sport should probably move to the spring, among many other things the Minnesota State High School League should approve.

Until that happens, the indoor grind continues for both sports, as players yearn for sunny skies and a true “springtime” in their step.

NO MORE NEWS: Minnesota’s job market is strengthening, but not for everyone

“Take every opportunity here on the inside so that when you’re on the outside, you’re ready to go,” Wright said.

Download the Sky Sports app: Premier League goals, F1 race control and more at your fingertips | Soccer News

By Sports app

The Sky Sports app is the place to get the biggest and latest sports news, live blogs, live goal updates as they come in and all the time Premier League, Championship and more video highlights.

Whatever your sport, we have dedicated sections for Football, Formula 1, Boxing, Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Rugby League, Tennis, NFL, NBA, darts, GAA, netball, racing and other sports.

Download the Sky Sports app on iPhone, iPad and Android

Logging into the app with a free Sky iD is very easy, and once you’ve logged in you can access the following and more…

Sky Sports on the go!

If you have sky sports at home you can stream all your favorite events including 128 Premier League matches from the Live TV section which includes all sky sports strings:

  • Sky Sports main event
  • Sky Sports Premier League
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  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Sky Sports Golf
  • Sky Sports F1
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  • Sky Sports Racing

Please note:

Live TV and some video on demand content is only available in the UK and Ireland. Additional mobile network and/or Wi-Fi charges may apply.

My Sky Sports

Use our ‘My Sky Sports’ section to create a personalized homepage showcasing your favorite sports, teams, sports stars and of course Sky Sports’ unrivaled roster of experts.

You can select 10 favorites – and you’re no longer limited to clubs.

You can now also select your favorite players, drivers, athletes and experts from a range of sports. There are over 300 options!

But remember that you will need to log in to take advantage of this new feature.

Your Sky Sports push notifications

The Sky Sports mobile app will keep you up to date with the latest news from your favorite sports.

Once you’ve updated to the latest version of the app, you can filter Sky Sports notifications according to your needs.

Learn more here

Watch free PL highlights and clips on the Sky Sports app

You can watch all Premier League highlights with Sky Sports for free and without a Sky Sports subscription.

We’ll bring you highlights from every Premier League game on the sky sports website and app for the majority of games shortly after full time.

Highlights of the matches that will kick off at 12:30 p.m. and 3 p.m. will be released at 5:15 p.m. that day.

You can also watch in-game goals from Sky Live matches in our match blogs and on Twitterand you can catch Premier League highlights on our Sky Sports Football YouTube channel and Sky Sports Football Facebook page.

Improved stats while watching the Premier League live

What’s more, football fans are in for a treat as, alongside in-game goal clips for Sky Sports subscribers, our new timeline feature for Sky Sports’ live Premier League matches lets you navigate to the match incident you want to watch with a simple swipe.

You can also view match stats while enjoying the big game action.

Watch Sky F1 on your mobile phone

Watching Formula 1 in motion has never been easier thanks to Race Control on the Sky Sports app.

Race Control is available to Sky F1 subscribers on all devices via the Sky Sports app and will show every minute of the on-track action from Formula 1 2022.

To get behind the wheel of the new season, all you need to do as a Sky F1 subscriber is add the Sky Sports app to your phone:

Sky’s privacy notice explains how Sky uses your information. You can view this notice at:

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the app.

This app supports iOS 10 and above.

What is Race Control?

Race Control is the digital version of the Sky Sports F1 channel with attached goodies.

As well as providing a live broadcast of the Sky F1 channel during race weekends, users can also access pit lane, on-board cameras, live data and on-track highlights videos.

In other words, it’s up to you whether you want to use Race Control for its enhanced functionality, or as a second-screen experience, or use it for a Sky F1 live stream when you’re on the go.

You can enjoy Race Control on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet and what’s more – you can also stream the action from across the EU! You don’t need to do anything differently, there are no extra steps or requirements, just watch the action as you would at home.

Watson picks Kohli ahead of Smith, Root, Williamson and Babar

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Former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson has picked Virat Kohli as the best hitter among Test cricket’s ‘big five’, preferring not to read much about the Indian maestro’s failure to score 100 since November 2019.

According to Watson’s list, the former India captain has capped Steve Smith, Kane Williamson, Joe Root and Babar Azam.

“In test match cricket, I will always say Virat Kohli,” Watson said when asked by Isa Guha who he says is the best test hitter in the world, in his latest episode of ICC review.

“It’s almost superhuman what he’s able to do because he has such intensity every time he comes out to play,” added Watson. While Kohli has slipped to 10th in the ICC rankings, the Indian great continues to hold a remarkable Test batting record. He scored 27 Test centuries and 28 half centuries and currently has a Test batting average of just under 50.

Marnus Labuschagne, the current world No. 1 Test batsman, who played 26 Test matches and averaged 54.31, is said to have raised the ‘big ‘five’ to a ‘big six’, but was left out of the debate on this subject due to a minimum criteria of 40 tests, the ICC said in a report published on its official website.

Regarding Pakistani skipper Babar, whom he kept at number two, Watson noted, ”Babar Azam is playing incredibly well. ” (It’s great) to be able to see how he’s adapted his game to really move his game to Test cricket as well. “Babar Azam would probably be No. 2 right now. ”Babar is currently ranked the fifth best striker in the world and looks to be on the rise if his recent performances against Australia are up to par. He hit a stunning 196 in the second test in Karachi and finished the series with a total of 390 runs.

Of Watson’s third best hitter, Smith, he said the Aussie star was “just starting to come off a bit”. on bowlers like he did when he was at his best. For me, Steve has lowered this list a bit.” Smith is second in the ICC rankings, with only Australian teammate Labuschagne ranked ahead of him. Of Williamson, whom Watson currently considers the fourth best in the world, the Australian said: “Kane knows his game inside out and knows how to put pressure on bowlers in all conditions.” While Williamson has only played two Test matches in the last 12 months, he remains ranked as the third best hitter. The Kiwi veteran has 24 Test centuries under his belt and can still have plenty of cricket in him if he can overcome his injury problems.

Coming to his fifth-best Root hitter, Watson said: ”Joe Root recently scored a hundred but he had a bit of time along Steve Smith’s lines where he wasn’t able to nail the big scores as it has done in the past. ” ” It’s amazing how these world class hitters go through waves where instead of scoring those big hundreds they get the 70s-80s but still impact the game but aren’t able to really keep that really high level of getting those big races like they’ve done in the past,” added Watson.

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Olympic gymnasts face inflated expectations at NCAA

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Sunisa Lee arrived in Tokyo last summer relatively unknown. Then came the Olympics, the encounter of a lifetime, a gold medal she once thought was unreachable, and name status in her sport for life.

His full title and the touch of fame that came with it did little to spoil his plans. She moved to Auburn to start her freshman year just weeks after returning to the United States with three medals in her carry-on. Relaxed name, image and likeness rules meant she didn’t have to choose between ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and taking online classes while competing for the Tigers.

The 19-year-old did everything she had in mind, both on and off the mat. Her personal brand is in full swing, and Auburn is competing at the NCAA Nationals this week for the first time since 2016, just as she hoped when she left Japan last summer.

Still, Lee and fellow Olympians Jade Carey (Oregon State), Grace McCallum (Utah) and Jordan Chiles (UCLA) will take to the stage on Thursday with something the rest of the peloton doesn’t: the weight of inflated expectations, the kind that comes with the territory after standing on an Olympic podium with your country’s flag hoisted to the rafters.

“I think all Olympians have that burden,” Auburn coach Jeff Graba said. “I think Suni maybe has it more than most just because the all-around gold medalist always has a bit of an extra burden on him.” Still, Graba is quick to point out that Olympic gymnastics and NCAA gymnastics are the same sport. in spirit, but not necessarily in practice.

The skill level is different. The time commitment is different. The scoring is different. The atmosphere of the first team is different. All of this may require a period of adjustment.

Carey, who won floor exercise gold in Tokyo, admits going from over 30 hours in the gym while training for the Olympics to the NCAA-imposed 20-hour limit with the Beavers – not to mention having accumulated more than a dozen encounters in three. months – took some getting used to.

“We don’t train as much, so I’m not super tired,” Carey said. ”But I would say, like the middle of the season. I was like, ‘Whoa, like that’s a lot of competition.’ That’s because it is. The elite schedule is designed to ensure athletes peak a handful of times per year. The collegiate season covers a fraction of that while requiring gymnasts to don their leotards and salute the judges much more frequently.

This is one of the reasons why collegiate gymnastics favors precision. Yes, the level of gymnastics might not be what you see at the Olympics, but if you held the Olympics every week for 13 consecutive weeks, it might look a lot like what will be featured inside Dickie’s Arena this weekend.

Yet the distinction could get lost in translation.

Eight months ago, Lee stunned the world – perhaps especially herself – when she became the fifth consecutive American to win the Olympic title. This week, the reality is that she’s not the prohibitive favorite to win the NCAA crown. Florida senior Trinity Thomas put together 18 routines this year, the judges scored a 10.0, the highest in the nation. A former and possibly future elite – she said ‘nothing is set in stone’ after this weekend – Thomas has been where Lee and company are now, trying to find a way to recalibrate their skills and mindset.

“I kinda like the aspect of trying to make it as good as possible because you were aiming for that 10,” Thomas said. “And so that was really cool for me and like something that I kind of got to change and be like, OK, I want everything to be literally perfect, don’t you? “An option that doesn’t exist at Elite. This is hardly the case collectively. The judges awarded an impressive 69 perfect 10s this season, including a weekend where all four 2020 Olympians saw the iconic number appear on the scoreboard for them at least once.

And yes, it was pretty dope.

“I was really excited, like I had done the Olympics again,” Childs said.

And a trip back to their sport’s biggest stage remains Childs, Lee and Carey’s goal. Childs and Carey are attending a U.S. national team camp later this month. Lee’s immediate future remains a little uncertain – Graba said he would sit down with his star after the NCAAs to discuss his options – but Lee was quick to say she would like to be in Paris in 2024 .

Trying to compete at the elite and collegiate levels at the same time is incredibly demanding, which means this trip to nationals may be their only one. Yet their appearance provided another jolt to a booming level of the sport.

If anyone other than an Olympian steps onto the podium Thursday night with the all-around title in hand, Childes sees it as proof that the talent pool at the college level extends far beyond Olympians. That’s not a bad thing. “Honestly, every girl that comes out on NCAA soil, any floor in general, is talented, gifted and has the dedication to be in the sport,” Childs said. “So their reward is what their reward is and they deserve every bit of it.”

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Brazil poll shows Bolsonaro halved Lula’s lead in a month

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Former leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s lead in Brazil’s presidential race has been halved in a month by far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, according to a new poll on Wednesday. PoderData’s opinion poll showed that Lula would get 40% of the voting intentions against 35% for Bolsonaro if the October elections were held on Wednesday. In mid-March, when Bolsonaro’s former justice minister was still in contention, Lula also had 40% support, but the incumbent only attracted 30%.

In a mock second round, Lula would beat Bolsonaro by 47% to 38%, just nine percentage points, PoderData found, down from the 14-point advantage seen a month ago and a gap of 22. points at the start of 2022. Other polls from major pollsters have also shown Lula’s advantage gradually eroding, although they show it with a more comfortable lead. Datafolha put Lula ahead in the first round by 17 percentage points in mid-March, up from 26 in December.

PoderData said Bolsonaro had gained 3 points since former judge Sergio Moro, who quit as justice minister in 2020, said he was dropping out of the race, leading the pollster to rule out his name of the investigation. PoderData, the polling arm of news site Poder360, said Lula had a clear lead over Bolsonaro in Brazil’s poorest northeast, but the president was ahead in the midwestern agricultural belt and in northern Brazil.

The gap between voter intentions for Lula and Bolsonaro is within the margin of error in Brazil’s wealthier south and southeast. PoderData surveyed 3,000 voters by phone across the country between April 10 and April 12. The poll has a margin of error of 2 percentage points up or down.

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The Bally Sports App for Cable Cutters: How Much Will It Cost?

By Sports app

TV Answer Man, I have YouTube TV so we don’t have the Bally Sports channel for our brewers (Milwaukee). Do you know when the cable cutter app will be available and how much it will cost? — Justin, Madison, Wis.

Sinclair CEO Justin Ripley said in February that his company would launch a Bally Sports streaming app for cord cutters in the second quarter of this year. The executive said the initial launch will include at least five Major League Baseball teams (Sinclair now has digital rights deals with the Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers and the Tampa Bay Rays) with NHL and NBA teams added in the second half of the year.

The app will allow fans to watch their Bally Sports team on the market, such as the Brewers on Bally Sports Wisconsin, without a subscription to a pay-TV service. They would subscribe directly to Bally Sports.

Sinclair hopes to have more MLB teams available on the app at launch.

However, the Kansas City Star recently published comments from Kansas City Royals CEO John Sherman who suggest the launch of Bally Sports is not imminent despite the second quarter starting on April 1. The newspaper cites a source as saying he won’t be ready until the summer which technically starts in the second quarter, albeit late in the quarter.

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Along with the uncertainty over the app’s launch time comes a bigger question mark over its price. Sinclair has not publicly announced the cost of a team subscription in the market. (You’ll only be able to get your Bally Sports team from the market on the app.) That left it up to reporters to offer some possibilities, based on anonymous sources and financial analysis.

The New York Post reported in June 2021 that Sinclair planned to charge $23 per month for the app. Sinclair was quick to deny that report, but Sports Business Journal recently announced its own prediction that the cost would be north of $20.

This may seem excessive. But consider that DIRECTV Stream, the live streaming service that features Bally Sports, charges at least $20 more per month for any package that includes it. (The Stream’s Choice package, which includes Bally Sports channels and other regional sports networks, costs $89.99 per month, compared to the basic Entertainment package of $69.99 per month, which does not include Bally channels. Sports.)

This should give you an idea of ​​the economics involved in setting the price. Sinclair has to pay a significant amount of money for the rights to the teams’ games and he has to offset that cost in part through the cost of the subscription. (The company also sells in-game advertising.)

So, Justin, chances are the price will be between $18 and $23 when the app launches.

I hope this can help. Happy viewing and stay safe!

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Indian GM Praggnanandhaa wins Reykjavik Chess Open

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Young Indian grandmaster R Pragganandhaa won the prestigious Reykjavik Open chess tournament here on Tuesday with 7.5 points from nine rounds.

Pragganandhaa, 16, beat compatriot GM D Gukesh in the final round to emerge as the sole winner. Praggnanandhaa turned things around in the all-Indian battle after his opponent blundered as he looked to be losing.

The highly rated Indian went undefeated through the nine rounds and finished with victories over Matthieu Cornette (France) and Gukesh in the last two rounds.

He also had four other victories, including that against American Abhimanyu Mishra, who last year became the youngest grandmaster at the time at the age of 12 years and four months.

Praggnanandhaa (ELO 2624) gained 13.2 ELO points after the triumph. He had recently grabbed the limelight after knocking down world number one Magnus Carlsen in an online tournament.

Gukesh, who recorded six points, finished 17th while general manager Abhijeet Gupta took eighth place, earning 6.5 points.

Dutch GM Max Warmerdam took second place seven points ahead of Mads Anderson (Denmark), who also scored the same number of points. Abhimanyu Mishra had seven points and finished fifth.

Among other Indians, IM Tania Sachdev (6 points) took 21st place while experienced GM B Adibhan scored 5.5 points and settled for 34th place.

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Recall of Kinder chocolates – The Royal Gazette

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Updated: April 12, 2022 12:40 PM

Health scare: Kinder products have been pulled from shelves on the islands for health reasons (photo provided)

A popular chocolate bar has been pulled from store shelves over fears of possible salmonella contamination.

Kinder products, which include chocolate eggs and bars, have been removed from Lindo grocery stores.

In a statement, the supermarket said it had received a “massive recall notice for all Kinder products”.

A company spokeswoman said: “”We urge all of our customers who have purchased any of these items from Lindo stores to return them as soon as possible for a full refund and do not consume them.

“If the products have already been consumed and you are concerned, please consult your GP.”

The statement said manufacturer Ferrero issued a massive recall notice for all Kinder products that were manufactured at any of its sites in Belgium between June 2021 and today.

Affected Kinder Products

Kinder Surprise 20g

Kinder Surprise 20g x 3 packets

Kinder 150g Egg Hunt Kit

Kinder Mini Eggs 75g

Kinder Surprise 100g

Kinder Chocolates 70g, 200g, 320g

The statement did not specify why the product was removed.

But according to reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation, the recall was made due to a salmonella scare.

Products were pulled from UK and US shelves last week.

