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Top games and sporting events this month: October 2022

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The Dash kicks off its first-ever playoff game in October | Courtesy of Houston Dash

Grab a ticket and some popcorn for our picks for the best games and sporting events across Houston in October 2022.

The Astros in October are a fairly familiar sight in Houston, and this year is no different as they head into the playoff opener.

Plus, just a few blocks away, the Dash enters its first-ever playoff series in mid-October. But this month is also a fresh start as the Rockets begin their 82-game season.

We’ve rounded up the main highlights of this month’s sports calendar, but you can read more about the 365 Houston calendar.

Top 11 games and sporting events this month: October 2022

  • College Football: Houston Cougars vs. Tulane University at TDECU Stadium | Saturday October 8 – The green wave hits Bayou City and the Coogs will look to defend their territory. $8.50 and up. 6 p.m.
  • Houston Dynamo FC vs. LA Galaxy at PNC Stadium | Sunday October 9 – In Dynamo’s final game of the season, fans can grab a Hector Herrera bobblehead or take part in a ticket package that includes a Latino Heritage scarf. $20 and up. 4 p.m.
  • ALDS 2022: Houston Astros vs. TBD at Minute Maid Park | Tuesday October 11 and Thursday October 13 – The ‘Stros kick off another playoff series, hosting a Wild Card winner to be determined for Games 1, 2 and 5, if necessary. Tickets start at $35, but you can find better, cheaper, or hard-to-get seats using the TicketNetwork online marketplace. Hours to be determined.
  • ChildAdvocates Superhero Race at CityCentre | Saturday October 15 – This annual run through CityCentre encourages participants to enter their favorite superhero contest and have a go at a 5K, while raising money for Child Advocates, an organization that helps provide support, medical aid and mental health to children in the care system. Registration is $35 for the 5K; $20 for Kids K. 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.
  • Houston Dash vs. Kansas City Current at PNC Stadium | Sunday October 16 – For the first time ever, the Houston Dash is honoring the playoffs and fans can pack PNC when they enjoy $7 tickets, dollar hot dogs and $3 beers for a special 7-1 night -3 to EaDo. $7 and up. 4 p.m.
  • 6th Annual Hess Houston Corporate 5K at Memorial Park | From Tuesday 18 October to Thursday 20 October – The annual three-night corporate teambuilding event has hundreds of companies represented by their employees heading to Memorial Park for a 5K that typically sells out each year. Stick around for a post-race party that includes free food and Saint Arnold beers with a live band, raffle prizes and more. Registration is $40 and up. 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Houston Rockets vs. Memphis Grizzlies at Toyota Center | friday 21 october – A young Rockets team that includes first-round pick Jabari Smith, Jr. will open the 2022-23 NBA season by taking on Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies on the court. $25 and up. 7 p.m.
  • Monster Jam at NRG Stadium | Saturday October 22 – Watch 12,000 pound monster trucks soar, flip and crash around NRG Stadium when the traveling show returns to Houston. $20 and up. 7 p.m.
  • Fall Classic at the Houston Polo Club | Sunday October 23 – The annual Fall Classic sees pros take to the field for a world-class polo match that also includes a parade of players, live music, a champagne divot kick and halftime, and a contest for the best straw cowboy hat. $35; $15.50 for ages 12 and under. Boxes for 2-20 guests range from $89-$895. 4 p.m.
  • Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz at Toyota Center | monday october 24 – The Rockets face the Jazz in their second home game of the season on Filipino Heritage Night, which honors Houston’s Jalen Green, as well as Utah Jazz’s Jordan Clarkson, the only active Filipino players in the NBA . $15 and up. 7 p.m.
  • Houston Texans vs. Tennessee Titans at NRG Stadium | Sunday October 30 – On the eve of Halloween, the Texans will be looking to right ship this season against their oldest rivals, the Titans. $69 and up. 3 p.m.

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Lifelong Houstonian Justin Jerkins keeps tabs on all kinds of happenings in H-Town, including breweries, sports, concerts, must-see destinations and more while serving as editor of 365 things to do in Houston.

Here’s what a dedicated Apple Sports app could look like

By Sports app

Apple already has an Apple News app, so why not an Apple Sports app too? That’s the question some have been asking given the news that Apple may be looking into sports coverage in the coming months – and a new concept shows us what that could look like.

Apple TV+ is already showing live baseball games and there are talks of the NFL Sunday Ticket coming to the streaming service. Now designer Parker Ortolani has created concept art that shows what a dedicated Apple Sports app could look like.

Sports, by Apple

The concept borrows from existing Apple apps like Apple TV and of course Apple News, but with a decidedly sporty twist. Ortolani says people could “get the latest news, follow scores in real time, watch games, see highlights, follow your favorite teams, players and leagues” with the app. You’ll also be able to explore each player’s maps for more information, according to a series of tweets on the subject.

See more

The idea of ​​a sports-based Apple News spin-off makes a lot of sense, and Apple is already gearing up to bring sports scores to our home and lock screens through Live Activities – a feature that will debut with iOS 16.1 in the coming weeks. Sports scores and news currently live in the News app, but the suggestion that Apple could distribute them in its own app could also mean freeing up space for more in-depth content.

Live Activities will display scores and real-time information directly on the iPhone Home and Lock screens in a way that was not possible before. More new notifications every time something changes, and with iPhone 14 Pro owners, they’ll be able to glance over their devices to see the scores no matter what – all thanks to the addition of the permanent display.

Concept imagines a dedicated Apple Sports application

By Sports app

Apple has recently invested more in sports content. This year, the company struck a deal with Major League Baseball to stream games every Friday on Apple TV+. As rumors suggest this is just the beginning, the designer Parker Ortolani made a concept by imagining a dedicated Apple Sports app for iOS and watchOS.

Apple Sports app

The main idea of ​​an Apple Sports app is to bring together everything related to sports in one place, including not only matches to watch, but also news, scores, interesting facts about teams and players , And much more. Ortolani describes the idea as an “ultimate sports center”.

The app concept is heavily inspired by the Apple TV and Apple News apps. In Parker’s vision, the app would provide easy access to sports content from Apple TV+ and also from third-party providers like ESPN, so users could find it all in the same app. The idea is the same as having Apple TV+ and third-party channels together in the Apple TV app.

But the Apple Sports app would offer much more than just access to video content. The concept shows how Apple could use Apple News to allow users to follow news from their favorite sports, leagues and players with curated content directly from the Apple Sports app.

Ortolani is also considering player cards with detailed information, as well as real-time updated scoreboards for times when you can’t watch the matches – which seems perfect for Apple Watch users. “Choose your favorite teams, players and leagues and get everything you want to know about them.”

There’s more to come

With iOS 16, Apple unveiled a new way for users to track game scores and a brief summary of important events right from the iPhone lock screen. This feature will be available later this year with iOS 16.1.

The company is said to have negotiated the broadcast rights for the NFL, and Apple is also reportedly interested in bidding for domestic broadcast rights to the UEFA Champions League. On top of all that, Apple has announced an exclusive deal with Major League Soccer starting in 2023.

With all of that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine that Apple will eventually introduce a dedicated sports app. What do you think of this idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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CBS Sports app gaffe sends push alert that Aaron Judge hit home run No. 62 | Sports

By Sports app

Everyone has Aaron Judge on their minds.

With the baseball world focused on the Yankees slugger and his pursuit of the No. 62 home run, CBS Sports’ game-tracking app has picked a bad time to go haywire.

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CBS Sports app gaffe sends alert that Aaron Judge has hit the home run

By Sports app

Everyone has Aaron Judge on their minds.

With the baseball world focused on the Yankees slugger and his pursuit of the No. 62 home run, CBS Sports’ game-tracking app has picked a bad time to go haywire.

A glitch in the Matrix prevented Yankee fans from tuning into Tuesday afternoon’s opener of a day-night double against the Texas Rangers on the YES Network thinking the No. 99 had passed Roger Maris to become the new single-season home of the American League. run champion.

At least if they relied on the CBS Sports app for updates.

Not only did the game tracking tab credit the judge with the first and second inning home runs (the home runs actually hit by Oswaldo Cabrera and Owald Peraza), it also credited the judge with each start at bat for both teams.

Fans took to social media to hit up the app and share screenshots after receiving alerts that Judge had hit a home run in the first inning.

As it stands, Judge is still stuck on 61 home runs. The 30-year-old slugger went 1-for-5 in Game 1 of the doubles — a 5-4 win over Rangers — with a hit (a single to the middle in the 8th) and a run scored.

He now has two games left to break his tie with Roger Maris, starting with the last drink on Tuesday night. The Yankees wrap up the regular season with the last game of this series at Arlington on Wednesday afternoon (4 p.m. ET). If Judge were to go homeless until the end of Tuesday, the comparisons to Maris breaking Babe Ruth’s record on the last day of the season 61 years ago will be endless.

After not seeing many pitches to hit against the Baltimore Orioles, the Rangers kept their word and attacked Judge most of this series giving him plenty of pitches to hit. The Yankees superstar just couldn’t take it so far.

watchOS 10 imagines Live Activities, a sports app and more for Apple Watch

By Sports app

iOS 16 introduced Live Activities as part of the new lock screen so users can initiate updates from an app in real time, such as food delivery, public transit, sporting events , etc.

Developer Parker Ortolani has created the watchOS 10 concept that imagines Live Activities, a redesigned Home screen, Rest Mode, Keychain app and more for the Apple Watch.

The watchOS 10 concept imagines a customizable home screen, new apps and more

watchOS 9 brings new watch faces, international roaming, low power mode, and improvements for compass, fitness, sleep, AFib, workout apps, and more. However, for some users, this might not be enough. Compared to iOS 16, the latest watchOS 9 update does not include major changes to the way users interact with their Apple Watches.

Ortolani’s watchOS 10 concept brings some cool features to Apple Watch that imagine a new way for users to interact with the smartwatch and some exclusive features for Apple Watch Ultra.

  • Live activities on Apple Watch in three new interfaces:
    • Siri watch face displays live activities in custom maps to show real-time updates throughout the day.

watch conceptOS 10

    • Metal dials have an uncomplicated analog clock face and are available in green, hazelnut and blue finishes. The new faces change color with users’ movements and store live activities under the clock for users to easily access with a simple swipe.

watch conceptOS 10

    • sports app, Built into the watch face, keeps users updated with real-time game scores and displays information about different teams and more at a glance.

watch conceptOS 10

  • rest mode disables pit notifications and pauses activity tracking to give users a break to recover after an active workout or streak.

watch conceptOS 10

  • Keychain app brings users’ passwords and two-factor authentication codes from their favorite websites and accounts to the Apple Watch so they can log in through their smartwatch.

watch conceptOS 10

  • Customizable home screen allows users to organize apps according to their preferences in the home screen list view, add shortcuts and create folders.

watch conceptOS 10

The watchOS 10 concept for Apple Watch Ultra imagines additional features for outdoor activities and web browsing.

  • Explore the app allows users to search for the best trails, cool spots, and more. It also includes a new interface that displays the user’s path on the map with the compass so that they can follow it in real time.

watch conceptOS 10

  • Safari takes advantage of the larger screen of the Apple Watch Ultra to offer a new browsing experience. It allows users to surf the web, access their favorite sites and more right from their wrist.

watch conceptOS 10

In addition to the watchOS 10 concept, the latest features of iOS 16 and iPhone 14 Pro have inspired other innovative concepts, such as the Dynamic Island game for iPhone 14 Pro “Hit The Island” and Dynamic Island for iPad Pro.

Soccer-City’s Haaland hails chemistry with De Bruyne

By Sports games

Erling Haaland took his tally to 14 Premier League goals with a hat-trick in Manchester United’s 6-3 thrashing on Sunday and the Manchester City striker said the chemistry he forged with Kevin De Bruyne had been a important factor in its success. Belgian De Bruyne was involved in four of Haaland’s league goals, including two in Sunday’s derby win.

“It’s crazy, the passes, we meet again,” Haaland, who joined the Premier League champions at the end of the season, told City’s website in an interview published on Monday. “I’ve only been at the club for a few months, but the chemistry feels so natural. That might be the best part.

“It’s natural, that I go on the run, and he finds me. When it feels natural, there’s nothing better. “It’s fantastic, it’s really something special, but we can’t not forget the others. Kevin is a player, but I could sit here all day and talk about everyone. It’s not just him, but there are also so many others and other amazing assists.”

City host FC Copenhagen in the Champions League in midweek before returning to domestic action against Southampton on Saturday.

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New Zealand hosts World Cup amid growth in women’s rugby

By Sports games

New Zealand are the hosts and defending champions but will not be one of the favorites at the Women’s Rugby World Cup, which kicks off on Saturday with three straight matches at Auckland’s Eden Park stadium.

New Zealand’s Black Ferns won the last World Tournament in Ireland in 2017 and have been the highest-ranked women’s team almost continuously from 2003-2020.

But the Ferns have slipped to No 2 in the world rankings behind England’s Red Roses, who took first place in 2020 and are unbeaten in 23 matches since 2019.

France, although ranked No. 4, are also top contenders, seasoned by competition in Europe’s Six Nations tournament and having won their last four matches against New Zealand.

The World Cup comes at a pivotal time for women’s rugby, following concerted efforts to increase investment of money and resources by World Rugby and national rugby unions. The global tournament should showcase the benefits of this investment in match quality and competitiveness.

The first three matches – France v South Africa, England v Fiji and Australia v New Zealand – are expected to be played in front of a crowd of around 40,000 at Eden Park, a record for a Women’s World Cup match. World Rugby hopes to seize the moment.

“Women’s rugby is the cornerstone of World Rugby’s growth plan for the whole game,” World Rugby director of women’s rugby, Sally Horrox, told “If we are to develop a global game for all, we will need more girls and women to play, coach, referee, volunteer and lead our sport,” said Horrox, World Cup New Zealand, the next three editions were crucial to this plan. .

“These events anchor us and provide a compass to guide us as we scale up our efforts and investments to accelerate growth over the next decade,” Horrox said.

World Rugby chief executive Alan Gilpin said the record crowd expected on opening day is “a great sign of confidence that this will be a great tournament”. The tournament was scheduled to take place in 2021 but was delayed due to travel issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A year late, you’re still worried that it’s going to be difficult to run a tournament in the circumstances we find ourselves in,” Gilpin said. “The teams have been incredibly patient. Their commitment has been fantastic and I think what you see is the New Zealand public supporting them. I think that bodes well for the whole tournament.” Singer-songwriter Rita Ora will perform at Eden Park on opening day to voice her support for women’s sport.

“I’m a women’s advocate, so for me to bring attention to women’s World Cup rugby is incredible, especially with the success of the Women’s Euros this year,” Ora said. “I think spotlighting that will eventually make it the norm, just like the way people are going to watch men’s rugby. I believe there’s a huge space for women to follow suit – if they don’t. don’t already.” The teams that will compete in the World Cup have been divided into three groups of four. New Zealand are in Group A with Australia, Wales and Scotland, while England and France have been drawn with South Africa and Fiji in Group C. Group B includes Canada – also considered a competitor – the United States, Italy and Japan.

The top two teams from each pool and the next two highest ranked teams will qualify for the quarter-finals. The final is scheduled for Eden Park on November 12.

With England dealing with favoritism, New Zealand have an extra weight to carry as hosts in a country where rugby is a clear favorite as the national sport. New Zealand co-hosted the first men’s Rugby World Cup with Australia in 1987 and won the tournament, also adding men’s titles at home in 2011 and in Great Britain in 2015.

“I will probably feel emotions that I have never felt before,” New Zealand co-captain Ruahei Demant said of the long-awaited women’s event. “You kind of dream of opportunities like this, playing a Rugby World Cup on home soil, but you never think it would happen.

“To be one of the luckiest, at the right time in our career, the stars are aligned. I can’t describe it because I don’t even know what it’s going to be like.”

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Best sports games in 2022

By Sports games

The best sports games are video games that simulate the practice of a sport. Most sports have been recreated with play, including team sports, athletics, extreme sports, and martial arts. Some games emphasize the actual game of the sport, while others emphasize the strategy and management of the sport. Sports like soccer, football, golf and running have been turned into video games. Video games take many forms. You can be a single participant in a game or a manager in charge of an entire team.

Some sports have been introduced to new arenas, where golf is played in a post-apocalyptic world. Some sports don’t even exist in the real world. We’re blessed to live in a time when we can pick up a gamepad and put ourselves in the middle of sports video games so realistic we can practically smell the nachos in the booths. The default controls automatically position the player to take shots with swipe gestures that execute different shots. However, there are also settings for advanced controls. Below we have mentioned the best sports games.

Here is the list of the best sports games

FIFA Soccer

It is also one of the most popular sports games. It features full rosters of over 550 real teams. It includes stars from past and present. The game also includes one of the best graphics we have ever seen in a mobile game. It’s an EA game. Therefore, you will need to be ready for all the free features. Don’t expect a completely perfect game, but it’s definitely above average. In addition, it is renewed every year with updates to the list and, sometimes, even with modifications to the mechanics.

You can also customize your player’s physical appearance, but unlike the console version of the game, you can’t map your face to them, an odd omission given that the Vita has a built-in camera. Once you’ve set up your player, you can use them throughout Career Mode – and even in the Practice Arena – to boost their stats and earn achievements.

imposing city

Dominate the city in fast-paced multiplayer matches with mind-blowing dodgeball mechanics. Boost your offense by switching to enhanced dodge balls, hitting your opponents with a variety of specialized balls, or “up” at any time to be thrown by your teammates. Form an All-Star dodgeball team with your friends for multiplayer matches in a seamless crossplay experience! Together, eliminate your opponents in 3v3, 4v4 or free-for-all matches.

Knockout City takes a classic game, dodgeball, and turns it into a colorful and chaotic online multiplayer brawl with an impressive balance of depth and accessibility. For example, it’s possible to correctly time a button press to catch an incoming ball instead of getting knocked out, trick your opponent into charging the ball, execute a false throw, or pass the ball to a teammate. he’s in a better position. Various jumps, evasions and sliding maneuvers are also available to keep moving creatively.

rocket league

Rocket League’s strength is its accessibility. There is only one button to drive, jump and boost. The rest, including the seemingly endless ceiling of meta-skills involving somersaults, floating jumps, and seal-like precision with the ball, is up to you. The fact that he retained his stamina says a lot about developer Psyonix’s ability to alter the addictive formula.

Rocket League is all about getting into the next game full throttle as fast as you can. Unfortunately, the servers are still struggling, which means your mileage may vary from day to day when it comes to online features. But on the plus side, the mostly formidable AI can also make offline matches interesting and tense.

Football Manager includes databases with thousands of players, with detailed information about each player’s playing style and abilities. Whether you want to lead a non-league side to glory or prefer to dominate with a Super League side, Football Manager 22 gives you the tools to become the greatest manager of all time.

This year’s Football Manager brings together everything that has distinguished the series over the past decade into a single package, making it the best FM game ever. Take charge of a local non-league club or replace one of the greats in a trophy-winning team; the choice is yours because you have a story to tell and a legacy to forge. Deadline Day, the new feature of FM 2022, is as exciting as it is stressful.


“Pay to win.” “Script.” “Broken.” FIFA wouldn’t be FIFA without the players lined up to target it, and the lootbox mechanics for opening packs in Ultimate Team definitely need more transparency. Overall, however, there are few sports games – or games of any kind – that offer so much return for your money.

New gameplay features in FIFA 22 deliver greater consistency between positions with a rewritten goalkeeper that brings more composure to the most important position on the pitch, as well as new ball physics, shot explosive that better matches the acceleration of the fastest players in the game, and new offensive tactics that put you in control of your team’s playstyle. In career mode, live your soccer dreams by building and managing the game’s newest team to glory.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball 3, with its focus on near-superhuman athletes and their bountiful stats, is, in essence, an interactive baseball card. Metalhead Software’s latest title is a glimpse into what makes the sport an internationally beloved game, as it places you in a world where dingers go deep, showboats flex their supermassive biceps and pitcher-batter matches are games. strained from cat and mouse.

Get your money’s worth in a casual brawl or push the limits of your reflexes in this polished baseball simulator. The third title in the series features an all-new Franchise mode, major graphical improvements, and on-field additions such as situation-based player picks and traits.

NBA 2K22

From tarmac to hardwood and all over the neighborhood, NBA 2K20 and its next-level features are the closest thing to actually playing in the league. Welcome to the next one. Put your career on the line to stand up for what you believe in. NBA 2K22 is the ultimate basketball game for PC and is also the only basketball series available right now.

Almost every version of NBA 2K is full of cheats that the developers try to debunk. 2K22 offers players a number of classic teams from NBA history to choose from. Want to see how the 2021 Golden State Warriors fare against the 1996 Chicago Bulls? It is possible to play such games without spending extra money.

Last words

The best sports games are some of the worst monetized games in the industry, but that’s not the subject of today’s roundup. No, at AP we like to celebrate quality games. So that’s exactly what you’ll find in today’s roundup of sports games, titles that offer fair prizes and entertaining gameplay. we think they exemplify the best sports games Android has to offer; we hope everyone was able to find a game or two to play.

The Apple Sports app as a hub for TV+ content and news

By Sports app

Apple is focusing a lot on sports, especially in 2022. After announcing a major partnership with MLB to show Friday Night Baseball games, the company has also partnered with Major League Soccer to show all Friday Night Baseball games. MLS around the world for 10 years, starting in 2023. On top of that, Apple Music is the new sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show and Apple would be the likeliest winner of the $3 billion deal with the NFL. With all that in mind, a concept imagines what an Apple Sports app would look like.

Graphic designer Parker Ortolani posted his concept on Twitter. Ortolani is known for his concepts regarding Apple’s ecosystem. According to him, with the Apple Sports app, you’ll get “breaking news, track scores in real time, watch games, see highlights, follow your favorite teams, players and leagues.” Apart from content from Apple, this app could be powered by ESPN and other partners.

Its concept is based on three pillars:

  • The ultimate sports hub: Get scores, schedules, updates, news on your favorite players and more all in one place. Even stay up to date with Apple Watch;
  • Watch games anywhere: Stream games with Apple TV Plus and watch highlights from previous games. Save your favorites and share them anywhere;
  • Follow your favourites: Choose your favorite team, players and leagues and get everything you want to know about them in one convenient tab.
Image sources: Parker Ortolani

Ortolani’s idea is very similar to what Apple is already offering with the TV app. The company was able to create a hub of TV shows, movies, and more. combining the iTunes experience, Apple TV Plus content, and channels users can subscribe to. But with this increased focus on sports, it might make sense for Apple to unveil a standalone app or a new tab on the TV app, which could also offer Apple News+ integration.

Image sources: Parker Ortolani

The creator also thinks Player cards and the ability to Scroll for stats could be great additions. With the first feature, users could check any athlete’s details “with great looking player cards that include photos, stats and the latest news.” The Apple Sports app is said to pull the “latest and most accurate information straight from ESPN and display the information beautifully.”

You can take a look at Ortolani’s full concept below.

More Apple coverage: Apple executives call iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island ‘biggest change’ since iPhone X.

APSU Soccer hosts Eastern Kentucky on Sunday – Clarksville Online

By Sports events

Clarksville, TN –Austin Peay State University (APSU) Women’s Soccer hosts Eastern Kentucky for Senior Day in a game Sunday at 1:00 p.m. at Morgan Brothers Football Field.

The Governors (3-5-4, 1-2-1 ASUN) will honor his five seniors – Chloe Dion, Karley Robert, Anna McPhie, Marli Niederhauserand Jisela Dall – starting about 20 minutes before kickoff against the Colonels (5-3-2, 1-1-2 ASUN).

The APSU governors earned their fourth ASUN conference point and fifth shutout after playing in a scoreless tie against Bellarmine on Thursday. McPhie and sophomore Alec Baumgardt led the Govs with two strokes apiece in APSU’s 10-stroke performance.

Dion has played every minute between the posts for the Govs this season, her 1,080 minutes played ranks fourth among Division I goalkeepers, while her five shutouts rank 29th in the nation and third in the league. ‘ASUN.

Sunday’s game is the 16th all-time meeting between Governors and Colonels and the first in ASUN gaming. Austin Peay State University leads the all-time series, 8-5-3, and is 7-0-2 against EKU at Morgan Brothers Soccer Field.

About the Eastern Kentucky Colonels

Record 2022: 5-3-2 (1-1-2 ASUN)

Record 2021: 9-10 (4-5 ASUN)

Result of the 2021 season: After defeating Liberty No. 2 in the quarterfinals of the ASUN Conference Tournament, Eastern Kentucky fell to eventual champions in Lipscomb, 4-0.

All-Time Series: 8-3-2, APSU

Last meeting: Rachel Bradberry found the back of the net in the 100th minute to lead Austin Peay to a 2-1 overtime win on March 19, 2021.

Quick Kicks

APSU Women's Soccer 2022 - Chloe Dion.  (Robert Smith, APSU Sports Information)Austin Peay State University continues its four-game homestand in Sunday’s 1:00 p.m. game against Eastern Kentucky.

APSU will honor its five seniors – Chloe Dion, Marli Niederhauser, Anna McPhie, Karley Robert and Jisela Dall – before the match.

The Governors are looking to pick up their first ASUN Conference home win against the Colonels.

APSU Volleyball 2022 - Marli Niederhauser.  (Robert Smith, APSU Sports Information)The Govs picked up their first ASUN win in a 3-1 win over North Alabama last Sunday.

Three best governors of the season – Marli Niederhauser, Ellie Dreas, Tori Suitcase – found the back of the net for the Govs in the win over the Lions.

Dreas’ goal against UNA was the first of her career, proved to be the winning move and was voted ASUN Women’s Football Game of the Week.

APSU is 11-13-4 all-time against Bluegrass State teams.

APSU Women's Soccer 2022 - Anna McPhie.  (Robert Smith, APSU Sports Information)The Govs’ eight wins over EKU are the third against a single opponent in program history.

Austin Peay State University is 3-0 on first baseman this season.

APSU governors are 2-3-1 in weekend games in 2022 and 2-2-1 on Sunday.

The Govs earned their fourth point in the ASUN game after playing out a scoreless draw against Bellarmine on Thursday.

APSU Women's Soccer 2022 - Alec Baumgardt.  (Robert Smith, APSU Sports Information)Seven governors — Anna McPhie, Alec Baumgardt, Tori Suitcase, Marli Niederhauser, Ellie Dreas, Olivia Prockand Karley Robert – have found the back of the net this season, matching the team’s total goalscoring tally from 2021.

McPhie and Baumgardt lead the Govs with two goals this season, while McPhie also leads the team with five points.

Baumgardt leads the team with 21 shots and nine shots on goal. The Federal Way, Washington native has posted multiple attempts in four straight games and seven times overall.

APSU Football 2022 - Case Tori.  (Robert Smith, APSU Sports Information)Chloe Dion earned his fifth shutout of the season against Bellarmine who is tied with Mary Parker Powell (2018) for the fifth most in a single season.

Dion’s five shutouts this season rank 29th in Division I this season, while his 1.00 goals-against-average is second in ASUN.

Lindsey McMahon started every game of his career and leads the team with 29 consecutive starts.

McMahon leads all non-goalkeepers on the team with 1,066 minutes. The Fountain Hills, Arizona native has logged 90 minutes in 11 of 12 games this season.

Chloe Dion, Marli Niederhauser, Karley Robert, Ellie Dreas, Lindsey McMahon, Tori Suitcase and Anna McPhie have started all 11 games this season.

Follow the governors of the APSU

For news and updates throughout ASUN’s 2022 and inaugural season of Governors, follow the soccer team on Twitter and Instagram (@GovsWSOC) and on Facebook (Austin Peay Women’s Soccer).

Next step for APSU football

The Austin Peay State University women’s soccer team plays its third of four straight home games in Thursday’s 6:00 a.m. game against Jacksonville.

Tennessee Titans vs. Indianapolis Colts History – Clarksville Online

By Sports events

Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts have played in 55 games all-time, including the playoffs. The Colts lead the series 35-20.

After splitting the series in 2019 and 2020, the Titans won both games in 2021. The Colts swept the Titans every year from 2012 to 2016, until 2017 when the Titans swept the season series for the first time since 2002.

In the first meeting of 2021 (September 26), the Titans won 25-16 at Nissan Stadium. Ryan Tannehill completed three touchdown passes and Derrick Henry rushed for 113 yards to help the Titans earn their second straight victory over the Colts.

In the 2021 rematch at Lucas Oil Stadium (October 31), the game went to overtime before an interception by safety Kevin Byard put kicker Randy Bullock in position for a game-winning 44-yard field goal to carry the Titans at 34-31 wins. It was a costly win, however, as Henry suffered an injury that would see him miss the rest of the regular season.

The Titans and Colts have met only once in the playoffs, a 19-16 Titans victory in a divisional playoff game at the RCA Dome on January 16, 1999. Eddie George rushed for 162 yards, including a 68-yard touchdown run to help lead Tennessee in its run to Super Bowl XXXIV.

Three years later, in 2002, the NFL realigned and the AFC South was created. The Titans left AFC Central and the Colts left AFC East to form half of the new division.

The teams first played each other in 1970 following the AFL-NFL merger. The then Baltimore Colts defeated the then Houston Oilers 24-20 in the Colts’ run to a Super Bowl V championship.

Most recent matches

2020 Week 10 • Nov. 12, 2020 • COLTS 34 to Titans 17

The Indianapolis Colts score the last 24 points of the game to defeat the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football. The Titans’ second half featured three straight possessions ending in a 17-yard punt, a punt blocked by the Colts for a touchdown, and a field goal miss, leading directly to 21 total points for the Colts.

Colts quarterback Philip Rivers passes for 308 yards and a touchdown, while running back Nyheim Hines has 115 yards from scrimmage (70 rushing, 45 receiving) and two total touchdowns. Derrick Henry rushes for 103 yards on 19 carries.