The BBC report said: “Ferrero has recalled some of its Kinder chocolates from stores in the United States due to potential salmonella contamination.

“Kinder Happy Moments Chocolate Assortment and Kinder Mix Chocolate Candy Basket are voluntarily recalled,” said Ferrero North America.

“It comes after the company recalled its Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs from UK stores earlier this week.”

The report adds that manufacturer Ferrero made the decision after salmonella was detected at a factory in Belgium.

It came after more than 60 people in the UK, mostly young children, were infected with salmonella in an outbreak linked to Kinder Surprise sweets.

Soccer-Blatter and Platini to face corruption trial in Switzerland in June

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Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter and former UEFA President Michel Platini will go on trial in June to face corruption charges in Switzerland over a $2million payment that world football’s governing body paid to Platini, the court heard on Tuesday.

Both Blatter and Platini have repeatedly denied past wrongdoing during the incident, for which Swiss prosecutors have charged them -by-swiss-authorities-over-2 -million-swiss-francs-2021-11-02/#:~:text=ZURICH%2C%20Nov%202%20(Reuters),de%20Suisse%20said%20on %20Tuesday in November. Prosecutors allege Blatter misarranged payment to Platini, who led France to victory at the 1984 European Championship, in 2011 for consultancy work. Blatter and Platini said the payment was for backdated salary.

Both are suspected of fraud and other charges amid what has become the biggest corruption scandal to rock FIFA. Blatter, who led FIFA for 17 years, resigned in 2015, followed by Platini in 2016. Both were banned for six years for breaches of ethics.

The trial in the Swiss Federal Criminal Court is due to begin on June 8 and last until June 22, the court said on its website. Blatter’s attorney’s office declined to comment. At the time of his arraignment, Blatter said, “I look forward to the trial in Federal Criminal Court with optimism and hope that this story will come to an end and that all the facts will be dealt with properly.”

Platini’s Swiss lawyer was not immediately available for comment. In the past, he said his client was innocent and the case should have been closed long ago. The court said that Blatter and Platini are accused of having illegally obtained, at the expense of FIFA, the payment of 2 million Swiss francs (2.15 million dollars) and social security contributions worth about 229,000 francs for Platini.

“Among other things, Michel Francois Platini had submitted to FIFA in 2011 a presumably fictitious invoice for an (allegedly) still existing claim for his consulting activities for FIFA in the years 1998 to 2002,” he said. ($1 = 0.9304 Swiss francs)

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BetRivers App 2022 – Place bets with the BetRivers Sports app

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The BetRivers app provides a quick gateway to a varied online bookmaker with hundreds of betting markets for over 20 sports.

Read on to see how to download and bet using the proprietary BetRivers mobile app.


download the BETRIVERS app >>

Expires on: 31-12-2022

Last check: 2 days ago

BetRivers App Download (Android & iOS) – A Guide

The process of downloading the BetRivers sports app is simple and straightforward. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices, and downloading it on either system is a breeze.

BetRivers does not require players to register and verify an account first to download their sports betting app. You can download the app for free and complete the registration after.

You can download the Betrivers app from Google Play or find it in the Apple App Store if you’re using an iOS-powered device. You can also download the sports app from the BetRivers homepage if you find that easier.

Either way, there are just a few basic steps you need to take to start betting through the BetRivers sports app.

  1. Open Google Play/App Store on mobile;
  2. Find the BetRivers Sports app for a specific state;
  3. Press “Install”;
  4. Find the BetRivers icon on your mobile screen;
  5. Open it and register;
  6. To make a deposit;
  7. Start betting.

BetRivers operates in several states where local lawmakers have legalized online sports betting. These include Pennsylvania (PA), Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa, Colorado (CO), Michigan, and Indiana. The BetRivers New York app is also available to Empire State residents after online sports betting became legal in early January 2021.

To use any of its apps (BetRivers Michigan app, BetRivers Illinois app, BetRivers CO (Colorado) app, BetRivers PA app, BetRivers NJ (New Jersey) app, IA app (Iowa), NY app or IN (Indiana) app), you must be physically in one of these states.

Sign up and claim the BetRivers welcome promo code

BetRivers sportsbook welcomes new customers with a great cash bonus. To claim the reward, you must first register. Note that when choosing your state, select the one you are currently in, provided the BetRivers app is available there. Do not select one based on your official address.

You are eligible for the BetRivers Tiered Welcome Deposit Bonus when you sign up. The BetRivers welcome promotion offers cash bonuses on your first four deposits.

On your first deposit, you get a 100% match on any deposit up to $250. So any amount up to $250 that you deposit after your first registration at BetRivers will be doubled and added to your balance.

When you make your second deposit, you get a 100% bonus, but up to a maximum of $100. Bonuses decrease with 3rd and 4th deposits. On your 3rd deposit, BetRivers will give you a 100% bonus up to $50 and 100% on the 4th deposit up to $25.

To activate the bonus, you must use the bonus code 250MATCH. Then you will have 48 hours to complete the terms and wagering requirements before the promotion expires. Luckily, the bonus only comes with a x1 wagering requirement.

So if you deposit $150 on your first deposit $80 on your second deposit you will get a bonus of $150 and a bonus of $80. You only have to wager this amount once to convert your bonus money into cash.

download the BETRIVERS app >>

Betting options on the BetRivers app

Through the BetRivers app, you get quick access to all the popular sports and major sporting events under the sun.

You will find traditional betting markets for basketball, MLS, NHL and many other sports followed in the United States and abroad.

Overall, BetRiver offers traditional and live betting on over 20 sports including Tennis, UFC, Motorsports, Cycling, Formula 1, Handball, Cricket, Hockey, etc.

Sports betting events on the BetRivers Sports app

You will find favorable odds and various types of bets for virtually any sporting event that attracts a large enough audience.

Some of the markets BetRivers provides odds for include traditional money line bets, future bets, over/under (totals) and proposition (prop) bets.

Additionally, BetRivers offers special bets on NBA, college basketball, NHL, NASCAR and other upcoming major sports league events. In the “House Specials” category, you can bet on unique, sport-specific markets offered only at BetRivers. For example, you can bet if James Harden will finish over 2.5 3-pointers, or if the Lakers and Clippers will both cover +5.5.

On the other hand, for NASCAR and NHLF meetings, you can bet if Martin Truex Jr. will make the first three places or if Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby will score at least one goal.

Naturally, the markets are already open for all major world tournaments, such as the football (soccer) World Cup. Markets are also open days in advance for top and bottom European football leagues like Serie A and Serie B, Bundesliga, LaLiga 1 and LaLiga 2 etc.

How to start betting on sports through the BetRivers app

You can start placing bets through the BetRivers app immediately after making your first real money deposit. Once you have set up your account and BetRivers has processed your deposit, you can place a bet with just a few taps on your screen.

  1. Open the BetRivers app;
  2. Choose your favorite sport;
  3. Tap on a specific betting market for an upcoming event;
  4. Enter your bet size on your bet slip;
  5. Tap on “Place a bet”.

From there, there is only a short wait for BetRivers to process your winnings before they are credited, provided your bet wins.

Payment options available at BetRivers Sportsbook

On the BetRivers app, you can choose your electronic payment method when registering. Then you can choose to switch to another payment option through your profile or by contacting customer service.

To make a deposit, tap the “Deposit” button, choose a payment option and enter your deposit amount. Currently, there are eight deposit options available through which you can securely transfer money to your BetRivers account via the mobile app. The full list of payments is as follows:

  • PayPal;
  • Credit card debit card;
  • VIP Preferred ACH (automated clearing house);
  • Online banking (ACH);
  • Cash payments via PayNearMe;
  • Vanilla DirectPay;
  • BetRivers Play+ card;
  • Money @ Casino Cage.

If you don’t know how to use some of these methods, open the BetRivers “Help Center” and look for the “Deposits” section. If there is no current explanation for using your preferred method, contact customer support for assistance.

The minimum deposit at BetRiviers is $10, while the maximum depends on the option chosen.

Regarding withdrawals, BetRivers runs a proprietary withdrawal system called RushPay. According to BetRivers, the system processes 80% of all withdrawals instantly. If your withdrawal request is not immediately confirmed, it may take up to 24 hours, and in some cases longer, to be processed.

michigan betrivers app

Key Features of BetRvivers Sportsbook App

The BetRivers sports betting app has several features that give sports betting extra appeal. Some of the features included in the app are also available on the BetRivers desktop and mobile browser version.

Live broadcast

Live streaming is an important part of online sports betting, but few online bookmakers have this feature.

With the BetRivers app, you can live stream the best basketball, football, hockey, tennis, volleyball and other sports matches and events.

Live betting

Like live streaming, live betting is invaluable to all online bookmakers.

Simply tap on the “Live” button in the main sports menu of the app, and a page will open for all the current events in various sports that you can bet on in the game.

Rewards program

BetRivers iRush Rewards program is arguably the best feature of their app. It is available on multiple platforms on computer and mobile browser version.

Every real money wager you make at BetRivers will earn you bonus store points, which you can use as special currency to purchase rewards in the BetRivers bonus store.

You will simultaneously earn loyalty tier points to climb the 10-tier loyalty ladder, where each tier includes different perks. Some loyalty benefits include faster withdrawals, personal VIP manager, access to BetRivers promotional calendar, exclusive freebies, etc.

download the BETRIVERS app >>

BetRivers Sports app design and user experience

Overall, the BetRivers mobile app features a well-organized layout without major lags when visiting different sports pages or streaming live games.

However, it should be noted that some users have reported geolocation issues while using the app. Also, some found the app overloaded with options due to the fact that sports betting and the casino are both included in the same app.

The BetRivers “Bonus Store” also proved somewhat difficult to navigate on mobile.

Final Thoughts on BetRivets Mobile Sports Betting

The BetRivers sports betting mobile app is worth downloading. Its small size is disproportionate to all the gaming options included in such a small package. With various sports markets available, it is easy for all bettors to test their predictions and make money from them.

That said, BetRivers should definitely consider improving some aspects, such as removing unnecessary options to make the app more navigable (like a separate BetRivers casino app). Some customers have also complained of prolonged withdrawals, up to two weeks.

Note that BetRivers actively monitors all user feedback and forwards negatives to their developer team to improve their services.

Government seeks payment processor – The Royal Gazette

By Sports events

Updated: April 12, 2022 05:07

Bermuda residents may soon be able to pay government fees online with cryptocurrency.

A government RFQ, posted on, said it was looking to modify the open-source code of the Gov.Uk Pay payment gateway for local use on the site.

He added: “The goal is to provide the public with a consistent and uniform experience when paying online.

“The Bermuda Purposes Code Amendment will provide the government with the necessary functionality to:

• Process an online payment: allow customers to enter their credit card details and complete a transaction

• Retrieve Payment Details: Verify the payment by retrieving the status and all relevant payment information.

• Refund Processed Payments — Refund functionality can be implemented to return funds to the customer’s account; and

• Settle Payments — Settle pre-authorized payments so that funds are withdrawn from the customer’s account once a condition is met.

The government said the open source code currently integrates with Worldpay, Stripe, Smartpay and ePDQ.

He added that he would “also be looking to modify the code to integrate First Atlantic Commerce and allow .net payment gateways, accept cryptocurrency and connect to JD Edwards Enterprise One with the provision of an API for the module. JD Edwards Enterprise One Orchestrator”.

The deadline for submission is 5 p.m. next Monday.

Full details can be found at under “Government Contracts”.

A government request for quotation said the aim was to provide the public with a consistent and uniform experience when paying online.

Sports News Roundup: Sidney Crosby’s OT heroism breaks Penguins skid; Golf-Major victory cements Scheffler as the best player in the world and more

By Sports games

Here is a summary of current sports news briefs.

NBA roundup: Klay Thompson scores season-high 41 in Warriors win

Klay Thompson scored a season-high 41 points and led a 3-point shooting barrage as the visiting Golden State Warriors beat the New Orleans Pelicans 128-107 in the regular season finale for both teams Sunday night. Thompson, playing in just his 32nd game after returning from Achilles surgery, scored over 30 points for the fourth time in his last six games and surpassed his previous record of 38 points. He made 7 of 14 3-pointers as the Warriors (53-29) made 19 of 33 from beyond the arc.

NHL roundup: Sidney Crosby’s OT heroics end Penguins skid

Sidney Crosby scored 2:21 into overtime Sunday for his 1,400th career point as the Pittsburgh Penguins snapped a four-game losing streak with a 3-2 win over the Nashville Predators. Crosby, playing his 1,100th game, tipped a pass from Rickard Rakell inside the left post. It was Crosby’s third point of the game, with an earlier goal and an assist.

Golf-Major victory cements Scheffler as the best player in the world

Scottie Scheffler held steady and picked up a three-stroke victory at the Masters on Sunday to win the coveted “green jacket” and cement his status as the best golfer in the world. From his first PGA Tour win at the Phoenix Open just two months ago to his first major title at Augusta National, Schleffer’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric.

Italy seizes properties belonging to Russian racer Mazepin – law enforcement sources

Italy has seized properties worth around 105 million euros ($114.45 million) belonging to former Russian Formula One driver Nikita Dmitrievich Mazepin and his oligarch father, the newspaper said on Monday. Reuters two police sources. The operation targeted a villa – known as Rocky Ram – located in the north of the island of Sardinia. It is part of wider efforts to penalize wealthy Russians linked to President Vladimir Putin after Moscow invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Motor racing title defense is already a big task, says Verstappen

Max Verstappen says two things need to happen for him to have a chance of successfully defending his Formula 1 title and Red Bull is not succeeding either at the moment. The 24-year-old Dutchman has delivered his verdict after suffering a second retirement in three races on Sunday, with the Australian Grand Prix leaving him a whopping 46 points behind dominant Ferrari winner Charles Leclerc.

Football-UEFA orders partial closure of Atletico stadium for Man City clash

UEFA on Monday ordered the partial closure of Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium for their Champions League quarter-final second leg against Manchester City on Wednesday due to “discriminatory behaviour” by its fans. Kevin De Bruyne’s 70th-minute goal earned City a 1-0 home win in the first leg last Tuesday, after which the Spanish side were charged with fan offenses including throwing objects .

MLB roundup: Hunter Greene shines on Reds debut

Hunter Greene was strong in his major league debut on Sunday, and teammate Tyler Stephenson homered in his hometown as the visiting Cincinnati Reds beat the Atlanta Braves 6-3 to win a game of their four-game weekend series. One of baseball’s most heralded pitching prospects, Greene has exceeded 100 mph on 20 of his 92 pitches in five innings.

Grand National, Man City-Liverpool clash covers busy weekend for sports betting

UK bookmakers had one of their busiest times this weekend with punters around the world betting on major sporting events as the Grand National, Masters and Premier League clash between title hunters Manchester City and Liverpool. 888, a pure online sportsbook player, said the National, which welcomed fans for the first time in three years on Saturday, was its biggest ever horseracing event, with “customers placing bets from all over the world “, helping the bookmaker attract a record number of new customers.

Tennis-Returning Wawrinka knocked out by Bublik in Monte Carlo opener

Stan Wawrinka marked his return to Tour-level competition for the first time in 13 months by showing glimpses of his old form, but the Swiss failed to pass Alexander Bublik in the first round of the Monte Carlo Masters, losing 3-6 7-5 6 -2 on Monday. The three-time Grand Slam champion suffered a foot injury at the start of 2021 and had surgery in March last year before another operation three months later, only returning to action at a Challenger tournament Tour to Marbella last month.

Motor racing – A teenage Russian karter investigated by the FIA ​​for a salute on the podium

A 15-year-old Russian go-karter is being investigated by motor racing’s world governing body after giving an apparent fascist-style salute on the podium at a race in Portugal last weekend . The International Automobile Federation (FIA) said in a statement on Monday that it had launched an immediate investigation into Artem Severiukhin’s “unacceptable conduct”.

(With agency contributions.)

Batt:RE will be RCB’s official EV partner for IPL

By Sports games

Electric two-wheeler maker Batt:RE has teamed up with Royal Challengers Bangalore as the latter’s official EV partner for the ongoing 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), according to a statement on Monday. The partnership will include the distribution of signed team merchandise and memorabilia, as well as jerseys and sticks. Additionally, it will also feature the Batt:RE logo on all sponsor boards, the official RCB website as well as the cricket team’s bus and car, according to a statement. “Our vision is to foster brand relationships while building a relationship with their fans by delivering the message of a greener future. Through this strategic partnership, we hope to broaden our horizons to a wider and discerning audience, who share our passion for cleaner mobility,” said Batt:RE Founder and Director Nishchal Chaudhary. “We are thrilled to partner with Batt:RE in their efforts RCB has always been an environmentally and sustainability conscious brand and is proud to partner with brands that share the same philosophy,” said the Vice President. and head of Royal Challengers Bangalore Rajesh Menon.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Major sporting events are back in Singapore, bringing business to SMEs as the country reports 2,568 new Covid-19 cases

By Sports events

SINGAPORE, April 11 (The Straits Times/ANN): The return of major sporting events to Singapore this year could see the recovery of the events ecosystem occur sooner than expected.

Millions will be spent to organize such events, generate business, create jobs and boost the economy.

The two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic had seen many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) battered.

But big events such as the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens being held this weekend, as well as upcoming events such as the 2022 OCBC Cycle and the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, could boost the economy through the creation of new jobs in all sectors.

Rostam Umar, head of strategy group at Sport Singapore, said more than 15 major sporting events were scheduled for 2022, up from four in 2021.

Paul Kent, partner at KPMG in Singapore, said that in addition to the staff needed for these events, other secondary industries such as security, logistics and marketing are also benefiting from increased demand for their services.

The OCBC Cycle event in 2019. Next month’s OCBC Cycle event marks the return of in-person rides after a two-year hiatus. – Time of the Straits

More than 300 people and 40 companies, from industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to automotive and technology, are involved in next month’s OCBC round in different roles such as sponsors, contractors and suppliers.

Koh Ching Ching, group brand and communications manager at OCBC Bank, said the bank has invested millions of dollars in OCBC Cycle over the past 13 years.

“A mass event like this spurs the growth of related businesses like personal bikes and peripherals because it brings people together to pursue a fun group activity.”

Selena Ling, chief economist and head of research and cash strategy at OCBC, said sporting events can add dynamism and buzz to the entire hospitality and entertainment industry, which could in turn attract more visitors to Singapore.

“They will go hand-in-hand with the acceleration of the recovery of sectors related to aviation and tourism,” she added.

The return of mass sporting events comes as the government set aside $500 million to revive the tourism sector, following the reopening of Singapore’s borders to all fully vaccinated travellers.

Kent said Singapore will need to quickly restore confidence in its economic stability and also reclaim its position as a regional hub by increasing the country’s visibility as a viable venue for large-scale international events.

The cancellation of many live events since 2020 to curb the spread of Covid-19 had also forced event operators out of work.

Kurt Wee, president of the Association of Small and Medium Businesses, noted how many businesses had to take out temporary bridging loans to get through the crisis.

“We certainly hope that as more events are rolled out, there will be sustained growth in demand, so businesses can begin to benefit from the return of operations and sustained production capacity.” , did he declare.

The HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens saw 91% of its tickets sold. About 22,000 spectators attended the event this weekend.

More than 90% of suppliers and partners who worked on the event were local SMEs, organizer Singapore Rugby Sevens said.

This year's F1 Singapore Grand Prix will take place on October 2, 2022. - The Straits TimesThis year’s F1 Singapore Grand Prix will take place on October 2, 2022. – The Straits Times

Mark Tan, director of event logistics company TKH Deco, said the upcoming OCBC cycle will be the first major sporting event his company handles this year. This will bring about $200,000 in revenue.

“My company has had no revenue from live events for almost two years. Fortunately, we have managed to get business by providing barricades to workers’ dormitories,” said Mr. Tan, whose workforce has grown from 60 to 40 due to the pandemic.

“I will bid for the Formula 1 race. Hopefully I can reach 50% of my income before the pandemic.”

Daryl Tan, senior manager of cycle organizer OCBC Pich Event Management, is grateful that in-person rides are resuming this year after a two-year hiatus, but with a cap of 2,000 attendees.

He called it a small step towards the recovery of the sporting events ecosystem, as in-person events create many opportunities for businesses.

Infinitus Productions, which staged around 15 mass sporting events in 2019, has five races in the works for 2022.

The company’s chief executive, Mr. Jeffrey Foo, expects this year’s revenue to reach around $4-5 million, or about 40% of its revenue in 2019.

“A lot of businesses have suffered from the lack of events. I had to take out a bridging loan to weather the storm. If events don’t come back this year, I would have to close up shop,” said Mr Foo, whose l The company had previously organized races such as The Straits Times Run, Sundown Marathon and Great Eastern Women’s Run.

“Fortunately, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Singapore reported 2,568 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 on Monday, bringing the total to 1,140,569.

Among the new cases, 388 cases were detected by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests and 2,180 by ART (rapid antigen test) tests, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Health.

Of the PCR cases, 373 were local transmissions and 15 were imported cases. Of the ART cases with mild symptoms and assessed as low risk, 2,119 were local transmissions and 61 imported cases, respectively.

A total of 339 cases are currently hospitalized, including 18 cases in intensive care units.

Two more patients died of complications from the Covid-19 infection, bringing the death toll to 1,303, the ministry said. – The Straits Times/ANN

Cricket-Ashwin’s ‘retreat’ tactic could catch on

By Sports games

Ravichandran Ashwin became the first player to be ‘retired’ in an Indian Premier League (IPL) on Sunday, making way for a more attacking hitter to speed up the scoring, and pundits predict more teams will adopt the tactic.

Promoted to number six in the Rajasthan Royals order, Ashwin hit 28 out of 23 before intentionally leaving in 19th, much to the astonishment of rival Lucknow Super Giants players. Riyan Parag came on at bat and wasted little time, hitting eight on four, including a six, as Rajasthan won the game by three runs.

“It was the right time to do it,” head coach Kumar Sangakkara told reporters after Rajasthan recorded their third win in four matches to top the points table. “Ashwin himself was also asking on the pitch, and we had discussed that just before, about what we were going to do.

“I thought the way Ashwin handled that situation, walking under pressure, the way he punched in support of the team and then ultimately sacrificed himself in terms of a takedown, was just magnificent.” Sonam Tongbay of Bhutan is the only batsman to be ‘retired’ in an international match, facing Maldives at the 2019 South Asian Games.

Fans on social media found it fitting that Ashwin was involved in the scheme. The 35-year-old off-spinner has taken leg breaks in National cricket to fool batsmen and has even been known to try to put out non-strikers if they back up too far.

West Indies versatile player Carlos Brathwaite is among those who believe more teams could use the Twenty20 cricket tactic. “I think it was brave from Rajasthan,” Brathwaite told the ESPNcricinfo website.

“I think in the future it’s something that we’ll probably see a lot more of… It’s something that will be part of the game.”

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Xbox Game Pass turns mediocre sports games into comfort food

By Sports games

Most modern sports game franchises have settled into mediocrity. Companies like EA and 2K have found a lucrative formula for franchises like FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K, so they rarely have to reimagine what those series look like despite the frustrations of some hardcore fans. Sony San Diego’s MLB The Show series has been slowly falling into a sports gaming slump in recent years.

Whereas MLB The Show 22 features new modes, updates to existing ones, and a new commentary team, the gameplay itself doesn’t seem like a big improvement over MLB The Show 21. Despite that, I’m having a good time with it, thanks to Xbox Game Pass. Mediocre sports games are somewhat insane and enjoyable comfort games for many gamers like me. Playing them through Xbox Game Pass ensures that I don’t feel embarrassed spending a lot of money on a game super similar to a title released 12 months ago.

As long as the series remains on Xbox Game Pass, I doubt I’ll play MLB The Show on PlayStation again. That said, I’ll probably continue to play each new episode every year due to the niche it occupies on Microsoft’s subscription service.

If it ain’t broke

Only a few minor tweaks make a bit of sense because MLB The Show 22 just launched on more platforms than ever. Historically, it was a PlayStation console-exclusive series; next to a 2019 agreement with MLBSony San Diego baseball titles have arrived on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and now on Nintendo Switch. When you’re focused on growing your audience and need to build a game in less than a year, it makes sense not to introduce drastic changes to the core gameplay mechanics and just tweak and add to what already exists.

Certainly, MLB The Show 22′s gameplay is also just in a very good place. Throw, stick, and pitch all have a lot of depth and different control schemes, even though those mechanics are the same as last year.

MLB The Show 21 is what brought me back to this franchise, after all. When I returned to this series after being on hiatus for several years, I found MLB The Show games to be perfect titles for me to play for relaxation. It allows me to practice one of my favorite sports without thinking too much about the game; Plus, I can actively live and play the fantasy of the White Sox winning another World Series in my favorite modes like March to October and Franchise.

Although I have a huge backlog, I often turn to sports games like MLB The Show when I’m bored and don’t know what to play. There’s definitely some value to a game like this, especially on a subscription service.

Game Pass perfection

Like last year’s headline, MLB The Show 22 is on Xbox Game Pass, and he claims that sports games are more appealing to me when included in a subscription service. Typically, MLB The Show 22 costs $70 on current-gen consoles. I wouldn’t feel comfortable paying that much for an annualized sports game with incremental upgrades, but I’m more than willing to have a good time with it. MLB the show 22 if it’s offered as part of something I subscribe to. It’s a testament to Xbox Game Pass’s ability to get me to play games that I couldn’t normally try, even those developed by its biggest competitor.

Although I won’t buy any, Xbox Game Pass MLB The Show 22 players can still purchase microtransactions. They also have access to cross-progression if they purchase the game on another platform. Overall, this setup seems like a win-win situation for gamers and Sony, especially for a game that would otherwise be underwhelming. I now fully understand why MLB pushed Game Pass deal to PlayStation: Sports games are a great fit for game subscription services. Many gamers like me would love to sit back, relax, and play their favorite sport, but most sports games aren’t worth the full price tag.

MLB The Show 22 isn’t the only game to benefit from Xbox Game Pass; there are plenty of sports games on duty, especially if someone has EA Play through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Of course, there’s always a fear that game subscriptions will make developers care more about quantity than quality. MLB The Show 22The situation is an example of why there is long-term concern.

For now though, there are still plenty of critically acclaimed games on Xbox Game Pass that I’ve tried on top of that guilty pleasure. But if I’m ever bored or stressed and want to play a game to pass the time, MLB The Show 22 will be the first game I start.

Editors’ Recommendations

Which MLB teams can you stream on the Bally Sports app? – The Broadcast

By Sports app

If you want to stream your favorite MLB, NHL or NBA team with the Bally Sports app, you can do so on your phone, tablet or connected TV device like Roku, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV. But is it available for all your favorite teams?

Whenever a DTC subscription is available, the earliest MLB fans might care is the summer of 2022, when Sinclair finally has the rights to stream select MLB team games without a streaming service. partner or cable provider. For now, this is limited to five MLB teams.

Which MLB teams can Bally stream DTC?

Starting Summer 2022, you’ll be able to stream the following teams in the Bally Sports app, without a cable or satellite subscription. Although the price has not been set, it will probably cost upwards of $20/month.

How can you stream games in the Bally Sports app now?

If you’re using your cable, satellite, or DIRECTV STREAM streaming subscription, you can use your TV Everywhere credentials to access the Bally Sports app. Every team available on your local Bally Sports RSN will also be available in the Bally Sports app.

DIRECTV STREAM is the only live TV streaming service that offers regional sports networks Bally Sports, YES Network and Marquee Sports Network.

To get your local RSN, you’ll need to sign up for their $89.99 DIRECTV STREAM plan of choice, which offers a 5-day free trial. Along with your local RSN Bally Sports, you’ll get all of the top 35 cable channels, plus MLB Network and NBA TV. If you upgrade to their $104.99 DIRECTV STREAM Premier plan, you’ll also get NHL Network.

For a limited time, you’ll also get HBO Max and other premium channels included for three months. You’ll get unlimited simultaneous streams and they now include unlimited DVR at no additional cost.

For those in other markets, they also offer MASN, MSG, Spectrum SportsNet LA, Altitude, AT&T SportsNet Southwest, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain, and ROOT Sports Northwest.

Which RSN Bally Sports offer local sports teams?

Bally Sports Regional Sports Networks carries local television programming from 14 MLB teams, 17 NBA teams and 13 NHL teams.

Which streaming services offer Bally Sports RSN and other regional sports networks?

The Masters: Watch the iconic Amen Corner on the Sky Sports app, YouTube, and the Red Button | Golf News

By Sports app

Watch the world’s best golfers take on Amen Corner at Augusta National with our free live stream; other additional streams on the red button, including featured groups; watch The Masters live all week on Sky Sports Golf as Tiger Woods returns and Hideki Matsuyma looks to defend his title

Last update: 22/04/07 23:33

Please use Chrome browser for more accessible video player

Watch a live stream of Amen Corner here from Thursday afternoon

Watch a live stream of Amen Corner here from Thursday afternoon

Amen Corner, one of golf’s most recognizable stretches, can make or break a game at the Masters.

Pass the 11, 12 and 13 holes of Augusta National unscathed and you could be well placed, but come a crop and you can quickly slip down the leaderboard.

Jordan Spieth found that out the hard way in 2016 when he suffered a quadruple bogey on the par-three 12th hole, with his two-stroke lead and hopes of a second successive title subsequently evaporating.

You can watch Amen Corner for free on the Sky Sports website and app and on the Sky Sports Golf YouTube channel from 3.45pm on Thursday afternoon. Coverage is also available on Sky Sports Golf (Sky channel 405) via the red button.

There are also a number of additional streams available on the red button, including from the range and holes four, five and six, while you can also follow featured bands.

Ahead of The Masters, we take a look at some of Augusta's best shots, including legendary moments from Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and more!

Please use Chrome browser for more accessible video player

Ahead of The Masters, we take a look at some of Augusta’s best shots, including legendary moments from Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and more!

Ahead of The Masters, we take a look at some of Augusta’s best shots, including legendary moments from Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson and more!

Hole 11, a par four called White Dogwood, was extended 15 yards this year. The green is guarded by a pond to the left and a strategically positioned bunker to the center right.

Then players move on to the 12th hole, Golden Bell, the shortest par three on this famous course. Perils often include swirling winds and always include Rae’s Creek and three bunkers.

Jamie Redknapp and Dame Laura Davies took the famous 12th hole at Augusta National ahead of the Masters

Please use Chrome browser for more accessible video player

Jamie Redknapp and Dame Laura Davies took the famous 12th hole at Augusta National ahead of the Masters

Jamie Redknapp and Dame Laura Davies took the famous 12th hole at Augusta National ahead of the Masters

Amen Corner ends on the 13th, a 510-yard par five with a wide dogleg. It is called Azalea with around 1,600 azaleas decorating the hole from tee to green.

Players have a chance of finding an elevated green in two if they hit an accurate tee shot down the fairway, but four bunkers behind the putting surface can get in the way of golfers missing their target from that point.

The Masters marks the start of the 2022 men’s major schedule, with all four rounds exclusively live on Sky Sports Golf and a host of additional streams and coverage available via the red button.

Watch The Masters throughout the week exclusively live on Sky Sports. Live coverage begins Thursday from 2pm on Sky Sports Golf, with additional streams and bonus action during all four rounds available via the red button.

Get the best prices and book a round on any of 1,700 courses in the UK and Ireland

How much does the Bally Sports app cost? – The Broadcast

By Sports app

Bally Sports app allows you to stream live games broadcast on Bally Sports RSNs like Bally Sports Detroit, Bally Sports West and Bally Sports North. Right now though, there’s no way to sign up and subscribe to the app unless you have a cable, satellite, or streaming plan like DIRECTV STREAM.

For these customers, you will be able to use your TV Everywhere credentials to unlock the app and stream your favorite team’s games for free on your local Bally Sports RSN. It will work on your streaming player like Apple TV, Fire TV and Roku – or on your mobile device.

What if you don’t have that?

While they’re expected to launch a direct-to-consumer streaming service that will initially support five MLB teams (Royals, Tigers, Marlins, Rays and Brewers) – it won’t launch until this summer. Although they haven’t announced pricing yet, they have indicated that it will cost upwards of $20/month to subscribe.

So how can you stream games in the Bally Sports app now?

DIRECTV STREAM is the only live TV streaming service that offers regional sports networks Bally Sports, YES Network and Marquee Sports Network.

To get your local RSN, you’ll need to sign up for their $89.99 DIRECTV STREAM plan of choice, which offers a 5-day free trial. Along with your local RSN Bally Sports, you’ll get all of the top 35 cable channels, plus MLB Network and NBA TV. If you upgrade to their $104.99 DIRECTV STREAM Premier plan, you’ll also get NHL Network.

For a limited time, you’ll also get HBO Max and other premium channels included for three months. You’ll get unlimited simultaneous streams and they now include unlimited DVR at no extra cost.

For those in other markets, they also offer MASN, MSG, Spectrum SportsNet LA, Altitude, AT&T SportsNet Southwest, AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain, and ROOT Sports Northwest.