2020 Week 12 • Nov 29, 2020 • TITANS 45 to Colts 26

In a 7-3 battle, the Tennessee Titans win to take the lead in AFC South. Derrick Henry has 178 yards on 27 rushing attempts and in the first half alone he had 140 rushing yards and three touchdowns. The Titans score touchdowns on five of their six possessions in the first half. After the Indianapolis Colts tied the score at 14-14 in the second quarter, the Titans scored the next 24 points.

AJ Brown (98 receiving yards) scores on a 69-yard catch-and-run in the first quarter and adds a 42-yard touchdown return on an onside Colts kickoff attempt in the fourth quarter. The Titans have 449 yards, including 229 rushing yards.

2021 Week 3 • September 26, 2021 • Colts 16 to TITANS 25

Ryan Tannehill passes for 197 yards and completes touchdown passes to running back Jeremy McNichols and wide receivers Nick Westbrook-Ikhine and Chester Rogers. Derrick Henry rushes for 113 yards and adds another 31 receiving yards. Tannehill is the victim of two Colts interceptions.

The Titans defense limits the Colts to 265 total yards, three third conversions on 12 attempts and a 66.7 passer rating by Carson Wentz. Outside linebacker Ola Adeniyi leads the Titans with a career-high 1.5 sacks.

2021 Week 8 • Oct. 31, 2021 • TITANS 34 to Colts 31 (OT)

Randy Bullock provided the winning score with a 44-yard field goal in overtime that was set up by Kevin Byard’s interception of a Carson Wentz pass. The Titans overcame a 14-0 deficit early in the second quarter. Ryan Tannehill completes three touchdown passes, including a 57-yard one to AJ Brown. Brown has 155 yards on 10 catches.

Elijah Molden’s interception and two-yard touchdown return gave the Titans the lead late in the fourth quarter, but the Colts responded with a touchdown with 22 seconds left to force overtime.

APSU Homecoming Parade shines despite the rain – Clarksville Online

By Sports events

Clarksville, TN – Students and alumni of Austin Peay State University (APSU) gathered for this year’s annual Homecoming Parade. The rain did not prevent this incredible crowd for this event of September 24th.

Excitement mounted as cars and floats lined up on Eighth Street to begin the walk down College Street, Drane Street and Marion Street.

This year’s parade featured APSU President Mike Licari and his wife Kirsten. Shortly thereafter followed Miss Austin Peay. After those last two were last year’s winners and this year’s reunion court.

“It was really exciting and happy to see all the APSU alumni coming out to support us,” said Madison Beaudoin, Returning Princess. “It was really fun to have my Alpha Delta Pi sorority supporting me, along with Sigma Phi Epsilon, we had a lot of support from college and it was a great feeling to hear my name called.”

The Madison Sorority also created a float for the parade. Decorating a float is also a friendly competition between sororities and fraternities. The winners of the tank and the return field will be announced during the return match at halftime.

Sigma Kappa Sorority member Mackenzie Ross mentioned that time was not an issue for her and her sorority sisters. Sigma Kappa Sorority partnered with Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity to decorate their float and luckily the fraternity had a barn.

“The best thing about coming home is the bonding we get and the bonding within our fellowship and the other fellowship we associate with. We named our alligator on the float ‘Albert,'” Mackenzie added.

Andrew Fowler, Homecoming Prince, “It was really fun. I didn’t know what to expect, but as things progressed it started to be less stressful and ended up being a overall great experience!”

“I’m thrilled to have my mom walking the court with me. It’s going to be fun,” Fowler added.

This year’s parade also included the Governor’s own marching band, the Diamond Divas majorette team, the Austin State University Peay Dance and Cheering Team, as well as the Governor of APSU .

The Latinx Cultural Resource Center presented a float to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month.

The APSU Homecoming parade was part of a week of celebrations leading up to last Saturday’s game between Austin Peay State University and Eastern Kentucky. APSU came from behind to defeat EKU 31-20.

Photo gallery

APSU Soccer defeats Bellarmine to draw – Clarksville Online

By Sports events

Clarksville, TN – Senior Goalkeeper Chloe Dion earned its fifth shutout of the season, as Austin Peay State University (APSU) football team played out a scoreless tie against Bellarmine on Thursday at Morgan Brothers Soccer Field.

Austin Peay (3-5-4) picked up his fourth tie of the season against Bellarmine (0-3-8) who entered Thursday’s contest leading Division I in draws this season.

Junior Annabelle Anderson fired the first shot for the Govs in the fifth minute, while the freshman At Kasidy Schenk The 11th minute attempt was saved by Bellarmine goalkeeper Elyssa Francis. Senior Anna McPhie and junior Tori Suitcase were unable to beat the Knights defense later in the half with shots on goal in the 19th and 24th minutes, respectively.

More than 70% of the Govs’ possession time in the first half was in the attacking zone and resulted in six shots including three on target. Comparatively, Bellarmine was held without a shot in the first half after nearly 65% ​​of his possession time came in his defensive zone.

The Govs blocked Bellarmine’s first shot in the 48th minute, while by Alec Baumgardt The 60th minute attempt went over the goal.

Second year Olivia Prock scored her third shot on goal this season in the 66th minute, but she and a graduate student by Marli Niederhauser 86th minute attempts were caught by Francis, resulting in the draw.

Inside the box

Austin Peay State University’s five shutouts are the program’s fourth in a single season.

APSU is 74-50-23 all-time at Morgan Brothers Soccer Field after the draw.

The Governors’ four ties are tied for the most in a single season in program history (2009, 2019).

APSU are 0-1-2 against their new opponents in 2022.

Governors have held opponents scoreless in the first half in four of the last five games.

Chloe Dion continued to net for APSU and played every minute of all 12 games this season.

Dion improved her career save percentage to .748 — passing Mary Parker Powell (2016-18, .745) — for seventh place all-time.

Avryn’s List played a career-high 66 minutes.

Alec Baumgardt played a season-high 82 minutes.

Lindsey McMahon extended his starting streak to 29 games against the Knights, while playing all 90 minutes for the 11th time this season.

Follow the governors of the APSU

For news and updates throughout ASUN’s 2022 and inaugural season of Governors, follow the soccer team on Twitter and Instagram (@GovsWSOC) and on Facebook (Austin Peay Women’s Soccer).

Next step for APSU football

Austin Peay State University football team to honor its five seniors – Marli Niederhauser, Chloe Dion, Karley Robert, Jisela Dall and Anna McPhie for the senior day before Sunday’s 1:00 p.m. game against Eastern Kentucky.

Sporting Events Win Big Win for Springs Economy | First

By Sports events

From historic events to newer and lesser-known competitions, the region is capitalizing on its sporting culture like never before.

When Zebulon Pike first gazed upon the 14,115-foot peak that bears his name, he swore the mountain would never be climbed by humans.

But the Coloradans are competitive, and not only have people climbed the mountain, but they’ve built a few iconic sporting events there.

The Pikes Peak Climb and Marathon and the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb have become historic events that promote the area’s reputation as a sporting destination.

Colorado Springs’ Olympic City USA and City for Champions projects are now driving the development of a sports economy estimated at more than half a billion dollars a year, according to Colorado Springs Sports Corp.

“There are two really amazing events happening in Colorado Springs next summer,” said Megan Leatham, President and CEO of Colorado Springs Sports Corp., “and a big part of that is due to City for Champions.”

The United States Weightlifting Championships will be held in June 2023 and the World Jump Rope Championships will be held in July. Both events take place at the Ed Robson Arena at Colorado College.

Weidner Field has hosted events like a weekend Premier Lacrosse League tournament and the NCAA Division II Men’s and Women’s National Soccer Championships.

Division II championship games, played Dec. 9-11, 2021, brought hundreds of athletes, coaches, sports administrators, families and fans to the city during the off-season for tourism, said Switchbacks President Nick Ragain.

Along with Switchbacks football matches, the ground features a full slate of sporting events scheduled for the rest of this year and into 2023.

Events like these cement the Pikes Peak area’s reputation as an international sporting destination, filling hotel rooms and attracting new customers to local businesses, Leatham said.

The Sports Corp. himself, who is on a mission to inspire and advance Colorado Springs and its Olympic City USA brand, has been instrumental in bringing new events to the area.

Founded in 1979 to help relocate the United States Olympic Committee from New York to Colorado Springs, the Sports Corp. brings together community sponsors and sports organizations to promote sports tourism and the sports economy.

The Rocky Mountain State Games, one of Sports Corp.’s signature events, is Colorado’s largest sports festival for athletes of all skill levels, attracting more than 10,000 athletes each year. Competitions in over 30 sports take place over two weekends in July at venues across the region.

“Outside of the events we own and operate,” Leatham said, “we helped support 26 additional events for the City of Colorado Springs that had 26,097 attendees, 156,242 spectators and over 55,000 hotel room nights. “over the past year.


The Robson Arena, which has only been open for a year, really comes into its own as a sports hall.

The home of CC Tigers Hockey, Robson Arena opened its rink to two new events this summer, said Colin Bailey, the arena’s executive director.

The 2022 Western Regional High Performance Camp, June 13-18, attracted 200 young athletes ages 14-16 from across the United States.

And from August 8-13, the arena hosted the Athletix Five Nations Under-17 Tournament, with teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany and the United States.

“It was important to us,” Bailey said: more than 100 athletes and 30 coaches participated, and nearly 4,000 tickets were issued.

“This event has only happened here in the United States three times before,” he said. “The USA Hockey headquarters here in town was really important. »

Robson Arena has good momentum heading into next summer, Bailey said.

The United States Weightlifting Championships are scheduled for June 22-July 2, and Bailey expects about 1,600 athletes, 300 coaches and 150 staff and officials to travel here to compete.

He predicts the championships will have a direct economic impact of over $1.8 million and a total economic impact of over $2.88 million.

Sports1-1 copy.jpg

Thousands of fans attended Fan Fest, which resumed during Pikes Peak Hill Climb week this year.

Another first for Colorado Springs, the International Jump Rope Union World Championships will be held July 15-25 at Robson Arena.

The event is expected to draw 2,500-3,000 attendees from over 30 countries, fill 900-1,000 hotel rooms and attract 15,000 ticket buyers.

“There are other things we have in the works, but we haven’t had a pen and paper yet,” Bailey said.

The first-ever Cerus Arena Obstacle Course will take place on October 8 at Weidner Field. Co-hosted by Cerus Fitness, the course features 20 obstacles and participants will complete 10 laps around the course, which is equivalent to a 5k run.

Another unique event, the City for Champions Cup, will pit the US Air Force Academy Falcons against the Colorado College Tiger women’s soccer teams.

The inaugural game is scheduled for October 27. Ragain said he expects the event to become an instant classic and annual favorite.

Weidner Field will also host the 2022 Colorado High School Activities Association Boys’ Football Finals on November 12.

Ragain expects other events to be added next year, including world freestyle football, a sport that involves participants creatively juggling a ball using all parts of the body, and an event from the ‘American Ultimate Disc League, a semi-professional league whose players are magicians with flying discs.

“We are always exploring other opportunities,” Ragain said.


The Pikes Peak Marathon is the second oldest marathon in the United States and the oldest continuously held marathon, said Ron Ilgen, president/race director of Pikes Peak Marathon Inc. It was also the first marathon to have a female graduate.

The race was founded in 1956 after a Florida doctor, Dr. Arne Suominen, wrote a letter to the then Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce urging cigarette smokers to run up and down the mountain against him. . (The 56-year-old doctor finished third; 28-year-old non-smoker from Colorado Springs, Monte Wolford, was the winner, according to the marathon website.)

From a handful of competitors, the race has grown to more than 2,600 runners taking part in the climb and marathon, held this year on September 17 and 18, Ilgen said.

“I estimate that we get at least as many people, if not more, coming with the runners,” he said.

About 55% of runners come from out of town.

“We received people from 26 countries in 2019; that’s about average,” he said. He estimates that runners, spectators and others who come to support the event occupy well over 6,000 hotel nights.

Many runners and their families return each year, combining race weekends with their vacations.

Ilgen said a study seven years ago estimated the economic impact of the race at $2.6 million.

“The race has really grown since then so I would estimate double that,” he said.

Sports1-2 copy.jpg

The Pikes Peak Marathon attracts participants from out of state, primarily from Texas, California, and Kansas, who often arrive early to acclimate to the altitude.

The Pikes Peak Marathon is part of the Golden Trail World Series of six iconic races, Ilgen said. Most of the others are found in Europe, where the breed is well known.

“The region and the peak itself enjoy high international visibility,” he said. “I would say to some people, especially in mountainous parts of Europe, the Pikes Peak Marathon is better known than it is here in Colorado, simply because of its mystique. They don’t have races there that go up to 14,000 feet – if it’s 14,000 feet there, it’s going to be a glacier, so they all want to come here.

The marathon also attracts people closer to home; it sees the most out-of-state entrants from Texas, Kansas and California.

Some of those runners come early to train at a higher elevation than they’re used to, Ilgen said.

“We have a good number from Florida,” he said. “I always ask them how they train.” (Most say they climb a lot of stairs.)

Ilgen organized and managed the race for 20 years, during which time the race grew from a small, relatively unknown event to its current international status.

“I don’t take the praise for that,” he said. “The mountain did it, not me.”

The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, known as The Race to the Clouds, had its 100th edition on June 26.

Spencer Penrose, developer of The Broadmoor, built the highway to the top of Pikes Peak along a narrow motorable road.

In 1915, after completing the Pikes Peak Highway, he devised a plan to stage a car race to the summit to showcase the new route and attract visitors to the hotel.

The first hill climb took place in August 1916.

What started as a publicity event has grown into one of the most exciting motor races in the world that attracts top international drivers and teams.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the race, “we were able to bring our pre-race street festival back to downtown, Fan Fest,” which drew 30,000 people, said Lisa Haight, events/media/ PPIHC historian.

This year’s race attracted 72 race teams, 229 registered media and 9,626 spectators. A recently completed economic impact study estimated total local tax revenue at over $370,000.

“The combined PPIHC race expenditures, direct race tourism, Pikes Peak area expenditures by race teams, media and spectators total $6.4 million,” Haight said.

“Beyond the impact of Race Week, the PPIHC monitors media mentions of our event around the world,” she said.

Articles about Hill Climb and the Pikes Peak area totaled 2,202 and were potentially viewed 14 billion times between January 1 and July 20. It would have cost more than $129 million to buy equivalent advertising space in these publications.

The story with the upper reach was a travel article that named Colorado Springs one of the top 10 places to travel abroad in June. It reached over 211 million people and provided the kind of exposure that money couldn’t buy.

Chess-Federation to form panel to investigate cheating allegations

By Sports games

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) has announced that it will convene a three-person panel to look into allegations by world champion Magnus Carlsen that American player Hans Niemann cheated. Carlsen, 31, withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup in St Louis, Missouri earlier this month after losing to the 19-year-old, who trails him by nearly 200 Elo points – the rating system used for calculating the relative skill level of players.

Carlsen’s surprise loss and withdrawal from the over-the-board tournament sparked a flurry of comments and allegations that Niemann had cheated, including from US grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura. The Norwegian then resigned at the Julius Baer Generation Cup after just one knock against Niemann in an online game.

Niemann was previously banned from for cheating online after admitting he didn’t play fairly in non-competitive games on the website in his youth. However, he denied any wrongdoing in over-the-board games. Carlsen said on Monday he believed Niemann had “cheated more — and more recently — than he publicly admitted.”

FIDE said in a statement on Thursday: “The investigation would be twofold: verifying the world champion’s allegations of alleged cheating by Niemann and Niemann’s self-declaration regarding online cheating…” The panel will ensure a fair decision, protecting the rights of both parties during the investigation.

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

The size of the sporting events market is expected to grow by $609.07 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 10.5% from 2022 to 2031

By Sports events

Sports Events Market

According to the sports events market analysis, the sports events market is segmented into revenue source, age group, and region.

Another factor supporting the expansion of the market is the growing popularity of sports other than cricket and football.

—Roshan Deshmukh

5933 NE WIN SIVERS DRIVE, PORTLAND, OR, USA, September 29, 2022 / — According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, titled “Sports Events Market“The Sports Events Market size was valued at $184.61 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $609.07 Billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 10.5% from 2022 to 2031. report offers an in-depth analysis of key growth strategies, drivers, opportunities, key segment, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, and competitive landscape.

Request the free sample PDF of this report:

Some of the factors driving the expansion of the market in the region include expanding sporting events industry, increasing per capita income, growing middle class, and increasing disposable income. Additionally, the rising popularity of major sporting events such as the Tokyo Olympics and the Cricket World Cup, along with increasing digitalization in China and India, are fueling the expansion of the market. The market is expected to offer many opportunities due to the widespread acceptance of digital tickets and the growing use of smartphones worldwide. However, over the forecast period, market development is expected to be constrained by the unpredictability of ticket prices and a lack of price management.

According to the sports events market analysis, the sports events market is segmented into revenue source, age group, and region. By source of income, it is separated into ticket sales, sponsorship and others. On the basis of age group, the market is categorized into under 20, 21 to 40, and 41+. Based on region, it is analyzed in North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Russia, Netherlands and Rest of Europe ), Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Australia and Rest of Asia-Pacific) and LAMEA (Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Rest of LAMEA).

Basis of revenue source, ticket segment was the largest contributor to the market, with $63,865.1 million in 2021, and is expected to reach $202,205.6 million by 2031, at a CAGR of 10 .0% over the forecast period. A ticket is a voucher that indicates that a person is entitled to admission to a sporting event. Digital tickets and printable tickets online, as well as paper tickets are the most widely used forms of tickets for sporting events. Online tickets for sporting events are growing in popularity due to the convenience offered and hassle-free payment escapades. Digital ticketing creating a high level of transparency, which should reduce black ticketing practices. Thus, the above mentioned factors are expected to drive the growth of the sports events market over the forecast period.

The age group base, the under 20 segment was the major contributor to the market and is expected to reach $202,323.8 million by 2031, at a CAGR of 10.3% during the period forecast. The under 20 segment includes children and is open to new learning and enthusiastic for challenges and exciting activities. Many school and college students participate in various sporting events in schools and individually. The increase in the participation of children and children in sports activities is likely to generate more interest in viewing live sports. Thus, the under 20 segment is growing at a significant CAGR during the forecast period.

Regionally, North America garnered the major sporting events market share in 2021 and is expected to maintain its market share throughout the forecast period of the sporting events market. In 2020, North America had the highest revenue share of over 50%. The main driver of regional growth is the increase in viewership of sports other than football in the United States. With well-known clubs like the Bulls, Cavaliers, 76ers, Raptors, Mavericks, Warriors, Trail Blazers, and NY Knicks, football is the most watched sport in the area. Games are watched by large audiences both offline and online. In 2018, 851,824 people watched the Bulls on ESPN, and 843,042 people watched the Cavaliers.

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The players operating in the global sports events industry have adopted various development strategies to grow their market share, increase their profitability and stay competitive in the market. Key players profiled in this report are Ace Ticket Worldwide, Inc., GooTickets.Com, Razorgator LLC, SeatGeek, StubHub, Ticket City, Inc.,, LLC, Ticketek Pty Ltd, Ticketmaster, and TickPick LLC.

Main benefits for stakeholders:

○ This report provides quantitative analysis of market segments, current trends, estimates and dynamics of the Sports Events Market analysis from 2021 to 2031 to identify opportunities in the Sports Events Market.
○ Market research is offered with information related to key drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
○ Porter’s Five Forces analysis highlights the ability of buyers and suppliers to enable stakeholders to make profit-driven business decisions and strengthen their supplier-buyer network.
○ In-depth analysis of the sports events market segmentation helps to determine the existing market opportunities.
○ Major countries in each region are mapped according to their contribution to global market revenue.
○ Positioning of market players facilitates benchmarking and provides a clear understanding of the current position of market players.

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○ Mergers and acquisitions must be well planned by identifying the best manufacturer.
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○ Suitable for providing reliable, high-quality data and analysis to facilitate your internal and external presentations.
○ Develop tactical initiatives by gaining better control of the areas in which large groups can intervene.
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○ Recognize new entrants with potentially strong product portfolios and devise effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage.
○ To develop effective R&D strategies, gather information, analysis and strategic ideas from competitors.

Related reports:

sports training market expected to reach $18.85 billion by 2031
Asia-Pacific sportswear and sports footwear market expected to reach $110.6 billion by 2027

○ Smart Sports Equipment Market is expected to be valued at $12.0 Billion by 2026


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Allied Analytics LLP
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Soccer-Albion Women change shorts color due to rules issues

By Sports games

West Bromwich Albion women’s team have replaced their white shorts with navy shorts due to concerns over the comfort of players during their periods, the English club announced on Thursday. Albion Women, who compete in England’s third-tier FA Women’s National League North, will wear blue shorts for the remainder of the 2022-23 season and beyond.

“Wearing white during menstruation is an issue that has been highlighted by women across all sports, and Albion will ensure this is fully considered when designing any future home kits,” the club said on its website. The decision to change the shorts was taken after full consultation with the players, the club added.

“This change will help us focus on our performance without additional worry or anxiety,” Albion Women captain Hannah George said. Coach Jenny Sugarman said she was proud of the club’s decision.

“It’s another sign of the continued integration of the women’s team into the club and recognition of a progressive and inclusive culture,” she said. The issue of female athletes wearing white clothing was raised at this year’s Wimbledon tennis championships when players spoke of the anxiety of being forced to wear white.

England striker Beth Mead was asked about the team’s all-white kit at the Women’s European Championship and said it was sometimes impractical.

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Albon returns to F1 in Singapore after appendicitis

By Sports games

Formula 1 driver Alex Albon will return for the Williams team at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend after recovering from appendicitis.

F1 posted a message on Wednesday on Twitter saying “Alex Albon will be back driving his Williams”. Albon missed the final race of the Italian GP three weeks ago after being hospitalized with appendicitis. He had taken part in Friday’s training at Monza, then fell ill and had surgery on Saturday.

Dutch driver Nyck De Vries stepped in and drove well to finish in ninth place.

Williams later said Albon suffered respiratory failure after his surgery and was moved to an intensive care unit.

“First of all I would just like to thank everyone for all their messages and support during the Italian Grand Prix weekend,” Albon told the F1 website. “My preparation for Singapore has been a bit different than normal, but I feel good and have done everything possible to prepare for one of the most physical races on the calendar.” Albon, 26, is eager to hit the Marina Bay street circuit but anticipates a tough time racing at night on a twisty track with high heat and humidity.

“I don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge this is going to represent, but I can’t wait to hit the track on Friday and get back behind the wheel,” he said. “It’s a great street circuit and the closest race to my home in Thailand so I’m really excited to be here and see the fans who have been out there.”

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

What economic impact does Penn State football and other sporting events have on Center County? | MLB

By Sports events

Sept. 28 – Penn State football and other sports have long had an immeasurable economic impact on Center County – but now those exact economic numbers are in better focus.

A new study, commissioned by the year-old Happy Valley Sports & Entertainment Alliance, showed Tuesday that local sporting events are responsible for an estimated $417 million in annual economic impact in Center County. This includes both visitor spending at restaurants, hotels, stores, etc., as well as most transactions involving Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics.

While the study wasn’t limited to Penn State sporting events and did consider others, such as State College Spikes games in the MLB Draft League and tournaments at venues like C3 Sports, the most of the impact – unsurprisingly – came from the Nittany Lions. . Visitor spending had a total economic impact of approximately $149 million on the county, with Penn State football responsible for $87 million, other Penn State sports estimated at $45 million, and sports not PSU at $17 million.

The goal of the study, conducted by Philadelphia-based Econsult Solutions Inc., was to create an economic baseline, or measuring stick, against which to compare future growth. It was important for the Alliance, a partnership between Penn State Athletics and local nonprofit Happy Valley Adventure, to make the area a premier destination for marquee events and tournaments.

“It is fantastic that we now have clear data to quantify the impact of sporting events at Happy Valley,” Alliance President Joe Battista said in a written statement. “We know there are huge opportunities to increase this impact. We have first-class facilities. We have an attractive and recognizable destination.”

Among other findings of the 34-page study:

– The $417 million economic impact on Center County supports 4,315 jobs with $133 million in employee compensation.

– In terms of surrounding counties and the rest of the Commonwealth, sporting events in Center County have an estimated impact of $50 million, supporting 230 jobs.

– Center County sees about 1.7 million annual sports attendance – including 890,500 at Penn State home football games; 665,500 at non-football PSU events; and nearly 150,000 at non-PSU events.

— Some 11.3% of visitors to Center County report that the main reason for their visit was a sporting event.

– Hotel room rates averaged around $127 in 2021, while hotel rates on fall football weekends averaged over $360.

Penn State President Neeli Bendapudi also weighed in on the impact in a press release about the study.

“The university has a substantial economic impact on Happy Valley and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and sports and entertainment play an important role in our economy,” she said. “We look forward to working with the Happy Valley Sports & Entertainment Alliance and our community partners to further enhance the opportunities to bring visitors to our community throughout the year.”

In July, the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau – the county’s official destination marketing organization – worked with the university to secure a four-year commitment to host the PIAA Spring Sports Championships from 2023-2026. This includes volleyball men’s ball, men’s and women’s lacrosse, baseball and softball. Penn State’s blue and white courses will also host the state golf championships next month.

Fritz Smith, CEO of HVAB, has always said that he seeks to further develop the county’s sports and entertainment sector.

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Sporting events to boost Middle East tourism by 30% in Q4

By Sports events

Sporting events will boost the tourism and hospitality economy by up to 30% in the region during the fourth quarter (Q4) of the year, said, a leading online travel agency in the United Arab Emirates, in its semi-annual travel trend.

The Middle East is emerging as the fastest growing sports tourism destination in the world, valued at around $600 billion, according to the World Trade Organization. Major events such as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, etc. will boost Gulf tourism in the last quarter of the year.

Among the GCC countries, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will see the majority of travelers come mainly from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and the United Kingdom. The United Arab Emirates tops the list as a preferred destination for travelers due to its proximity to major sporting events as well as family-friendly activities, personal and societal safety, room availability, shopping experiences at the retail, adventure sports and recreation, and seamless connectivity.

With seamless connectivity, the UAE can expect inbound flights to increase by up to 20% compared to the same period last year. In addition to attending sporting events, fans will want to explore “thrill-seeking” activities to complement a comprehensive travel experience that encapsulates all the country has to offer. Camping and outdoor activities will also see an increase in the fourth quarter of 2022 due to pleasant weather.

Sachin Gadoya, CEO and Co-Founder of and Musafir Business, said: “Sporting events act as a catalyst and can have a huge impact on the economy – as we will see millions of fans coming together to not only watch their favorite sport, but also to live an unforgettable experience during their stay in the region. We expect the tourism sector to grow exponentially, driven by rising tourist numbers in the fourth quarter of 2022 – as arrivals and occupancy will be even higher than before the pandemic, which is a much-needed boost for the travel and hospitality industry.”

The results show that due to the full capacity of hotels in Qatar during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, hotels in the United Arab Emirates will see up to a 40% increase in accommodation demand and uptake. price inflation. Looking ahead to the event, saw around 80% growth in advance bookings between Dubai and Doha. This number will further increase significantly by the end of 2022.

The report also reveals that the average spending by travelers would be around $5,000 for a hotel stay, transportation, shopping and exploring the city. The report also highlights that the bulk of hotel occupancy in the UAE will reach 100% during the fourth quarter of 2022, with tourists seeking 5-star and 4-star hotels.

Recently, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman announced a multiple-entry tourist visa for supporters attending the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 to “Hayya” card holders, thus facilitating the entry and exit of tourists.

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Bumrah in Waugh’s top five for T20 World Cup

By Sports games

Former Australia fly-half Mark Waugh, a World Cup winner, has picked Indian pace spearhead Jasprit Bumrah as one of his top five picks for the T20I Down Under centerpiece.

Bumrah recently returned to action after recovering from a back injury in the three-game T20 series against Australia which India won 2-1.

The 28-year-old, who has undergone rehab at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bangalore, appeared to be in fine form but has yet to find his old rhythm.

“I think he’s a fantastic bowler in all formats actually. His ability to get wickets in T20 cricket is key. He can play to the death and he can play in front,” Waugh told the ICC website.

Waugh chose Pakistani Shaheen Afridi as Bumrah’s new ball partner as they were the only two leaders in his top five which also included Afghan spinner Rashid Khan, Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell and England’s Jos Buttler.

“To open bowling at the other end, we will go with another great opening bowler, Shaheen Afridi from Pakistan, who is a terrific left-arm fast bowler,” Waugh said.

Calling Shaheen a wicket taker, Waugh said: ”He kind of lifts the team. He’s a guy other players follow.

”He’s a left arm so that’s another point of difference. He can get the ball right-handed, he’s quick too, so I got him number two. you know is going to play four overs.

”He’ll probably get two or three wickets and make 20 runs, and he can hit. He can also kick the ball over the fence. On his rationale behind Buttler’s choice, the Australian said: “I think he’s probably the number one batsman in world cricket in the T20 format. He’s just a clean ball attacker. ”The T20 World Cup will start on October 16.

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Universities benefit from increased alcohol sales at sporting events | Community

By Sports events

Editor’s note: This story is part of an ongoing series on rising alcohol sales at college sporting events.

Events scheduled at Al Dana Amphitheater

By Sports events

Entertainment events throughout the coming year could see closer collaboration between the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) and Al Dana Amphitheater, according to BIC chief Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa.

The collaboration could extend to Formula 1 race weekends and potentially see F1 concerts and other entertainment held at the Al Dana Amphitheatre.

“We are working closely with Al Dana Amphitheater on a number of projects, not only during F1 but also throughout the season,” Shaikh Salman told a press conference unveiling the schedule of events. to come to the BIC last night.

“We are still finalizing the details with them around the F1 weekend.

The GDN recently reported the formation of a task force made up of the largest companies in southwestern Bahrain, aimed at boosting tourism in the country.

Among the senior leaders present at the inaugural meeting of the group earlier this month were Shaikh Salman, the Director General of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), Dr Nasser Qaedi, and the Director General of Al Dana Amphitheatre, Shane Chalmers.