Boris Johnson says ‘biological men’ shouldn’t compete in women’s sporting events

By Sports events

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he does not believe transgender women should compete in women’s sporting events, a view he called “sensible” but possibly “controversial”.

Transgender athletes competing in the sport have been in the news lately after transgender cyclist Emily Bridges was declared ineligible to compete in her first elite women’s race by cycling’s world governing body. Issues cited around the issue in general were inclusion, sporting fairness and safety.

Johnson was speaking on a range of issues, including the UK government’s approach to banning so-called conversion therapy, before tell Sky News“I don’t think biological men should compete in women’s sporting events. It might be a controversial thing to say, but it just makes sense to me.

“I also happen to think that women should have spaces – whether in hospitals, prisons or changing rooms – that are dedicated to them. That’s all my thinking has developed on this issue.

“If it puts me in conflict with others then we have to work it out. That’s not to say I’m not extremely sympathetic to people who want to change gender, transition and it’s vital that we give people maximum love and support in making these decisions.These are complex issues and cannot be solved with quick and easy legislation alone.It takes a lot of thought to get it right.

The most recent IOC guidelines – updated in November 2021 after the Tokyo Olympics – said it should not be assumed that a transgender athlete automatically had an unfair advantage in women’s events.

He recommended that individual sports under the Olympic umbrella – such as track and field, weightlifting, gymnastics and swimming – set their own rules regarding transgender athletes.

World Rugby has banned trans women from playing at elite level, while the domestic policy of the Rugby Football Union in England allows trans women to play, under certain testosterone-based conditions.

How Bidders for Major Sporting Events Should Approach ESG Criteria

By Sports events

Wednesday, April 06, 2022 By Matt Evans , Gino Murugesan

At the launch of the ‘We Love 2023 Tour’ in Paris, Rugby World Cup France 2023 CEO Claude Atcher declared:

France 2023 has adopted a vision: to have a positive impact for rugby, the planet and France by offering a responsible event that meets the challenges of today and tomorrow. The 2023 Rugby World Cup will be more than a sporting event. He will leave a legacy.” (emphasis added)

His bold statement sums up an ever-growing trend in major sporting events (MPE): What positive impact will an MSE have and leave in the host city, country or world? Although heritage and sustainability considerations are nothing new, in recent years there has been a refocusing of the concept around the new trend of ‘ESG‘ – namely environmental, social and governance issues. The MSE organization touches on a plethora of ESG issues, including gender/diversity inclusion, human rights, environmental impact and urban redevelopment.

This article examines the various ways in which these issues are addressed through the implementation of explicit and implicit ESG requirements that have been included in MSE tendering processes. More specifically, it examines:

  1. What are the ESG criteria;
  2. The nature and scope of ESG criteria within the current bid requirements for the Olympic Games and the Football and Rugby World Cups; and
  3. Whether there was significant compliance with the criteria.

Answering these questions will help us understand the changing legacy and sustainability requirements for MSEs; current requirements for any country wishing to host an MSE; and whether the requirements have a lasting impact on ESG issues in the host country.

Keep reading this article…

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Written by

Matt Evans

Matt Evans

Matt Evans is a Partner in the Litigation, Litigation and Arbitration Department at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP. Matt advises major contractors, utilities and corporations, specializing in construction and engineering, nuclear, utilities, energy and oil and gas. Matt advises on all forms of dispute resolution, including litigation and arbitration. Matt also advises clients on non-contentious matters and has experience in structuring and negotiating construction and development documents.

Gino Murugesan

Gino Murugesan

Gino Murugesan is a trainee solicitor at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP.

Cebu City ready to host national sporting events again

By Sports events

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, sports leaders in Cebu City say the city is now ready to host major local and national tournaments, including the Palarong Pambansa football event. (CDN PHOTO/TONEE DESPOJO)

CEBU CITY, Philippines – Cebu City is now ready to host local and national sporting events, Cebu sports stakeholders said during the city hall interactive discussion titled “Panaghisgot” on Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

The forum featured Cebu City Vice Mayor Dondon Hontiveros, former Cebu City Sports Commission (CCSC) and now Board Member Edward Hayco, Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC) Director Jesse Taborada, Central Visayas Football Association (CVFA) Board Member Jose Guy. Ceniza and multi-title football coach Glen Ramos.

During the forum, the guests revealed many sporting events planned in Cebu City for the rest of the year after announcing on February 25, 2022 that the city had authorized the organization of all forms of sports at all levels with a set of guidelines.

One of them is the Palarong Pambansa Football Tournament at CCSC scheduled for April 25-27, 2022 with many school teams across the country.

The teams will compete in a bubble set up as a Department of Education (DepEd) ‘dry trial’ before going full-throttle on the Palarong Pambansa next year.

Additionally, the CVFA will host the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) U-19 Champions Regional Elimination in June at the same venue.

“We hope it will go from April 25 to 27. Bubble ni siya, it was planned man gyud when the pandemic started, bisan pa karon with the easing of restrictions, we decided to go through, all the contingencies naay surge, dili na maapektuhan, ug mahadlok mabalik ta ato, makapadayon ra gihapon,” Ceniza said.

On the other hand, Hontiveros revealed many upcoming sporting events in Cebu this year.

First, he said Cebu City plans to hold an inter-barangay basketball and volleyball tournament, tentatively set after the election.

“From the sports budget, part was devoted to the city’s recovery program during the Typhoon Odette pandemic. We work with the resources we have. Naa ta inter-barangay, basketball, volleyball, we set guidelines, dili pa namo ma supply all bata-bata nga players,” Hontiveros said.

Second, he mentioned a major tennis tournament featuring players and teams from Cebu City and Bacolod with further details to be announced soon.

“Cebu has four teams, two Bacolod teams, hopefully after the end of April, sud pa man sa atong budget, ug wala nay election ban, we can give na prizes. Also, the Bohol Spartan Race held recently should be brought here to Cebu,” Hontiveros added.

Meanwhile, Hayco told the forum that CCSC has been busy during the onset of the pandemic with its virtual training program and tournaments.

He revealed that they had made sure the CCSC maintained their grassroots sports program as a way to help the mental health of young people in Cebu City.

“In fact, even during the pandemic, wala jud nato gihunong atong programa, we made sure all the kids stayed online, we had online training, online competition. Bisag dili siya as effective as face to face, at least ang bata ug mga ginikanan, kept them sane during the pandemic,” Hayco said.

Hayco recently held the very successful 14th Danceport sa Sugbo, a national face-to-face dancesport competition held in Cebu City which attracted over 400 participants.

In addition to revealing the initial lineup of sporting events taking place in Cebu City in the coming weeks and months, the CCSC, under its new Chairman John Pages, is currently in the process of realigning its schedule and accepting recording of upcoming sporting events. /rcg


The CCSC continues its core program via a virtual platform

Hayco to set up weight room in Ando barangay

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson rejects transgender women in women’s sporting events

By Sports events

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that people born male should not compete in women’s sporting events, after a transgender cyclist was barred from a women’s race.

The debate in Britain over transgender rights has grown increasingly acrimonious, and other members of Johnson’s government have said it should be up to sporting bodies to decide who can compete.

But with splits emerging in both the Conservative and opposition Labor parties, ahead of local elections on May 5, Johnson went further, wading into the gender front of Britain’s so-called “culture wars”.

“I don’t think biological men should compete in women’s sporting events. And that might be a controversial thing to say, but it just makes sense to me,” he told reporters.

“And I also think women should have spaces that are — whether in hospitals, prisons, locker rooms, or wherever — that are dedicated to women,” Johnson added.

His intervention came after the government was forced into an embarrassing U-turn last week, hours after a report said it planned to drop legislation banning ‘gay conversion therapy’.

Following protests from Tory MPs who support a ban, Johnson’s government has said it will press ahead with the legislation – but exclude ‘transgender therapy’, to allow counseling for teenagers seeking a gender change.

The about-face came a day after Tory MP Jamie Wallis became the first UK lawmaker to openly say he was transgender, prompting messages of support from colleagues including Johnson.

The Prime Minister said he was ‘tremendously sympathetic to people who want to change their sex’.

“We will have a ban on gay conversion therapy, which to me is absolutely abhorrent,” he pointed out.

“But there are complexities and sensitivities when you move from the realm of sexuality to gender, and there I’m afraid there are things that I think still need to be worked out.”

Last weekend, transgender cyclist Emily Bridges was ruled out of a women’s race in England after the UCI, the sport’s world governing body, ruled she was ineligible.

The 21-year-old said she felt “harassed and demonized” after the UCI’s decision, which overturned the license given to Bridges by British Cycling, the sport’s main governing body in the UK.

The initial decision to allow Bridges to run had caused major controversy, with threats of a boycott from other runners if she was allowed to compete.

Critics say trans athletes have an unfair advantage even when testosterone levels have been lowered due to the impact of male puberty on the body.

The government’s decision to exclude conversion therapy for transgender people from the upcoming bill prompted its LGBT+ trade envoy Iain Anderson to resign on Tuesday.

It also led to more than 100 charities and groups pulling out of the government’s first international LGBT+ conference, which was due to take place in June, forcing the cancellation of the event.

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On Deck: Upcoming Sporting Events at Central Oregon High Schools | Sports

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Baseball-Five storylines to follow during the 2022 MLB season

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Five storylines to follow as the 2022 Major League Baseball season kicks off with Opening Day Thursday. 1 – Lockout ends, but can the sport grow its fanbase?

MLB’s 2022 season appeared in jeopardy when owners locked out players in early December amid disagreements over the terms of a new five-year labor agreement. The parties finally reached an agreement and the lockout ended last month without any games being called off, providing relief to those who feared a prolonged work stoppage would alienate fans.

Instead, fans seem eager to get back to the ballpark. On the day the season start date was finalized, online ticket retailer StubHub said it saw ticket sales jump 235%. While this is good news in the short term, baseball has yet to find answers to counter its declining TV viewership and aging fan base.

To do so, he will need to attract the next generation of fans by spotlighting emerging talents like Ronald Acuna Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr. and Juan Soto and playing on team rivalries in the crowded North American sports market. . 2 – Can the Braves repeat as champions? The Atlanta Braves were the surprise winners of last year’s World Series, winning the best-of-seven series 4-2 over the Houston Astros despite winning just 88 games in the regular season.

The club lost slugger Freddie Freeman to the Dodgers in the offseason but still have plenty of pop in a roster that includes Acuna, who will look to return in May from a torn right ACL, as well as Marcell Ozuna, Eddie Rosario and Adam Duvall. The pitching team that includes Max Fried, Charlie Morton and Ian Anderson received a boost with the addition of closer Kenley Jansen last month.

This Braves team has no obvious holes and all the pieces they need to win the NL East and more. 3 – Back-to-back Ohtani MVPs? Los Angeles Angels two-way star Ohtani had one of the most impressive seasons in baseball history last year as a hitter and pitcher and was later named the unanimous winner of the AL MVP award 2021.

He earned comparisons to Hall of Famer Babe Ruth as he went 9-2 on the mound while hitting 46 homers. He graced the cover of Sony’s “MLB The Show 22” video game. There’s no reason to think he won’t be able to do it again – provided the 27-year-old Japanese can stay healthy.

Ohtani hit his third spring training home run on Sunday and will be the opening day starter for the first time in his MLB career on Thursday against the Astros. The rulebook has even been changed to reflect his unique talents.

On the days he pitches, he will also be listed as a designated hitter, meaning he can stay in the game to bat even after finishing on the mound in what has been dubbed the “Shohei Ohtani Rule”. All signs point to Ohtani making even more history this season. 4 – Big names in new teams

Some of the biggest names in the game will be donning new uniforms this season and it will be fascinating to see how they fit into their new surroundings and when they face their old teams. Three-time Cy Young Award winner Max Scherzer has signed a three-year, $130 million contract with the Mets and the right-hander could face his former team, the Washington Nationals, on Opening Day.

Shortstop Corey Seager signed a massive $325 million 10-year deal with the Texas Rangers that saw him leave the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he won the 2020 World Series MVP award. Seager will be a stalwart for Rangers alongside Marcus Semien, who signed a seven-year, $175 million deal in December to join Rangers.

Former Brave Freeman will wear Dodger blue and join a team most consider the favorites to win the title, while rival San Francisco Giants have added former Dodger and Brave Joc Pederson to their roster. 5 – Players return from injury Nine-time MLB All-Star Mike Trout, who is already considered by many to be one of the greatest players of all time, is set to return for the Angels after having missed most of last season with a torn calf muscle.

If he’s fully healthy, the underperforming Angels team could have a real chance in the AL West, where they’ll be looking to make the playoffs for the first time since 2014. The Houston Astros and tough –starting right-hander Justin Verlander, who missed all of last season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

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Fantasy Sports Howzat App Internal Ads Go Out Of The Park

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Although Howzat is endorsed by big cricket stars like Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh and Irfan Pathanot, the ads don’t talk about the stars but weave stories that highlight users’ concerns. Rather than talking about which cricketer practiced late at night or who comes from a modest family background, Howzat advertisements emphatically talk about what the Howzat app actually offers, such as free games on membership, bonuses, the ease of withdrawing winnings and new features such as only playing the second round.

“The ads show how different we are from other fantasy apps,” said Bharat Bhatia, Vice President of Marketing at Junglee Games. “We think it’s very important that ads are relevant to the user and address their pain points and needs. As a fantastic platform with a difference, we know what users are looking for in a fantastic app and we have highlighted how we provide just that. This T20 season, we want users to be able to make an informed choice to have a better fantasy cricket experience.”

The tongue-in-cheek ads are parodies of some hugely popular Indian films and confront competitors head-on. They are targeted at india 13 crores fantasy sports players, the vast majority of whom are cricket fans.

Without emphasizing the themes of national integration, these advertisements featuring Yuvraj SinghIrfan Pathan and Harbhajan Singh let us also remember that the fantastic game, just like the game of cricket, is a pan-India passion. Interest in fantasy games is not limited to one region. So it’s a stroke of genius to have characters that are relatable in every part of India. If Bhool Bhool Pandey, the cop who forgets to field his team in the contest before the deadline, represents india heart of the north, Pooch Pa is a typical South Indian character. Babu Rao, who is desperately trying to get his earnings by calling customer service with his old rotary phone, has a name reminiscent of western India.

These ads work so well because they got married india two great passions: cinema and cricket. And in doing so, they haven’t forgotten what matters most – the user and what the user expects most from a fantasy cricket app.

About Howzat

Howzat is a fantasy sports platform owned by india leading skill game company Junglee Games. It offers sports fans an exciting fantasy sports experience by combining sports, skills and cash prizes. Users can select their own virtual cricket, football and kabaddi teams on Howzat by selecting players from real teams playing matches in the real world and competing with other users for cash prizes. The platform is legally certified, secure and trusted by 16 million regular fantasy sports players worldwide India.



Putin the Russian pariah – The Royal Gazette

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Updated: April 05, 2022 08:25

Dear Sir,

Vladimir Putin is Adolf Hitler reincarnated. Hitler attempted to create a German empire throughout Europe during World War II. Putin wants to recreate a Russian empire in Europe from the invasion of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the democracies show tendencies of military distrust similar to those the Allies showed against Hitler’s initial invasions.

Land grabbing: Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was widely criticized by the international community (Photograph by Alexander Zemlianichenko)

Putin thought he would invade Ukraine, but he met fierce resistance from the Ukrainians. Increased NATO military preparedness, especially in Poland, and tough economic sanctions could dissuade Putin from his expansionist policy, but that won’t save Ukraine. NATO and the United States should have sent military forces to western Ukraine. For fear of Russia, the Biden administration hesitated to transfer Polish planes to Ukraine. We let Ukraine down, and that will embolden Putin.

The free world must continue to support Ukraine with military and economic assistance, and sanctions must be maintained against Russia until it leaves Ukraine. Thereafter, Russia should be subjected to trillions of dollars in war reparations starting with its seized assets; and Putin and his cronies should be charged with war crimes.

The United States must reassess its national security posture vis-à-vis Russia.

Russia’s position among the countries has been damaged beyond repair, and Putin and Russia are considered outcasts of the world and enemies of humanity.


Londonderry, New Hampshire

Chinese football clubs risk relegation and expulsion for unpaid wages

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The Chinese Football Association (CFA) has said clubs that fail to settle all outstanding wages by December 31 will be relegated or expelled, while those that fail to meet the deadlines within the year will face deduct points as part of its salary arrears management plan. . The CFA disqualified Liaoning FC in the 2020 season after the club failed to provide authorities with evidence that it had settled its debts and paid employee salaries.

Lower league clubs Guangdong South China Tigers, Sichuan Longfor and Shanghai Shenxin have also dissolved after failing to submit salary and bonus confirmation form before the 2020 season. Under the plan, clubs must pay at least 30 % of total arrears by July 31, not less than 70% by October 31 and all unpaid wages by December 31.

Clubs that repay less than 30% by July 31 will be banned from registering new players in the second transfer window of the 2022 season and will be deducted three points. Clubs that repay less than 70% of total arrears by October 31 will have six points deducted.

The plan was announced after the CFA and China’s professional football union summoned clubs from the top three divisions to hold an online meeting on Sunday. The 2022 season of the top-flight Chinese Super League will begin later this month.

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Football and Australian leagues sign agreement to tackle online abuse

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Australian Rules Football clubs will use artificial intelligence to tackle online abuse after A-Leagues and Australian professional footballers signed a partnership with backup platform GoBubble. As part of the initiative, all social media channels across the league, including those owned by individual players, will be protected from offensive language using GoBubble’s technology.

“Football has a unique power to connect people from all walks of life, and we want the A-Leagues to be the most welcoming and safest place at all levels – in our online communities and in real life. “said A-League CEO Danny. Townsend. “There is no place for online abuse in our game, and this decision is part of our duty of care to the players and our fans.

“GoBubble Community’s technology protects anyone who follows player, club and league accounts from harmful abuse and keeps our communities safe.” The automated system, which was launched last year and tested by A-League clubs in February, will use machine learning-based software to monitor social media accounts to identify and address abuse. in line.

Former Melbourne Victory player Josh Hope quit the sport in 2020 aged 22 due to anxiety caused by online abuse by fans.

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Bridging the cultural divide – The Royal Gazette

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Created: April 02, 2022 08:00

Reverend Gavin Tyte is a former professional beatboxer and rapper (Photograph courtesy of The Living Church

When I write the word “church”, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

I assume you are imagining a building or service (taking place inside a building). Well, those are expressions of church but not of church. If you have been reading my articles for a few weeks, you will know that the church is not something you go to, but a community of people held together by the love of God expressed through the person of Jesus Christ.

How the church speaks, well, that’s up for grabs. Churches express themselves in different ways, depending on the social and cultural context in which they were established and exist. The Anglican Church of Bermuda organized itself into parishes and erected buildings with pointed towers in which they could gather to offer worship to God. To fill the big spaces with big sound, they used huge PA systems – otherwise known as pipe organs. They created books with specific words and prayers they found helpful, and sang songs to the catchy tunes of the day.

It is worth remembering that every Christian church was planted once. Each Christian church was born, first from a community that had no buildings, no songs and/or words of its own. I am an Anglican church leader and I can’t help but wonder if we were to plant a Christian church today, how would we do it? What would that look like? What are the things we would hold dear – values, if you will – that would shape and define our lives together?

One of the wonderful things about Christianity is that it expresses itself in any context and in any culture where people find Jesus. And yet, the Church has been guilty of “inculturation”. In other words, it takes people from one context and molds and molds them into a church context.

For example, I’m a longtime member of the global beatboxing community. For those who don’t know what beatboxing is, it’s a form of mouth drumming and is part of the larger hip-hop movement. I created the world’s first beatboxing video tutorials, ran the world’s largest website for beatboxers, and was a judge at the last two world beatboxing championships.

I like beatbox, I like hip-hop, I like the Bible and I like Jesus. To that end, I wrote the entire Gospel of Luke in rap and beatboxed and performed to audiences around the world. So what happens when a young person who grew up in this musical culture gets to know Jesus and becomes a Christian? Do we tell them that they should go to their local church building on a Sunday morning (when they lie down after partying all night), sit on pews (or the only other place they have seen is the courthouse), and expect them to sing Victorian hymns with obscure words accompanied by a pipe organ?

Now I love sacred spaces and pipe organs, especially when played by Angie, our talented organist, but on reflection, I have to admit that I was inculturated in the church. I adopted expressions of church that were not natural to me and since I was ordained a priest, I have fought to keep a foot in both worlds. My calling has been to bridge the gap between church culture and the larger culture. But I don’t do it on my own. This is part of the calling of any Anglican priest. When I was ordained, and each time I took on a new position, I had to do something called the declaration of assent. There are these words:

“The Church of England is part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, worshiping the one true God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. She professes the faith only revealed in Holy Scripture and set forth in Catholic creeds, which faith the church is called to proclaim anew in every generation.”

Notice the last part: “proclaim anew to every generation.” Let it sink in. It doesn’t say, “proclaim the way it has always been done, using the same formulas that have always been used and using the same language that has always been spoken.” No! The Anglican Church recognizes that to effectively proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and be witnesses to God’s love, we must use methods, language and styles appropriate to the larger social and cultural context in which we find ourselves. I made this public promise in front of the bishop and the congregations I served, and it is something I take very seriously.

Right now there’s a whole world outside of the church that’s a different culture. How does the church bridge this cultural gap? Well, He can do that by making our expressions of worship and ministry culturally relevant. For example, at our all-ages worship at St. Mark’s, we sing modern songs with cool beats, have accessible words, and deliver relevant and engaging talks. In addition to being culturally relevant inside the church, we also proclaim the message of Jesus and witness God’s love outside the church.

One of the ways I seek to connect people to Jesus is through The Hip-Hop Gospel. It is a rhymed version of the Gospel of Luke and is written to connect with a wider non-ecclesiastical culture. In fact, we are a group here in Bermuda looking to bring it to the stage as a musical production. If this is something you would like to get involved in, or if you know someone who would like to get involved, let me know. It’s a very exciting project. You can download a free copy of The Hip-Hop Gospel here: and it is also available, for a small fee, in the Kindle store.

So this week may you shine like a star and be Jesus to all you meet inside and outside the church, and may you be blessed to be a blessing.


Reverend Gavin Tyte is the pastor of St Mark’s Anglican Church. Visit

Sports News Roundup: NFL-Kaepernick to pitch past NFL scouts at Michigan spring game; Football-England will face the United States at the World Cup on November 25 and more

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Here is a summary of current sports news briefs.

Football and Brazil favorites to win the World Cup in Qatar

Brazil are the favorites to win the 2022 World Cup according to bookmakers after the five-time champions were drawn on Friday along with Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon in the group stage of the showpiece event in Qatar. William Hill set up Brazil, who rose to the top of the world rankings this week, as 5-1 favorites to win the tournament ahead of France (11-2), England (6-1), England (6-1), Spain (15-2) and Argentina. (11-1).

NFL-Kaepernick to pitch past NFL scouts at Michigan spring game

Free quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s quest for a return to the National Football League (NFL) will continue this weekend when he puts on a halftime display of shots at the University of Michigan Spring Game Saturday. Draft-eligible players will receive Kaepernick’s passes and NFL team personnel in attendance will be allowed to watch the event, the NFL said on its website.

Former US goalkeeper Solo arrested on suspicion of DWI

Former US goaltender Hope Solo was arrested Thursday in North Carolina on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a police department spokesperson said Friday. Solo was arrested in a Walmart parking lot in Winston-Salem and charged with impaired driving (DWI), resisting arrest and misdemeanor child abuse, the Winston-Salem Police Department said.

Soccer-England will face the United States at the World Cup on November 25

England will face the United States on November 25 and four-time champions Germany will face Spain two days later in two of the most anticipated matches of the World Cup group stage, according to a schedule released on Friday. . The action kicks off on November 21 with hosts Qatar taking on Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium, England taking on Iran and Senegal taking on the Netherlands. The United States will also face the winner of a playoff match between Wales, Scotland and Ukraine.

Exclusive-Auto racing-Vegas focus on Monaco’s future, says Brown

Las Vegas will be a stunning addition to the Formula 1 calendar next year, but will also be a focus on the future of the Monaco Grand Prix, according to McLaren boss Zak Brown. It’s long been a given that the sport needs the heritage and glamor of the Mediterranean principality, with its casino and superyachts, but this week’s announcement from Las Vegas offers glitz on another level.

Football-Brazil fear lack of European matches will cost them in Qatar

Brazil are the bookies’ favorites to win the World Cup, but their lack of friendlies against European opponents over the past four years has coach Tite unsettled, who fears it could cost them Qatar. Brazil were drawn in Group G on Friday and will face Switzerland, Serbia and Cameroon in the final.

Tennis-Norway’s Ruud ends Cerundolo’s run to reach Miami Open final

Norway’s Casper Ruud ended Francisco Cerundolo’s unexpected run to the Miami Open semifinals with a 6-4 6-1 win on Friday. Eighth-seeded Ruud converted a late break point in the first set after nerves seemed to kick in for world number 103 Cerundolo, who was in his first Masters 1000 tournament main draw.

World Cup-winning Cricket-Experience can lift England, says Knight

England captain Heather Knight hopes the experience gained from winning the Women’s World Cup in 2017 can help her side beat favorites Australia for this year’s title in Christchurch on Sunday. England – champions after beating India in the final five years ago – face an Australian side who have dominated them in recent encounters and are looking to claim the country’s seventh crown from 50 overs.

Motor racing and F1 chief says he has no plans to drop Saudi Grand Prix

Formula 1 will continue to stage the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix despite an attack on an oil storage facility near the track ahead of last weekend’s race and criticism over the country’s rights record of humans, CEO Stefano Domenicali told Reuters. The attack by the Iran-backed Houthi group in Yemen has cast doubt on the progress of Sunday’s race in Jeddah, but after discussions F1 and the drivers have collectively decided to continue after receiving security assurances Saudi authorities.

Iran and the United States, geopolitical enemies of football, will face off again at the World Cup

After more than 40 years of soured relations and months of struggle to restore a nuclear deal, the United States and Iran are now set to meet on the soccer field at this year’s World Cup. after landing together in Group B in Friday’s draw. Iranian and American coaches avoided political uproar, saying they were focused on the tournament and its ability to bring people together. England and the winners of a European playoff – Ukraine, Scotland or Wales – complete the group.

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APSU Men’s Tennis Falls at Belmont – Clarksville Online

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Nashville, TN –The Austin Peay State University (APSU) men’s tennis team dropped their Ohio Valley Conference opener against Belmont, 6-1, Saturday at the Austin Tennis Complex. Belmont.

The Governors freshman duo (4-6, 0-1 OVC) Tom Bolton and John Becchis — the reigning OVC men’s tennis doubles team of the week — lost just its second game of the season in a 6-3 loss to Jack Randall and Arthur Toledo of the Bruins.

Belmont (11-3, 2-0 OVC) earned the first point of the game after beating Hogan Stoker and Thiago Nogueira6-0, on the doubles court n°3.

Second year Frederic Schlossmann earned the APSU Govs lone point of the afternoon in singles action, beating Arthur Toledo in straight sets for his fourth win of the spring.

Results against Belmont


  1. Diego Castro / Tomas Luis (BEL) against. Anton Damberg / Frederic Schlossmann (APSU), unfinished at 4-3
  2. Jack Randall / Arthur Toledo (BEL) defeated. John Becchis / Tom Bolton (APSU), 6-3
  3. Taisei Miyamoto / Alfred Wallin (BEL) beat. Hogan Stoker / Thiago Nogueira (APSU), 6-0


  1. Frederic Schlossmann (APSU) def. Arthur Toledo (BEL), 6-4, 7-5
  2. Tomas Luis (BEL) defeated. Anton Damberg (APSU), 7-5, 6-1
  3. Ian Cruz (BEL) defeated. Tom Bolton (APSU), 6-1, 6-2
  4. Diego Castro (BEL) defeated. John Becchis 4-6, 6-4, 10-2
  5. Alfred Wallin (BEL) defeated. Hogan Stoker (APSU), 6-1, 6-0
  6. Taisei Miyamoto (BEL) defeated. Thiago Nogueira (APSU), 6-3, 6-2

Follow the governors of the APSU

For news and updates ahead of the Governors game against Eastern Illinois, follow the APSU Men’s Tennis Team at Twitter (@GovsMTN), instagram (@GovsTennis) and Facebook (Austin Peay Tennis).

Next step for APSU men’s tennis

The Austin Peay State University men’s tennis team hosts Eastern Illinois in their first home conference match of the season April 9 at Governors Tennis Courts. The game starts at 2:00 p.m.

IPL 2022: Dwayne Bravo becomes IPL’s highest wicket taker

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Chennai Super Kings versatile player Dwayne Bravo became the highest wicket taker in the Indian Premier League (IPL) on Thursday with 171 wickets to his name. Bravo achieved the feat in Thursday’s clash against Lucknow Super Giants here at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.

“DJ Bravo, Champion, many congratulations on becoming the highest wicket taker in the IPL. You are still 37. There are still plenty of wickets left and I hope you scalp 200 wickets in the IPL” , CSK skipper Ravindra Jadeja said in a video. published on the CSK website. “Congratulations DJ Bravo on becoming the highest wicket taker in the IPL. From today you have become the official grandfather of the IPL, so congratulations once again,” the batter said. of CSK, Ambati Rayudu.

The versatile Moeen Ali also shared his wishes with the Caribbean star. “A lot of congratulations to you Bravo for your achievement. I hope you will have many more this season,” said Moeen Ali.

Bravo edged out former Sri Lankan pacer Lasith Malinga, who has 170 IPL wickets to his name. Coming to the game, it was a complete team effort as Lucknow Super Giants chased a big 211 in 19.3 overs against Chennai Super Kings to register a six-wicket win at Brabourne Stadium.

Chennai Super Kings will now face Punjab Kings on Sunday while Lucknow Super Giants will face Sunrisers Hyderabad on Monday. (ANI)

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10 local high school sporting events to watch in April 2022 | Sports

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April 5: Mahomet-Seymour at Danville boys’ tennis, 4 p.m.

The popularity of tennis is on the rise for the Bulldogs, and it’s the start of the season for the newly formed men’s team. The Vikings have a lot more history behind them.

April 7: St. Thomas More at Monticello Women’s Soccer, 4:30 p.m.

The Illini Prairie Conference rivals are heading to the first of two games between the Sabers and Sages this spring, with the second taking place April 28 in Champaign.

April 14: Monticello at Unity Baseball, 4:30 p.m. Both of these teams are vying for Class 2A post-season gear, and both aspire to dethrone St. Joseph-Ogden as the leader of Illini Prairie.

April 14: Urbana at Centennial Men’s Tennis, 4 p.m. The Chargers are coming off of second in the Class 1A state team last season, and Big 12 conference member Urbana picked up an early double win over Mattoon.

April 15: Westville at Bismarck-Henning/Rossville-Alvin baseball, 4:30 p.m.

Two teams that have been playing really tough non-conference schedules that should prepare them for the grind of Vermilion Valley Conference action — including this game.

April 23: Champaign Central at Mahomet-Seymour women’s soccer, 12:30 p.m.

At this point, they are the undisputed top two local women’s soccer programs this season. But which one is the best of all? They will understand that here.

April 27: Unity at Urbana softball, 4:30 p.m. The Rockets are trying to get back to the Class 2A state semifinals, while the Tigers aim to prove that winning a 3A regional title last season was no fluke.

April 28: Mahomet-Seymour softball at St-Joseph-Ogden, 4:30 p.m.

Both of these teams are used to winning regularly, and it will be a great test for each with only a few weeks left in the regular season.

April 29: Boys’ athletics meet in St. Joseph-Ogden, 4:30 p.m.

Twenty-six regional teams will participate in the Spartan Classic. Among them are perennial powers such as Muhammad-Seymour, Monticello, Salt Fork, SJ-O and Unity.

April 29: Girls’ athletics meeting at Monticello, 4.30 p.m.

The Monticello Invitational will feature 14 local teams. Clinton, Host Sages, St. Joseph-Ogden, Tuscola, Uni High, and Unity are worth watching.

Colin Likas is the preparation coordinator at The News-Gazette. He can be contacted at or on Twitter at @clikasNG.

Stadiums built but Qatar World Cup chief scrutiny endures

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A dozen years of defending Qatar’s fitness to host the World Cup may leave Hassan Al-Thawadi exasperated by the lingering brilliance of scrutiny and accusatory rather than celebratory tone.

At times, Al-Thawadi may appear to be the face – even the leader – of this Persian Gulf nation given its importance. As head of the bid, and now general secretary of the organizing committee, Al-Thawadi has rights groups, protesting football federations and supporters around the world to respond to.

The answers don’t always appease those appalled by the plight of migrant workers whose poorly paid labor was used to build not just stadiums, but also Qatar’s wider infrastructure that goes beyond direct remit. ‘Al-Thawadi.

But it is changes to working conditions and rights in the country that Al-Thawadi is trying to highlight on the eve of the World Cup draw when the finalists find out who and where they will play in November.