It was reported that the task force entities would share their respective annual schedules to coordinate efforts and explore joint activities for the region, including events, shuttle services between venues and special visitor packages.

The collaboration comes as the BIC prepares for “the busiest and most ambitious season the circuit has ever seen in its 19-year history.”

The 2022-23 calendar is set to feature new world championship-level races joining BIC’s established lineup.

“There is something for everyone throughout the year at BIC and we look forward to welcoming you all for a memorable experience, whether on or off the racetrack,” added Shaikh Salman.

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen accuses Hans Niemann of cheating

By Sports games

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen has accused US grandmaster Hans Niemann of cheating. The Norwegian took to Twitter to post a statement explaining why he pulled out of his matches against the American.

“In the 2022 Sinquefield Cup I made the unprecedented professional decision to withdraw from the tournament after my third round match against Hans Niemann. A week later in the Champions Chess Tour I resigned against Hans Niemann after playing a single shot,” Carlsen’s statement read. “I know my actions have frustrated many in the chess community. I am frustrated. I want to play chess. I want to continue playing chess at the highest level in the best events,” he added. .

In the third round match against Niemann at the Sinquefield Cup, Carlsen succumbed to a shock loss to the American. Following this, he withdrew from the event.

“I have retired from the tournament. Always loved playing in the @STLChessClub, and hope to be back in the future,” he tweeted on September 5 announcing the retirement. After last week he resigned again after just one knock against Niemann at the Julius Baer Generation Cup. Niemann trails Carlsen by nearly 200 Elo points, a measure used to calculate the relative skill level of chess players.

Carlsen said cheating is a big problem and poses an “existential threat” to the game. “I also believe that chess organizers and anyone who cares about the sanctity of the game we love should seriously consider increase security measures and cheat detection methods for outboard failures.”

“When Niemann was a last minute invitee to the 2022 Sinquefield Cup I strongly considered pulling out before the event. I ultimately opted to play.” “I believe Niemann cheated more – and more recently – than he has publicly admitted. His excessive progress was unusual, and throughout our game in the Sinquefield Cup I felt that he wasn’t uptight or even fully focused on playing in critical positions, while outplaying me as a black in a way that I think only a handful of players can. change my perspective,” Carlsen said.

Coming to Niemann, the 19-year-old grandmaster admitted to cheating twice according to, when he was 12 and 16 years old. However, he regrets it. “We have to do something about cheating, and for my part in the future, I don’t want to play against people who have cheated many times in the past, because I don’t know what they are capable of doing. in the future,” Carlsen added in his statement.

“There is more I would like to say. Unfortunately, at this time I am limited in what I can say without Niemann’s explicit permission to speak openly. So far, I have only been able to speak of my actions, and those actions made it clear that I didn’t want to play chess with Niemann. I hope the truth about this matter comes out, whatever it is,” the world champion concluded. Notably, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) also shares the world champion’s deep concerns over cheating.

“Last week, World Champion Magnus Carlsen quit in a hard-fought match in an online competition against GM Hans Niemann before making his second move. The previous week, he had quit a speedboat tournament after having lost the match against the same Mr. Niemann,” said a FIDE statement issued on September 23. “These were not FIDE events; however, as the world governing body of chess, it is our duty to protect the integrity of the game and its image, and given that the incident does not continues to worsen. , we believe it is necessary to take a step forward.”

“First of all, we strongly believe that the world champion has a moral responsibility attached to his status, since he is considered a global ambassador of the game. His actions have an impact on the reputation of his colleagues, the sporting results , and can potentially be detrimental to our game. We strongly believe there were better ways to handle this situation.” At the same time, we share his deep concern about the damage cheating is doing to chess. FIDE has been leading the fight against cheating for many years, and we reiterate our zero tolerance policy towards cheating in any form. Whether online or “down the line”, cheating is still cheating. We are strongly committed to this fight and we have invested in training a group of specialists to design sophisticated preventive measures that already apply to the best FIDE events.

“As we have done before, FIDE calls for increased cooperation between major online platforms, private events and top players – most of whom have already expressed their willingness to partner with FIDE. FIDE is prepared to entrust its Fair Play Commission with a thorough investigation of the incident, when adequate initial evidence is provided, and all parties involved disclose the information available to them. We are fully aware that, in some cases, the Uncertainty can harm player performance. It can also be damaging to reputation – which is why we insist on anti-cheating protocols to be followed.” “We hope that this whole situation could have a positive effect in the long term, if handled correctly. We propose to launch a dedicated panel, which would include representatives from major chess platforms, grandmasters, anti-cheat experts and FIDE officers, in order to fight against this risk and prevent it from becoming a real scourge,” the statement concludes.

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Soccer-Brentford’s Toney included in England squad for Germany clash

By Sports games

Brentford’s Ivan Toney is in line to make his England debut after being included in manager Gareth Southgate’s matchday squad to face Germany in the Nations League later on Monday. The in-form striker, who has scored five goals and registered two assists in the Premier League this season, was in a 23-man squad for the match which was featured on the website of European football’s governing body, the ‘.

Toney, 26, received his first England call-up earlier this month but was left out of the matchday squad for their 1-0 loss to Italy in Milan on Friday – a third loss in five games which relegated England to the second tier of the Nations League. Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold, who has fallen out of favor in recent months and made just one international appearance in 2022, has failed to make the squad.

AC Milan defender Fikayo Tomori, West Ham United’s Jarrod Bowen and Southampton midfielder James Ward-Prowse were also absent, while Manchester City’s Jack Grealish is suspended. Monday’s game against Germany is England’s last game before Southgate announce their squad for the November-December World Cup in Qatar, where they will face Iran, the United States and the Country. of Wales in the group stage.

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National Games 2022: Complete list of sporting events at the 36th National Games of India in Gujarat

By Sports events

The National Games of India include various sports disciples, they have been organized under the format of Summer Olympics since the 26th edition in 1985, where athletes from different states of India can participate and compete against each other. The 2022 National Games are the 36th edition of the Games and will be held in Gujrat from September 29 to October 12, after a seven-year long hiatus. National Games 2022 Medal Count Live Update: Check State Wise Medal Rankings with Gold, Silver and Bronze Count

A total of 8000 athletes are expected to participate in the All India National Games along with the members of the Indian Armed Forces. The participating athletes will compete in six different cities of Gujrat in a total of 36 sports event disciplines at the 2022 National Games. This edition will also see the star of traditional sports such as kabaddi, kho-kho, mallakhamba and yogasana.

List of sporting events to be played at the 2022 National Games:


Sports No.



Aquatic 19 lawn bowl
2 Archery 20



Athletics 21 netball
4 Badminton 22



Basketball 23 Rowing
6 Boxing 24

Rugby 7s


Canoe Kayak 25 Shooting
8 Bike 26

Soft ball


fencing 27 Soft tennis
ten Soccer 28

To crush


Gymnastic 29 Table tennis
12 Golf 30



Handball 31 Tennis
14 Hockey 32



Judo 33 Volleyball
16 Kabbadi 34



Kho-kho 35 Struggle
18 Yogasana 36


As the 36th edition of the games will begin soon, the Indian Armed Forces will be eager to win their fourth consecutive National Games. Athletes from all over the country will try to win as many medals as possible for their state and beat the national departments.

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West Malling teenager Ellis Kottas wins a medal in the National Sports Games Final on the anniversary of his spinal cord injury

By Sports games

A teenager has won a medal in a national wheelchair race two years after a life-changing injury.

Ellis Kottas, 19, from West Malling, started wheelchair racing last summer after suffering a spinal cord injury in September 2020 which left her hospitalized for months.

The former competitive swimmer said: “I was in hospital for a very long time. It was really difficult. The first few weeks and months I was just bedridden. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything. “

Having previously competed in swimming from the age of nine until his injury, Ellis took a long break from sports while recovering in hospital.

She added: “While I was in hospital I knew I wanted to get back into the sport. It really helps to show that your body can still do things.

“You might have different abilities, but you’re still able to do things, and that’s why I really wanted to come back to that.

“But it was quite a difficult decision, which I wanted to do, because I knew I could go back to swimming but I think I would have compared myself a lot to what I was before.

“It was actually quite nice to have a fresh start. We contacted a lot of places, and we found the Weir Archer Academy online and went to watch them practice at a roller skating session, which is known to be really tough.

Ellis is currently in his first competitive season and will be competing at the International World Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Games in November.

“I was sitting there watching everyone working so hard, they all looked so exhausted, and I thought, this is what I want to do. To really dedicate myself to a sport, like I did with swimming.”

The Weir Archer Academy is a wheelchair athletics training and coaching academy run by David Weir, CBE, and Jenny Archer, MBE.

David Weir is a British Paralympic wheelchair athlete who has won six Paralympic Games gold medals and the London Marathon eight times.

Head coach Jenny Archer has many accomplishments to her credit, including coaching David Weir to seven of her London Marathon victories and Josh Cassidy to another, and coaching Paralympic athletes to a total of seven gold medals , three silver and two bronze.

Ellis said that as soon as she started the sport in July last year she “loved it straight away”.

And now, in her first competitive season, she has won a bronze medal at the national school games final.

Ellis won the bronze medal on September 3, two years after his injury
Ellis won the bronze medal on September 3, two years after his injury
Ellis discovered wheelchair racing online while looking for a new sport to try after her injury
Ellis discovered wheelchair racing online while looking for a new sport to try after her injury

The National School Games Final is a four-day event featuring 10 sports, including track and field, modern pentathlon, triathlon and wheelchair basketball.

This year the event was held at Loughborough University from September 1-4 and 1,000 school-aged athletes took part.

Former School Games National Finals competitors who have won Olympic and Paralympic medals include Adam Peaty, Dina Asher-Smith, Hannah Cockroft and Max Whitlock.

Ellis finished third in the women’s wheelchair 100 on Saturday, September 3.

The medalist said: “It’s brilliant. I fell in love with wheelchair racing right away and I think as soon as you really like it it really helps your performance.

“But it’s my first season, so it’s really crazy how fast it goes.”

Along with competitions, National School Games Finals emphasize the educational value and preparation of athletes for the next steps in their careers.

Ellis Kottas, 19, won a wheelchair racing medal on the second anniversary of his spinal cord injury
Ellis Kottas, 19, won a wheelchair racing medal on the second anniversary of his spinal cord injury
Previously a competitive swimmer, Ellis hosted the
Previously a competitive swimmer, Ellis hailed the ‘new beginning’ of wheelchair racing

During the event, the athletes lived in accommodation at Loughborough University, which Ellis described as being “like a mini version of real international games”.

Competitors were also able to attend Olympian conferences, and disabled and able-bodied athletes were all in one place.

She said: “You get the accommodation, all the other athletes, it was just a really great experience. It wasn’t just about doing your sport, it was all about it.”

The medal ceremony for the women’s wheelchair race was performed by Paralympian and world record holder Hannah Cockroft, and her partner and fellow Paralympian Nathan Maguire.

Ellis said: “It was amazing to have these Olympians handing out medals, maybe to future Olympians. And it was great to hear their stories. It kind of makes you think, what will my story be?”

She will then compete at the World Games of Wheelchair and Amputee Sports (IWAS) in Portugal at the end of November, and hopes to move on to road racing and longer distances in the future.

After his spinal cord injury, Ellis
After his spinal cord injury, Ellis ‘couldn’t move and couldn’t do anything’ for months
Ellis returned to wheelchair racing in June last year after recovering from her life-changing injury
Ellis returned to wheelchair racing in June last year after recovering from her life-changing injury

For people in a similar situation to her, Ellis had this advice: “Go out there and try new things.

“I didn’t know anything about wheelchair racing, it was just something we kind of found online.

“And I want people to know it’s getting better. You recover, a lot more. Life is getting back to normal. It’s a new normal, but it’s not going to stay this bad.”

The Extraordinary Congress of Boxing-IBA votes against the holding of new elections

By Sports games

Russia’s Umar Kremlev will remain president of the International Boxing Association (IBA) after its extraordinary congress on Sunday voted by a large majority against holding a new election, leaving the sport’s Olympic future uncertain.

Dutch candidate Boris van der Vorst’s hopes of challenging the Kremlev for the presidency ended after 106 delegates voted against a new election, with 36 votes in favor and four abstentions. Kremlev was elected unopposed in May after Van der Vorst was declared ineligible. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled in June that Van der Vorst had been wrongfully prevented from running.

Sunday’s decision cast fresh doubt on boxing’s efforts to preserve its Olympic spot beyond 2024, following a series of warnings from the International Olympic Committee over IBA governance. “We have to get to the point where boxing will be part of the Olympics in 2024 as well as in 2028. We will do our best,” Kremlev said, through an interpreter. “No one can exclude us from anywhere.”

The IBA, the world governing body for amateur boxing, was stripped of any involvement in the Tokyo Olympics last year due to governance, financial, refereeing and ethical issues. Boxing is not on the initial program of the Los Angeles Games in 2028. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) manages the Paris 2024 competition.

IOC sporting director Kit McConnell said this month that the IBA’s slow pace of reform and financial dependence on Russian energy company Gazprom, its main sponsor, were cause for serious concern. The IBA

suspended the Ukrainian federation on Friday, leaving it unable to vote. The federation had written to IBA members on Thursday asking Kremlev to resign or be removed from his post. The IBA does not recognize Kyrylo Shevchenko as president of the Ukrainian federation but instead considers Volodymyr Prodyvus, a Kremlev ally who left Ukraine after the Russian invasion in February and is now IBA vice-president. as chief.

The extraordinary congress in Yerevan, Armenia was delayed for an hour due to a power failure. The number of national federations present increased from 127 to 151 after the resumption of the debates, including 99 in person and 52 online. IBA General Secretary George Yerolimpos brushed aside questions about rising voter numbers, saying there were a number of late arrivals.

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Bridging the Gap – The Royal Gazette

By Sports events

Reverend Gavin Tyte’s calling is to bridge the gap between contemporary culture and church culture (Photograph provided)

My passion has been and continues to be to find ways to connect people to Jesus. By trade, I am a music technologist – sound engineer, designer and producer – but I also have skills in writing, web design, graphic design and video. My first degree was in computer engineering and technology is the canvas on which I paint. It seems only natural to me to use my multimedia skills to communicate the good news of Jesus.

Along with my skills in music technology, I am also a human beatboxer or vocal percussionist. In fact, my beatbox was so successful that I developed a website dedicated to the art form that had over 60,000 registered members and 100,000 unique visitors per month and I was a judge at world championships of beatbox on more than one occasion.

If there’s any evidence that God has a sense of humor, it’s that I was called, by God, to the Anglican Church. I felt most at home in the music culture and beatboxing in hip-hop clubs, hanging out with musicians and artists and finding my identity in a completely different world than the church that I frequented. When God called me to be an Anglican priest, my first response was, “Are you kidding me? Me ? Really ?

I grew up with one foot in contemporary culture and one foot in Church culture, and I must admit that as the gap widened, it was a bit like having one foot on the shore and one foot on a boat that was slowly moving away from the shore. It was like I was losing my balance. Either I had to jump on the shore – back into contemporary culture – or I had to jump on the boat – fully into the culture of the church. The alternative would be to fall into the water!

The gap between church culture and contemporary culture has widened, in part because church culture has remained much the same, while contemporary culture change has accelerated. The disconnect between church and everyday life is wider than it has ever been.

Now I love both the church and I love contemporary culture. My vocation in the Anglican Church was and is to be a bridge between the two – to keep one foot on the shore, one foot on the boat, and bring the two together.

When I was installed as an Anglican priest, I made a statement of assent and therein promised to “proclaim the gospel anew to every generation.” In other words, the gospel is the same, the good news about Jesus Christ is the same, but the method is up for grabs. The wonderful thing about the gospel is that it can and has been applied in any context and to any historical culture, which means it can be applied to ours as well.

Part of the problem is that many of us Christians have inherited a pattern of church, or a way of being or expressing church, that is unchanging and firmly rooted in the past.

Let me give you an example. I was working with young people – young people who were, like me, rooted in the musical culture – they were beatboxers, DJs, dancers, rappers and artists, and they found their identity in this culture. So when they turned to Christ and found a new identity in Him, the wider church expected them to go with their local church and engage with the church culture.

They felt like a fish out of water. They had learned to know Jesus and to give their lives to him, but the way of dressing was different, the music was different and the language was different. We expected them to jump from the shore to the boat, and I can tell you that for the most part it didn’t work and doesn’t work. Either they jumped to shore or they fell in the water (then swam to shore).

We Christians must recognize that some of us are acculturated into a church culture that has become inseparable from our expression of Christianity, where we look at Christianity through the prism of our church culture.

The burden I felt for these young people broke my heart and so, in obedience to my Lord, I always tried to bring the shore and the boat together.

I don’t want to give up the wonderful strength of being part of an established church tradition. It is built on a solid foundation. I love our inherited sacred spaces, the prayers that have been passed down from generation to generation, the feeling of being part of something continuous and eternal, and the connection I have, through the Spirit, with my brothers and sisters. in Christ. And yet, I love contemporary music, art and design, current means of expression, the internet, connectivity, the language and food of our time.

All of us who are Christians have one foot in contemporary culture and Church culture, but to cope with the widening gap between the two, we sometimes find ourselves jumping between the two. We jump from the boat to the shore, spend some time there, then return to the boat. We go to church. We listen to “Christian” radio. We are reading a “Christian” book. Then we hop and “go” to a party or dinner with friends, watch Netflix, and read that summer novel. We live in two separate worlds.

God does not call us to live separate lives. The Kingdom of God transcends our world and we are called to be there. Jesus uses metaphors for us such as light, salt and yeast – all things that permeate and change their environment.

My calling is to bridge the gap between contemporary culture and Church culture, and I do this by bringing contemporary culture into the Church and bringing Church culture into contemporary culture – bringing the boat closer from the shore – and I can tell you that it is not. easy.

There are currents pulling on the boat. There are people in the boat with oars, rowing hard, desperately trying to keep the boat off shore, and there are people on the shore with long poles trying their best to steer the boat away!

Over the past 20 years, I have worked closely with the Bible Society and other Christian organizations on several projects aimed at bridging the gap by making the Bible accessible and in a format suitable for contemporary society. Here in Bermuda, the first thing I did in St. Mark’s was put in a huge PA system and incorporate not only modern worship songs, but also use music technology to add contemporary rhythms and sounds to our modern and traditional worship.

Reduce the gap.

We have great visuals – using designed graphics, the web, and have created high quality video content for YouTube and social media.

Reduce the gap.

We have made our Anglican liturgy accessible to children and those with learning difficulties so that they do not feel left out.

Close the gap

We have openly stated that our church is fully inclusive and welcoming.

Reduce the gap.

We write articles for the newspaper to inspire, challenge, generate discussion or bring people back to God.

Reduce the gap.

We use our skills to engage with children and young people both in our church and in our schools and youth groups.

Reduce the gap.

This is a very exciting time for St. Mark’s Church. We are a church family with a God-ordained mission to preach the gospel again to this generation – and that is exactly what we are doing.


This was adapted from an address Reverend Gavin Tyte gave to the Bermuda Bible Society at their Annual General Meeting. Mr Tyte is the pastor of St Mark’s Anglican Church. Visit

Journey to Financial Consciousness – The Royal Gazette

By Sports events

On April 18, 2022, a financial literacy contest was announced for all readers of this Moneywise column, looking for five winners.

Knowledge and Growth: Financial awareness can help you manage your money better (Image by Mohamed Hassan/

The contest invited all interested participants to describe in 200 words or less what financial literacy/wellness means to you, and how it helps or can help you improve your financial lifestyle. The focus should be on Bermuda’s financial environment rather than overseas.

Each winner would receive a complimentary paperback copy of The Bermuda Islander Financial Literacy Primer Series – Book One: The Dawn of a New Beginning, a basic financial journal to dramatically improve your lifestyle by myself, a passionate proponent of financial literacy.

Also, the winner would agree to have their wonderful essay published in this column sometime after the contest ends.

There was only one entry!

This result was not surprising.

It takes a lot of courage, determination, and time to share financial concerns and then put those thoughts into a written essay on finances.

This unique entry was an inspirational piece and I want to thank this entrant again for taking the time to share their financial thoughts in preparation for publication.

In addition, the winner received all five books, enabling the transmission of financial information specifically relating to the Bermuda environment, thereby helping other Bermuda residents.

A wonderful added benefit was that I was able to digitally meet with this contest winner who provided further wonderful insights into how an individual’s financial journey has progressed since April 2022, even with additional barriers to inflation.

Here is one person’s financial literacy essay on the journey to financial wellness – provided anonymously:

“As I unexpectedly return to celibacy in the second half of my life, financial literacy has become a matter of urgency and necessity for me.

“Before the turbulent times of the Covid pandemic, the isolation in quarantine, the uncertain depressing work permanence, so filled with unforeseen stressful changes – as in the subsequent loss of a dear family member to illness , I went through my days with a carefree attitude while being happy that my significant other took over the management of the main financial affairs.

“If things got difficult before the end of the month, we would agree to reduce expenses.

“Now, after grieving so many losses, I realize that I am solely responsible for my financial well-being.

“So financial literacy means more than just understanding basic monetary and financial concepts.

“For me, FinLit is about taking responsibility and taking charge of my present and, more importantly, my future.

“FinLit is truly an exploration of self-awareness as I determine what my values ​​are, which then prioritizes my financial goals and allows me to make informed decisions about the financial lifestyle I wish to have.

“FinLit reduces my stress levels regarding finances and my financial future, which in turn gives me a sense of peace, well-being and contentment.

“FinLit is literally a game-changer for me as I reinvent myself, now one person with financial knowledge, know-how and savvy.”

Journey to Financial Consciousness

This person noted that the change in attitude towards managing finances began with the CFA Bermuda financial literacy course in 2021 – this course, so well received, inspired to acquire knowledge to plan the coming.

Then, by submitting the essay to The Royal Gazette formed the beginning of the plan.

Then, reviewing The Dawn of a New Beginning: Bermuda’s First Introduction to Financial Literacy powered the planning process.

Putting financial literacy into action

In a future article, our winner describes the actions planned, implemented and now in place.

What do you appreciate?

The first element our winner mentioned in exploring self-awareness was figuring out what those individual personal values ​​are.

If you ask someone what they appreciate the most, what do you think the answer would be?

Self-esteem, outward display of wealth, your health, your family, your jewelry, your home, your latest collectible, your social status, your faith, your relationship to someone, anything?

You will almost never hear, “I appreciate my intellect and my integrity.” Yet these two values ​​are probably the most important acquisitions you will ever own – and you already have them!

How is value quantified?

He is:

• Rare, not much, few can own it, the rest of us can aspire to have it.

• Considered extremely valuable in collective social minds. If diamonds were considered to have the same value as an ordinary saucepan, who would want to own them?

• Appreciates over time: something that may have been used as a chamber pot 5,000 years ago has historical value today

• Ideas, ideas, which were so radical at one time, unsuitable for the contemplation of the ordinary person, are now adapted to the common use of today. Ideas now so valuable that they are patented as intellectual property: inventions, music, thought processes, digital processes and much more.

• Personal integrity, friendship, trust – intrinsic values, how do you value them?

Your thought process now reading this, may be, “Who cares? It just seems like a semantic discussion about nothing.

However, it is much more than that. How we value anything, especially ourselves, almost unwittingly leads to how we make our decisions in:

• Relationships

• Purchases

• Careers

• Daily Questions

• Time

• Power

• Silver

To dive deeper into this topic, listen to my podcast on “Valuing Yourself,” attached to this article.

To be continued.

Readers, I’m always looking for personal stories of how an individual or family handled their finances, or faced a financial challenge, or needed additional information or resources for a financial decision, or would like find out more Moneywise focus on certain topics.

Feel free to contact me at

Don’t forget the 2022 CFA Bermuda Financial Literacy Series, part of Bermuda College’s PACE program, which kicks off Wednesday nights on Zoom, 6-8 p.m. for four weeks, starting Wednesday, September 28.

Registration details are available at PACE website.

• Martha Harris Myron is an Islander from Bermuda with connections to the United States. Author of the first primer on financial literacy in Bermuda – the dawn of a new beginning, as well as the Bermuda – Bermy Island Finance Blog. Contact:

Julius Baer Cup: Erigaisi will face Carlsen in the final

By Sports games

Young Indian grandmaster Arjun Erigaisi got the better of Liem Quang Le (Vietnam) to take on world No. 1 Magnus Carlsen in the Julius Baer Generation Cup online rapid chess tournament.

As 19-year-old Erigaisi struggled to overcome a challenge from rival Vietnam, Carlsen prevailed 3-1.

In the Erigaisi-Liem Le match, the first game ended in a draw before the Indians won the second to go ahead. A draw followed in the third before the Vietnamese player equalized with a 32-stroke victory. However, in the tiebreaker it was Erigaisi all the way as he won back to back games to book a place in the final, to be played Carlsen had to work hard for his passage to the final by the Keymer. The German teenager fought to stay in the game as both games 1 and 2 ended in a draw before the world No.1 broke through to win the next two. The two-day final of the $150,000 event begins late Saturday, with the first match being a best-of-four encounter. The second game will take place on Sunday when the winner will be crowned.

Earlier, Carlsen topped the preliminary standings with 34 points followed by Erigaisi and Indian R Praggnanandhaa in fourth place.

The event features 16 players across three generations and takes place on a round-robin-cum-knockout format.

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Boxing-IBA suspends Ukraine ahead of key leadership vote

By Sports games

The Russian-led world amateur boxing governing body on Friday suspended the Ukrainian federation ahead of a leadership vote with big implications for the sport’s Olympic future beyond 2024.

The president of the International Boxing Association (IBA) is Russia’s Umar Kremlev, but national federations are due to vote at an extraordinary congress in Armenia on Sunday on whether to hold a new election. Ukraine will no longer be able to vote.

“The Ukrainian Boxing Federation has been temporarily suspended, due to government interference in the work of the national federation,” IBA said on its website (

) “The suspension will be revoked if the conditions are met – the autonomy of the federation and the recognition by the Ukrainian authorities of the election that took place on December 17, 2021.”

The Ukrainian Boxing Federation wrote to IBA members on Thursday asking Kremlev to resign or be removed from his post. The IBA does not recognize Kyrylo Shevchenko as president of the Ukrainian federation but instead considers Volodymyr Prodyvus, a Kremlev ally who left Ukraine after the Russian invasion in February and is now IBA vice-president. as chief.

Kremlev, who this month opened a boxing center in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was elected unopposed in Istanbul in May after Dutch rival Boris van der Vorst was ruled ineligible. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled last June that van der Vorst had been wrongfully prevented from running.

Sunday’s agenda includes a vote on whether to hold new elections, with the Kremlev then standing against van der Vorst if that happens. “It will be the end of the IBA if we don’t have an election, as the CAS ruled that we were all wrongfully expelled and Boris was wrongfully expelled,” the director told Reuters. USA Boxing executive Mike McAtee by phone from Yerevan.

“I am convinced that if there is no election, the IBA will be permanently suspended or simply abolished by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).” DECLARED NOT ADMISSIBLE

McAtee, who is an ally of van der Vorst and was also declared ineligible in May when he ran for the IBA board, said boxing would be barred from the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics without change at the helm. “The IOC, if you look at their letters, is very clear that if candidate Kremlev wins, IBA will be removed,” he said.

“Without being at the Olympics, it will reduce funding for every national federation and impact boxing down to eight-year-old boxers in every country in the world. That’s how important it is for our sport. ” Boxing is not on the initial program for 2028 and the IOC is managing the Paris 2024 competition.

IBA, formerly known as AIBA, was stripped of any involvement in the Tokyo Olympics last year due to governance, financial, refereeing and ethical issues. IOC sporting director Kit McConnell said this month that the slow pace of reform and IBA’s financial dependence on Russian energy company Gazprom were of serious concern.

Amid allegations of backhanding, USA Boxing filed a whistleblower complaint Sept. 8 regarding an alleged attempt by an IBA employee to influence Sunday’s vote in favor of Kremlev. IBA said Kremlev was cleared of all charges by the Boxing Independent Integrity Unit.

McAtee said a legal challenge cannot be ruled out if Kremlev remains in office. “There are several points that can be challenged in court and we are keeping all our options open,” he said.

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Visit Clarksville Announces Fall Activities – Clarksville Online

By Sports events

Clarksville, TN – From historic sites and antiques to pumpkin patch and breweries, Clarksville is the perfect destination for a fall getaway. Its location along I-24, 40 miles northwest of Nashville, makes this city an ideal fall road trip for families, solo travelers or empty-nesters.

Boyd’s Pumpkin Patch

Nothing screams like a pumpkin patch. Serving the community for nearly four decades, Boyd’s has certainly earned the title of a fall staple in Clarksville. Take the family to choose the perfect pumpkin, find the way through the corn maze, and snap a photo on the Instagram-worthy wagon.

Historic 1800s Collinsville Pioneer Colony

Nestled outside the city limits, this charming property is poised to tell the story of life in Montgomery County during the pioneer days. With authentic period furnishings and artifacts housed in 16 restored log homes and outbuildings on the 40-acre property, one truly feels like stepping back in time when visiting this attraction.

Cross Creek Clays

Nestled in the hills of Palmyra, TN, this tour allows visitors to escape the bustle of the city and enjoy the peaceful, winding roads of the Tennessee countryside. Cross Creek has three 16-station clay courses for all skill levels, a 5-pit indoor practice course, and FITASC Parcours.

Be sure to visit the pro shop and grab a drink in the 7,000 square foot clubhouse. Looking for a place to stay? Overnight accommodation can be made on the property, either in the lodge or in a nearby cabin.

Brewery Trail

With seven breweries, beer lovers are sure to find something they like along this tasty trail. While the breweries are all distinctly different, they share a passion for the national craft movement and the goal of fostering an appreciation for the meticulous process and myriad flavors of micro-brewing.

From a traditional pub to a modern industrial vibe, from conventional Old World beers to American experimental beers, Clarksville’s craft beer scene has something for everyone.

Patterson Square Farm

Venture to Woodlawn, TN for an autumnal oasis. Pick pumpkins, feed the animals at the petting zoo, take a fun wagon ride, listen to live music, enjoy a food truck and navigate a corn maze, all on one property.


Antique and fall are the perfect pair. With over 20 vintage, antique and second-hand shops, Clarksville is an antique collector’s paradise. Visitors will find everything from quaint antique shops to old warehouses filled with vintage stalls, all filled to the brim with great treasures.

Watch an Austin State University Peay football game

Let’s go! No seriously, that’s the joy of Austin Peay State University (APSU). Clarksville is fortunate that this NCAA Division I institution calls the city home. Cheer on the Governors as they take on fellow ASUN Conference opponents at Fortera Stadium throughout the fall and explore the beautiful campus while they’re there.

Challenge trails

Use the Visit Clarksville app and select Challenge Trails on topics that interest you. Check in to a required number of locations and earn free pins while learning all about the community.

Explore downtown

Downtown Clarksville is the cultural center of Montgomery County. Browse local shops and art galleries, visit the Customs Museum and Cultural Center, appreciate historic architecture and public art, and dine at unique restaurants.

Check out the Visit Clarksville Events Calendar to see all downtown events this season.

About Visiting Clarksville

The Clarksville-Montgomery County Tourism Commission was established by the State of Tennessee in 1979 to positively influence tourism in the Clarksville-Montgomery County area by promoting tourist attractions, hosting conventions and group tours and engaging in large-scale marketing efforts.

In 2015, the organization adopted the Visit Clarksville brand. Visit Clarksville is governed by a nine-member board of directors and is funded by a portion of the local hotel tax.

Dilip Tirkey becomes Hockey India’s first player-president

By Sports games

Former India captain Dilip Tirkey became Hockey India’s first player-president on Friday after he was elected unopposed to the top job, as another sportsman landed the top job in a National Sports Federation (NSF) .

Hockey India’s elections were due to be held on October 1, but the results were announced in advance as there were no candidates for any position. Tirkey, who submitted his candidacy for the chairmanship of Hockey Odisha, was elected after Uttar Pradesh Hockey chief Rakesh Katyal and Hockey Jharkhand’s Bhola Nath Singh withdrew their nominations on Friday.

Tirkey, 44, is the latest addition to the list of players who have landed the highest job in a sports body. Recently, former player Kalyan Chaubey became the boss of the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

Tirkey says athletes can also contribute as administrators.

”I think former players should go into sports administration because they know where to focus. As Sourav Ganguly was in CAB first then went to BCCI and is performing brilliantly,’ Tirkey told PTI-Bhasha.

”I am happy that Hockey India has also elected a former player like me as president for the first time. Players go through many phases in their career and they get better experience,’ the former full-back added.

Adille Sumariwalla, who is also a former player, is the president of the Athletics Federation of India (AFI).

Bhola Nath was elected unopposed as Secretary General.

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has approved the nominations for Tirkey and his team. In a letter, the FIH said that when the number of candidates vying for a position is equal to or less than the number of positions, they will be deemed to have been elected unopposed as per the election regulations on the Hockey India website. “Therefore, we are happy to observe that the Executive Council of Hockey India is elected as put on the Hockey India website and the election of positions was unanimous for all positions,” he said. -he declares. The game’s governing body appreciated the efforts of the three-member Committee of Administrators (CoA), which included Justice Anil R Dave, SY Quraishi and Zafar Iqbal, in successfully completing the election process. ”We are delighted that the electoral process has been completed and that a democratic body is now in place. We extend our congratulations to Dr Dilip Tirkey, Bhola Nath Singh and Sekar J Manoharan and look forward to working closely with them,’ he added.

Tirkey, who is the country’s most capped player with 412 international caps, said there was a need to groom the next generation of players.

“There is a need for a specific training program for junior players, such as the need to prepare the next generation of drag flickers and goalkeepers and there will also be a focus on team fitness. “, did he declare.

“We saw how important the role of our drag flicker and goalkeeper PR Sreejesh was in the Olympics, but after that the next generation players will also have to be produced.” He also said he There is also a plan to restart the Hockey League.

”We also have plans to restart the hockey league. It will be discussed with the committee and after discussion with the executive council, it will be continued. ”Bhola Nath said he decided to withdraw his appointment as chairman to allow a great player like Tirkey to take the reins.

”I have withdrawn after due consultation with Dilip Tirkey. He is a legend and we decided to work together for the good of Indian hockey. Our goal is to see India win Olympic gold again,” Bhola Nath told PTI.

”We will also work to develop the game locally and make national hockey stronger.” Other elected members of Hockey India are Asima Ali (Vice President) of Hockey Jammu & Kashmir, SVS Subramanya Gupta of Karnataka (Vice Chairman), Sekar J Manoharan Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu (Treasurer), Arti Singh of Hockey Rajasthan (Co-Secretary) and Sunil Malik of Hockey Haryana (Co-Secretary).

The five members of the executive council are Arun Kumar Sarswat (Rajasthan Hockey), Asrita Lakra (Jharkhand Hockey), Gurpreet Kaur (Delhi Hockey), V Sunil Kumar (Kerala Hockey) and Tapan Kumar Das (Assam Hockey).

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FIFA World Cup players will get FIFA data analysis app

By Sports games

When the World Cup kicks off in Qatar on November 20, fans can expect a wealth of stats and match footage on social media and FIFA hopes this will include data and content from a new player.

FIFA said on Friday that all players in the final will be able to browse their performance data on a purpose-built app developed by the governing body which gives footballers from all 32 teams access to analytics and insights. The app has been created after player feedback, via players union FIFPRO, and the data will be synced with the video of the action to allow quick assessment of key moments.

While these data and metrics are widely available to players from top clubs and national teams, who employ analyst teams, the app will ensure that teams with fewer resources will also have access to them. The app will use inputs from FIFA performance analysts, tracking data and physical performance metrics such as distance covered, sprints and positional heatmaps.

Players will also receive match photos that they can share on social media along with stats and data. “This player-centric development is based on direct player feedback and is another great example of how FIFA is using technology to its fullest potential in improving the football experience for key players on the pitch.” , said Johannes Holzmueller, FIFA Director of Football Technology and Innovation.

Simon Colosimo, FIFPRO deputy general secretary, said the players had asked for better access to their performance data. “The FIFA Player app is a positive outcome that will enable personal data rights and provide a new resource for players at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar,” he said.

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As standalone Bally Sports app prepares to launch, does chaos threaten viewers?

By Sports app

Two frustrating years for fans of cutting sports should come to an end, at least in part and at least for now, on Monday.

That’s when Bally Sports is set to launch a new standalone app, giving fans in the market access to the regional sports networks they lost when streaming services like Hulu and YouTube TV abandoned them on the go. fall 2020.

For Minnesota sports fans, $19.99 per month will provide access to all Wolves and Savages games this season on Bally Sports North. Twins, it should be noted, are not yet available through the standalone app.

But the launch of the app also brings a new set of questions. And it comes at a time when Diamond Sports – which operates Bally’s 21 regional sports networks and is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group – would be under enough financial strain to be forced into bankruptcy.

In this scenario. the three major professional sports leagues most closely tied to RSNs — the NBA, NHL and MLB — could end up buying Diamond Sports and running the operation, the New York Post reported this week.

What all of this means for sports fans is a fascinating question. Jason Gurwin from The Streamable joined me on the Daily Delivery podcast on Thursday with some great insights and ideas.

Regarding the price of Bally Sports’ standalone monthly subscription, Gurwin said he thinks $19.99 strikes a reasonable balance between cable and consumer satisfaction. He said the company’s relative success or failure will depend more on quality than price.

“It will depend on the actual quality of the product,” Gurwin said, noting that there have been several user complaints about the existing Bally Sports app. “I don’t think the $19.99 price tag is that prohibitive for a fan who cut the cord. … It’s a decent alternative.”

But Diamond Sports and the Bally RSNs have much bigger problems — problems that Gurwin says won’t be solved simply by adding a standalone streaming option.

“I don’t think a direct-to-consumer service will ultimately save them, even if it’s successful,” Gurwin said, “mainly because direct-to-consumer is a worse business than cable. silver with the wire harness.

And that package dwindled for a variety of reasons, leading to what Gurwin called a “death spiral” and leaving Sinclair in a precarious position less than four years after winning an offer to buy Fox Sports’ RSNs for 10, $6 billion.

“They’re in a very tough spot. They’ve got billions of dollars in debt, and now they’re only making hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. And the leagues are in a tough spot because they’re very tied to Bally Sports.” , Gurwin said, noting that in the New York Post report, it was suggested that part of the contract with Bally’s stipulates that they do not have to pay rights fees to the leagues if they are bankrupt. “It’s really bad for the leagues.”

Would it be a good thing for the NBA, NHL and MLB to essentially take back control and operations of regional sports properties?

That too is complicated. It wouldn’t necessarily be a better business model for the leagues. Conversely, if it worked financially for the leagues, it might not be great for the fans.

“It may end up being great for the fans in that the games may end up being more accessible, but for it to be a win for the fans, the leagues have to say we’re willing to give up the money. that we won in the past,” Gurwin said. “I’m not sure the players will let that happen. In one of these revenue-sharing leagues, lower media rights mean lower salary caps and less money in players’ pockets.”

Perhaps in the event of a takeover, the leagues would be ready to get creative to create some stability in a world of sports observation that has become unstable in recent years.

Or maybe the chaos is just beginning even as a temporary solution emerges on Monday.

Julius Baer Cup: Indian GMs Erigaisi and Praggnanandhaa head to quarter-finals

By Sports games

Indian teenage grandmasters Arjun Erigaisi and R Praggnanandhaa advanced to the quarter-finals after finishing second and fourth respectively in the preliminary round of the Julius Baer Generation Cup online rapid chess tournament early on Thursday.

While world champion Magnus Carlsen finished with 34 points, well ahead of second-placed Erigaisi, who had 25 points, American Hans Niemann took third place with 24 points.

Praggnanandhaa, who got off to a strong start with three wins on Day 1, finished with 23 points. His tally included five wins, eight draws and two losses. Carlsen was in prodigious form, winning his last five games including three on the final day of the prelims to finish with 10 wins. His only loss was to Niemann, against whom he quit after making a single move.

Erigaisi, 19, had a bad final day, losing to Vincent Keymer (Germany) and Dutch GM Anish Giri after starting with a draw against Radoslaw Wojtaszek of Poland.

But despite an unforgettable day, the Indian GM managed to finish second. He scored seven wins, four draws and four losses.

Praggnanandhaa, 17, started the day with a loss to American Levon Aronian before settling for a draw against Giri. His victory over the Croatian Ivan Saric in the 15th and final lap allowed him to finish a point behind Niemann on the 23rd with Keymer.

Baskaran Adhiban, the third Indian in the tournament, finished 16th and last with a solitary win to go with seven draws and an equal number of losses. He got 10 points.

The quarter-finals should be played on Thursday evening. The Julius Baer Generation Cup is part of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour and features 16 players across three generations and takes place in a round-robin-cum-knockout format.

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Roger Federer’s farewell will be in doubles, possibly with Nadal

By Sports games

Roger Federer is known for his elegant style of play, for his longevity, for his 20 Grand Slam titles – and for his occasional tears in his most emotional post-match moments, whether after victory or defeat.

There was nothing of that kind of sadness on Wednesday, just smiles and a few laughs at his own jokes, as Federer appeared at a press conference to discuss his retirement from professional tennis at 41 after a series knee operations. He will close his career with a doubles match at the Laver Cup on Friday – possibly alongside longtime rival Rafael Nadal.

Federer said he is now at peace with the decision to leave, which comes weeks after Serena Williams played what is expected to be her last match at the US Open, and he wants this farewell to be a celebration.

“I really don’t want it to be a funeral,” Federer said. “I want it to be really happy and powerful and in party mode.” Dressed in a blue blazer with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and a white polo shirt, Federer answered questions for about half an hour in the arena that will host the team competition founded by his management company.

“I’m nervous about going in because I haven’t played for so long,” he said. “Hopefully I can be a bit competitive.” Federer, who announced via social media last week that he would be retiring after the Laver Cup, said it took him some time to get used to the idea of ​​stepping away from competition . But it was something he realized he had to do after suffering setbacks in July during rehabilitation after his third right knee surgery in about a year and a half.

“You try to take it to the next level in training, and I could feel it getting difficult. … Then I guess I also got more tired, because you had to put more effort into it to be able to kind of believe it was going to backfire. You start getting too pessimistic. Then I got a scan as well, which wasn’t what I wanted,” Federer explained. “At some point you sit down and say to yourself, OK, we’re at an intersection here, at a crossroads, and you have to take a turn. Where is this?’ I wasn’t willing to go the ‘let’s risk it all’ way. I’m not ready for that. I always said that was never my goal. And the hard part came when he knew that he had to stop.

“You’re sad,” Federer said, “the moment you realize, OK, it’s over. will go down in the books as the last singles match of a stellar career that began in the 1990s and included 103 tournament titles, a Davis Cup championship for Switzerland, Olympic medals and hundreds of weeks at No. of the ATP ranking.

In his farewell message online last week, Federer called the retirement a “bittersweet decision”. He was asked on Wednesday which aspect was the most bitter and which was the sweetest.

“The bitterness: you always want to play forever,” he said. “I love being on the court. I love playing against guys. I love traveling. … Everything was perfect. I love my career from every angle. And then he added: ‘The hardest part sweet was that i know everyone has to do it at some point everyone has to quit the game it’s been a great, great journey for that i’m really grateful he will play doubles for team europe against team World on the first day of the event and then give way to Wimbledon 2021 runner-up Matteo Berrettini in singles this weekend.This plan was managed by the ATP and the two team captains, John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg , said Federer.

As for her doubles partner for the last hurray? Federer definitely wouldn’t say – he said it was up to Borg – but the not-so-hidden secret is that it should be Nadal, who holds the men’s record of 22 major championships.

In February, when news broke that Federer would be in London this week, he said Nadal had messaged him last year suggesting he play doubles together again. They teamed up to win a doubles match in the inaugural Laver Cup in 2017.

“If we are able to share the court once again in doubles,” Nadal said in February, “then it would be a really special experience for both of us at this stage of our careers.” While other contemporaries of Federer and sports stars make the European squad, such as 21-time Slam champion Novak Djokovic and three-time major winner Andy Murray, Federer’s match against Nadal will go down in history. as one of the biggest rivalries in the world. tennis or any other sport.

They have faced each other 40 times in all (Nadal has won 26), with 14 Grand Slam clashes (Nadal has won 10). Nadal emerged victorious in their classic Wimbledon final in 2008, considered by some to be the greatest match in history; Federer won his last encounter, in the 2019 semi-final at the All England Club.

“It could be quite, I don’t know, a unique situation, if it were to happen,” Federer said of the double. “For us too, to go through a career that we both had and come out the other side and be able to have a great relationship, I think, is maybe a great message, not just for tennis but sport and can -be even beyond that.” As for his future? The father of two sets of twins – girls 13, boys 8 – wouldn’t say exactly what he has planned other than a holiday, but he said that he would stay connected to tennis in some way.

Recalling how Borg stayed away from the sport for years after his retirement, Federer sought to reassure his own fans, saying, “I won’t be a ghost.”

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Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic policy drives out international sporting events

By Sports events

The organizer of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, a major sporting event in Hong Kong, announced on September 16 the cancellation of this year’s event, citing the long wait for approval from the Hong Kong government. Meanwhile, the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon is being heavily promoted and the World Dragon Boat Racing Championships will be held in Thailand instead of Hong Kong next year. Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic policy has already driven talent out of the territory as well as international events.

The news was brought to the attention of Bernard Charnwut Chan, a former unofficial Hong Kong Executive Council organizer, who pointed out that while the government could not provide a clear timetable for the reopening of the border to international tourists, the international sporting events may not return to Hong Kong and will be held in other regions.

Hong Kong Association of Athletics Affiliates (HKAAA), the organizer of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, announced that in view of the latest pandemic situation in Hong Kong, they have not yet received notice of approval from the event, he had therefore decided to cancel the marathon originally scheduled for November 20. It is now postponed to February 12, 2023.

The HKAAA explained that since it was only two months before the original event date, they had yet to receive government approval to hold the event, and runners and stakeholders might not have enough preparation time, so they decided to cancel the event.

Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, Hong Kong’s secretary for culture, sports and tourism, was wide awake at the time. He said he had just learned that HKAAA had canceled the event in the evening when the announcement was made and that he asked his colleagues to understand the situation and “see if there is any other something that needs help”.

Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, member of the Legislative Council for the functional constituency of sports, performing arts, culture and publishing, regretted the cancellation.

He also revealed that many sports associations have recently asked him for help, expressing that he is still full of uncertainty about holding their events next year.

He hopes the government can announce clear guidelines as soon as possible so that organizers can have enough preparation time and make good use of sporting events to promote Hong Kong’s recovery.

Canceled 2022 HK 10K Championships

Kenneth Fok had already questioned the government’s policy of restricting sporting events in August.

HKAAA also canceled the “Hong Kong 10K Championships 2022” in August, as the race quota had been drastically reduced by the government.

The Hong Kong Athletic Affiliates Association announced the cancellation of the 2022 event due to the anti-epidemic policy. scheduled for August 26, 2022. (HKAAA’s Facebook)

At that time, Kenneth Fok questioned the scientific basis for the government’s tightening of the number of participants to 500, and he blamed the government for making the sports sector embarrassing.

He had already raised concerns at the time about whether the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon and Hong Kong Sevens would not go ahead successfully.

As part of the government’s latest anti-epidemic measure, his worries have come true.

On the other hand, Singapore is promoting the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, which will be held in early December, with the slogan “The Marathon is back”.

Don’t Compromise

An article in the Hong Kong Economic Journal revealed that the internal workings of the government were “completely unaware” of the cancellation of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon which was made solely by HKAAA, because the submission of the request by HKAAA had been passed on to Eric. Chan Kwok-ki, Chief Secretary of Hong Kong Administration, for his stewardship a week ago.

There was an initial internal discussion among senior officials to support the event being held as planned; however, the organizer did not set a deadline and suddenly said “no” without any question or dissatisfaction.

The article also quotes sports industry professionals as saying that HKAAA may already be considering attendance numbers as a “break-even point,” to avoid losing money.

The end of the article also pointed out that it “didn’t seem like a coincidence” that the aforementioned financial summit and marathon, both due to be held in November, were in competition with Singapore.

He believed that if the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens competition could not take place in November, “the script for telling good Hong Kong stories would be poor”.

Chau Sze-tat, the news commentator, analyzed in his online show that the government had never been so efficient and questioned the fact that HKAAA was in fact not “willing” to organize the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, and they just canceled the event without negotiating with the government.

Moreover, unlike Singapore, where there are no anti-epidemic restrictions, the Hong Kong government must implement “anti-epidemic measures”, putting on a show on a pretentious scale.

For example, it is reported that runners must have three vaccination doses and a negative PCR test result within 48 hours. They must also follow the Hong Kong health code system’s “yellow code” for travelers which will bar them from entering bars and restaurants for seven days after arriving in Hong Kong.

Chau said maybe “HKAAA doesn’t want to be the bad guy” and “don’t compromise to be part of the show on a pretentious scale,” and even if the event had happened, many runners would have been put off. to join the event, as the current quarantine arrangement of “3+4” (three days of hotel quarantine and four days of home monitoring) for incoming foreign tourists will not attract as many foreign runners as per the past.

And on reflection, the organization of the marathon “may lose money”, so the long wait for government approval is just an excuse to put the event on hold.

Chau further pointed out that the financial summit and the Hong Kong Sevens, to be held in November, aim to show the world that Hong Kong “is back to normal.” But as part of the promotion strategy, members of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong have been sent to ASEAN countries to promote “good stories of Hong Kong”, but even the Marathon must be canceled, “how Hong Does Kong resume normally?”

World Dragon Boat Championships move to Thailand

In addition to the above events, the International Dragon Boat Federation had also decided not to hold the event in Hong Kong.

The Federation said that the current quarantine and isolation arrangements in Hong Kong are stricter than those in other regions, therefore, they had decided to hold the World Dragon Boat Racing Championships in Thailand next year. next instead of Hong Kong, which was the original place.

Bernard Chan said Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic prevention measures have discouraged tourists from visiting Hong Kong, especially as arrival testing and quarantine measures have mostly been lifted worldwide, creating a greater contrast and making Hong Kong’s situation even more disadvantaged.

If Hong Kong fails to provide a roadmap for reopening borders to international tourists in a timely manner, he fears that more international event organizers will change event venues to other regions and that ‘they won’t come back to Hong Kong next year.

Nie Law




Football-KFC threatens legal action over Mbappe’s sponsorship position

By Sports games

A senior manager of KFC’s operations in France has said the fast-food chain may take legal action over striker Kylian Mbappe’s refusal to take part in some of the France team’s sponsorship commitments. Alain Beral, vice-president of KFC France, told the Sport Business Club website that they were considering legal action, but did not specify whether it would be against the player or the French Football Federation.

“We paid for something clear. If necessary, we will assert our rights,” Beral said. Mbappe had refused to take part in a team photo shoot and sponsorship activities scheduled for Tuesday because he did not want to endorse certain brands, including fast food chains and betting companies, which have contracts with the national team. .

“I decided not to participate in the photo shoot after the French federation refused to change the image rights agreement with the players,” Mbappe said in a statement. The federation said it would “review (…) the image rights agreement between it and its selected players”.

France host Austria in the Nations League on Thursday and play Denmark three days later.

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Motor racing – De Vries and Doohan on Alpine’s test list

By Sports games

Renault-owned Alpine began a private test in Hungary on Tuesday with Dutch driver Nyck de Vries and Australian Jack Doohan in the spotlight as the Formula One team weighs options for next season. Alpine did not confirm details of the test or who drove last year’s car at the Hungaroring circuit near Budapest.

The official Formula 1 website says de Vries, Doohan and Italian Antonio Giovinazzi are due to spend some time behind the wheel. Double world champion Fernando Alonso will leave for Aston Martin at the end of the year, leaving the most desirable vacancy on the grid. Alpine is fourth overall with six races to go.

The team had wanted to put Australian reserve Oscar Piastri in the race seat next year, but he signed for McLaren instead. Frenchman Pierre Gasly became the favorite then, but is under contract for 2023 with Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri, who have said they would be ready to release him if they can find an exciting replacement.

US IndyCar driver Colton Herta was the main target but does not have a super-license and Formula One’s governing FIA is not prepared to make an exception despite the absence of US drivers in the sport. De Vries, who impressed by finishing ninth on his race debut with Williams as a replacement for Alex Albon in Italy this month after the Thai developed appendicitis, could be the answer for Alpine and AlphaTauri.

The 27-year-old told Dutch television over the weekend that he recently met Red Bull motorsport chief Helmut Marko in Austria for talks. “I have been in talks with Williams for a long time… I have been in contact with Alpine since July and will be testing for them in Budapest next week,” he said.

“Anywhere I can get a permanent seat, I would be very happy.” De Vries, the 2021 Formula E champion, and Red Bull Formula 1 world champion and runaway leader Max Verstappen are friends and compatriots.

This fueled speculation that de Vries could end up at AlphaTauri, allowing Gasly to join Alpine. Academy rider Doohan, the son of motorcycling great Mick, is still just 19 and looks more like a possible reserve for Alpine unless they strike a deal with Williams to replace Canadian Nicholas Latifi.

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Sports Event Tickets Market: SWOT Analysis, Historical Data,

By Sports events

Sports Event Tickets Market Research Report, 2022-2030

The global Sports Event Tickets Market for a forecast period from 2022 to 2030 helps in estimating the statistics associated with the development of the industry in terms of market value. A unique analytical technique has been used to analyze the growth of the Global Sports Event Tickets Market and draw conclusions regarding the future growth prospects of the industry. The market is segmented by Types, Applications, and Regions. The qualitative analysis of this report includes the industry scenario and trends, policies, growth opportunities, competitive landscape, and technology landscape as well as the quantitative analysis which includes market revenue forecast and market revenue estimates.

This research report aims to provide a comprehensive review of industry performance and important emerging trends. Apart from the important findings, the latest key drivers and restraints are also described in this report. Primary and secondary research techniques are used by market analysts including in-depth interviews, ethnography, surveys. Our research analyst offers a comprehensive study of critical industry elements affecting the global Sports Event Tickets market and their most current patterns.

By referring to this Sports Event Tickets Market research report, it becomes easy for key players to form effective business strategies by understanding customer behavior, market size, market demand and competition.

Request a free sample PDF:

The market is segmented into types, major key players, major regions and key applications. The report analyzes and studies the regional markets in detail, including drivers, restraints, market challenges, trends and opportunities.

Key Players Covered in the Report:

Ace Ticket Worldwide Inc., AXS Group LLC, Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, StubHub, Live Nation (TicketMaster), Brown Paper Tickets LLC, Razorgator LLC, Ticketek Pty Ltd, SeatGeek Inc., Ticket City Inc., Vivid Seats LLC

Types of products covered in the report:

Digital tickets
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Applications covered in the report:

50 years

Sports Event Tickets

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North America (United States, Canada and Mexico)
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Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Research Methodology

Our research methodology constitutes secondary and primary research methodologies which ideally include observational, experimental, simulation and derivative research methods. Our research analyst obtains this quantitative and qualitative data from in-depth data mining, conducting primary interviews with suppliers, distributors and end users, and formulating insights, estimates and growth rates in result. The report creates a solid foundation for users entering a new market. This report can be customized according to client needs to ensure that you get a report that meets your requirements. Our research helps our customers identify compatible business partners.

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Along with current market norms revealed, the market research report has also illustrated the latest strategic developments and patterns of market players in an unbiased manner. The report serves as a presumptive business document that can help the buyers in the global market to plan their next courses towards the future position of the market.

In conclusion, the report is compilation of accurate information collected from industry experts. The Sports Event Tickets Market report is the credible source for conducting the market research that will help you accelerate your business. It also explains the various business models, key business strategies, current level of market development, market share and size, and current level of competition in the market.

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About Us:

Market Reports Insights New is a market research company that provides market research reports and business insights to small and medium to large corporations. The company supports its clients in organizing commercial policies and achieving sustainable development in their market segment. We offer a unique solution ranging from investment advice to data collection. We provide consulting services, syndicated research reports and custom research reports.

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Qatar ambassador faces call for LGBT rights ahead of World Cup

By Sports games

Qatar’s ambassador to Germany was urged on Monday to scrap his country’s sanctions for homosexuality at a human rights congress organized by the German football federation two months before the Middle Eastern country is hosting world Cup.

Fan representative Dario Minden switched to English to speak directly to Qatari Ambassador Abdulla bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani at the Frankfurt congress.

“I’m a man and I like men,” Minden said. “I do – please don’t be shocked – have sex with other men. It’s normal. So please get used to it or stay out of football. Because the most important rule in football is that football is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re lesbian, if you’re gay. It’s for everyone. For the boys. For the girls. And for everyone in between.” Minden continued, “Abolish all sanctions regarding sexual and gender identity. The rule that football is for everyone is so important. We can’t allow you to break it, no matter how rich you are. You are more than welcome to join the international football community and also, of course, to organize a great tournament. But in sports, that’s how it is. You have to accept the rules.” Al Thani was to be given a chance to respond later, although his comments were to remain confidential. Only the opening 90 minutes of the federation congress were broadcast to the public and no journalists were invited to the event.

Federation spokesman Steffen Simon said it was not the organisation’s decision to hold the majority of the congress off-camera, but “we have received a clear request from some attendees that they would like discuss these issues internally with us. They didn’t want to argue in public. We respected that.” Qatar’s laws and society have come under increased scrutiny over the past decade.

Qatari law provides for a prison term of one to three years for adults convicted of consensual same-sex or lesbian sex. However, the US State Department warned in a report last year that homosexuality remains punishable by death under Sharia or Islamic law, although there have been no reports reporting such an execution in Qatar.

Major General Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Ansari, a senior official in charge of tournament security, previously told The Associated Press that rainbow flags could be removed from supporters at the World Cup in Qatar for the protect against attacks for promoting gay rights.

Al Ansari insisted that LGBTQ couples would still be welcome and accepted in Qatar for the World Cup despite same-sex relationships remaining criminalized in the conservative Gulf nation.

Before Minden spoke on Monday, Al Thani complained to the congress that the human rights issue was distracting from the tournament.

”We all care about human rights. But I would have enjoyed (it) more if I had seen some focus not just on one subject, but on the enjoyment of football and the effect of football on people around the world,” Al Thani said.

The Ambassador referred to the last World Cup in Russia, its invasion and takeover of Crimea from Ukraine, and the human rights abuses there, “and there was no attention, nor of Germany, nor of any country in Europe”. Al Thani said Qatar had abolished the controversial kafala system which required migrant workers to have a sponsor, a system which left many workers vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, and that the country had introduced a minimum wage. and a compensation fund for workers to claim rights violations.

”Yes, we are not perfect. We don’t claim to be perfect, but it’s a journey we’re going to write,” Al Thani said.

The ambassador invited football fans to go there on their own to “enjoy the football, see the different cultures” and meet the migrant workers once there.

”You’ll see them in hotels. You will come across them on public transport. Ask them,” Al Thani said.

He then touched on Bayern Munich’s longstanding sponsorship deal with Qatar.

”Bayern Munich have spent the last four or five years coming for a winter camp in Doha. Why don’t they talk? Why don’t they say they went to Doha? (If) they think it’s appalling, say so publicly or just shut up,” Al Thani said. “Because you know, you have the ability to be there. You have the ability to meet people, to talk to them. If you think something is wrong, say so. Don’t hide behind the bush. German Football Association President Bernd Neuendorf has called on the Qatari government to establish, “without any ifs and buts”, work centers where migrants can go in the event of employer violations, and a fund compensation for the relations of workers who died or were injured on the construction sites of the world cup.