”Human suffering is a tragedy. As simple as that,’ Al-Thawadi said in an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday. ”We recognized from day one before our bid to host the World Cup, that things had to change. It’s not something that came to mind after the World Cup. And yet, changes to labor laws were not part of Qatar’s public bid. They have only come in recent years rather than before construction of the eight new stadiums required after the 2010 vote began, once pressure was exerted by groups including Amnesty International.

“We knew this World Cup would be an accelerator,” he said, “and help the government make that change.” They include introducing a minimum wage and dismantling the ”kafala ” sponsorship system linking workers to their employer. Enforcement across Qatar is the challenge, especially as investigators focus on construction sites far from the eight World Cup stadiums that have been completed.

Al-Thawadi sees Qatar as setting the “benchmark” – particularly with more restrictive labor practices that persist elsewhere in the Gulf – and points to how some of the “most ardent critics” are now working with them.

“No one accepts any form of suffering, and we are doing our part to ensure that this does not happen,” he said. “I’m working very diligently and we’re very committed to seeing this progress made over the past 12 years continue past 2022 and endure.” But Al-Thawadi moved on from the interview at the FIFA Congress where Norwegian football federation president Lise Klaveness denounced the freedoms and security denied to workers and the lack of LGBTQ+ protections in Qatar.

Al-Thawadi was irritated, saying in response that Klaveness had not attempted to contact him. It’s a sign of how vexed Al-Thawadi can be to have to keep justifying Qatar as the Middle East’s premier World Cup host.

“The World Cup is an opportunity for everyone to come and understand different people from different backgrounds with different values,” Al-Thawadi said. “We don’t necessarily always…agree on everything…but that in itself should be respected and accepted.

“What we say is what we offer them, a safe World Cup, a welcoming World Cup for everyone. And it’s an opportunity for everyone to sit down and build relationships.” Al-Thawadi hopes people will listen, even if the answers or Qatari laws don’t satisfy them.

“People are very quick to judge,” he said. “Very quick and very firm in their judgment with this, whether they have all the information or not.”

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Motor racing-Hamilton says he struggled mentally and emotionally

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Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has opened up about his mental and emotional struggles, saying in a social media post on Thursday that it was “difficult on some days to stay positive”. The 37-year-old Briton assured fans on Instagram that they weren’t alone.

“It’s already been such a difficult year with everything going on around us,” Hamilton said. “I struggled mentally and emotionally for a long time, to keep going is a constant effort but we have to keep fighting, we have so much to do and achieve.

“I am writing to tell you that it is okay to feel what you are feeling, just know that you are not alone and we will get through this.” Hamilton missed out on a record eighth championship last year after a controversial final race of the season in Abu Dhabi which he led until the last lap.

The most successful driver of all time, with a record 103 wins and poles, avoided race day social media from December until February. His silence has fueled speculation over his future, with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff describing Hamilton as “disillusioned”.

The sport’s only black driver, an outspoken champion of equal opportunity and diversity, Hamilton has also faced racism and abuse online. The Briton had a rough start to his 16th season, finishing just 10th in Saudi Arabia last weekend after failing to get through the first phase of qualifying in a car that was off pace.

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Bundesliga stadiums are full again in time for the season finale

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The Bundesliga will have full stadiums for the first time in months this weekend as coronavirus restrictions are lifted across Germany in time for the season finale.

Union Berlin have sold all 22,012 tickets for their home game against Cologne on Friday. Borussia Dortmund host Leipzig on Saturday at a sold-out Westfalenstadion.

“We are looking forward to 81,365 spectators in the most beautiful stadium in the world,” Dortmund said on their website.

Next week, Bayern Munich are hoping for a capacity of 75,000 spectators for their derby against Bavarian rivals Augsburg on April 9. League leaders play fifth-placed Freiburg this weekend.

“The fans are the essence of football and make the matches in our stadium something unique, especially now in the decisive phase of the season,” said Bayern vice-president Jan-Christian Dreesen after the Bavarian cabinet agreed on Tuesday to remove restrictions from Sunday per National. guidelines.

Face masks are also being phased out and will no longer be mandatory when playing games.

Thursday is the last day of restrictions in Berlin, giving Union its long-awaited return to full capacity. The club had taken a stance against keeping fans away from matches as a measure against COVID-19 infections.

Now, finally, others agree, despite stubbornly high infection rates that persist across the country.

Germany recorded 274,901 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours on Thursday, as the seven-day rate of infections stood at 1,625.1 per 100,000 population. There have been 279 infection-related deaths, bringing Germany’s total to nearly 130,000 since the start of the pandemic.

The last time Union were able to host a full stadium was on November 20 for the 2-0 derby win over Hertha Berlin. Bayern’s last sold-out game was against Freiburg on November 6.

The Bavarian powerhouse are six points clear of Borussia Dortmund and are closing in on a record 10th consecutive league title with seven games remaining.

Bayern will also play a Champions League quarter-final home-and-away against Spanish side Villarreal in April.

If Dortmund drop points against Leipzig on Saturday, or against Stuttgart or Wolfsburg in their next matches, Bayern could potentially claim the Bundesliga title when they face Dortmund in Munich on April 23.

There is arguably more excitement at the other end of the table with three teams – Hertha Berlin, Augsburg and Stuttgart – all tied on 26 points. Last, Greuther Fürth is 11 points behind from the three before his visit to Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday.

Second-to-bottom Arminia Bielefeld (25 points) hosts improving Stuttgart on Saturday, when Hertha visit third-placed Bayer Leverkusen.

Hertha coach Felix Magath has recovered from his coronavirus infection and will be able to take charge for the first time after missing out on his debut against Hoffenheim before the international break. Hertha’s 3-0 win under substitute Mark Fotheringham was the team’s first of the year and ended a nine-game winless streak.

Augsburg have played one game less than their rivals. It hosts Wolfsburg on Sunday, then Mainz for their postponed match against the coronavirus on Wednesday, before facing Bayern next weekend.

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From butcher to French team, the destiny of Clauss changes

By Sports games

There couldn’t have been a better time for Jonathan Clauss to return to the club who once thought they weren’t ready for the tough game.

It’s been a long road but the 29-year-old Lens right-back has finally reached the top, getting his first taste of international football with the France national team over the past few days.

Clauss, whose sides travel to Strasbourg – the club that rejected him as a young player – in the French league on Sunday, made his first appearance for Les Bleus against Ivory Coast last week. He then started for the World Cup champions on Tuesday in a 5-0 loss to South Africa.

Both games served as preparation for the World Cup later this year and Clauss lived up to expectations, scoring points in the battle for the coveted places in the squad that will travel to Qatar. Especially since French coach Didier Deschamps now uses a 3-5-2 system with room for full-backs attacking from the flanks, a type of player embodied by Clauss.

It’s actually Clauss’ attacking profile that has caught the eye in the French Premier League this season.

His contribution to Lens’ attacking play was remarkable, with four goals and nine assists under coach Franck Haise, who used him as a right-back. Only Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Rennes midfielder Benjamin Bourigeaud have delivered more assists this season in the league.

With France, the product of the Strasbourg academy entered for a few minutes in the last moments of the friendly match against Côte d’Ivoire. He then delivered a well-rounded performance against South Africa, combining solid defensive play with sharp incursions down the flank and precise crosses.

Clauss will return to Strasbourg full of confidence after his first international experience. Born in the Alsatian city, Clauss was not retained by the club academy of his hometown after 10 years in the youth teams.

“When I was told I wasn’t going to be kept, it destroyed me at the time, but it also allowed me to pick myself up after a fall,” Clauss told the league website. French. “I was disappointed, but I was able to realize that if I wanted to continue playing football, I had to put fun first.” in a bouncing butcher shop. back with amateur teams. He spent several seasons in the German and French lower leagues before signing a first professional contract with second division club Quevilly-Rouen for the 2017-18 season.

He then joined German second division club Arminia Bielefeld before Lens offered him a contract in June 2020.

Only in his second season in the French top flight, Clauss has been a constant threat to opposing defenders, with a total of 29 shots and 58 assists that resulted in an effort on goal, in 28 appearances.

“He had a different background,” Haise told website after Clauss received his international call-up. ”He went through a lot of tough years where he needed a lot of resilience, stamina and to keep believing… He’s a magnificent role model for many players.” With nine matches to go in the league, eighth-place Lens can still hope for a European place next season and will rely on Clauss to deliver again. Strasbourg is in fifth place and is vying for a place in the Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain, who are 12 points ahead of Marseille, host Lorient on Sunday. Marseille is in Saint-Etienne.

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Trevor Bauer sues sports website and former writer over assault story – Pasadena Now

By Sports website

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Pasadena resident Trevor Bauer is suing a sports website and one of its former writers, alleging in federal court that he was defamed when they reported he fractured his skull of a woman during sex.

Bauer filed a complaint Tuesday in Los Angeles, accusing Athleticism and former writer Molly Knight to “create and spread the false narrative” of the alleged attack, according to the defamation suit.

The alleged victim obtained a temporary restraining order against Bauer last June, but two months later a Los Angeles Superior Court judge denied the woman’s request for a five-year extension of the order, claiming that the evidence shows that Bauer never exceeded the boundaries that the accuser herself had together for the sexual encounters that took place at Bauer’s Pasadena home.

In February, Los Angeles County prosecutors declined to press charges against the Cy Young Award winner after investigating the woman’s allegations that he physically assaulted her during two sexual encounters.

Athleticism reported last June that “there were signs of a basal skull fracture,” citing a statement from the woman, according to the lawsuit.

Bauer, 31, argues in the suit that the CT scan results are included in the medical records attached to the woman’s statement – which Athleticism possessed – “definitely concluded that she had ‘no acute fracture’.

Athletic spokesman Taylor Patterson said: “We are confident in our reporting and plan to defend ourselves against the claim.”

Bauer previously filed a libel suit in New York against the sports news website dead spin and its editor, claiming the outlet “knowingly published false information” regarding the assault allegations.

The complaint said that dead spin had quoted Athleticism reporting that Bauer had fractured the woman’s skull, but Athleticism had corrected his story before dead spin published its report.

Bauer, 31, was placed on administrative leave by the Dodgers in early July, and has been on leave all season. He still faces possible discipline from Major League Baseball, and his future with the Dodgers remains cloudy.

Bauer signed a three-year contract with the Dodgers in February 2020, worth $102 million, including $40 million this season, which would be the highest single-season salary in baseball history. . Bauer won the National League Cy Young Award the previous season with the Cincinnati Reds.

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Golf-Woods return to Masters would be ‘phenomenal’, says McIlroy

By Sports games

Rory McIlroy said on Wednesday it would be “phenomenal” for Tiger Woods to return to competition at next week’s Masters, adding that the game of golf is better every time the 15-time Major champion plays. McIlroy, speaking to reporters at TPC San Antonio ahead of this week’s Valero Texas Open, was asked what Woods’ potential appearance at the April 7-10 Masters would do for the build-up to the first major of the year.

“For golf and for the Masters tournament and for everyone to have Tiger there would be phenomenal. I think it just adds to the event. Obviously it does,” McIlroy said. . “Everything Tiger Woods does in the game of golf is reinforced every time he’s there. I mean, it would be great for him to be there.”

Woods, who is recovering from career-threatening leg injuries sustained in a car accident in February 2021, was at Augusta National Golf Club on Tuesday where he would have played the entire course. Per tournament protocol, Woods’ name will remain on the list of competitors that appears on the Masters website unless the five-time champion notifies Augusta National that he will not be participating.

“The will and the perseverance, yes, it’s incredible. If he comes back from that, it’s just that he likes to prove people wrong, he likes to prove himself wrong, I think”, McIlroy said. “It doesn’t matter when he comes back, whether it’s next week or a few weeks, a few months later, he’s a wonderful addition to the game and the game of golf is better when he plays and when he plays well.”

McIlroy, who next week will attempt to complete the career Grand Slam by winning all four of golf’s major championships, has spent the last two days at Augusta National. The 32-year-old Northern Irishman said he wanted to get a head start on preparations, especially as Augusta National have made some course changes since last year’s Masters.

“I just wanted to go out there and see it for myself and do a bit of a reconnaissance trip that I haven’t really done in the last two years. Maybe it’s a little bit different,” McIlroy said. “But it was good to be there, good to see the place…I don’t feel like there’s any rush to go there next week and prepare. I have the feel like I’ve done most of my work already, which is a nice feeling.”

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Pick-Up Sports app makes waves with Olympic gold medalist

By Sports app

Content of the article

Canadian track and field star partners with sports app to get Toronto athletes back in the game

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Content of the article

TORONTO, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — This week, Javelin Sports Inc. announces its partnership with Olympic gold medalist Donovan Bailey, combining the influence of a Canadian star with its leading pickup sports platform. The sport management app is designed for athletes of all levels and encourages greater sport participation across Canada.

Founded in 2016, Javelin Sports has changed the way athletes build their communities. The app has seen phenomenal growth over the past year, accumulating over 30,000 players who frequently connect with others on the app to play their sport of choice. The idea came from the two co-founders, Justin Ford and Coleman Chan, who said: “We realized that we didn’t play as many sports as when we were kids, so we wanted to solve that problem.”

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Content of the article

Over the past two years, sports activities have stagnated as the sports recreation industry has taken a hit. Now, as restrictions begin to slowly ease and the weather warms up, Javelin hopes to onboard new athletes to the app to kickstart the sporting momentum.

The unique app recently caught the eye of famed Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey, who resonated with the app’s mission to introduce new players to connect over their love for the sport. He recently opted to secure a seat on the advisory board of Javelin Sports. Over the next year, Javelin Sports is expected to grow its player base to 100,000 athletes, connecting more players to new friends and opponents than ever before.

Backed by a Canadian sporting legacy, Javelin Sports is poised to make waves on the Canadian recreational scene, giving Canadians access to a one-stop-shop platform for sports. Seventy-six percent of adults say they want to play more sports, but only 27% of adults are actively playing, which is why Javelin’s goal is to return true activity in the daily life of Canadians.

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Content of the article

Javelin Sports operates in Toronto but is available to athletes, professional and otherwise, nationwide. To learn more about its mission and how to get involved, visit


Javelin Sports is a Toronto-based startup that has built a one-stop-shop for athletes who want to play sports in their community. With a user base of over 30,000 players, the Javelin app lets you team up with other local athletes, create private teams, and book facilities from your phone. Javelin Sports was founded by Torontonians Justin Ford and Coleman Chan with the goal of making sports easier to play. For more information, visit or email

Media Contact
Danielle Goguen, digital growth

Related images

Image 1: Javelin Sports Inc. partners with Donovan Bailey

Canadian sprinter Donovan Bailey supports the Toronto sports app.

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Government discusses the possibility of adopting the “one state, one sport” policy

By Sports games

Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur held a meeting with state ministers and officials on the possibility of adopting a “one state, one sport” policy, but no decision has yet been made, said informed the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

Union Minister of State for Sport Nisith Pramanik said Thakur held a virtual meeting with state sports ministers and officials and discussed the issue of ‘one state, one sport’ .

“The government will take an appropriate decision at the appropriate time,” Pramanik said during Question Time.

The Minister’s response came to a question from Hema Malini, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who asked about the possibility of adopting a “one state, one sport” policy for the overall growth of sports and sports. sportsmen.

Earlier, Pramanik said that the Ministry of Youth and Sports recognizes National Sports Federations (NSFs) for different sports as per the provisions of National Sports Development Code of India (NSDCI), 2011 and later published guidelines. from time to time for the promotion and development of sports in India.

These guidelines are readily available on the ministry’s website, along with a list of recognized DSPs that is updated from time to time, he added.

Pramanik said the National Code Against Age-Related Fraud in Sports issued by the ministry requires NSFs to medically screen all players in competitions by age at the time of registration or allow a new athlete to participate. at an event and issue them identity cards. according to their medical reports.

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Erigaisi to headline Indian Chess Tour

By Sports games

Defending national champion Arjun Erigaisi will be the star attraction of the $1,00,000 MPL Indian Chess Tour, an elite online event that kicks off on Thursday.

In the first regional expansion of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, the event will give 16 of the country’s top talents a chance to qualify for the elite circuit.

The line-up is a mix of some of India’s hottest chess talents, both established and new, headlined by 18-year-old Erigaisi from Telangana, who recently won the Challengers event in Wijk aan Zee.

There is also Dommaraju Gukesh, 15, from Chennai, one of India’s brightest stars who is hoping to break through at the top level.

Gukesh is a huge talent who just missed out on the record for the youngest grandmaster in the world at 12 years old.