“The latest request for funds is also for FIFA,” Neuendorf said.

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Australia confirm Nitschke as full-time women’s coach

By Sports games

Former all-rounder Shelley Nitschke has been handed a four-year contract as head coach of the Australian women’s team, Cricket Australia announced on Tuesday.

In her role as caretaker coach, Nitschke guided Australia to a historic Commonwealth Games gold medal after the team recorded a narrow win over India in the final of the inaugural Commonwealth Games competition. women’s cricket at the quadrennial event last month.

Australia’s assistant coach since 2018, Nitschke had been in charge of the team since Matthew Mott’s departure earlier this year.

“While I have enjoyed my job as an assistant coach, I believe now is the right time to step up and lead this group into what is shaping up to be a new era with a new group of coaches and the retirement of Rachael Haynes,” the 45-year-old told the ICC website.

“The loss of Rach will no doubt be felt, but this presents a great opportunity for others to raise their hands both from a leadership perspective as well as with bat and on the pitch. ”His first assignment would be a T20I tour of India in December before facing Pakistan at home in January. But the real big test for her would be to defend her title at next year’s Women’s T20 World Cup in South Africa.

”Our challenge is to ensure that the team continues to evolve; we have seen teams like India take their game to the next level and it is important that the players feel they have the support they need to keep improving every day,” she said .

”Our team continues to go from strength to strength and I’m excited to see what this group can accomplish next; there’s big cricket on the horizon, including the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in February and Ashes next winter, so now is the perfect time to get involved. over 100 games for Australia. Overall, she scored 3118 runs and claimed 153 wickets in 80 ODIs, 36 T20Is and six Tests.

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Julius Baer Cup: Erigaisi in the lead, Praggnanandhaa in 2nd position

By Sports games

Indian teenage grandmaster Arjun Erigaisi took first place with 17 points after eight rounds, while compatriot R Praggnanandhaa is in second place with 15 points at the Julius Baer Cup here.

The long-awaited Praggnanandhaa-Magnus Carlsen clash in the eighth round ended in a draw. The Indian had beaten the Norwegian ace twice earlier this season in online matches.

After the conclusion of the second day of preliminary matches early Tuesday, Erigaisi is two points ahead of Praggnanandhaa and world champion Carlsen (15 points).

Erigaisi started the day with a victory over Hans Niemann (USA) and then beat Levon Aronian. The all-India clash between Erigaisi and Praggnanandhaa ended in a 67-stroke draw. Later in the eighth round, the last of the day, he shared honors with Ivan Saric of Croatia.

Praggnanandhaa started the day with a draw against Radoslaw Wojtaszek in the fifth round before taming the highly rated German Vincent Keymer in the following game.

The 17-year-old Indian chess star then held Carlsen to a draw in 67 moves. Meanwhile, Carlsen quit his match against Niemann after just two hits. The world champion entered the sixth-round encounter after a loss to the 19-year-old American at the Sinquefield Cup in St Louis, after which he accused his opponent of cheating and withdrew from the tournament.

Carlsen then picked up a victory over Aronian in the seventh round before sharing the honors with Praggnanandhaa. Baskaran Adhiban, the third Indian in the fray, languishes in last place in the 16-man event with three points. He faces Praggnanandhaa in the ninth round.

Ukrainian veteran Vasyl Ivanchuk continued to impress and sits in fourth place with 13 points. The 53-year-old didn’t have a profitable time on day two like he did on opening day but managed to end it with a win over Keymer. He had lost in the previous two rounds to American teenager Christopher Yoo and Poland’s Wojtaszek. Once the preliminary rounds are completed, the tournament will move on to the round of 16 before a two-day final. The eight-day event will run until September 25 and will feature 16 players across three generations.

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Social Fantasy Sports Verse Gaming App Raises $585,000 Pre-Seed, Launches Mobile App |

By Sports app

NEW YORK – September 19, 2022 – (

Verse Gaming, an innovative new platform for users to compete in peer-2-peer sports and entertainment fantasy competitions, announced today that it has raised $585,000 in pre-seed funding. $ funded by private investors with participation from Rally Cry Ventures. This round of funding allowed the startup to further develop its platform after a solid year of beta testing, in addition to securing regulated access to US markets.

In addition to announcing its pre-seed funding, Verse also announced today the launch of its long-awaited mobile app. Downloadable in all 50 states, users nationwide will be able to participate in free game contests, make predictions on player performance, fantasy points, and season stats. Additionally, paid contests will be rolled out in 22 markets.

As a pioneer in the social gaming space, Verse offers gamers a customizable toolkit to create, play and manage real-money contests with profiles reminiscent of their favorite social media apps. Users enter contests with two or more choices on player performance projections. Games can be public for all users, or they can be limited to private invitation-only contests.

Verse Fantasy contests offer users an unprecedented amount of customization – giving users control over their contest title, player group, scoring system, number of choices, and more. Verse Fantasy also offers unparalleled customization in picks, allowing users to create blended rosters with player stat projections and fantasy points on almost any player suitable for any game.

This round of funding helped Verse build on the success of its beta testing – which saw just under a thousand testers play in over 11,000 contests, generating an in-app credit transaction volume of 120,000 $ – to provide users with a fantastic dynamic and social sports experience.

“Verse was created to fill a major oversight in the market – what if we could connect sports bettors, content creators and everyday fans by giving them a toolkit that allows them to create, share and to instantly participate in fantastic contests? shares CEO Dan Zimmermann, “How many of us watch great games with an open group chat, almost live tweeting among our group of friends. Verse makes daily fantasy contests with anyone as easy as do a group chat.”

About Verse Gaming

Founded in July 2020, Verse Gaming is the social marketplace designed for peer-2-peer gaming.

The Brooklyn-based startup was developed by two Syracuse University students, David Rosen and Dan Zimmermann. After spending four years as affiliate content creators for Barstool Sports, the longtime friends founded their own company to serve the long-neglected side of the gaming industry – social gaming.

Download for iOS, Android or visit the desktop platform at

Find out more at:

Follow Verse on Instagram and Twitter.

Press contact: Dan Zimmermann, co-founder and CEO |

Contact information:

Daniel Zimmerman


Press Release Service by

Original Source: Social Fantasy Sports App Verse Gaming Raises $585,000 Pre-Seed, Launches Mobile App

Social Fantasy Sports Verse Gaming app raises $585,000 pre-seed, launches mobile app

By Sports app

Brooklyn-based Verse Gaming announces the launch of its cutting-edge peer-2-peer fantasy platform following a $585,000 pre-seed funding round.

Press release

September 19, 2022 1:00 p.m. EDT

NEW YORK, September 19, 2022 ( –
Verse Gaming, an innovative new platform for users to compete in peer-2-peer sports and entertainment fantasy competitions, announced today that it has raised $585,000 in pre-seed funding. $ funded by private investors with participation from Rally Cry Ventures. This round of funding allowed the startup to further develop its platform after a solid year of beta testing, in addition to securing regulated access to US markets.

In addition to announcing its pre-seed funding, Verse also announced today the launch of its long-awaited mobile app. Downloadable in all 50 states, users nationwide will be able to participate in free game contests, make predictions on player performance, fantasy points, and season stats. Additionally, paid contests will be rolled out in 22 markets.

As a pioneer in the social gaming space, Verse offers gamers a customizable toolkit to create, play and manage real-money contests with profiles reminiscent of their favorite social media apps. Users enter contests with two or more choices on player performance projections. Games can be public for all users, or they can be limited to private invitation-only contests.

Verse Fantasy contests offer users an unprecedented amount of customization – giving users control over their contest title, player group, scoring system, number of choices, and more. Verse Fantasy also offers unparalleled customization in picks, allowing users to create blended rosters with player stat projections and fantasy points on almost any player suitable for any game.

This round of funding helped Verse build on the success of its beta testing – which saw just under a thousand testers play in over 11,000 contests, generating an in-app credit transaction volume of 120,000 $ – to provide users with a fantastic dynamic and social sports experience.

“Verse was created to fill a major oversight in the market – what if we could connect sports bettors, content creators and everyday fans by giving them a toolkit that allows them to create, share and participate instantly to fantastic contests?” shares CEO Dan Zimmermann, “How many of us watch great games with an open group chat, almost live tweeting amongst our group of friends. Verse makes daily fantasy contests with anyone as easy as do a group chat.”

About Verse Gaming

Founded in July 2020, Verse Gaming is the social marketplace designed for peer-2-peer gaming.

The Brooklyn-based startup was developed by two Syracuse University students, David Rosen and Dan Zimmermann. After spending four years as affiliate content creators for Barstool Sports, the longtime friends founded their own company to serve the long-neglected side of the gaming industry – social gaming.

Download for iOS, Android or visit the desktop platform at

Find out more at:

Follow Verse on Instagram and Twitter.

Press contact: Dan Zimmermann, co-founder and CEO |

Source: Verse Gaming Inc.

Praggnanandhaa picks up three wins before losing to compatriot Yoo

By Sports games

Indian teenage grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa began his campaign in the Julius Baer Generation Cup online rapid-fire tournament, the seventh leg of the $1.6 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, with victories over veteran Vasyl Ivanchuk and Jan Kryzstof Duda from Poland.

He then beat fellow veteran Boris Gelfand in the third round before losing to 15-year-old American Christopher Yoo on Monday.

The 17-year-old Chennnai wonderkid won trump cards against 53-year-old Ukrainian legend Ivanchuk in a battle of generations to pick up three points. Ivanchuk bounced back from the setback against Praggnanandhaa to win his next three sets. Praggu, as he is known in the chess community and who has beaten world champion Magnus Carlsen twice this season, was heading for the top spot after recording three wins but was caught due to a loss in the final round.

Carlsen got off to a good start and is one point ahead after the first day of the tournament. He picked up victories over Indians Arjun Erigaisi, Adhiban Baskaran and Liem Quang Le, with only Dutch number 1 Giri preventing him from taking the maximum 12 points. He leads with 10 points. Behind the favorite are four nine-pointers, including Praggnanandhaa, American Hans Niemann and Arjun Erigiasi. Meanwhile, 19-year-old Erigaisi of India bounced back from his first-round loss to Carlsen to claim three wins. He beat Adhiban, Liem and Czech player David Navara.

Once the preliminary rounds are completed, the tournament will move on to the round of 16 before a two-day final.

The eight-day event will run until September 25 and will feature 16 players across three generations.

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Viacom18 will broadcast the FIFA World Cup on a separate sports app?

By Sports app

The CCI on Monday approved the merger of the Jio Cinema OTT platform with Viacom 18 Media

Viacom18 is reportedly preparing to test its OTT sports app with the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. According to well-placed sources, the company’s ad sales executives are offering a new app as a streaming destination for the tournament.

Following the launch of the new app this year, the exclusive sports content platform will likely host Indian Premier League (IPL) matches from 2023.

During the parent company’s quarterly earnings call, Paramount Global chief Robert Bakish alluded to it. He said, “It (IPL) will be part of a streaming offering for the Indian market that Viacom18 will launch in 2023.”

In a related development, the Competition Commission of India announced on Twitter on Monday that it had approved the “merger of Jio Cinema OTT platform with Viacom 18 Media, following an investment by BTS (Bodhi Tree Systems ) Investment and Reliance Projects & Property Management Services.”

This approval transfers the Jio Cinema application from Reliance to Viacom18 which already operates Voot – a video streaming platform.

In April 2022, Bodhi Tree Systems backed by James Murdoch and Uday Shankar entered into a strategic partnership with Viacom18 and announced an investment of Rs 13,500 crore in Viacom18. Reliance Projects & Property Management Services, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, has pledged an investment of Rs 1,645 crore.

Until now, all sports content was streamed on Viacom18’s OTT app – Voot. This should change with the introduction of the new app.

Sources also suggest that in the initial phase of this year, the app could be a fully AVoD platform. Senior media executives are concerned about whether or not a new platform will be able to attract new users for a prominent media property, such as the FIFA World Cup.

In June 2022, Reliance Industries (RIL), Bodhi Tree and Paramount-backed Viacom18 offered Rs 23,758 crore to acquire the IPL digital media rights for the Indian subcontinent. It has also secured the league’s international media rights for markets including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Caribbean, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, the UK, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Continental Europe, for Rs 595 crore.

Earlier this year, Viacom18 launched Sports18, a sports channel. Sports18 Khel a free channel for sports content in Hindi. Sports18 streams several international sports properties including NBA, LaLiga, Ligue1, Serie A, Abu Dhabi T10, BWF and ATP.

An email to the Sports18 team from afaqs! on this development, remained unanswered until the time of publication of this article.

Website Barstool Sports will open a large sports bar in Old Town Scottsdale

By Sports website

By Jess Harter Monday, September 19, 2022

Sport bar stoolpopular sports and pop culture website, is opening a major sports bar, Barstool Scottsdale, in the former Two Brothers Brewing & Taphouse building in Old Town Scottsdale.

Space: The 8,700 square foot building near the southeast corner of Scottsdale and Drinkwater has a 1,700 square foot patio along Scottsdale Road. Once the home of Saddle Ranch Chophouse, it housed Two Brothers from 2015 to 2019 but has been vacant ever since.

The company: Dave Portnoy founded Barstool as a print publication in Milton, Massachusetts in 2003 and launched his website in 2007. Along with numerous blogs, podcasts and webcasts, he expanded into sports betting in 2020 with his Barstool app Sportsbook and now has an estimated value of $450 million.

Sports bar activity: Barstool launched its first sports bar in Chicago (pictured) in January and opened another in Philadelphia in March.

Did you know? Barstool Sports is the sponsor of the Arizona Bowl, which is played Dec. 31 in Tucson.

Opening date : Not announced yet.

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15 Best PS4 Sports Games That Are Still Worth Playing Today

By Sports games

The sports genre is one of the most popular in all of gaming – you name a sport, there will be a game, and a multitude of people will play it. There’s such variety in the world of sports games that it often feels like you’re spoiled for choice, and each sport usually has two or three titles in sight for the top spot. The PlayStation 4 generation of games included probably some of the best and most varied sports games of all time (apart from the PlayStation 2 era) and that being said, it’s time to dive into the depths of some of these games because there are so many out there that are still standing now. So what are some of the best PS4 sports games still worth playing today?

#15 Madden NFL 21

The first game in this list of the best PS4 sports games comes from the long mad series. Madden NFL 21 follows the trend that most EA sports games follow: being an almost exact copy (aside from improved graphics) of the one that preceded it and the one that preceded it, and so on. This game received a mixed reception, with the gameplay being one of the game’s few highlights. However, several technical issues plagued it; player reception was also then negative, but for the most part a lack of innovation and lack of creativity was evident. Hardcore mad fans will always love this game, but it won’t attract new ones.

#14NBA 2K22

The NBA 2K The series has been going since 2005 and has had some highs along the way. NBA 2K22 is an entry that would fit somewhere in the middle or maybe even slightly up. The series has been random over the years, and NBA 2K21 embodies this by being one of the series’ all-time lows. There could be an argument that they got sloppy or too relaxed due to its biggest competitor (NBA live) withdraw from the race. NBA 2K22 showed that the publisher was once again moving in the right direction, with this game being a very good entry in the series.

#13 Gran Turismo Sports

The Gran Turismo has become synonymous with the PlayStation platform. This PlayStation 4 sports game exclusive focused on competitive online driving, and the extensive car collections you’ve seen on older games weren’t as varied as they were with this title – which, as expected, was not well received, and he let the game down. But the Gran Turismo the series will always be incredibly clean and very pretty, and this one was one of the prettiest; the graphics are phenomenal and they hold up extremely well to this day, which is a testament to the game itself. Nonetheless, even with its poor qualities, it’s still a good game in a top-tier racing series.

A football game with a difference, something that resulted in a very unusual yet incredibly memorable PS4 sports game. Mutant Football League is a violent and exaggerated interpretation of the American sport of football. It draws heavily from the original Mutant League Football from 1993, as well as other games of the same genre such as NFL Blitz. It’s quirky and unique games like this that are often better than realistic titles like mad (although some people might not like to admit it) and when it comes to having the most fun playing a football game, Mutant Football League is the most fun you can have.

#11 Everybody’s Golf (2017)

The Everyone’s Golf is another PlayStation exclusive and follows the ilk we just mentioned with Mutant League Football: an original game that is fun, relaxing and easy to play. This golf game can be played quietly and is not too taxing on the stress level. That’s not to say it doesn’t require skill… oh no, because you’ll still have the ability to get creative with your shots, but it also adds the ability for players to drive golf carts all around the track – I mean, that’s all golf, isn’t it? Everyone’s Golf also features great character customization, a fun online mode, and a great free roaming option.

#10 MLB The 21 Show

With sports games, realism plays a major role in the level of enjoyment one can have, as well as the overall experience. MLB The Show 21 is the most realistic baseball game you can play, and while it has some minor issues, it’s still a must-play game for baseball fans everywhere. These issues though: the mechanics often feel a bit sluggish and quite clunky, and there was only a slight improvement over the previous installment, which was disappointing due to the expectation of the game due to the generational leap of the console, but overall it’s a really enjoyable PS4 sports game.

#9 Super Mega Baseball 3

The super mega baseball has become one of the most cohesive and well-developed sports game franchises around, and the third is the best of the lot. Realism was mentioned when talking about MLB the show, and no, Super Mega Baseball 3 isn’t as realistic as it sounds, but when it comes to having as much fun as possible while playing a baseball game, then that’s it. It’s pretty much the best baseball game there is; it’s quirky and fun, but still quite challenging too – it’s not a stadium walk, that’s for sure. It ticks all the boxes of what makes a great PS4 sports game, and the series will only get better after that.

#8 PGA Circuit 2K21

PS4 sports games

The world of golf was dominated by the PGA Tiger Woods franchise for several years, but the series lost its magic after the golfer brand split and struggled to regain it. The PGA Tour 2K21 was a revival of The golf club series but now under the 2K Sports brand, and it has reinvigorated a bit of magic into the life of the golf genre. It received positive reviews, with people acknowledging that the game retained some of the realism of its predecessors, while adding a lot more difficulty to its levels, but the whole thing is just much more engaging and accessible to a wider audience.

#7Fifa 22

PS4 sports games

Every person and their dog have heard of the Fifa series, it is the biggest and best-known football franchise of all time. This long-running football game has become one of the best-selling franchises of all time, and Fifa fans are fiercely loyal to any released game. The series however suffers from an identity crisis, the games being often the same as the previous ones; FIFA 21 was terrible (it’s true, I said it) but FIFA 22 tried to bring the series back to where it once functioned, and it’s done a good job, with some people saying it’s the best Fifa game for a while.

#6 F1 2020

PS4 sports games

It’s the 12e game in the long-running series and is probably about as good as it gets when it comes to racing games. As expected, F1 2020 has immaculate graphics and incredibly realistic mechanics, with gorgeous aesthetics. When it comes to thrilling racing games, this is the cornerstone of them all; you can have fun on your own in its immersive single-player mode, or you can race against your friends in the game’s wondrous multiplayer mode. I can only feel sorry for the titles that have to follow it, because to live up to this is a monumental task.

#5UFC 4

PS4 sports games

EA Sports’ MMA game series is the pinnacle of fighting games and the positive trajectory it has enjoyed in its lifetime so far has been quite an achievement. UFC 4 is an incredibly detailed game that’s extremely fun and while the ground game mechanic still needs some work, the other aspects are about as smooth as it gets (for the most part). It’s the best game in the series, and it still holds up remarkably well even though it’s two years old, so hey, actually, there’s no rush for EA to release another one because this game always gets updates to his list as well as a few other things.

PS4 sports games

This version of Pro Evolution Soccer was one of the best in the series, it may also be the time when the franchise took over from Fifa as being the best football game around – although some may still disagree with that. This series has always been late Fifa when it came to graphics (and they were miles behind at one point), licensing was another issue, and gameplay was often questioned. The improvements that eFootball Pro Evolution 2020 were very impressive, so much so that it’s probably the best game in the entire series – outside of those PlayStation 2 classics Pro Evo titles ie.

#3 FutureGrind

PS4 sports games

A slightly different game in terms of PS4 sports games is the stylish stunt racing game, FutureGrind. This is a game about tricks, skill and speed, with players having to draw the perfect line in the toughest stunt sport of the future. You’ll have to string together huge combos on tracks made up of floating rails, but be careful because if you hit the wrong color rail, you’ll explode. If this game is anything, then it’s different, and you have to give it credit. When you step back and see how good this game is, you will be truly impressed. an extreme amount of fun, excitement, never boring and super vibrant… what’s not to love?

#2 Rocket League

PS4 sports games

Speaking of difference, it’s one of the most unique and enjoyable PS4 sports games of all time – it’s football but with rocket-powered cars, what the heck shouldn’t love? When this game was released in 2015, it didn’t take long before it became a gaming sensation, quickly becoming a global name. rocket league was praised for its gameplay improvements over the previous SARP combat cars, but not only that, but the graphics and overall layout evolve the game into something quite impressive. Thanks to the game becoming free in 2020 as well, the popularity of rocket league went to another level, with a slew of people now experiencing it for the first time, an audience that still makes this game a big part of it to this day.

Tony Hawk 1+2 Pro Skater #1

PS4 sports games

So here we have it, number one on this list of the best PS4 sports games still worth playing today is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. This remake version of the groundbreaking originals from the era is quite the game and catapulted Tony Hawk’s skating games into the public eye and made them relevant again, after a rough few years. This release has it all, crisp graphics, beautifully smooth mechanics, while still keeping the humor and everything that made the originals so revered. It simply enhances everything with such authority it’s hard not to admire, and it still includes a killer soundtrack that has become synonymous with the series.

Social Fantasy Sports Verse Gaming App Raises $585,000 Pre-Seed, Launches Mobile App | Ap Sports

By Sports app

NEW YORK – September 19, 2022 – (

Verse Gaming, an innovative new platform for users to compete in peer-2-peer sports and entertainment fantasy competitions, announced today that it has raised $585,000 in pre-seed funding. $ funded by private investors with participation from Rally Cry Ventures. This round of funding allowed the startup to further develop its platform after a solid year of beta testing, in addition to securing regulated access to US markets.

In addition to announcing its pre-seed funding, Verse also announced today the launch of its long-awaited mobile app. Downloadable in all 50 states, users nationwide will be able to participate in free game contests, make predictions on player performance, fantasy points, and season stats. Additionally, paid contests will be rolled out in 22 markets.

As a pioneer in the social gaming space, Verse offers gamers a customizable toolkit to create, play and manage real-money contests with profiles reminiscent of their favorite social media apps. Users enter contests with two or more choices on player performance projections. Games can be public for all users, or they can be limited to private invitation-only contests.

Verse Fantasy contests offer users an unprecedented amount of customization – giving users control over their contest title, player group, scoring system, number of choices, and more. Verse Fantasy also offers unparalleled customization in picks, allowing users to create blended rosters with player stat projections and fantasy points on almost any player suitable for any game.

This round of funding helped Verse build on the success of its beta testing – which saw just under a thousand testers play in over 11,000 contests, generating an in-app credit transaction volume of 120,000 $ – to provide users with a fantastic dynamic and social sports experience.

“Verse was created to fill a major oversight in the market – what if we could connect sports bettors, content creators and everyday fans by giving them a toolkit that allows them to create, share and participate instantly to fantastic contests?” shares CEO Dan Zimmermann, “How many of us watch great games with an open group chat, almost live tweeting amongst our group of friends. Verse makes daily fantasy contests with anyone as easy as do a group chat.”

About Verse Gaming

Founded in July 2020, Verse Gaming is the social marketplace designed for peer-2-peer gaming.

The Brooklyn-based startup was developed by two Syracuse University students, David Rosen and Dan Zimmermann. After spending four years as affiliate content creators for Barstool Sports, the longtime friends founded their own company to serve the long-neglected side of the gaming industry – social gaming.

Download for iOS, Android or visit the desktop platform at

Find out more at:

Follow Verse on Instagram and Twitter.

Press contact: Dan Zimmermann, co-founder and CEO |

Contact information:

Daniel Zimmerman


Press Release Service by

Original Source: Social Fantasy Sports App Verse Gaming Raises $585,000 Pre-Seed, Launches Mobile App

Madrid keep dancing, beat Atlético to stay perfect

By Sports games

Rodrygo and Vinícius Júnior didn’t hesitate after Real Madrid opened the scoring at the Metropolitano stadium.

The Brazilian duo made their way to one of the corner flags and started doing their samba-like dance moves near the Atlético Madrid fans.

With their young Brazilians not backing down from their dancing, Madrid beat city rivals Atlético 2-1 in the Spanish league to extend their perfect start to the season on Sunday.

Rodrygo and Federico Valverde scored first-half goals as the defending champions won their ninth successive game in all competitions. “Dance wherever you want,” Vinícius wrote on Twitter in a message to Rodrygo after the game, along with a photo of them celebrating the goal. The result re-established Madrid as league leaders after being overtaken by Barcelona on Saturday following the Catalan club’s 3-0 win over Elche for their fifth straight win. Madrid lead Barcelona by two points.

“It was a different game, the derby is always different,” Rodrygo said. “This one was even more special because of everything that happened during the week, and we responded on the pitch.” The build-up to the first Madrid derby of the season had been shrouded in controversy over Vinícius’ dancing during his goal celebration. Vinícius, who is black, had criticized the racist language used by a guest on a television sports talk show about his dances. The 22-year-old striker said his actions were criminalized but insisted he wouldn’t stop showing his happiness on the pitch. Atlético midfielder Koke Resurrección has predicted there could be problems if Vinícius dances again at the Metropolitano, but there has been no major reaction from Atlético players after the Brazilians have danced after Madrid’s first goal. However, Atlético fans did not hesitate to show their displeasure and some threw objects at the Madrid players. Ahead of the match, a video uploaded apparently showed Atlético fans calling Vinícius a ‘monkey’ during chants outside the stadium.

Atletico’s second league loss came despite using Antoine Griezmann from start for the first time this season. Coach Diego Simeone only added the French striker after 60 minutes amid a contract dispute in which Atlético would have to pay Barcelona extra if Griezmann played a certain number of minutes in the season.

Rodrygo was back in the starting lineup to make up for the absence of striker Karim Benzema, who has missed three straight games with a hamstring injury. Rodrygo opened the scoring with a nice one-timer from inside the box after a perfect lob from midfielder Aurélien Tchouaméni on the defense in the 18th minute. Valverde added the lead thanks to the rebound from a Vinícius shot that hit the post on a 36th-minute breakaway after an assist from Luka Modric. Valverde, who scored in three consecutive games, celebrated his goal by doing a yoga pose.

Atlético came closer in the 83rd with a goal from Mario Hermoso, sent off in stoppage time for an altercation with a Madrid player in the area.

Atlético looked more in control throughout but couldn’t threaten much, while Madrid consistently looked dangerous with the speed of Rodrygo and Vinícius up front.

Atlético and Portugal striker João Félix was substituted in the second half with an apparent muscle injury.

LOPETEGUI UNDER PRESSURE Sevilla’s struggles continued with a 1-1 draw at Villarreal, leaving the club close to the relegation zone and increasing the pressure on manager Julen Lopetegui.

It was Sevilla’s seventh game without a win in eight matches in all competitions. He sat just one point clear of the relegation zone after six league games.

Lopetegui, the former Spain and Real Madrid manager, has come under fire for the team’s poor start and many fans have called for a change of command. Sevilla entered the season with high expectations after finishing fourth in 2021-22.

“I’m not going to talk about the future, it’s very complicated,” Lopetegui said. “I can only speak about the present. There is still a lot to play for and we will try to improve and compete.” Sevilla took the lead with an eighth-minute goal from Óliver Torres following an assist from Isco Alarcón, but Álex Baena equalized for the hosts in the 51st. Villarreal were looking for their fourth win in six league games.

BETIS RALLIES Real Betis joined Real Madrid and Barcelona as the only teams with five league wins as they came from behind to defeat Girona 2-1.

Borja Iglesias scored for the hosts in the 15th and 71st minutes, after mid-table Girona opened the scoring with Arnau Martínez in the seventh. GETAFE STAY HOT Getafe won 2-0 against Osasuna at 10 for their second straight win after a poor start to the season.

The hosts played with 10 men from the 43rd after Chimy Ávila was sent off with a direct red card for a gross foul.

SOCIEDAD REBOUND Real Sociedad bounced back from a loss at Getafe by beating Espanyol 2-1 at home with first-half goals from Alexander Sorloth and Brais Méndez.

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Major Sporting Events in Houston: September 19-25, 2022

By Sports events
Houston Dash forward Michelle Alozie celebrates a goal | Courtesy of Houston Dash

Take a seat for these must-see games and sporting events around Houston from Monday, September 19 through Sunday, September 25, 2022.

This week, wrap up the Sugar Land Space Cowboys season, help the Dash prepare for the playoffs, witness a classic college rivalry, and more.

Want to know more about the sports happening around H-Town? Find more games and live sports throughout the month in the 365 Houston calendar.

Top 6 Sports Games and Events in Houston This Week

  • Sugar Land Space Cowboys vs. Albuquerque Isotopes at Constellation Field | From Tuesday September 20 to Sunday September 25 – The Space Cowboys host their last homestand of the season when Albuquerque comes to play. Enjoy discounted drinks, Friday fireworks, a Lance McCullers, Jr. bobblehead giveaway and more, all week long. $7 and up. Hours vary.
  • 19th Annual Run in the Park at Hermann Park | Saturday September 24 – In support of the crucial work of Hermann Park Conservancy, this annual 5K and 10K sends runners around the park trails and back for a post-race party complete with food, drink, music and more. $15 and up. 8 a.m.
  • Red Bull DIY Galveston: street skate meets beach on the seawall | Saturday September 24 | FREE – This special skate jam event provides an opportunity for entertainment, community building, and community service by participating in skateboarding tricks, art, and helping with beach cleanups. 1 p.m.
  • College Football: UH Cougars vs. Rice Owls at TDECU Stadium | Saturday September 24 – The Bayou Bucket is up for grabs when these two historic rivals square off on the University of Houston campus gridiron. $15 and up. 5 p.m.
  • Houston Dash vs. OL Reign at PNC Stadium | Saturday September 24 – Much is at stake as the mighty Dash invites OL Reign to Houston for their last home game of the regular season. $12 and up. 7:30 p.m.
  • Lewis Jewelers Classic at the Houston Polo Club | Sunday September 25 – It’s pony against pony in this special match and show that offers rich entertainment where polo meets live music. $35; $15.50 for ages 12 and under. Boxes for 2-20 guests range from $89-$895. 5 p.m.

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Rugby-Kolisi praises Boks best execution after Argentina win

By Sports games

South Africa captain Siya Kolisi thinks the only thing that has changed about his team’s play after back-to-back Rugby League wins over Australia and Argentina is their execution against the 22-year-old. The Springboks scored five tries for a crucial bonus point 36-20 win over Argentina in Buenos Aires on Saturday and draw level with New Zealand on 14 points at the top of the table to keep their hopes of reclaiming the title they have last won in 2019.

The 2022 season had been characterized by a lack of composure and precision in attack, which coach Jacques Nienaber pointed out on several occasions. But their 24-8 win over the Wallabies in Sydney and their win over the weekend suggest improvements have been made in both areas. “Nothing has changed in the way we play, it’s just about executing,” Kolisi told reporters. “If we stick to the plan, we know that our system will give us those scoring opportunities. In the last two games, we have taken those opportunities.

“Our mindset was to come here and get as many points as possible. We want to win the Rugby Championship and knew we had to prepare for the game. It was a very good win against a very good Argentinian side .” The Boks were rocked in the build-up to the game by reports online that a South African Sunday newspaper revealed allegations of recreational drug use by some unnamed team players.

It was taken so seriously by South African Rugby that they issued a statement calling the allegations “unsubstantiated” and denying that any player had tested positive for a banned substance. “It was quite disturbing, the timing, five hours before a game like this,” Nienaber said. “I am stunned that such allegations can be made against this team.

“We are sometimes tested three times a week in South Africa. I can assure you that we are one of the most tested teams. There has not been a single positive test since we have been together this year.” South Africa will host Argentina in Durban next Saturday, while New Zealand will host Australia in Auckland.

The four teams always have a mathematical chance of winning the trophy.

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PSG player Hamraoui opens up on horrific attack

By Sports games

Paris Saint-Germain player Kheira Hamraoui posted photos of her injuries following the brutal attack that left her in fear for her career, saying on Saturday she was still haunted by it “night and day” and that she suffered horrific online abuse afterwards.

Hamraoui was assaulted last November following a night out with her former PSG teammate Aminata Diallo and other teammates. Hamraoui was repeatedly hit with a metal bar and needed stitches in her hands and legs.

“I will never forget this night of November 4, 2021. It haunts me night and day. This dark night changed my personal and professional life, my life as a woman and as a footballer,” Hamraoui wrote on Twitter. “That sad night when I thought I was going to die when two hooded men forced me out of the car. They beat me with iron bars, mostly targeting my lower body.” The 32-year-old midfielder, who played 39 times for France, posted photos of his injuries: a horrific gash on the back of his right thigh and deep bruises around his left thigh and knee.

“Their objective was simple that evening: to violently take my work tool by breaking my legs and ending my career,” Hamraoui continued, adding that terrible verbal attacks then began and left her in a perpetual state of anxiety.

“For many months after the attack, I was unjustly insulted on the (soccer) pitches, harassed on social media and threatened with death. Nevertheless, I clung with all my might to my passion (of football). ) and to remain professional, “Today, I trust justice so that the truth comes out and my honor is saved.” Diallo was indicted for “aggravated violence” and placed in police custody in connection with The attack was the second time Diallo had been arrested in connection with an investigation into the Hamraoui attack last year. Diallo was taken into police custody in November and released without charge.

Diallo’s questioning by police came after four men were arrested this week in connection with the attack.

Diallo was arrested on Friday morning and accused by the quartet of having mounted the attack against her teammate in order to take her place in the PSG team, the Versailles prosecutor’s office said in a press release.

Diallo has been without a club since his contract with PSG expired at the end of last season.

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IOC Committee visits venues for 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles

By Sports games

The International Olympic Committee’s Coordination Commission made its first in-person visit to Los Angeles this week to inspect proposed venues for the 2028 Games.

After being sidelined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group met with local organization officials for three days.

“We are well positioned for an exceptional event,” LA28 Organizing Committee Chairman Casey Wasserman said Thursday at a press conference on the UCLA campus, site of the future Athletes’ Village.

He expressed optimism about the games’ business prospects, citing several corporate sponsors already on board and more to come in the fourth quarter.

“We’re sitting in a very strong position,” Wasserman said. “The appetite for games returning to this country is very strong.” Members of the Coordinating Commission visited several sites across the city, including the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, site of the 1932 and 1984 Games, and SoFi Stadium, home of the NFL’s Rams and Chargers, near Inglewood .

“The venues that are going to be used are a mix of historic venues used for the 1932 and 1984 Olympics, and of course we have world-class modern venues that have been built since the Games were held in 1984,” said the chairman of the committee. Nicole Hoevertz. “We have this nice mix of old and new.” The Intuit Dome will be operational by the time the games take place. Wasserman noted that the future home of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers is slated to open in 2024 across the street from SoFi Stadium, although currently it is not listed in any site plans.

The commission toured the Obama Sports Complex to see the PlayLA youth sports program in action. LA28 and the IOC have invested $160 million to make the sport more accessible to young people across the city.

Hoevertsz called it an example of the games “creating a legacy now, today for these kids.” The 2028 Olympics will take place from July 14-30, followed by the Paralympics from August 15-27. The Olympic Games will have 10,000 athletes, while the Paralympics will host 5,000.

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Leipzig expect hostile reaction as Rose returns to Gladbach

By Sports games

New Leipzig coach Marco Rose can expect further backlash when he returns to Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday.

Leipzig are used to heated receptions wherever they go, but the club’s recent appointment of Rose has added an extra element of spice to their Bundesliga clash at Mönchengladbach.

Gladbach fans were already unhappy with Rose for taking advantage of an exit clause in his contract to move from their side to league rivals Borussia Dortmund in 2021.

His move was announced mid-season in February, arguably costing Gladbach a European spot as his side lost their next four games and eventually finished eighth with three more defeats before the end of that season.

Leipzig, which was founded by energy drink maker Red Bull in 2009, is unpopular with rival fans as the company funds its rapid rise to the top levels of German football to bolster its marketing appeal.

Gladbach supporters’ antipathy for the club has been further fueled by reports that former Gladbach sporting director Max Eberl agreed to join Leipzig in January.

Eberl surprised Gladbach when he quit abruptly last January, ending a 23-year association with the club. A tearful Eberl said he was exhausted, exhausted, and wanted to take a step back from football for his own health.

Leipzig has long been an admirer of Eberl’s work. Leipzig and Gladbach are said to be in negotiations over a transfer fee as Eberl’s Gladbach contract still runs until 2026.

Gladbach supporters group FPMG published an open letter to Eberl this week accusing the 48-year-old former goalkeeper of a “drama” when he left the club.

“We simply no longer believe that you were straight and honest with us at the end of your tenure at Borussia,” the fans said. “Giving this image of your professional football fatigue to the public while haggling is – we can’t put it otherwise – downright shoddy and a slap in the face for anyone who is genuinely affected by burnout.” Leipzig have struggled so far this season, leading to the dismissal of Rose’s predecessor Domenico Tedesco last week. Rose was appointed on Thursday and oversaw a 3-0 victory over his former side Dortmund in his first game in charge on Saturday before a 2-0 defeat at Real Madrid in the Champions League in midweek.

Gladbach have been solid under new manager Daniel Farke, whose side have suffered just one defeat in their first six Bundesliga games.

Gladbach midfielder Christoph Kramer says Leipzig will be strong after signing Rose.

“Playing against a team that has just changed coaches and brings the excitement back is always harder than when they’re stuck in some kind of rut,” Kramer told the club’s website.

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Mark Cuban-backed Fantasy Sports app hires its first legal officer

By Sports app

Underdog Sports Inc., a fantasy sports gaming startup that’s accelerating with the current football season, has hired Nicholas Green as its first in-house attorney.

Green since January was a public policy manager at Skillz Inc., the mobile esports and gaming platform. He is also a former partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe.

Underdog is a “perfect fit” and was “a quick and transparent decision to join,” Green said in an email. “Given my background in fantasy sports and sports gaming at Orrick, I had a lot of common knowledge” with the management team, he said.

Underdog, which does business as Underdog Fantasy, develops sports games for an app that allows users to draft football lineups. The company, which started in 2020 and acquired sports betting platform Goat Gaming last year, plans to launch licensed sports betting next year in Colorado and Ohio.

Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, and Thirty Five Ventures, the venture capital firm of NBA star Kevin Durant, participated in a $10 million fundraising round by Underdog the year last. The round also included fellow professional athletes and rappers Nas, Future and Gunna, according to Underdog.

Green, who will oversee all legal operations at Underdog, is the first attorney hired by the Brooklyn, NY-based firm for a purely legal role.

During his decade-long career at Big Law, he was part of a public policy team at Orrick that successfully established sports betting markets in several US states. He was previously an attorney with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Underdog has a roster of outside attorneys, including Duane Morris, who handles regulatory matters for the company, Green said. Public records show Washington-based Sughrue Mion handled branding work for Underdog.

Goodwin Procter advised Underdog on its $35 million Series B funding round led by asset management giant BlackRock Inc. and venture capital firm Acies Investments. The company would have been valued at $485 million this summer after the round.

Duane Morris and Goodwin Procter “will continue to play critical roles” as Underdog grows, Green said. He plans to work with a “number of additional law firms” in his new role as chief legal officer as “specific needs arise” within the company, he said.

Underdog in May hired Stacie Stern, a former director of government affairs at FanDuel Inc., to be its vice president of government affairs and partnerships.

Aviv Lazar, a former partner at White & Case, is chief of staff to the firm’s founder, president and president, Jeremy Levine.

FIFA launches second installment of Club Management Diploma

By Sports games

Following the success of the first edition, FIFA today launched the second edition of its Diploma in Club Management in New York, which aims to provide club managers and former international players around the world with the latest skills industry practices and insights, covering key areas related to club management success.

The degree is in line with FIFA’s goal to share knowledge and create a more balanced football ecosystem to enable more clubs from all regions of the world to compete at the highest level on and outside the world. ground.

Forty participants ( from all confederations joined the 12-month programme, which is taught by world-class experts and includes on-site and online modules on leadership and management, sports strategy and youth academies. , marketing and communications, club operations and stadium management, governance and legal matters, and finance.

Among the participants of this year’s edition are football greats Carli Lloyd, Tim Cahill, Fernandinho, John Terry and Juan Mata.

Commenting on the FIFA Diploma in Club Management, five of the participants outlined their expectations:

Carli Lloyd (2x FIFA Women’s World Cup™ champion and 2x Olympic gold medalist) “I’m involved with Gotham FC as a minority owner and it’s really important to understand what other managers think about club and some of the brightest minds in the industry pretty much right now, which is why this degree is a perfect fit for my career path. I really look forward to taking full advantage of it, generating those meaningful connections and to apply everything I can learn in the future.

Julie Uhrman (President of Angel City FC) “We may be rewriting the script with Angel City FC, but there is so much we can learn from those who came before us about how to build a club bigger than the game. The FIFA Diploma in Club Management program allows me to invest in myself and my club, meet my peers, learn from their experiences and broaden my view of what is possible.”

Alberto Marrero (President of Atlético de San Luis) “The FIFA Diploma in Club Management gives us the opportunity to continue learning with the latest practical know-how from all areas of the industry. looking forward to learning and discussing our daily work routine with FIFA Academic Council and colleagues, as well as benefiting from the networking this course affords us.”

Tim Cahill (Australian football legend and KAS Eupen board member) “I am delighted to be part of this prestigious degree. It is important for me to continue my studies with executives who work in football at the global scale and to share our experiences. Since my retirement, I have always wanted to continue learning, continue my studies and be ready for what comes next, and I think that being part of the Club Management Diploma will help me considerably in this. process., to be able to interact with senior executives from clubs around the world, hear from amazing speakers and get involved in the conferences to share my experiences from my playing days and my current career in organization management, it will definitely be a springboard for moving forward.”

Mauricio Culebro (Club Tigres President) “In an ever-changing industry, this is a great opportunity to learn about all the latest global trends in club operation from experts from different backgrounds. This is also the program perfect for sharing experiences and best practices with industry leaders that can then be applied in our respective roles.”

(With contributions from APO)

Nike releases US World Cup jerseys that some criticize as bland

By Sports games

Nike released the United States World Cup jerseys on Thursday, including a mostly white design for home games that was criticized in advance by a pair of American players and some fans.

The home jerseys have red and blue stripes on each sleeve, somewhat similar to the stripes on either side of the Americans’ 2002 World Cup uniforms.

“We are as angry as you!!!” striker Tim Weah wrote last month after a version of the home kit was posted online.

“I tried to tell them,” wrote midfielder Weston McKennie.

The bright blue away shirt has an ice-dye technique somewhat similar to a tie-dye pattern.

More than 100 people have signed a online petition calling for different designs.

“I rate it in the middle,” USA midfielder Yunus Musah said in a conference call Aug. 25. putting his right thumb aside. “It’s not there,” he said with a thumbs up, then flicking a thumbs down, “or there. It’s in the middle.” Donald Wine, member of the national board of directors of the American Outlaws supporters group, said he would probably buy one of the new jerseys, but hoped that Nike and the United States Soccer Federation would take criticism into account in future designs. . Wine said fans prefer a more distinctive look the team could become known for, such as Croatia’s adoption of a checkerboard pattern.

As an example, Wine cited the red and white horizontal stripes on the 2012-13 United States jersey that became known as Waldo, after the character’s outfit in a children’s book.

“The outcry isn’t necessarily about the design of the shirt, or at least the lack of design on the home, but it’s about the fact that I think a lot of people are looking for a shirt identity that belongs to them,” said said Wine. “I’m one of those people who have been in the Waldo team camp for a long time for this to be a permanent national team shirt. I think in the end people just want a shirt identity and those don’t do that.” Aaron Barnett, senior product director of Nike’s global football apparel, said Rolando Cruz, apparel product line manager, coordinated with the United States on the design.

“We know our products will always elicit a response,” Barnett said. “We make products for multiple sports, not just football. And so we’re going to have some athletes who are super excited about it and some who aren’t. And that’s just the balance that you always have In the process.” The United States are back in the World Cup for this year’s tournament in Qatar after failing to qualify for 2018. The Americans open Nov. 21 against Wales Barnett said most of the making jerseys took place in Asia. He said he did not know if the workers making the kits were unionized.

Nike took over as US outfitter in 1995 from Adidas, which had been supplying uniforms since 1973. The US announced a long-term extension with Nike last November without specifying a duration.

Nike unveiled the jerseys of 12 of its 13 World Cup teams on Thursday: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and South Korea. The company delayed announcing England’s plans until September 21 following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Adidas supplies seven – Argentina, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Wales – and Puma six – Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland and Uruguay.

New Balance has Costa Rica and Panama, while four brands each have Errea (Iceland), Hummel (Denmark), Marathon (Ecuador) and Majid (Iran).

Defending champion France has shirts inspired by Toile de Jouy fabric which includes subtle prints of famous landmarks, such as the Arc de Triomphe, Vieux Moulin de Vernon, a Romanesque tower.

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The NEOM Beach Games 2022 brings together 5 sporting events in one destination

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The four Arab teams preparing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup have had mixed results in the first round of matches in this crucial international break. There were plenty of talking points surrounding the games, and below are just five things to look forward to as the foursome conclude the last official international meeting before action begins in Qatar on November 20.

1. Saudi Arabia must score against USA

Saudi Arabia have some positives to take from Friday’s 0-0 draw with Ecuador, including the fact that they avoided a third straight loss since completing World Cup qualifying.

But the Green Falcons failed to score in 295 minutes of football, and to be honest, they didn’t seem to score very often. In the three friendlies against Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, chances were few.

In the most recent, there were some opportunities, and Firas Al-Buraikan and Nawaf Al-Abed should have done better with their efforts, but coach Hervé Renard has to find a way to get Salem Al-Dawsari into the game and in areas where he can use his creative talents.

Salman Al-Faraj, with his ability to hold onto the ball and provide composure in the middle of the park, has been missed in this regard, and it is vital that the skipper is fit and healthy.

There aren’t many striking options available to Renard, so there must be goals in all areas of the pitch. Against strong teams like Argentina, Poland and Mexico at the World Cup, Saudi Arabia will have to take their limited number of chances and be clinical on the block and on set pieces. Another failure to score on Tuesday will set off alarm bells.

2. Tunisia get their test against Brazil

The North Africans extended their unbeaten streak to seven games on Thursday with a 1-0 win over Comoros. It wasn’t the smoothest performance for the Carthage Eagles but the real test comes on Tuesday with a game against Brazil in Paris. There will be plenty of support for Tunisia at the Parc des Princes and they want to see if this team is the real deal. Victories against Chile and especially Japan in Japan in June were hugely impressive, but now come the five-time world champions.

Tunisia have been placed in a tough group with defending champions France, Denmark and Australia, and will have a good idea of ​​their current level against an in-form Brazilian side. The Selecao have scored 21 goals in the last six games with just one conceded, and the level of opposition has been decent as well.

It’s very impressive and it means head coach Jalel Kadri will see how well his team can defend against world-class players.

3. Qatar must rediscover its mojo

The World Cup host started last week with a comprehensive 3-0 loss to the Croatian Under-23 side. Bad results can happen, but Friday’s 2-0 loss to Canada was more worrying. The opening period was really poor, with the North Americans’ two goals both coming in the opening 15 minutes.

Qatar’s performance improved thereafter, but the damage was done. There was a distinct lack of energy and focus among the players.

Coach Felix Sanchez has really taken the squad places over the past few years and it would be disappointing if the 2019 Asian champions lost their advantage just as the tournament was at hand. The Canadians’ wake-up call needs to be heard and Tuesday’s game against Chile has become even more important. Whether there is victory or not, there must be a return to the mentality monsters who won the 2019 continental championships.

4. The Moroccan smiles at Ziyech’s return

Morocco handed new coach Walid Regragui a 2-0 win over Chile in his first game in charge after being appointed in August. The man who led Wydad to the African Champions League title earlier this summer was a popular choice to replace Vahid Halilhodzic.

Most headlines have focused on Hakim Ziyech’s return for the first time since June 2021, with the Chelsea star’s breakdown in relationship with Halilhodzic seen as a major reason the Bosnian French coach was sacked .

Now Ziyech is back ahead of the World Cup and it’s a major boost with tough group games against Belgium, Canada and Croatia to come.

His performance was solid rather than spectacular and the same can be said for the game in general, but he is preparing well for the game against Paraguay. Another confidence-boosting performance against South American opposition would be welcome and reaffirm the widely held belief that the coaching change, albeit late, was necessary.

5. Toughest US test yet for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia have faced Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador since qualifying and have not won any of the three matches.

Things won’t be any easier against an American team ranked 14th in the world and full of experienced internationals playing in some of the best leagues in the world.

Christian Pulisic is with Chelsea, full-back Sergino Dest is with AC Milan and Weston McKennie plays for Juventus. There are others in the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1 as well as MLS.

After losing 2-0 to Japan on Friday, coach Gregg Berhalter will be keen to get back to winning ways.

Just like in the 0-0 draw with Ecuador, Saudi Arabia will have a lot to do in defence, but there’s no reason to sit back too much. There’s also no reason why the Asian side can’t face the side that reached the knockout stage in three of their last four World Cups before missing out last time out. If the midfielder can get more involved in the game and can keep and use possession better, those elusive goals might not be far away.

Everyday fantasy sports games are still alive in Ontario

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While many Ontarians are betting with a plethora of new legal sportsbooks this NFL season, daily fantasy sports players across the province are still mourning the loss of fantasy sports competitions.

The Regulation of Single Event Sports Betting in Ontario effectively stopped most DFS operations in the province, as major operators like FanDuel and DraftKings have launched their respective sportsbook and iCasino products.

Regulations put in place by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission do not ban DFS in the province, but they have made it more difficult for licensed operators. The reason for this is that they do not allow Ontario players to have shared cash with other jurisdictions, so contests must be circumscribed to Ontario, which severely limits potential player pools and prize money.

FanDuel has decided to shut down its free and paid DFS contests in the province on April 1 before joining the regulated sports betting/iCasino market on April 4. DraftKings followed suit by shutting down its DFS operations when it later joined the market in mid-May.

DFS is not completely dead in Ontario

So what should SFN players in Ontario do now? Well, there is at least one other option – OwnersBox – to use.

OwnersBox is an Ontario-based sports tech company with a fantasy sports platform hoping to attract users through community and competition. Founded in 2019, OwnersBox operates in 36 states and across Canada, including Ontario. There are around 40,000 users on the platform, which is available for download on Android or iOS, or users can play on Nearly 10,000 of those users signed up in the last month leading up to the NFL season.

“Our goal is to reach over 50,000 users by the end of the year. I think we can definitely achieve that,” said OwnersBox co-founder, vice president of content, Sandy Plashkes. Sports handle.

(Image courtesy of OwnersBox)

According to Plashkes, OwnersBox is now the only DFS option in Ontario besides Drafters, a Toronto-based fantasy sports company.

“We have worked with the regulators, we continue to operate. Rules may change, but our team is constantly working with regulators to ensure we are fully compliant. We’re in their good books right now,” he said.

“I honestly think DFS will come back fully [to Ontario], but I can’t tell you when it will be. Currently, we are able to operate in Ontario. We operate in this gray area, we do not operate sportsbooks. We have had good feedback from [regulators]. Obviously, things are changing so fast.

Ontario regulators have proposed an October 31 deadline for Ontario’s unregulated online gambling operators to fully transition to the regulated market. It’s unclear how, or if, this amendment to the regulator’s iGaming standards might affect the remaining businesses in the DFS space, once formalized. But, for now, it’s business as usual.

“We have to do a good job of educating the players. The rules may change. We are here, but we are fully compliant and will listen to regulators as this process matures a bit,” Plashkes added.

Not just football, but DFS players love football

While OwnersBox has seen a surge of new signups ahead of the NFL season, the platform also offers DFS games for the NHL, MLB, and NBA.

The operator offers weekly fantasy sports games as well as DFS SuperFlex and Lightning Lineups games. Plashkes says Lightning Lineups is like a “fantasy slot machine” that lets users randomize lineups without doing a ton of research.

With a smaller user base, the prize pools are only a fraction of what DFS players would see on DraftKings or FanDuel.

“Our prize pools are probably 10-15% of what a DraftKings or FanDuel would offer. At this point, we’re a small company, but these are the biggest prize pools we’ve made. It’s exciting for us,” Plashkes said.

OwnersBox also offers a significant amount of engaging content for users. Staff members frequently stream on Twitch to discuss picks and games, and the site offers a comprehensive blog with sports betting and DFS information.

“We differ from DraftKings because we cannot spend more than $300 million per quarter on marketing. We have to be brave, we have to do everything to build our brand,” Plashkes said. “I know there are a lot of [DFS] disgruntled people, especially Ontario users. We’re not as well known as a DraftKings or FanDuel yet, but people are really excited that there’s an operator here so they can at least play contests for this NFL season.

The QB Connection

Former NFL quarterback Drew Brees is an investor and promotional ambassador for OwnersBox.

Plashkes – who was born in Toronto but grew up in San Diego, Calif. – lived down the street from his idol Brees while residing in the United States and shared some coaching contacts with the NFL star. He decided to cold-email Brees’ agent in 2020 to see if he would be interested in endorsing his DFS product, and it was an immediate choice for both parties.

“He was very attentive and was a great person to be involved with the brand. He really believed in the vision and the team that we have here, and it was great to work with him,” said Plashkes, who played quarterback in high school in the San Diego area and then at Bates College in Maine.

Brees is also an ambassador for PointsBet, which has operated in Ontario since the regulated market launched on April 4.

5 most anticipated sporting events of 2022

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The year 2022 is not over yet and several sporting events keep their fans in suspense. What events should you watch for and can you predict the end results?

Sporting events return – the long wait is over

After canceling many competitions over the past two years, stadiums will soon be full again and fans expect to see their favorite teams and players back. However, with so many events going on, we’ve put together a brief list of some of the most exciting events of the remaining year. What are your favorite choices?

United States Tennis Open

Even though more than a century has passed since the first edition of the US Open Tennis, its popularity has stagnated as one of the most anticipated competitions in tennis. Formerly known as the United States National Championship, the US Open begins on the last Monday in August and runs for two weeks until Labor Day.

This tennis tournament includes five main championships: ladies’ and men’s singles, ladies’ and men’s doubles and a mixed one. There is also a dedicated tournament for senior and junior players and disabled tennis players.

The favorites of this edition

This year marks the first time in 18 years that Rafa Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, and Andy Murray won’t be competing, so all eyes are on Daniil Medvedev, the winner of the previous edition of the US Open. Thus, he will be at the head of the first series.

The schedule of the US Open Tennis

This year’s tournament begins on Monday, August 29 and ends on Sunday, September 11. Fans can find the full match schedule on the official US Open website.

fifa world cup

fifa world cup

The FIFA World Cup, known as the FIFA World Cup, is a global association football competition held between the national teams of members that are part of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). Since the inaugural competition in 1930, the World Cup has been awarded every four years, with the exception of the years of World War II.

At present, the real champion is France, who secured their second title at the 2018 competition in Russia.

This year’s championship

This year’s edition of the FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar. This year is the first time the championship was organized by an Arab country. The start date is November 20, with the first match between Qatar and Ecuador. This edition has 64 matches in total, and the last one will take place on December 18, Qatar’s National Day.

The Melbourne Cup

The Melbourne Cup

Australia annually hosts the Melbourne Cup, the annual thoroughbred horse race. The Victoria Racing Club organizes this 3200 meter race on the first Tuesday of November. The event starts at 3:00 p.m. and locals call it “the race that stops the nation.” The central aspect of this race is that 24 horses are over three years old. The biggest prize is over $6 million.

The Melbourne Cup 2022

This year the Melbourne Cup is held on Tuesday 1 November and is ranked as race 7 on Flemington’s 10 race list. Thus, on November 1, there will be ten races during the day. Each race is followed by a 40 minute break, with a long break before the Melbourne Cup.

However, these times can always be changed as any race can be affected by other unforeseen events such as accidents or animal welfare. So, if you are a fan of horse racing, this competition is likely to fascinate you.

FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup

FIBA is considered the version of FIFA for basketball teams. This tournament has been held every year since 1970. However, the women’s tournament is held every four years, and both tournaments are held in the same country this year.

This year’s edition of the FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup is the 19th competition in FIBA’s premier international tournament dedicated to women’s national basketball teams. This editing will take place in Sydney, Australia, and the current dates are set between September 22 and October 1.

Presidents Cup

Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup is a men’s golf match tournament between two different teams – one team represents the United States and another team, called the international team, which represents the rest of the world, excluding Europe . However, Europe does not participate in the Presidents Cup, but there is another competition organized specifically between Europe and the United States, called the Ryder Cup, which is very similar.

The first edition of the President’s Cup took place in 1994 and is organized every two years. Postponed from 2021, this year’s edition of the Presidents Cup is being held at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 19-25.

Can you predict the results?

As this year is not over, and there are several sporting events to come, bets can quickly become part of the anticipation of matches. However, if you’re looking forward to these events, you might be wondering if your favorites will take the top spot. Players should be aware of the many differences between online gambling platforms and a list similar to Casinobonusca should be consulted before choosing a casino or bookmaker.

2022 is not over yet

Sports competitions are always among the most anticipated events of the year, which is not surprising. These competitions have always received a lot of attention as they bring together the best players or teams in a match or tournament, so the public will be delighted to see the greatest players in the world prove who deserves the ultimate title. No wonder so many fans trust their picks and invest their resources in the outcome.

Football-New Chelsea manager Potter ‘impressed’ with club ownership

By Sports games

Graham Potter said the vision presented by Chelsea’s new owner convinced him to take charge of the London club, adding it was the start of a “really exciting time” for Chelsea. Potter was confirmed as Chelsea manager on Thursday to replace Thomas Tuchel, who was sacked just three months after a consortium led by American Todd Boehly completed a £4.25 billion takeover of the club (4 .86 billion dollars).

“It’s the start of a really exciting time, I think,” Potter said in an interview on the club’s website published on Monday. “(I spoke with) the new owner who really, really excited and impressed me. “First of all as people, then the vision of the club and what they wanted to do. Of course, the history of the club speaks for itself, but it’s about trying to recreate it in our own way.

“A bit of sadness, of course, leaving a few good people but very, very happy and excited to meet new people. So a whole range of emotions, but overall I have to say really happy and very proud.” The 47-year-old, who spent time with Sweden’s Ostersund and Swansea City before taking charge of Brighton & Hove Albion, said his move to the six-time English champions was a step up in his career.

“It’s nice to be able to take the next step and be able to work with an exciting group of players that we have here,” Potter said. “And competing at the top and trying to create a winning team, that’s a fantastic opportunity for me.” Potter added that his experiences with Brighton, whom he helped avoid relegation in 2020 and 2021, had made him better as a manager.

“We learned a lot in the Premier League, about how you can handle the ups and downs,” Potter said. “About how you have to take responsibility when things aren’t going well. But I think we can use those experiences very effectively and we’re much stronger, much better for them.”

Chelsea spent an estimated £250m ($287m) in the summer transfer window but are sixth in the league after six games.

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Government seeks fuel supplier – The Royal Gazette

By Sports events

Created: Sep 12, 2022 07:48

The government is looking for a bulk fuel supplier, according to a recent request for proposals. (File photo).