The lineup also includes more established stars like SL Narayanan, Adhiban Baskaran, Harika Dronavalli and five-time Commonwealth champion Abhijeet Gupta.

Stage 1 will be a four-day rapid chess tournament taking place from March 31 to April 3. The event will have a time control of 15m + 10s.

The Tour will feature four online tournaments followed by a final to crown the 2022 MPL Indian Chess Tour champion.

Matches will be streamed on chess24, chess24india, the MPL app as well as MPL’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

The Tour is organized by Play Magnus Group (PMG), founded by world champion Magnus Carlsen, in partnership with esports platform Mobile Premier League.

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Food, drink allowed in designated areas at sporting events from March 29 as Covid-19 rules ease

By Sports events

SINGAPORE — Drinks, keropok and curry puffs are yet to return to the stands, but the local sports fraternity has welcomed the relaxed guidelines announced by national agency Sport Singapore (SportSG) on Sunday March 27 allowing food and drink (F&B) consumption in stadiums.

The revised rules were part of SportSG’s advisory for Sport and Physical Exercise and Activity, which was released three days after Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced a number of key changes to safety measures as Singapore heads into a new phase of life with Covid-19.

From Tuesday, the consumption of food and drink is permitted at sporting events in specially designated areas, although it is not permitted in the spectator stands. Even in designated areas, fans will be required to eat or drink at a fixed position and observe safe management measures (SMM) such as safe distancing and group size limits.

Cheering, chanting and whistling will also be permitted at events with spectators if masks are worn.

This is an important development for event organizers and fans.

During the ASEAN Football Federation Championship last December, for example, up to 10,000 fans were allowed each match day at the 55,000-capacity National Stadium and 1,000 at the 6-seater Bishan Stadium. 000 places. Each matchday consisted of up to two matches and spanned over five hours.

As the consumption of food and drink in the two stadiums was not permitted, supporters were given wrist tags which allowed them to re-enter after leaving the stadium between games for a meal.

Some fans took to social media to complain about the downsides and even wrote letters to the Straits Times Forum.

Engineer Syafiq Abdul Rahman, 33, and his five-year-old son were among 15,000 fans who attended Singapore’s 2-1 win over Malaysia at the National Stadium on Saturday. He told ST: “I planned to get into the stadium a bit later than usual, almost around kick-off (8 p.m.), so my child wouldn’t have to stay too long. a long time without hydrating.

“It’s great that the consumption of food and drink will soon be allowed again, so I can bring my family to games earlier so that we can all fully enjoy the stadium and the match atmosphere.”

The new rules also come at the right time for the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens, which will take place on April 9-10 at the National Stadium after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

The tournament features short, fast-paced rugby sevens matches that start as early as 10 a.m. and end at 7 p.m., with little time between matches.

Nagaland to bid for more national and international sporting events

By Sports events

After South Asia National Cross Country Championships, Nagaland bids for more
Kohima: After Nagaland’s biggest sporting event on Saturday with the second South Asian Athletics Federation (SAAF) Cross Country Championships and the 56th National Cross Country Championships in Kohima, the state is now looking forward to bid for other international and national sporting events.

During the Grand Final of the Championships hosted by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio at the Kohima Cultural Hall on Saturday night, Rio said that as suggested by top sports officials, Nagaland would consider bidding for domestic games to boost sportsmen. and state sports infrastructure.

The CM also thanked the SAAF and the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) for giving Nagaland a chance to host the historic event in Kohima which proved to be a great morale booster.

Rio also thanked the sportspeople for their participation, with participants praising the local athletes who won medals on their debut in the international and sporting event. He said it is a start for the state and an encouragement for the development of sports in the state.

He also acknowledged Baroda Bank for sponsoring the event.
Olympian and AFI Senior Vice-President Anju Bobby George said the cross-country championships made Nagaland’s history.

She appreciated the efforts made by the government and the federation to carry out this event. George also encouraged the athletes to keep doing their best.

SAAF President Dr. Lalit Kumar Bhanot also took the time to congratulate the Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) and the Government of Nagaland for the successful and grand conduct of the events. He called it one of the best organized competitions in the history of the South Asian Cross Country Championships.

Adille Sumariwalla, president of the Indian Athletics Federation, hopes the events will create excitement among the younger generation of players. He advised the state government to establish high performance centers for athletes in each district, assuring that the Indian Athletics Federation would provide all technical expertise and cooperation.

AFI Associate Vice President Abu Metha said, “This event has given young Naga from all parts of the state the ambition and knowledge to understand that if given the opportunity , they can do better and more than anyone else,” he said. .

According to him, the event marked the arrival of Nagaland on the international and national sports scene. As the state witnessed a surge of dynamism and enthusiasm in the sport, he called on young Naga to have the courage and bravery to achieve the highest standards.

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Amstel Ultra sponsors local sporting events

By Sports events

Amstel Ultra sponsors a variety of local sporting events, ranging from “running races to golf tournaments with an official launch party featuring a variety of beach sports planned for May”.

A spokesperson said: “Amstel Ultra highlights the importance of a balanced lifestyle for sport and leisure with a new campaign launched this month. The 85-calorie ultra-light beer brand is hosting a series of events to encourage fun in the activity.

“There will be at least one event experience each month and contests range from foot races to golf tournaments with an official launch party featuring a variety of beach sports in May.

“The events kicked off on March 22 with the premier taking over the courts at MTM Bermuda for a five-day tennis tournament featuring the island’s top competitors. This will see the island’s top players compete in all divisions and will lead to entertaining battles.

“The last two days of the tournament [Friday & Saturday – 25th & 26th] there will be a fan zone setup for spectators to enjoy matches in the lounge with a DJ, food and drink, door prizes, games and more. The event is also proudly sponsored by Lucozade who helped energize the athletes throughout the tournament.

A spokesperson for Burrow’s & Lightbourn Ltd, who are the local distributor on the island, said: “We are really delighted with the new events we have developed and expect to see fantastic competition throughout the year.

Schedule of Amstel Ultra events:

  • Fast 4 Invitational – MTM Bermuda – March 22-26
  • Amstel Open – Belmont Hills Golf Course – April 30
  • Amstel Ultra Launch Party – Horseshoe Bay – May 21
    • beach soccer
    • beach rugby
    • Beach volleyball
    • beach tennis
  • Ultra 5K – Admiralty House – Fall Season

Amstel Ultra Bermuda March 25, 2022 (3)

An event organizer said: “When conceptualizing the events, we reached out to the respective organizations but felt it was more necessary to receive feedback from the athletes on what they would like to see done in Bermuda. . There’s been a lot of interest in the events scheduled between now and May, so we’re looking forward to delivering a high-quality series, as we know people are big fans of beer already.

If you would like more information regarding this series of events, you can contact the organizers by email at

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Sports news roundup: Motor racing and Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will continue despite Houthi attacks, organizers say; Cricket-West Indies edge ahead of England as litmus test in balance and more

By Sports games

Here is a summary of current sports news briefs.

Motor racing and Arabian Grand Prix will continue despite Houthi attacks, organizers say

Formula 1’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will continue after teams received security assurances and drivers met for more than four hours following attacks on an oil facility near Jeddah’s street circuit on Friday . Yemen’s Houthis, backed by Iran, said they launched attacks on Saudi energy facilities and the Saudi-led coalition said the petroleum products distribution station of state oil giant Aramco was hit, causing a fire in two tanks but no casualties.

Cricket-West Indies edge ahead of England as litmus test hangs in the balance

West Indies overtook England’s opening-leg total on Friday, taking a 28-run lead in a curious litmus test that followed a similar pattern over the first two days at Grenada. A flurry of late borders took West Indies to 232 for eight at stumps, thanks to an unbroken 55-carry partnership between Joshua Da Silva (54) and Kemar Roach (25) that followed a 49-carry stand between Da Silva and Alzarri Joseph (28).

Figure skating-Sakamoto wins women’s title in exhausted world championships

Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto claimed her first world figure skating title when she prevailed in the women’s singles event in a reduced competition in which Russia’s invasion of Ukraine still loomed large on Friday. Sakamoto, bronze medalist at the Beijing Olympics, beat Belgian Loena Hendrickx and American Alysa Liu, second and third respectively.

Tiger Woods remains listed in the field for The Masters

Tiger Woods’ name appears in the Masters 2022 field on the golf tournament’s official website – not on the list of former champions who are not scheduled to compete. The placement on the website raises questions about whether Woods is ready to return to The Masters. The event starts on April 7.

Football-Italy FA boss backs Mancini to stay despite missing World Cup

Italian Football Federation (FIGC) president Gabriele Gravina has backed coach Roberto Mancini to continue in his role despite the team’s failure to qualify for this year’s World Cup in Qatar. Italy, who failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, missed out on the world footballing showpiece again after suffering a 1-0 defeat at home to North Macedonia in the semi-final of the Thursday’s playoffs.

Soccer-Messi praises home fans in possible farewell ahead of World Cup

Lionel Messi paid tribute to Argentina fans in what could be their last home game before November’s World Cup final and said the raucous support in their 3-0 win over Venezuela was essential to preserve his happiness. “I expected no less from the people, from the union between the Argentine public and this team,” Messi said after his comfortable victory at Boca Juniors’ Bombonera stadium.

Tennis-Poland’s Swiatek relishes ‘surreal’ No.1 achievement

Poland’s Iga Swiatek said winning the women’s world rankings was a “surreal” feat, with the 20-year-old set to replace retired Ash Barty at the top of the rankings. Swiatek clinched the rankings after beating Viktorija Golubic 6-2 6-0 in the second round of the Miami Open on Friday, becoming the first Polish player to claim the top spot in singles.

Tennis-Kyrgios stuns Rublev, Zverev takes victory at Miami Open

Australian joker Nick Kyrgios needed 51 minutes to stun world number seven Andrey Rublev 6-3 6-0 and Alexander Zverev’s superior serve led to a 6-4 3-6 6-3 win over Borna Coric in the second round at the Miami Open on Friday. Rublev looked good early on, taking a 2-1 lead after beating Kyrgios early in the first set.

Cricket-Australia’s Perry could only play as a batter in World Cup semi-finals – coach

Australian all-rounder Ellyse Perry could only play as a batsman in the Women’s World Cup semi-final next week if she does not fully recover from a back injury, coach Matthew Mott said on Saturday. Perry, who is a key player for the Australian squad, was out of action for most of their group stage win over South Africa on Tuesday after suffering a back spasm. She also missed Friday’s victory against Bangladesh.

Browns QB Deshaun Watson: ‘I have never disrespected any woman’

The Cleveland Browns and Deshaun Watson played defense on Friday, with the team backing its decision to invest significant capital and $230 million in guaranteed money in a quarterback facing 22 civil lawsuits amid allegations of sexual misconduct. Watson, dressed in a pinstripe suit with a crisp white shirt and orange tie, looked uncomfortable on the podium as general manager Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski responded to the questions about the Browns’ background checks before acquiring the quarterback during an introductory press conference. Team owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam were not present.

(With agency contributions.)

Had the chance to see how Dhoni’s brain works: Du Plessis

By Sports games

From having Virat Kohli in the management group to learning about ‘cool captain’ MS Dhoni during his time with CSK, Faf du Plessis is all excited to lead the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the upcoming IPL.

The former South African skipper, who was bought by the RCB for Rs 7 crore at the IPL mega auction earlier this year, was a key member of the four-time IPL champions led by Dhoni since 2012.

“I was lucky to play under MS Dhoni for a very long time,” the 37-year-old said in an interview on the IPL website.

Ahead of their IPL opener against the Kolkata Knight Riders, Dhoni on Thursday handed over the reins of CSK to Indian talisman Ravindra Jadeja.

In his praise for India’s World Cup-winning captain, Du Plessis further said: “I could see very closely how his brain works. You know how things work under him, which was once moreover very lucky for me.” Moving to the RCB, Du Plessis, a three-time IPL winner with CSK, will have his task at hand to secure the elusive title for his new franchise.

Kohli, Karthik and Maxwell in the leadership group ============================ But Du Plessis is not impressed with the expectations and said he would benefit from his core “leadership group” which includes Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell and Dinesh Karthik.

”Virat was the captain of this country for a very long time. I mean, a very good leader for Indian cricket and for the RCB… So that experience and wisdom and knowledge that comes with it is second to none.

”And then the same Maxi (Glenn Maxwell). He captained many games, especially in T20 cricket. His brain and his ideas are therefore very valuable and the same goes for Dinesh Karthik.

”I’m very lucky that we have a very strong leadership group within the team. I’m the kind of leader who relies on a lot of other people.

“So I’m going to bring them as close as possible to make sure they can use all this information to the best of RCB. Each captain has their strengths. I think for me, my time has been over to watch these different leaders and see their strengths, but also to find my own path in what is going to be different today.

”It’s really important that you are, who you are. And then you can use those things that you learned from different people. And just add them to your captain style,” he added.

RCB will face Punjab Kings in their IPL opener at Navi Mumbai here on Sunday.

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Bally Sports app’s DTC streaming service not expected until summer, five MLB teams included – The Streamable

By Sports app

Cord cutters who are fans of five MLB teams — the Kansas City Royals, Tampa Bay Rays, Milwaukee Brewers, Miami Marlins and Detroit Tigers — will soon be able to stream their team’s games without cable thanks to Sinclair’s Bally Sports, but not as soon as originally expected.

the Kansas City Star confirmed reports that the Royals are the benefactors of a dedicated Bally Sports streaming service, but that it won’t be available until the summer as fewer providers carry the team’s local games shown on Bally Sports Kansas City. The Royals will join the Marlins, Brewers, Rays and Tigers on this new service.

This report comes nearly a week after rumors that another MLB franchise, the Chicago Cubs, were exploring a potential DTC streaming option by also partnering with Sinclair. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs and Sinclair Broadcasting Group, the team’s current Regional Sports Network (RSN) broadcast partner, are in talks to launch a themed direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming service. of the Cubs, allowing Cubs fans to watch their team without a cable or satellite subscription in 2023.

Sinclair previously announced plans to soft-launch its DTC sports streamer this spring, but even with MLB’s opening day, this report says it won’t hit the market until mid-season.

Granted, Sinclair only owns the rights to those five MLB clubs, so trying to build a nationwide service around a few regional teams might not be the best idea. We discussed the concept that Sinclair should instead build around his largest library of NBA broadcast rights, which includes the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, and Dallas Mavericks, among others.

Currently, the only live TV streaming service that broadcasts Bally Sports Kansas City is DIRECTV STREAM, a recurring theme for Bally Sports networks across the country. YouTube TV dropped many Sinclair-owned RSNs in 2020, leaving only NBC and SNY branded networks. You can see which RSNs are available in your area below, but – spoiler alert – your streaming options are mostly DIRECTV STREAM and fuboTV, with a sprinkling of Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV.

Inspired by Ferguson, Berbatov aims to lead Bulgarian football

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As a player at Manchester United, Dimitar Berbatov’s curiosity for leadership was aroused by seeing the books in manager Alex Ferguson’s office.

A biography of Napoleon Bonaparte has impressed one of Bulgaria’s greatest strikers, who is currently campaigning to lead his national football federation – a chaotic recent history.

“It was the first book that caught my eye,” Berbatov told The Associated Press in an interview, recalling his stint from 2008 to 2012 playing for a coach whose management style was studied at Harvard Business. School.

“I was like, ‘Boss, what’s up with all the autobiographies?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, Berba, I’m leading an army in a way. If I can take something from all the books I’ve read, I can apply it to my own philosophy of leading you.” Berbatov has clear ideas on how he would get Bulgarian football out of a crisis prolonged. The national team was once a staple of the World Cups – qualifying for seven out of 10 editions until 1998 – and reached the semi-finals in 1994.

In fact, obtaining the keys to the presidential office of the federation is the current issue.

Berbatov won a Bulgarian club vote last week, held an hour after an official meeting of the Bulgarian football federation was cancelled. The current president, Borislav Mihailov, was the guardian of this team in 1994.

The federation reacted on Wednesday by suspending dozens of clubs that took part in the match.

The legal stalemate is “ridiculous”, said Berbatov, and he called on football’s governing bodies FIFA and UEFA to help restore order. He wants an ”honest congress” to clear things up.

“What’s happening now is sad,” he said in an online interview this week. ”No one wins. I don’t want it to be like this.” Bulgarian football’s decline on the pitch has been evident since its last appearance in a major tournament, the 2004 European Championship with Berbatov as Bayer Leverkusen’s star striker.

Off the pitch, trouble was broadcast to the world in October 2019 when England traveled to Sofia for a Euro 2020 qualifier. England won 6-0 but the game was arrested twice as Bulgarian fans gave Nazi salutes and aimed monkey noises at black players.