The government is seeking parties interested in a contract to supply fuel and upgrade government fuel infrastructure in accordance with a recent request for proposals.

the DP, published online this weeksaid: “The Government of Bermuda wishes to enter into an agreement with suitably qualified bulk fuel suppliers to supply diesel and gasoline to its fleet of vehicles.

“The agreement will run for the next 10 or 15 years, depending on the agreed duration of the contract, and will include improvements to government fuel storage and distribution facilities located around the island.”

According to the notice, potential applicants will be required to attend a mandatory site meeting on October 7.

Participants will begin government careers before progressing to the Department of Marine and Ports on Crow Lane, Hamilton Fire Station, Department of Public Works in Marsh Folly, Bermuda Police Service Headquarters in Prospect, the bus depot at Palmetto Road, the Port Royal Fire Station and Westgate.

The deadline for submission is October 26 at 3 p.m.

Motor racing-Doohan in frame for Alpine F1 seat

By Sports games

Australian Jack Doohan, son of five-time world motorcycling champion Mick, is a candidate to replace Fernando Alonso at Renault’s Alpine Formula One team, according to managing director Laurent Rossi. The 19-year-old is doing well in his rookie Formula 2 championship season and is a member of the Alpine drivers’ academy.

Rossi told website that Doohan was a consideration, although fourth-placed Alpine would prefer someone more experienced who could score big points immediately. “We believe in him, he’s shown a lot of potential, especially lately – talk about being there at the right time,” Rossi said.

“He’s a great person, he’s fast, his dad is also a champion that I look up to and a person that I look up to. One way or another we’ll try to put him in an F1 at a given time.” Mick Doohan was 500cc world champion, before this category became MotoGP, from 1994 to 1998.

Rossi, however, said Alpine was “once bitten, twice shy” after the recent contract dispute with Australian reserve driver and 2021 Formula 2 champion Oscar Piastri who signed for McLaren for 2023. Alpine had spent a lot to prepare Piastri and had planned to loan him to Williams, in the same way Mercedes did with George Russell.

“We will honor our commitment to all the drivers in our academy, but we are wondering whether to continue or not,” Rossi said. “We are torn. We believe in the value of the system but if we are not protected, is it worth it?… We wonder. It’s a big disappointment. Maybe a big confrontation with reality.”

Experienced French driver and race winner Pierre Gasly is considered Alpine’s first choice to replace two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, who will move to Aston Martin next year, alongside Esteban Ocon. Gasly’s departure from Red Bull-owned AlphaTauri hinges on Red Bull’s permission to sign US IndyCar driver Colton Herta, who doesn’t have enough points for a super-licence and would need clearance FIA special.

Indications from the governing body indicate that they will stick to the rules. “I think if it’s not Colton Herta, then Pierre Gasly will stay and nothing will change,” AlphaTauri boss Franz Tost told reporters.

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Motor racing-Binotto apologizes for comparing Tsunoda to a tsunami

By Sports games

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto apologized on Saturday for causing anger by comparing accident-prone Japanese Formula One driver Yuki Tsunoda to a tsunami.

AlphaTauri’s Tsunoda has received five reprimands in 15 races, as well as eight penalty points on his super license in the last 12 months. Twelve points in a year triggers an automatic racing ban. “I must certainly apologise,” Binotto said after being told by a Japanese reporter during the Italian Grand Prix that the comments after last weekend’s race in the Netherlands had offended Japan.

“It was a mistake to use that word. There was no intention to do anything wrong. I am very close to the victims, which I honestly realize. I think Tsunoda is a pilot fantastic, he’s a great man and we had a good relationship between the two of us. We just called him to make a simple joke, but it’s a bad joke.”

Thousands of people died in Japan when a massive earthquake off its northeast coast in March 2011 triggered a tsunami that swept inland and caused the collapse of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Tsunoda was caught up in controversy at Zandvoort when he triggered a virtual safety car while stopping on the track, an incident that ultimately helped Red Bull race winner and runaway championship leader Max Verstappen.

The Japanese had first stopped, suspecting a loose wheel, then returned to the pits before being sent back to stop with a differential failure. AlphaTauri is also owned by Red Bull, fueling conspiracy theories and online abuse that have been widely condemned in the sport.

“We had no communication with Red Bull Racing during the race,” AlphaTauri team boss Franz Tost told reporters on Saturday. “Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing don’t need our help. They win on their own and we need every point for ourselves. It was never scheduled for us to stop the car during the race because Yuki was in a good position to score points.

“We were frustrated ourselves. We could have scored points and this differential failure was absolutely a surprise. We didn’t have this problem before and so I don’t understand the reaction.”

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Football-Bosnia criticized for facing Russia in friendly November

By Sports games

Bosnia and Herzegovina will face Russia in a friendly match in November, the Bosnian Football Federation announced on its official website on Friday, drawing criticism from Bosnian midfielder Miralem Pjanic and the mayor of Sarajevo.

The match will take place in Saint Petersburg on November 19, a day before the scheduled start of the World Cup in Qatar. Russian national teams have been barred from international competition following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow calls a “special operation”.

Bosnia failed to qualify for the World Cup. “The decision is not good. I am speechless,” Pjanic was quoted as saying by Bosnian media. “In the National Football Association they know what I think.”

The 32-year-old former Juventus and Barcelona player has made 107 international appearances since his debut in 2008. He now plays for Sharjah FC in the United Arab Emirates. The mayor of Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, Benjamina Karic, also reacted negatively on social networks to this decision.

“Sarajevo as the city that has been besieged the longest by the aggressors and I as the mayor strongly condemn the National Football Association’s decision to play a friendly match with Russia,” she posted on Twitter. Sarajevo was besieged for 43 months between 1992 and 1995 during the Bosnian war. It was the longest siege in modern European history during the 20th century.

“Unless the decision is overturned, we will stop cooperating with the Football Association, which so far has been successful.” Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have all said they will not play their World Cup qualifiers against Russia in March before Russian national teams are banned from international competition.

World football governing body FIFA and European football governing body UEFA decided in February that all Russian teams, whether national or club, would be suspended from participating in competitions. of FIFA and UEFA after the invasion, which Moscow calls a “special military operation”.

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What sports/games are postponed due to the Queen’s death?

By Sports games

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, died Thursday at the age of 96. Several sporting events that were due to take place have now been postponed. Here is a list of each match suspended at the time of this writing.


All Premier League and EFL matches scheduled for this weekend have been postponed.

The FA postponed the start of the WSL season and non-league and grassroots matches.

The The Scottish FA, SPFL, SWPL and Highland & Lowland Leagues have postponed all professional matches This weekend.

The The Irish FA have postponed all football matches in Northern Ireland for this weekend.


The British Boxing Board has postponed the middleweight championship fight between Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall as well as the junior lightweight unification title brawl between Mikaela Mayer and Alycia Baumgardner. Both fights have been rescheduled for a tentative date of October 15 at the O2 Arena in London.


The DP World Tour postponed the BMW PGA Championship. It will resume on Saturday morning at 6:40 a.m.

More details on the championship here.


The Tour of Britain has canceled its remaining stages. Friday’s sixth stage in Gloucestershire, Saturday’s seventh stage in Dorset and Sunday’s ninth stage in the Isle of Wight will no longer take place.


The Far North 5k and the British Athletics 5km Road Championship were canceled.

The Junior and Mini Grand Nord races are postponed.


The England and Wales Cricket Board has confirmed the Friday cricket matches canceled. They will resume on Saturday.

Horses race

All the races that were to take place on Friday and Saturday have been postponed. They will resume on Sunday.

The race for On Sunday, Scotland’s Musselburgh Racecourse was cancelled.

Rugby Union

The boards of the RFU, DCMS and PRL have confirmed that the two matches scheduled for Friday will be postponed.

Bristol Bears vs Bath Rugby is Saturday at 5.30pm Sale Sharks vs Northampton Saints is Sunday at 3pm

The Welsh Rugby The union has postponed all senior rugby matches in Wales This weekend.

The Scottish Rugby The union has postponed all competitive domestic matches This weekend.

Rugby League

The The Championship match between Sheffield Eagles and Dewsbury Rams on Friday has been postponed.

Football-Manchester City Women signs Japanese midfielder Hasegawa

By Sports games

Japan international Yui Hasegawa has joined Manchester City from West Ham United on a three-year contract, the club announced on Thursday, ahead of the start of the new Women’s Super League season in England. Hasegawa joins City after spending a year at West Ham. She has played 58 times for Japan since her debut in 2017, having represented her country at the World Cup, Asian Cup and Olympics.

The 25-year-old is the first Japanese player to play for Gareth Taylor’s side. Arsenal’s Mana Iwabuchi is the only other Japanese player in the Women’s Super League. “It was a big dream for me to come to Manchester City to play football, so I’m very happy to be here,” she told the club’s website.

“People see me as an attacking player, but I also want to be known for my defense and my unpredictability. I may be small, but I’m strong, and I want to show it.” City suffered a huge late-season upheaval, losing several top players including retired Ellen White, while Lucy Bronze, Georgia Stanway, Caroline Weir and Keira Walsh all left.

The team, who finished third last season, start their new campaign with a home game against Arsenal on Sunday.

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Sporting events in Britain canceled after Queen’s death | Sports

By Sports events

LONDON (AP) — Several sporting events in Britain have been canceled as a mark of respect after Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on Thursday.

Organizers of the BMW PGA Championship golf event responded to news of the Queen’s death by immediately suspending play, with many players still on the Wentworth course. The course and practice facilities will be closed on Friday.

The England and Wales Cricket Board have said Friday’s match in the second Test between England and South Africa at the Oval will not take place.

Horse racing meetings in Britain were suspended on Thursday evening and Friday, with the governing body wanting to “remember his extraordinary life and contribution to our sport and our nation”.

Domestic rugby matches in England and Scotland were canceled on Thursday and matches will not be played at the weekend either.

Tour of Britain cycling organizers have declared the race over after canceling Friday’s stage as well as two others over the weekend. Gonzalo Serrano, who led after Thursday’s stage, was declared the winner.

The Premier League has paid tribute to the Royal Family, saying it is “deeply saddened” to learn of the Queen’s passing. He did not immediately say whether the matches would take place this weekend.

The English Football League, which manages the three divisions below the Premier League, canceled its matches due to be played on Friday night and said a decision would be made on Friday morning on weekend games after discussions with the UK government and sport at large. .

Manchester United’s Europa League game against Real Sociedad came hours after the Queen’s death was announced. There was a minute’s silence before kick-off at Old Trafford, with both teams wearing black armbands and the stadium flags flown at half-mast as a mark of respect.

There was no pre-match music and the digital billboards around the pitch were turned off.

There has been a minute’s silence in other European matches involving British teams, such as Arsenal, West Ham and Hearts.

The US Tennis Association held a minute’s silence ahead of Thursday night’s first US Open women’s semi-final match – won in straight sets by Ons Jabeur against Caroline Garcia.

“We would like to pause to remember Queen Elizabeth II,” the stadium announcer said. “Our hearts today go out to the people of the UK. Remember to be part of us in a second of silence.

Rafael Nadal offered his “most respectful, sincere and deepest condolences” and former England football player and TV commentator Gary Lineker also tweeted: “Such a terribly sad day. A truly remarkable woman who served her country with dignity, loyalty and grace. always present in the lives of most of us. Rest in peace, Your Majesty.

Brazilian football great Pelé has tweeted his admiration for the queen since meeting him in person in 1968 when he visited the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

“His deeds marked generations,” Pelé wrote. “This legacy will last forever.”

The All England Club, home of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, said the Queen had carried out her duties “with great wisdom, dignity and charm for 70 years”.

The Queen was the Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, who thanked her for “years of service on this deeply sad day”.

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Sporting events in Britain canceled after Queen’s death

By Sports events

LONDON (AP) — Several sporting events in Britain have been canceled as a mark of respect after Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96 on Thursday.

Organizers of the BMW PGA Championship golf event responded to news of the Queen’s death by immediately suspending play, with many players still on the Wentworth course. The course and practice facilities will be closed on Friday.

The England and Wales Cricket Board have said Friday’s match in the second Test between England and South Africa at the Oval will not take place.

Horse racing meetings in Britain were suspended on Thursday evening and Friday, with the governing body wanting to “remember his extraordinary life and contribution to our sport and our nation”.

Domestic rugby matches in England and Scotland were canceled on Thursday and matches will not be played at the weekend either.

Tour of Britain cycling organizers have declared the race over after canceling Friday’s stage as well as two others over the weekend. Gonzalo Serrano, who led after Thursday’s stage, was declared the winner.

The Premier League has paid tribute to the Royal Family, saying it is “deeply saddened” to learn of the Queen’s passing. He did not immediately say whether the matches would take place this weekend.

The English Football League, which manages the three divisions below the Premier League, canceled its matches due to be played on Friday night and said a decision would be made on Friday morning on weekend games after discussions with the UK government and sport at large. .

Manchester United’s Europa League game against Real Sociedad came hours after the Queen’s death was announced. There was a minute’s silence before kick-off at Old Trafford, with both teams wearing black armbands and the stadium flags flown at half-mast as a mark of respect.

There was no pre-match music and the digital billboards around the pitch were turned off.

There has been a minute’s silence in other European matches involving British teams, such as Arsenal, West Ham and Hearts.

The US Tennis Association held a minute’s silence ahead of Thursday night’s first US Open women’s semi-final match – won in straight sets by Ons Jabeur against Caroline Garcia.

“We would like to pause to remember Queen Elizabeth II,” the stadium announcer said. “Our hearts today go out to the people of the UK. Remember to be part of us in a second of silence.

Rafael Nadal offered his “most respectful, sincere and deepest condolences” and former England football player and TV commentator Gary Lineker also tweeted: “Such a terribly sad day. A truly remarkable woman who served her country with dignity, loyalty and grace. always present in the lives of most of us. Rest in peace, Your Majesty.

Brazilian football great Pelé has tweeted his admiration for the queen since meeting him in person in 1968 when he visited the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

“His deeds marked generations,” Pelé wrote. “This legacy will last forever.”

The All England Club, home of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, said the Queen had carried out her duties “with great wisdom, dignity and charm for 70 years”.

The Queen was the Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, who thanked her for “years of service on this deeply sad day”.


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Spotlight: organization and marketing of sporting events in Australia

By Sports events

All the questions

Marketing of sports events

i Types of rights and ownership of rights

Broadcast rights are arguably the most valuable and lucrative rights sports organizations have to generate revenue from a sports league. For example, in December 2021, the ARLC signed a five-year broadcast rights agreement (starting in 2023) with Channel 9 (another free-to-air commercial station), Foxtel and Sky NZ (a New Zealand television station by subscription), which is worth around 2 billion Australian dollars.36

Additionally, Australia has enacted “anti-siphoning” laws, which provide a list of events that must be made available to the general public free of charge.37 This means that in practice, subscription TV providers, such as Foxtel, are prohibited from acquiring the rights to these events, unless a free TV channel also has the rights to broadcast them. Rights not acquired by free channels can then be acquired by subscription television providers. Currently, the list of anti-siphoning events that “should be available to the general public” includes the following:38

  1. every Olympic and Commonwealth Games event;
  2. every Melbourne Cup race;
  3. every match of the Australian Open tennis tournament;
  4. every AFL and NRL game;
  5. every international rugby union Test match and cricket match involving the Australian team; and
  6. every FIFA World Cup match, every FIFA qualifying tournament match involving the Australian team and the English Football Association Cup final.

Recent broadcast issues between Cricket Australia and Channel 7 include proceedings in the Federal Court of Australia alleging breaches arising from the quality of the men’s Big Bash League (BBL). In the claim, Channel 7 argues that its media rights deal with Cricket Australia meant the BBL should have been equal to the Indian Premier League in terms of quality and standard, but fell short in a number of key areas. , notably:

  1. Planning;
  2. the quality of the players;
  3. the amount of the salary cap; and
  4. the absence of auctions for each franchise.

Channel 7 says Cricket Australia should not have scheduled BBL matches in competition with men’s internationals and is seeking compensation in an amount to be determined and the termination of the last two years of its TV rights deal. This case is ongoing.39

Image rights, sponsorship and merchandising are also valuable rights available for exploitation. However, the relatively small size of the Australian market and the fact that many of Australia’s major sports are primarily, if not solely, domestic (e.g. AFL and NRL) or played internationally but among a relatively small number of nations (e.g. cricket and rugby), mean that their value is often limited compared to larger markets in other jurisdictions such as Europe or the United States.

ii Protection of rights

Broadcasting, image rights, sponsorship and merchandising are mainly protected by the contractual provisions in place between the holders and licensees of these rights, but also by legal intellectual property rights. It is mainly the property of:

  1. trade marks registered under the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth), in goods such as club names, logos and mascots; and
  2. copyright under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), in property such as rule books, recorded images and footage of events, and photographs.

Additionally, rights holders can take steps to protect their brand reputation from misrepresentation through unauthorized use, which falls under the tort of passing off. In this context, deception occurs when a person falsely declares that their property (e.g., merchandise) is the official, sanctioned property of the rights holder (usually the sports organization or sports club), or that they or it is affiliated with proprietary rights. Similarly, action may be taken against individuals who engage in misleading or misleading conduct or who make false or misleading statements through the ACL. In addition, ACL can apply to cases of ambush marketing.

Australia also has several other legislative protections, in addition to laws protecting intellectual property rights that can be used to prevent ambush marketing at sporting events. Legislation has been enacted to regulate the commercial use of images associated with the 2015 Asian Cup, 2015 Cricket World Cup and 2018 Commonwealth Games to restrict the ability of entities that are not official sponsors to use event images or to declare that they are associated with the event.40 Similar legislation prohibits the unauthorized use of images and phrases associated with the Olympic Games.41

In 2016, the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) brought legal action against Telstra over allegations of ambush marketing. Telstra had entered into an agreement with Channel 7 under which Telstra would sponsor Channel 7’s broadcast of the Olympics and create a mobile application called “Olympics on 7”. Telstra’s advertising campaign later promoted viewing of the Olympics on the Olympics on 7 app, despite the fact that it had no direct association with the Olympics. The AOC alleged that Telstra engaged in deceptive and misleading conduct and made false or misleading statements by stating that it was associated with the Olympics, in violation of the ACL, and engaged in a unlawful use of copyrighted Olympic expressions for commercial purposes in violation of the Olympic Badges Protection Act 1987 (Cth).42 However, the Federal Court of Australia ruled against the AOC and ruled that the Telstra advertisements did not suggest to the reasonable person that Telstra was a sponsor of an Olympic body. The Court held that the law had not been breached if the advertisements had simply created uncertainty as to the nature of Telstra’s association with the Olympics.43 The AOC appealed the decision, but in October 2017 the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia upheld the trial ruling and agreed that the advertisements did not suggest to a reasonable person that Telstra was a sponsor of organizations and teams associated with the Rio Olympics.44

Spotlight: organization and marketing of sporting events in Hungary

By Sports events

All the questions

Marketing of sports events

i Types of rights and ownership of rights

The Sports Act expressly sets out the sports-related rights that can be exploited and defines who owns them. Rights can be divided into three main categories, as shown in the following table.

Sports law Right holder
Event right (i.e. the announcement, organization and conduct of sporting events (championships)), including the licensing of online betting rights, as well as related rights at national team competitions (matches) Sports federation (and clubs in special cases regarding the licensing of online betting rights)
Monetary rights related to the athlete’s sporting activity (such as the athletes’ likeness, name, logo, goodwill and other intangible assets) Athlete or, in the case of a membership or contract with a club, the club where the pecuniary rights of the athlete are automatically transferred to the club
Commercial licensing, transmission, broadcasting and recording of sports activities and sports competitions via television, radio and other electronic means (e.g. Internet) Athlete or, in the case of a membership or contract with a club, the club where the pecuniary rights of the athlete are automatically transferred to the club

No transfer of ownership of the aforementioned rights is possible. Therefore, licensing is the common way to conclude various agreements on the use of sports rights.

ii Protection of rights

Rights holders can, in practice, rely on the following different forms of legal protection.

Media rights

In terms of broadcasting, recording and transmission of sporting events, rights holders can rely on copyright protection. The sports performance itself is not copyrighted, but parts of its broadcast are, as is the broadcast signal. Remedies based on ownership or exclusive use of the site in combination with the terms and conditions when purchasing tickets could physically prevent violators from accessing the sports site. The eventual right is a unique property right and enforceable against any infringer. The significance of broadcast rights infringement has not been significant in practice so far, as the most popular Hungarian sports can be watched on free-to-air TV channels or are freely available

Personal rights

Athletes, clubs and federations can count on the protection of trademarks, copyright, deception and personal rights if their images, logos or other pecuniary or personal rights are violated.

Online betting rights

The licensing of online betting rights is part of event law, and federations and clubs are likely to invoke and enforce this law against online betting service providers if they offer online betting on matches of federations and clubs without their consent.8

The Sports Act and other laws do not provide specific sports-related enforcement procedures for violations. Therefore, stakeholders must assert their rights before a court or an arbitral tribunal. If the relevant rights holder claims damages in tort, they must prove that:

  1. he has suffered damage as a result of the activity of the counterfeiter;
  2. the infringer acted in bad faith; and
  3. there is a causal relationship.

iii Contractual provisions for the exploitation of rights

The Sports Act gives an express definition of sponsorship and merchandising agreements. The use of the athlete’s name or likeness by any sports organization is subject to the prior written consent of the athlete. In practice, sponsorship and merchandising agreements address the scope of image transfer or logos to be licensed, meet and greets, and other public conduct obligations in addition to the usual exclusivity provisions.

The Sports Act expressly regulates the joint sale of media rights. Sports federations, on behalf of clubs and athletes, are authorized to commercially exploit the media rights of the competitions they organize for a specified period and to enter into an agreement or agreements on their exploitation. In return for allowing sports federations to retain the right to exploit media rights, the Sports Act obliges sports federations to pay athletes and clubs an appropriate consideration. The amount of this consideration must be determined in advance and equal to the market value of the broadcasting rights. The further distribution of the money generated by the joint exploitation of media rights must be based on criteria defined in the Sports Act. In practice, most relevant contractual provisions of media rights agreements grant the following:

  1. exclusivity to the licensee (rights, duration, platform and territory);
  2. access to the place;
  3. the quality, supply, distribution and ownership of the signal, content and associated copyrights;
  4. dissemination and sub-licensing of created content;
  5. marketing of sports sites;
  6. the methods of selection of matches by the broadcaster; and
  7. payment or compensation mechanisms for the granting of rights.

In practice, it is important that all rights exploitation agreements take into account the internal relations of sports actors at all levels of the sports pyramid model in order to avoid any conflict between the different licensing agreements.

Spotlight: organization and marketing of sporting events in Switzerland

By Sports events

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Marketing of sports events

i Types of rights and ownership of rights

Swiss law offers a wide variety of commercial rights related to sport. In addition to sponsorship and outreach, event organizers may enter into contractual agreements related to merchandising, hospitality, ticketing and insurance.

The broadcasting of an event can be done in different ways (full event or key moments, broadcast by satellite, cable, internet, etc.). The contracts concluded must therefore always define precisely the rights that the buyer can exploit. This is a particularly sensitive area, as it is subject to constant and rapid technical developments, while broadcasting contracts are often signed several years before the event in question.

The negotiation of broadcasting rights can be done individually, with each interested television channel or with groups of channels, such as the European Broadcasting Union (EBU),80 or even through specialized agents.81

In Switzerland, the Swiss broadcasting company, SSR82 offers a wide variety of free-to-air sporting events. A wider range of sporting events are available on a pay-TV basis from other broadcasters.

Sponsorship allows companies to associate their name with a sport (via its governing bodies), a sporting event, an athlete or a team.83 Under Swiss law, the sponsorship contract is a sui generis contract, or even a mixed contract, which uses elements of several nominative contracts.84 It must therefore be drafted in the clearest and most explicit manner possible in order to minimize the risk of litigation.

Merchandising, hospitality, ticketing and insurance involve a multitude of partners and contractual arrangements.

Within this contractual framework, the intellectual property rights must be suitably secured and transferred.

ii Protection of rightsImage rights

Image rights are part of personality rights and are protected against unlawful infringements by articles 13 of the Cst and 28 and following. of CC. Protection is to some extent limited for athletes, who are considered public figures.

However, any commercialization of image rights requires the consent of the athlete.85 Marketing without consent allows the athlete to seek legal protection from the offending party, including a cease and desist order and to seek damages.86


Swiss copyright law is governed by the Federal Copyright Act (LDA) and its implementing ordinance. It protects the authors of literary, artistic and scientific works and software.87

The author (or the exclusive licensee) has the exclusive right to exploit the work without the need for a specific registration.88 It may invoke copyright infringement in civil or criminal proceedings, or both, except as provided by the LDA.89 In an emergency, interim measures may be requested.90 Damages are calculated in accordance with tort law,91 profit account92 or unjust enrichment.93

Sporting events are in principle not protected by copyright because they do not constitute works within the meaning of the LDA.94 However, recordings of sporting events may be considered works within the meaning of the LDA if they have an individual character.95


The applicable trademark law in Switzerland is the Trademark Protection Act and its related ordinance.

Swiss trademarks can be registered online by filing an application with the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI).96 An international extension can then be sought from the World Intellectual Property Organization.97

Registration allows the owner to prohibit third parties from using similar marks for similar goods or services and to preserve his rights in the event of unauthorized use of a mark in the context of civil or criminal proceedings. , or both.98

Trademarks are generally used to designate specific sporting competitions and events.

Clarksville Riverfest Returns September 9-10 – Clarksville Online

By Sports events

Clarksville, TN – The 33rd Annual Riverfest hosted by the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department takes place Friday, September 9 from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and Saturday, September 10 from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Riverfest takes place along the banks of the Cumberland River at McGregor Park.

Come celebrate the cultural diversity of Clarksville through music, local food, drink, shopping and recreational activities for the whole family.

Riverfest is Clarksville’s longest running community festival and attracts over 30,000 people to the banks of the Cumberland River. Entrance and festival activities are free and open to the public.

Riverfest is a two-day music and culture festival that features both stages of local and national artists, delicious food and fun for the whole family.

McGregor Park is located at 640 North Riverside Drive.

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race
Dragon Boat Race

The dragon boat races will take place at Riverfest on Saturday, September 10. The 46-foot long dragon boats can hold 20 paddlers, 1 paddler and 1 coxswain (provided)!

Two dragon boats will come out every hour to simulate a race on a 200 meter stretch of the Cumberland River in front of Riverfest! The heats will take place at 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. with a break at 1:00 p.m. for the cardboard boat regatta.

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Riverfest Cardboard Boat Regatta
Riverfest Cardboard Boat Regatta

The traditional Riverfest Cardboard Boat Regatta is back and will take place on Saturday, September 10, 2022 at the McGregor Park boat launch on the Cumberland River. Between rounds of the Dragon Boat Race, participants will race their boats for 100 yards to compete for the fastest time in each division.

This event is just as fun to watch as it is to race.

Check-in begins at 11:30 a.m. and races start at 1:00 p.m.


F2CON, powered by CDE Lightband, is back and better than ever for its third year! Mark your calendars to join us over Riverfest weekend for two glorious days of intense competition, casual games and fun for all ages. With CDE Lightband’s super-fast gigabit internet, you won’t have to worry about lag as you make your way to the main stage!

F2CON is packed with entertainment ranging from retro games to live competitions. With 2 days of tournaments for all skill levels, fun activities and vendors; There really is something for everyone.

F2CON will feature 14 tournaments with a $10,000 pot bonus across various titles like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter V, Super Bros SMASH Ultimate, and more.

We also have something for the occasional competitor! Compete in open play events like Fortnite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2v2 and Rocket League!

F2Con will be held at the Wilma Rudolph Event Center, located at 8 Champion’s Way, on September 9-10.

Musical programming

Friday, September 9, 2022

Bud Light Seltzer Stadium

Time Interpreter
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Lillicat
6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. Herchel Bailey
7:45 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Water Choir
9:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. The seductive band

Friday, September 9, 2022

Stage of the real estate of the cordon bleu

Time Interpreter
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. JD Shelburne
6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. Awake
7:45 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Tina Brown
9:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Consumed by fire

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Bud Light Seltzer Stadium

Time Interpreter
11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Michael RixRicks
12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Can’t relate
1:15 p.m. – 1:45 p.m. To be determined
2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. Jason Lee McKinney
3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Friday night rush
4:15 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. Britt Dignan
5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Kodigoz
6:45 p.m. – 7:45 p.m. Wandering Nova
8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Ivey
9:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Radio Generation

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Stage of the real estate of the cordon bleu

Time Interpreter
11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Clarksville Adult Colorguard
11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Natalie’s Dance Network
12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. Casting and Crown
1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Ainsley Costello
2:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Therese Guidry
3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. The Shakers Clarksville Nude
4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Harold Dawson
5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m. Odiss Kohn
7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. A gypsy soul
8:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m. DJ Prior
9:30 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. texas hill

About Riverfest

Riverfest is all about bringing the Clarksville community together and building camaraderie among neighbors. We create an atmosphere that celebrates and showcases our city’s cultural diversity through music, local food, drink, shopping and recreational activities for the whole family.

Riverfest is Clarksville’s longest running community festival and attracts over 30,000 people to the banks of the Cumberland River. The 33rd annual festival will take place September 9-10, 2022. Admission to Riverfest is free and open to the public.

For more information, visit

Launch of the sports application Jagananna; Byreddy Siddarth Reddy explains the benefits

By Sports app

08-09-2022 Thu 15:55

Byreddy Siddharth Reddy, Leader of YSRCP and Chairman of Andhra Pradesh Sports Authority (SAAP), presented Jagananna Sports app. Minister RK Roja, representatives of the sports department were also present during the official unveiling of the sports app at the PA secretariat.

Speaking at the event, Byreddy Siddharth Reddy said Jagananna’s sports app aims to inspire and develop every gifted athlete in the state into a winner. The SAAP President mentioned that the features of the app enable the collection of player information and the government can sometimes offer incentives and other information to support sports enthusiasts. He mentioned that Jagananna sports clubs would be created to help athletes and advised players to use this app to compete at national and international levels.