“It’s something that should never happen in the world of football,” Berbatov said.

Mihailov, who had led the federation for 14 years, resigned the next day under pressure from the then prime minister. The offices of the federation were raided by the police.

Mihailov returned 18 months later, a day after Berbatov launched his campaign.

Mihailov’s election victory last October was recognized by FIFA and UEFA, but was challenged in court. The result hasn’t dampened Berbatov’s campaign team, which includes two other Euro 2004 stars, Stiliyan Petrov and Martin Petrov.

“I gathered a very good team around me that follows my way of seeing things,” Berbatov said. “An honest way, according to the laws of Bulgaria.” FIFA and UEFA wrote to the federation this week saying they are ”seriously concerned about the situation of Bulgarian football” and acknowledged ”ongoing legal proceedings” regarding the election of the last year.

With the future uncertain, Berbatov is planning a 10-year strategy to kick-start youth development in the country that produced 1994 Ballon d’Or winner Hristo Stoichkov.

Berbatov has appeared in two Champions League finals – for Leverkusen in 2002 and United in 2009 – but the current national team has no player at a top club in any of Europe’s big five leagues.

“We have to make sure our academies have a philosophy of playing football,” he said. “It hasn’t worked for so many years because everyone is working independently and no one is listening.” Berbatov cites Croatia, 2018 World Cup finalists whose population is just over half of Bulgaria’s nearly 7 million, as an example to follow.

Bulgaria will face Croatia next week in a friendly match in Qatar, two days before FIFA’s 211 member federations gather there for their annual congress.

“I have every right to go to Doha as well to represent my country,” Berbatov said of the uncertainty, “but of course nobody wants such a thing to happen.”

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Top 6 sports games for Android and iOS in 2022 – Phandroid

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Sports games are mini versions of real sports. With sports games you can be whoever you want to be and decide who will be on your team. There’s a kind of power that comes with participating in a game that you love so much. The sports industry in 2022 remains a popular and ever-growing industry. There are many subsets in the industry, and sports mobile games make up a significant portion of the industry. Besides games, sports betting is another popular aspect of the sports industry in recent years.

Many sports fans now have a chance to make a lot of money through their dedication and following through sports betting. The good news is that there has never been a better time to bet on sports than now, with many betting sites such as powerful tips now making it easier for fans to win their bets with their savvy advice, predictions and analysis.

There are also professional tipsters like Kate Richardson, who continually give out winning tips that have helped many bettors place bets and win big in the process. Undoubtedly, the odds of succeeding in sports betting are at an all-time high with these resources. You can see Richardson’s profile here.

As a bettor or regular bettor, if you would like to play mobile sports games on your devices while you wait for your betting results, you can start with any of the following. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Best Sports Games for Android and iOS Users

Sports games are interesting. They give you the opportunity to experience what playing a sport looks like in real life. You can start with the experience of managing a team to implement player training in a game.

Sports games are all about the thrill, and here are some of the best sports games you can play in 2022:

FIFA Mobile 22

FIFA Mobile is one of the best sports games for Android. It offers the most realistic football experience you can get on mobile. With FIFA Mobile, you’re not just a random player; you are also partly responsible for certain management tasks.

You can choose the players and the formations you want them to play in. You also control players during a game and you can upgrade your team by purchasing items from the in-app store. FIFA Mobile is a fun game if you already know how to play football. If you don’t, you will have to follow tutorials to get the best football game experience on your mobile.

The coolest thing about a football game is that you don’t need your real legs; you need your hands on the pad and your thinking skills.

Madden NFL 22 Mobile Soccer

Although you can play it on Android, it is recommended as one of the best games for iOS. Madden NFL delivers an authentic football experience and features one of the best managerial styles in football games.

This game focuses on building your team and reaching the top of the leaderboards. You can achieve this by buy skilled players; you can search for qualified players by watching real matches and choosing the players you think could play better in your team. Then you can challenge the best teams and compete against them.

If your team wins against opponents, you move up the leaderboards. Madden NFL gives you the experience of building your football team and leading it to greatness.

Perfect MLB Round

Until MLB Perfect Inning, players did not explore baseball. It was a game that most people ignored. However, MLB Perfect Inning brought the game to life both on the field and on mobile devices.

MLB showcases the authenticity of baseball, and with the improved graphics, it almost looks like you’re playing the real game. With MLB, you can control your team to win Major League and baseball games.

You can also trade players, sell your incompetent players, and learn everything you need to know to win matches. MLB Baseball Inning is one of the best games for iOS users to play with friends.

NBA jam

If you’re a seasoned gamer, you’re probably familiar with NBA Jam. It’s a classic game that’s been around for a while. Although a classic, NBA Jam is frequently updated by game developers, making it one of the best sports games for Android and reflecting the new things that basketball sports- ball 2022 will reveal.

NBA Jam is easy to play, the rules are clear, and the touch controls are navigable. You can download NBA Jam from the Google Play Store, play locally, and play with friends online.

The game is mostly about teamwork and your efficiency as a basketball shooter. NBA Jam may be a game from the 90s, but it’s a game that’s constantly improving, making it top-notch and on par with the latest sports games.

real boxing 2

It will be difficult to find people who don’t like boxing sports. He quickly became one of most practiced sports in the world. People are paying money to watch a boxing match, and more people are betting on the possible outcomes.

These reasons have made boxing one of the richest sports in the world. While the sport keeps you on your toes, the game puts you in the shoes of the boxers. With Real Boxing 2, you have to create your avatar from scratch and fight to the top. You can challenge super champions to claim their position at the top. To do this effectively, you need to defeat fully equipped bosses with gears. This way you can also be fully equipped.

There are special attacks and abilities that you can purchase from the in-app store. You can use them to play against opponents all over the world. Real Boxing 2 gives you the realistic boxing ring experience. It’s about fighting your way to victory.

Unleashed Bike 2

This is another adventurous BMX game. It is one of the best games for iOS and Android. Like any BMX game, in Bike Unchained 2 you’ll race against opponents in the mountains and perform stunts between races.

You can customize your character and bikes to your liking. To do this, you can buy these customizations in the integrated store. Bike Unchained has one of the best graphical demonstrations, giving you a realistic experience of the game itself.


The beauty of sports games is that they guide you through the authenticity of real sports. With these suggestions, you can experience one of the best sports games for Android and iOS.

You can start with FIFA or NBA Jam, boxing games, and experience the reality and beauty of sports games.

Portugal implements live odds publication ban for sporting events

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Posted: March 23, 2022, 10:23 a.m.

Last update: March 23, 2022, 01:00 a.m.

In-play betting is becoming increasingly popular in the sports world. This is a step backwards in Portugal, however, following the introduction of a new regulation limiting where sportsbooks can publish their odds.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Portuguese football, playing for Manchester United. The Portuguese sports betting market is becoming more restrictive following the implementation of new rules. (Image: Getty Images)

In-play, or live, betting is the act of betting on a particular game as it occurs. It offers challenges that conventional sports betting does not. The odds go up and down faster and bettors need to be able to react accordingly.

It’s not a new concept – some sportsbooks have included in-game options for years. However, the rise of legalization, particularly in the United States, has facilitated increased participation. Portugal decided, however, that in-play bets need not be too exposed.

Portugal tightens in-play betting rules

The Gaming Inspection and Regulation Service (SRIJ, for its Portuguese acronym) established a new rule last week. N°1/2022/SRIJ updates various aspects of the country’s sports betting regulations, including the regulator’s approach to in-play betting.

Now, operators cannot view live odds on any platform, advertising medium or stadium screen. This also means no live odds presentation on Twitter, Facebook feeds and other social media platforms. Operators must restrict the ratings of their own websites.

Disclosure of real-time “odds” outside of the entity’s website explorer, in addition to setting up an easy call-to-play, is not a means that observes and abides by the rules… of the code of the advertising“, explains the SRIJ.

Any operator who breaks the rule potentially faces fines or other penalties, under the regulator’s rules on illegal advertising. The SRIJ has not specified the types of actions it can take if an infringement is discovered.

The aim of the new rule is to limit the exposure of the general public to gambling-related activities. It also aims to prevent any appearance that in-play betting can produce greater returns and to stop the potential for impulse betting.

Repress betting ads

In October 2021, Portugal implemented restrictions on gambling advertisements in the country. The Portuguese government believes that gambling should be treated the same as alcohol. It passed four laws in October 2021 to limit gambling ads.

The introduction of the laws was strongly linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a huge increase in the number of young people playing the game in Portugal during the lockdowns. This served as a catalyst for the creation of several new restrictions related to different forms of gambling and betting.

In addition, a time limit has also been imposed on advertisements from game providers. In Portugal, suppliers are not allowed to advertise in the media between 07:30 and 21:00. This is similar to policies in other countries, including the UK, which crack down on sports betting advertisements.

The SRIJ reports that the online sports betting category reached €423.8 million ($466.18 million) in the first quarter of 2021. Compared to the same period in 2020, this represents a growth of 284%, when the volume of bets amounted to 149.2 euros. million ($164.12 million).

This evolution of the industry has been supported by an equal growth in the number of bettors. In the first quarter of 2020, the SRIJ identified approximately 440,000 players. A year later, that number had grown to 770,000.

Cubs owners slam racism after Chelsea bid backlash

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Owners of the Chicago Cubs, who are bidding for Premier League club Chelsea, touted their anti-racism credentials on Wednesday after a backlash in England over offensive comments from the Ricketts family patriarch.

It’s been three years since Joe Ricketts apologized after online outlet Splinter News published emails featuring him making Islamophobic comments, such as “Islam is a cult not a religion”. competition to buy Chelsea, which went up for sale after Russian owner Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the British government for his links to President Vladimir Putin amid the war on Ukraine.

Paul Canoville, Chelsea’s first black player, tweeted ‘a big anti-racism NO to the Ricketts offer’. his son, Cubs president Tom Ricketts. They also partnered hedge fund manager Ken Griffin for the offering.

“Our family rejects all forms of hate in the strongest terms possible,” the Ricketts family said in a statement. ”Racism and Islamophobia have no place in our society.

“We have developed deep and lasting partnerships with the Muslim community in Chicago, as well as with all communities of color.” Tom Ricketts was due to travel to London this week to discuss the candidacy with fans.

“Respect for diversity and inclusion are core to our family values,” the family statement said. “If we are successful in our bid for Chelsea, we are committing to the club and the fans to actively promote these values.” There are at least seven known bidders for Chelsea and the UK government must approve a license for the redemption which cannot see Abramovich receive the sale proceeds.

The sale price could reach 3 billion pounds (4 billion dollars).

A consortium that has bid includes Todd Boehly, co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss and Jonathan Goldstein, a London-based property investor and CEO of Cain International.

Michael Broughton, the former chairman of Liverpool and British Airways, is leading a consortium that includes top tracker Sebastian Coe, chairman of World Athletics, IOC member and Chelsea fan.

British property tycoon Nick Candy is behind the “Blue Football Consortium” which offers investments from South Korean companies including Hana Financial Group, C&P Sports Group and an undisclosed third entity.

London-based global investment firm Centricus, which says it oversees $38 billion in assets, has also submitted an offer.

Amr Zedan, a Los Angeles-born Saudi investor, has also registered his offer with the Raine Group, the bank overseeing the sale of the reigning European and world champions.

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MN House Bill penalizes bad fans at youth sporting events

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ST. PAUL — The bill that penalizes sports fans who become unhinged during their children’s games is progressing at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Representing Jeff Huot is the sponsor of the bill in the House. He is also a long-time referee and has witnessed a lot of bad behavior himself.

He says there are already criminal codes that can solve some of the problems when violence turns physical.

He says the state also passed a law a few years ago that gave schools the right to suspend an unruly fan for up to a year, but it’s rarely enforced.

Huot says his bill would implement a civil penalty. It includes a $1,000 fine for your first offense that would be imposed by the Minnesota Amateur Athletic Commission.

We have to do something, doing nothing is not an option right now. It’s terrible to have to legislate behavior. Many of these events take place at the Little League level. I mean, how do you get in the car with your kid on the way home and have to talk about “Jimmy’s” mom or dad being a jerk on the sidelines?

Huot says a lot of details and specifics about the bill will be worked out as it goes through other House committees.

He says there is also a companion bill in the state Senate.

10 things every Minnesotan can relate to

Health and Safety for Sports Event Organizers – Media, Telecom, IT, Entertainment

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The recent Winter Olympics and the conclusion of Six Nations rugby are just two of many sporting events, large and small, which have welcomed fans back (in accordance with local laws and restrictions) over the past few weeks. As we continue to live with COVID-19, it is essential that organizers of sporting and other events are aware of health and safety requirements and their duty of care to attendees.

Main legal provisions

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 1974 etc. (“the 1974 Act”) is the main piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in Britain. It defines the general duties of employers (and self-employed persons) to employees and the public, as well as the duties of employees to themselves and to each other. The Occupiers Liability (Scotland) Act 1960 also imposes liability on an occupier for injury or damage to any person as a result of something the occupier has done (or failed to do).

Health and Safety Considerations for Event Hosts and Organizers

The 1974 law stipulates that the working environment for employees must be safe and without risk to health, as far as possible. An employer is also responsible for ensuring that members of the public are not exposed to health risks.

In the context of sporting events, event hosts and organizers will also be required to plan, manage and monitor the event to ensure that anyone attending is not exposed to risks to their health and his safety. This means that it is the responsibility of the host or organizer to ensure that there are sufficient safeguards and procedures in place (including any relevant COVID-19 safeguards that are legally required ) to mitigate any risk to the health and safety of staff, participants and the public. who participate in the event.

Health and safety considerations when volunteers are involved

A sports organization that employs employees is required to comply with the 1974 law.

Where a club is run by volunteers (without employees), the 1974 Act will not apply, but the club/volunteers will have a legal duty to ensure that all premises (e.g. a club house , pavilion, playing field, etc.) under their control are safe for participants and spectators, as far as possible. The extent of the obligation imposed by law will depend on the level of control the club/volunteers have over the premises concerned. They will be required to maintain the premises and any equipment made available in good condition.

The obligation to ensure the safety of a person “as far as possible” means that the level of risk must be weighed against the measures necessary to control the risk, taking into account money, time or difficulties necessary to mitigate this risk.

Manage crowds

Due to the obligation to ensure that spectators and the general public are not exposed to health and safety risks, event organizers must put in place sufficient crowd control measures. This is not a consideration only relevant to the duration of the event – risk assessments should take into account the preparation for the event and should remain in place until spectators have left the premises safely. This would involve issues such as safe entrances and exits, hazard-free walkways, determining the site’s security capability, and having a crowd management plan in place.

What happens if I rent a location or facility?

If you rent a place to play sports or organize an event, you may have certain obligations to manage the risks, to the extent possible. Again, the extent of these duties will depend on the degree of control you have over the premises and any equipment on the premises.

However, the legal obligation is not exclusively an issue for the club/organization renting a pitch or facility. It is important to remember that the owners of the facility or location must also ensure that the environment is safe for use. Owners cannot simply ignore health and safety considerations (because the event is run by a third party) – there will be an ongoing duty to ensure there are sufficient procedures and planning in place , and that the premises and any equipment provided are in good condition.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide on the subject. Specialist advice should be sought regarding your particular situation.

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IPL 15: 25% crowd allowed inside stadiums

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The 15th edition of the Indian Premier League, due to start in Mumbai on Saturday, will see 25% attendance in stadiums, organizers said on Wednesday.

The lucrative league kicks off at Wankhede Stadium on Saturday with defending champions Chennai Super Kings taking on Kolkata Knight Riders.

“This match will be a momentous occasion as the 15th edition of the IPL will welcome fans back to the stadiums after a brief hiatus due to the pandemic,” an IPL statement said.

“The matches will be played at stadiums in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune with an audience occupancy rate of 25% in line with COVID-19 protocols,” the statement added.

With the addition of two new teams – Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans – the IPL will have 74 matches this season, including 70 at Wankhede Stadium and Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai, as well as Navi Mumbai’s DY Patil Ground and Stadium. International MCA. in Pune.

Up to 20 matches each will take place in Wankhede and DY Patil, while 15 each will be staged in Brabourne and the MCA International Stadium in Pune.

The IPL returns to India after about a year. In 2021, the league was played behind closed doors at a few venues in India but was suspended midway through May after several cases of COVID-19 were reported in its bio-bubble. The remaining matches were then played in the United Arab Emirates in September–October.

The 2020 edition of the league was also played in the United Arab Emirates.

Tickets for the league stage will go on sale from Wednesday and can be purchased through the league’s official website or at

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