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9pm Telugu News: September 8, 2022

9 PM Telugu News Headlines Dated 8th September 2022:- *PM Modi unveils statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and inaugurates ‘Kartavya Path’. * Governor Tamilisai has expressed serious concerns about the..

Viral: Robot borrows from Federal Bank

Receiving financial support in any form can be a significant event, especially if it involves receiving a sanctioned loan. It can be a big event, whether it’s a personal loan, a home loan, or…

Jagananna Sports App launched by Minister Roja | (Video)

By Sports app
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Sporting events in Britain canceled after Queen’s death – New York Daily News

By Sports events

LONDON — Several sporting events in Britain have been canceled as a mark of respect following the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 on Thursday.

Organizers of the BMW PGA Championship golf event responded to news of the Queen’s death by immediately suspending play, with many players still on the Wentworth course. The course and practice facilities will be closed on Friday.

The England and Wales Cricket Board have said Friday’s match in the second Test between England and South Africa at the Oval will not take place.

Horse racing meetings in Britain were suspended on Thursday evening and Friday, with the governing body wanting to “remember his extraordinary life and contribution to our sport and our nation”.

Domestic rugby matches in England and Scotland were canceled on Thursday and matches will not be played at the weekend either.

Friday’s stage of the Tour of Britain cycling has been called off, with a decision on the final two stages of the weekend expected to be made in due course.

The Premier League has paid tribute to the Royal Family, saying it is “deeply saddened” to learn of the Queen’s passing. He did not immediately say whether the matches would take place this weekend.

The English Football League, which manages the three divisions below the Premier League, canceled its matches due to be played on Friday night and said a decision would be made on Friday morning on weekend games after discussions with the UK government and sport at large. .

Manchester United’s Europa League game against Real Sociedad came hours after the Queen’s death was announced. There was a minute’s silence before kick-off at Old Trafford, with both teams wearing black armbands and the stadium flags flown at half-mast as a mark of respect.

There was no pre-match music and the digital billboards around the pitch were turned off.

The Pinstripe Express

The Pinstripe Express


Daily News sportswriters select the best Yankees stories of the week from our award-winning columnists and beat writers. Delivered to your inbox every Wednesday.

There has been a minute’s silence in other European matches involving British teams, such as Arsenal, West Ham and Hearts.

The American Tennis Association has announced that there will be a minute’s silence before the first US Open women’s semi-final on Thursday evening, between Ons Jabeur and Caroline Garcia, “to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II”. .

Tributes also poured in.

Brazilian football great Pelé has tweeted his admiration for the queen since meeting him in person in 1968 when he visited the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

“His deeds marked generations,” Pelé wrote. “This legacy will last forever.”

The All England Club, home of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, said the Queen had carried out her duties “with great wisdom, dignity and charm for 70 years”.

The Queen was the Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, who thanked her for “years of service on this deeply sad day”.

Sports News Roundup: Depressed Kyrgios feels like he ‘failed’ US Open; Giggs will face a new trial for assault and other charges

By Sports games

Here is a summary of current sports news briefs.

French rugby union president Laporte goes on trial over sponsorship deal

Three of France’s most prominent rugby figures went on trial on Wednesday, charged with offenses relating to suspicious commercial deals, shedding light on how the sport is run in the country a year before it hosts the Cup of the world. The president of the national federation, Bernard Laporte, and the owner of the first division club of Montpellier, Mohed Altrad, are accused of influence peddling in connection with the sponsorship of the national team.

Man accused of doping at Olympics says new US law is unconstitutional

The first person ever charged under a new US law allowing prosecutors to target doping in international sports competitions argues the law is unconstitutional, in a bid to persuade a judge to dismiss the charges against him. Eric Lira, who was arrested in January for distributing performance-enhancing drugs, including human growth hormone, to athletes at the Tokyo Olympics, argued in a filing late Tuesday that Rodchenkov’s 2020 law wrongly relies on rules established by the United Nations and the world. Anti-Doping Agency.

Tennis-dejected Kyrgios feels like he’s ‘failed’ at US Open

Nick Kyrgios said winning is the only thing that matters at a Grand Slam and he was “devastated” by his five-set loss to Karen Khachanov in the US Open quarter-final on Tuesday. The Aussie took on Khachanov but didn’t do enough to counter the Russian’s punishing serve as he fell 7-5 4-6 7-5 6-7(3) 6-4 to end his bid for a first slamming Grand Title.

Golf-Spieth and Morikawa among six captain’s picks for US Presidents Cup squad

Great champions Jordan Spieth and Collin Morikawa were among six captain’s picks named Wednesday to the United States Presidents Cup squad who will be big favorites in two weeks against an international team hit by a surge of LIV defectors Golf. In addition to Spieth and Morikawa, USA captain Davis Love III completed his 12-man squad by naming Max Homa, Billy Horschel, Kevin Kisner and Cameron Young to the squad.

Soccer-Giggs will face a new trial for assault

Former Manchester United football player Ryan Giggs will face a retrial next year, a British judge ruled on Wednesday, after a jury was unable to rule on the charges regarding his girlfriend at the time. Giggs, 48, has been charged with causing actual bodily harm to Kate Greville as well as controlling and coercive behavior. He also faced a charge of common assault against Greville’s sister, Emma.

Football-Chelsea sack Tuchel after Champions League loss to Zagreb

Chelsea sacked coach Thomas Tuchel on Wednesday a day after his side lost 1-0 to Dinamo Zagreb in their Champions League opener. The Premier League club have confirmed on their website that they have parted ways with the German manager who guided Chelsea to Champions League glory in their first season.

Cycling-Uran wins stage 17 of the Vuelta in a close final, Evenepoel retains the lead

Rigoberto Uran held off Quentin Pacher and Jesus Herrada in a thrilling sprint to win Stage 17 of the Vuelta a Espana on Wednesday as overall leader Remco Evenepoel maintained his advantage and closed in on a maiden Grand title Round. Cofidis’ Herrada looked set to claim victory with less than a kilometer to go before EF Education-EasyPost’s Uran chased him with 200m to go to take his first Grand Tour stage victory since 2017.

Tennis-Khachanov overthrows Kyrgios to reach US Open semis

Karen Khachanov beat Nick Kyrgios 7-5 4-6 7-5 6-7(3) 6-4 at the US Open on Tuesday to reach the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time. Russian Khachanov, seeded 27th, fired an irreversible serve on match point to seal victory over the Australian, who had knocked out world number one Daniil Medvedev in the previous round.

NFL-Bills ranked Super Bowl favorites, Brady back for more

The Buffalo Bills will begin their quest for a long-awaited Super Bowl when they face the defending champion Los Angeles Rams on Thursday in the first game of an NFL season that could be the last for the decorated quarterback. of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady. Buffalo, which lost four straight Super Bowls in the early 1990s, has deadly passer Josh Allen leading a dynamic offense that can strike fear into defenses and has been named the early favorite to win it all this season. .

The recent and turbulent managerial history of Soccer-Chelsea

Chelsea have a new owner, but the ruthless strategy employed by former owner Roman Abramovich when it comes to hiring and firing managers appears to have remained at Stamford Bridge. Just over three months after a consortium led by American Todd Boehly completed the takeover of Chelsea for 4.25 billion pounds ($4.86 billion), Thomas Tuchel has been fired.

(With agency contributions.)

Mattress Mack launches new sports website covering Houston and Louisiana teams

By Sports website

More like Media Mack.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale officially enters the sports journalism space with the launch of, a news site covering “all things sports in Texas and Louisiana.” Contributors to the site include former Houston Chronicle staffers John McClain, Richard Justice and John P. Lopez, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Matt Young.

Houston Astros Tickets –

19.99buy now

McInvgale told Young that the site will eventually be joined by a Gallery Gaming site focused on sports betting news and information, all of which aim to direct readers to Gallery Furniture stores.

“I have always had an interest in sport and my son [James] and I love content that will drive customers to Gallery Furniture,” McIngvale told Young. “We thought sports were a perfect way to connect with our customers and with all sports fans in Houston.

McIngvale’s reputation as a sports fan and avid gamer precedes him in Houston. Gallery Furniture owner’s local store promotions almost always revolve around the biggest sporting events of the year. Earlier this year, Gallery Furniture offered to refund money to customers who spent $3,000 or more on a reclining mattress or furniture if the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LVI. Mack himself bet $4.5 million on the Bengals win, the largest mobile bet ever on the Caesar Sportsbook app.

The Bengals lost, of course, and the result capped a series of bad beats that saw the furniture mogul lose more than $15 million in sports betting in five weeks. With Gallery Sports, McIngvale told Young the goal was not to make money, but to promote and market his furniture.

“We’re not concerned about revenue right now, more concerned about eyeballs,” McIngvale said. “My business philosophy is always, ‘Will customers miss us if we go bankrupt tomorrow?'”

McIngvale’s Gallery Sports is free to visitors and currently features articles on college football’s Week 2 storylines and the Houston Texans’ dedication to trusting the process. The Gallery Furniture owner has placed at least $6 million on the Astros to win the 2022 World Series.

Homes in Devonshire are losing power – The Royal Gazette

By Sports events

Updated: Sep 07, 2022 09:24

Outage: A palm leaf got tangled in power lines (Facebook photo)

Hundreds of homes across Devonshire were in the dark last night after a widespread blackout just after 6pm.

The power company’s website reported that 350 customers had lost power.

A Belco spokesman said the power outage was caused by a palm leaf becoming tangled with a line.

He said a similar issue also caused an outage on Monday.

A post on the company’s Facebook page yesterday said: ‘We are aware of an outage affecting a significant number of our customers in the parish of Devonshire.

“A palm leaf got tangled in power lines.

“Our team is on site working to restore power as quickly and safely as possible.”

He added: “If you are in the area, please exercise caution when driving or passing our work crews as your safety and that of our crew is of the utmost importance.

“We thank you for your patience as we work to restore your power.”

The blackout covered an area from Ocean View Golf Course and Parsons Lane, south along the parish boundaries to Tee Street and the South Rim.

It stretched south from Loyal Hill to Devonshire Bay.

No faults have been listed on Belco’s website this morning.

• UPDATE: This story has been updated to provide additional information from Belco.

Chelsea FC part ways with head coach Thomas Tuchel

By Sports games

Chelsea Football Club announced on Wednesday that they have parted ways with head coach Thomas Tuchel. “Chelsea Football Club has parted ways with head coach Thomas Tuchel today. On behalf of everyone at Chelsea FC, the club would like to express their gratitude to Thomas and his team for all their hard work during their stay at the club. Thomas deservedly a place in Chelsea history having won the Champions League, Super Cup and Club World Cup during his time here,” the club said in an official statement on their website.

“As the new ownership group reaches 100 days since taking over the club and continue their hard work to take the club forward, the new owners believe now is the right time to make this transition,” added the club in its press release. The Chelsea coaching staff will support the squad in training and preparing for our upcoming games as the club moves quickly to appoint a new head coach.

There will be no further comment until a new head coach is appointed. Tuchel joined the club last January. He was the first-ever German to be appointed Chelsea head coach and came to the club after guiding Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, a French club to four major titles and a Champions League final.

During his time at Chelsea, he won the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League, the 2021 UEFA Super Cup and the 2021 FIFA Club World Cup. His team also finished runners-up in the FA Cup in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons. Also in the 2021-22 EFL Cup, his team finished second. In the current 2022-23 Premier League season, Chelsea are number six with 10 points to their name. They have won three of their first six games, lost two and drawn.

Their next game in the League is against Fulham on Saturday. (ANI)

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Football-Chelsea sack Tuchel after Champions League loss to Zagreb

By Sports games

Chelsea sacked coach Thomas Tuchel on Wednesday a day after his side lost 1-0 to Dinamo Zagreb in their Champions League opener. The Premier League club have confirmed on their website that they have parted ways with the German manager who guided Chelsea to Champions League glory in their first season.

“On behalf of everyone at Chelsea FC, the club would like to express their gratitude to Thomas and his team for all their hard work during their time at the club,” the club said. “Thomas will rightfully have a place in Chelsea history having won the Champions League, Super Cup and Club World Cup in his time here.”

While Chelsea haven’t started the season particularly well, having lost two of their first six Premier League games, Tuchel’s exit is still a surprising move. He made an instant impact replacing Frank Lampard in January 2021, reviving the team’s Premier League season and taking them to the Champions League final where they beat Manchester City.

Under Tuchel, Chelsea also won the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup last season. Chelsea finished third in the Premier League last season as their expected challenge to Manchester City and domestic dominance from Liverpool failed to materialise.

They also reached the FA Cup and League Cup finals, losing to Liverpool on penalties each time. Tuchel, former manager of Paris St Germain and Borussia Dortmund, is the first managerial victim since new American owner Todd Boehly took over the club.

“As the new ownership group reaches 100 days since taking over the club and continues its hard work to move the club forward, the new owners believe now is the right time to make this transition,” the statement read. . The club’s fans were familiar with the sackings of managers during the long reign of former owner, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, but Tuchel’s departure after 99 games in charge of the club was unexpected.

Although there have been signs of stagnation, Chelsea have won just seven of their last 16 Premier League matches. Attention will now turn to Tuchel’s successor with former Tottenham Hotspur and PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino a likely target for the west Londoners.

“Chelsea’s coaching staff will support the team in training and preparing for our upcoming matches as the club moves quickly to appoint a new head coach,” the club said. “There will be no further comment until a new head coach is appointed.”

(This story has not been edited by the Devdiscourse team and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed.)

Why Mattress Mack Launched Her Own Sports Website in Houston

By Sports website

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale made his money in the furniture and mattress business, but the owner of Gallery Furniture is equally big on Houston’s sports scene. That’s why he thinks it’s only natural to put his money and his name behind a new website dedicated to Houston sports content.

“I’ve always had an interest in sports and my son (James) and I love content that will drive customers to Gallery Furniture,” McIngvale said Tuesday. “We thought sports were a perfect way to connect with our customers and with all sports fans in Houston.”

McIngvale has made big news in recent years with his multi-million dollar bets on major sporting events – including the more than $40 million he must raise if the Astros win this year’s World Series – and it plans to launch a second site – Gallery Gaming – which will focus on sports betting.

“It will be a separate site with content talking about different ratings, scenarios and some of the crazy things I do,” McIngvale said.

On his main sports site, McIngvale enlisted the help of former Houston Chronicle writers, including John McClain, Richard Justice and John P. Lopez.

“I’ve read them in the Houston Chronicle for 40 years and think they’re great writers, so I think this is a great opportunity for them to write and a great opportunity for them to give our clients informative analysis. on their favorite teams,” McIngvale said.

The site is free to readers and so far has only one ad – for Gallery Furniture, of course.

“We’re not concerned about revenue right now, more concerned about eyeballs,” McIngvale said. “My business philosophy is always: Would customers miss us if we went bankrupt tomorrow? So, the site would be a success if it gave readers insightful content about their teams and they enjoyed reading it every day.

OwnersBox launches daily fantasy sports games in Pennsylvania | Sports

By Sports games

OwnersBox, an emerging North American paid fantasy sports operator, is proud to announce that its daily fantasy sports games are now available to users in Pennsylvania.

Get more of the Citrus County Chronicle

Preparation area

Get updates and player profiles ahead of Friday’s high school games, plus a Saturday recap with stories, photos, videos Frequency: Seasonally Twice a week

OwnersBox launches daily fantasy sports games in Pennsylvania | NFL

By Sports games

TORONTO – September 6, 2022 – ( )

OwnersBox, an emerging North American paid fantasy sports operator, is proud to announce that its daily fantasy sports games are now available to users in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) issued OwnersBox a five-year fantasy contest operator license after a months-long process that involved extensive background checks of key employees, finances, policies, responsible gaming , client verification and separate player funds.

OwnersBox co-founder and CEO Brian Kipp says Pennsylvania is a key market for his current expansion plans. “Pennsylvanians are some of the most dedicated and passionate sports fans in the country. We are thrilled to be able to offer something new to AP-based DFS users and are excited to add a top-six market to as we expand our availability.”

OwnersBox recently launched its DFS SuperFlex Salary Cap NFL Week 1 slate and introduced an exciting new fantasy sports product called Lightning Lineups. Pennsylvania-based players will be able to participate on the OwnersBox platform starting August 18.

OwnersBox Fantasy sports is available via the web at and on mobile on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Primary source: OwnersBox launches daily fantasy sports games in Pennsylvania

The sports event ticket market could see a big move

By Sports events

Sports Event Tickets Market

Latest published study on Global Sports Event Tickets Market by AMA Research assesses market size, trend and forecast till 2027. Sports Events Tickets Market study covers important research data and proves it to be a handy reference document for managers, analysts and industry experts. and other key people to have access-ready and self-analyzed study to help understand market trends, growth drivers, upcoming opportunities and challenges and about competitors.

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Key players in this report include:
Stubhub (US), Seat Geek (US), Ticketmaster (US), Razorgator (US), Ace Ticket (US), AXS Group LLC (US), Bookmyshow (India) , Ticket City (US), Vivid Seats LLC (US) and Ticketnetwork (US).

The increasing growth of the sports industry leads to the strong growth in ticket sales for sporting events. Sports are popular among the whole generation. All over the world, people practiced different types of sports. People haven’t bothered to pay more money to watch their favorite sports player on a field or at sporting events. Football, cricket, NBA and many other games are popular among young people. Tickets for sporting events are sold at different rates depending on the seating arrangement for an audience. People buy tickets for sports events from various venues or physically from the particular related sports stadium.

Market factors
Increase in the popularity of sport among all generations of people
Growing number of sports fans

Growing digital infrastructure
Increase the growth of the sports industry

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Market leaders and their expansionist development strategies
28 April 2022, Ticketmaster Sport is delighted to announce that it has been appointed as the club’s new ticketing partner, providing sports ticketing technology solutions and a range of complementary services including marketing support as part of the agreement Premiership Rugby league-wide with the industry’s leading company. Seasonal Saracens members will be the first to experience a transformed ticketing website for the 2022/23 season membership renewal process and all supporters will benefit from a frictionless digital ticket purchasing process, ensuring the best possible experience before, during and after the event since the start of the 2022 Gallagher Premiership Season when matches are announced in July.

The Global Sports Event Tickets Market segments and market data breakdown are illustrated below:
by type (paper tickets, digital tickets, others), application (individuals, sports enthusiasts), sales channels (online, offline), category (general admission, VIP, reserved seats, multi-day pass, one day, another) Players and Region – Global Market Outlook to 2027

The Global Sports Event Tickets Market report highlights insights regarding current and future industry trends, growth patterns, as well as offers business strategies to help stakeholders make decisions. that can help ensure the trajectory of earnings over the forecast years.

Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate of the following regions:
The Middle East and Africa (South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Egypt, etc.)
North America (United States, Mexico and Canada)
South America (Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, etc.)
Europe (Turkey, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)
Asia-Pacific (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia).

Report objectives
To carefully analyze and forecast the Sports Event Tickets market size by value and volume.
-To estimate the market shares of the main segments of sports event tickets
To present the Sports Event Tickets market development in different parts of the world.
To analyze and study the micro markets in terms of their contributions to the Sports Event Tickets market, their prospects, and individual growth trends.
-To offer accurate and useful details about the factors affecting the growth of Sporting Events Tickets
-To provide a meticulous assessment of crucial business strategies employed by leading companies operating in the Sports Event Tickets market, which include research and development, collaborations, agreements, partnerships, acquisitions, mergers, new developments and product launches.

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Main highlights of the table of contents:

Sports Event Tickets Market Research Coverage:
It includes major manufacturers, emerging players growth story, and major business segments of Sports Event Tickets market, years considered, and research objectives. Further, segmentation based on product type, application, and technology.
Sports Event Tickets Market Executive Summary: It provides a summary of global studies, growth rate, available market, competitive landscape, market drivers, trends, and issues, along with macro indicators.
Sporting Event Ticket Market Production by Region Sporting Event Ticket Market profile of manufacturers-players is studied on the basis of SWOT, their products, production, value, financials and statistics. other vital factors.
Key points covered in the Sports Event Tickets market report:
Sports Event Tickets Overview, Definition and Classification Market Drivers and Barriers
Sports Event Tickets Market Competition by Manufacturers
Impact analysis of COVID-19 on the sports event ticket market
Sporting Event Ticket Capacity, Production, Revenue (Value) by Region (2021-2027)
Sports Event Ticket Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Region (2021-2027)
Sports Event Ticket Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type
Sports Event Tickets Market Analysis by Application
Sports Event Tickets Manufacturers Profiles/Analysis Sports Event Tickets Manufacturing Cost Analysis, Industry/Supply Chain Analysis, Sourcing Strategy & Downstream Buyers, Marketing
Strategy by major manufacturers/players, standardization of connected distributors/traders, regulatory and collaborative initiatives, industry roadmap and analysis of value chain market effect factors.

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Answers to key questions
How feasible is the sports event ticket market for long-term investment?
What are the factors influencing the demand for sporting event tickets in the near future?
What is the impact analysis of various factors on the growth of the Global Sports Event Tickets Market?
What are the recent regional market trends and how successful are they?

Thank you for reading this article; you can also get individual chapter wise section or region wise report version like North America, Middle East, Africa, Europe or LATAM, Southeast Asia.

Craig Francis (Public Relations and Marketing Manager)
AMA Research & Media LLP
Unit #429, Parsonage Road Edison, NJ
New Jersey United States – 08837
Telephone: +1 (206) 317 1218

About the Author:
Advance Market Analytics is a global market research industry leader that provides quantified B2B research to Fortune 500 companies on emerging, high-growth opportunities that will impact over 80% of global business revenue.
Our analyst tracks high growth study with detailed and in-depth statistical analysis of market trends and dynamics that provides a comprehensive overview of the industry. We follow a thorough research methodology coupled with critical insights related to industry factors and market forces to generate the best value for our clients. We provide reliable primary and secondary data sources, our analysts and consultants obtain informative and usable data tailored to the business needs of our clients. The research study enables clients to achieve varied market objectives ranging from global footprint expansion to supply chain optimization and competitor profiling to mergers and acquisitions.

This press release was published on openPR.

The Beatles vs. the Stones Rock Downtown @ Sundown – Clarksville Online

By Sports events

Clarksville, TN – Last Friday at Downtown @ Sundown was an unforgettable experience. The Beatles’ greatest hits against the Stones was an amazing performance.

Only one thing could make this night even better. It’s…finding out “which group is the best!”.

The Beatles versus the Rolling Stones played the greatest hits from ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ to ‘Time Is On My Side’ to have the crowd cheering and wanting more!

Satisfaction the Rolling Stones tribute band performing at Downtown @ Sundown.  (Brooklyn Kent, Clarksville online)
Satisfaction the Rolling Stones tribute band performing at Downtown @ Sundown. (Brooklyn Kent, Clarksville online)

Along with the performance there were amazing potato, burger and taco based food options (Tater Headz, Burgasm, Kadi’s Tacos etc).

Of course, you must end the evening with incredible desserts from Heather’s Homemade Icecream, Kona Ice and TN Kettle Corn.

With three more shows left for the Downtown Commons event planner this year, Elizabeth Quinton says her favorite experience is “to see so many happy people and everyone connecting.”

If you weren’t already a fan of either band, Friday night’s performances would have definitely changed your mind.

From the costumes to the mannerisms, the performance was overall very nostalgic!

Seeing the audience twitch and scream and see the performer’s best Mick Jagger was truly a great way to ring in Labor Day weekend!

Be sure to catch the last three Downtown @ Sundown shows before this year’s performances are all over!!

The next shows in the Downtown @ Sundown concert series will be on September 16 with Tyler Booth, October 7 with Kat & Alex / Frank Ray and Rock United will close the series this year on October 21.

The Downtown Commons is located at 215 Legion Street.

About the Beatles vs. the Stones

The two greatest rock’n’roll bands of all time face off in a unique spectacle. Abbey Road, one of the country’s top Beatles tribute bands, sides with the Fab Four. With brilliant musicianship and authentic costumes and equipment, Abbey Road plays beloved songs spanning the career of The Beatles.

They engage in a musical “showdown” of the hits against the first Stones tribute band, Satisfaction – The International Rolling Stones Show, which offers a faithful interpretation of the music and style of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the bad boys of the Rolling Stones. British invasion.

Learn more about

Photo gallery

Iranian sports website claims Carlos Queiroz is returning to Iran this week

By Sports website

This week, the sports periodical Iran Varzeshi (Iran Sport) “announced” that Mehdi Taj, the newly re-elected president of the Iranian Football Federation, and Carlos Queiroz, the former manager of the Iranian national team from 2011 to 2019, reached an agreement on Queiroz’s return to Iran. In a video call, Iran Varzeshi claimed the pair had set a date for Queiroz to return to Team Melli – no later than the end of this week – and agreed on a contract value of 900,000 $ (the conditions were not mentioned).

This dramatic turn of events comes less than 80 days before Iran take part in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This follows a period of internal Federation chaos and fallout among star players over the future of current coach Dragan Skočić. The latter still seems to be in progress: on several occasions in recent days, the vice-president of the Federation, Mehdi Mohammadnabi, has publicly denied that Skočić is replaced before the tournament. So, who is right ?

Assessing the veracity of Iran Varzeshi’s report

A report of this gravity appearing in Iran Varzeshi is significant because of the publication’s close relationship with Mehdi Taj. He backed him through the final year of his previous term as Football Association boss, when he was accused of fraud, wasting Federation funds and irregular procurement in a series of public blunders.

Ali Javadi, the current editor-in-chief of Iran Varzeshi, is a relative of Ali Larijani, an influential former speaker of the Iranian parliament who was previously the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. Under his leadership, Larijani was appointed to head the sports divisions of several public television stations.

He then became editor of Khabar Varzeshi (Sports News) and the sports page of the major national newspaper Jam-e Jam. As such, he has a long pedigree in regime-aligned sports reporting, but also in sticking the knife in perceived adversaries.

In 2018, in a report published on the front page of Jam-e Jam under his byline, Javadi accused Mehdi Rostampour – a freelance sports journalist living in Europe – of “abducting” Iranian emigrant athletes by choice due to the suffocating politicization Sport. in Iran. Furthermore, he claimed that Rostampour was responsible for luring sports commentator Mazdak Mirzaei away from Iran; Mirzaei had moved to the UK in the summer of 2019 to take up a job with Iran International.

Then, still in 2018, Javadi was appointed director of public relations at the Football Federation, by decision of Mehdi Taj. He was reportedly one of Taj’s closest allies in the Federation and apparently retained an advisory position after Taj’s stormy first term as president ended.

All of this suggests that Iran Varzeshi would be the first to know if there had been a decision made behind closed doors, something Taj is already known to do. On the other hand, the publication may have intentionally jumped the gun in order to pressure Skočić to resign. Regardless, the report was cited by Iranian state media and some international sports news websites, all before an official announcement from the Federation, Team Melli or Queiroz himself. same.

How many?

In its Monday report, Iran Varzeshi estimated the value of Carlos Queiroz’s new contract at $900,000. However, the agreed duration was not specified. The Qatar World Cup is scheduled to take place from November 20 to December 18, but one of the other most important competitions for Iran is scheduled six months later: namely the Asian Cup, from June 16 to December 23. July 2023.

Queiroz, a former Manchester United assistant and Real Madrid manager, has previously rejected the idea of ​​being selected for competitions like the Asian Cup. Earlier this year, he rejected an invitation from Iraqi football bosses to take over the management of their team after a World Cup exit, saying: “I prefer not to waste my time on continental competitions.”

Some Iranian media yesterday suggested this meant the $900,000 would only cover the period until the end of the World Cup, meaning its annual value would have amounted to more than $4 million. Iran Varzeshi had claimed that Queiroz was giving Taj, who is used to making disastrous contracts with managers without board approval, a “special discount” for his presence in Iran. Again, Queiroz has yet to say anything publicly about this.

Vice President’s Refusal

Mehdi Taj was re-elected last Tuesday on a single campaign: if he were president again, he promised, he would bring Carlos Queiroz back to Iran. In recent days, however, he declined to comment further on the matter.

Meanwhile, its vice-president Mehdi Mohammadnabi has said the exact opposite, telling Iranian media twice that Dragan Skočić would indeed still be in charge for the World Cup.

The likely reason for the denial is the heavy penalties imposed on an already cash-strapped Federation – its Tehran headquarters was seized last May by the state pension provider over money owed due of the last complicated contract with former head coach Marc Wilmots – is likely to incur if the Croatian coach’s contract is terminated before the hour.

Indeed, according to FIFA rules, federations do not have the right to negotiate with other potential coaches before terminating an ongoing contract. Taj’s intention must be to secretly reach an agreement with Queiroz and then move forward to terminate the contract with Skočić – or else commit a breach on the eve of the World Cup.

On the contrary, Iran Varzeshi’s report will strengthen Dragan Skočić’s hand in the event of a future conflict. In the background, its other likely effect will be to disorient and further divide the players and Skočić himself, after months of turmoil, and ahead of one of the most important tournaments of their entire career to date.

Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market

By Sports games

The most recent research report on the Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games market grants stakeholders a firm foothold in this business space by highlighting its growth route from 2022 to 2028 by offering a comprehensive review of previous milestones. Besides that, the report's estimates are determined and endorsed by specialists using established research methodologies. Aside from solid information drawn from a wide assortment of reliable sources, it also contains a collection of procedures for attracting investment through captivating market strategies.

The document illustrates the possible influences on the industry's net revenue graph in the years ahead. It also identifies market dynamics and obstacles, as well as strategies for limiting their consequences. In addition, it explores market verticals to determine the landscape's horizons.

Market segmentation and coverage

Request Sample Copy of this Report @

Product range: Individual Virtual Reality Games and Multi-player Online Virtual Reality Games 

  • Historical data and estimates regarding the growth rate, pay scale and market share for each product line are listed in the report.

Application spectrum: Smartphones, computer, console, by region, North America, USA, Canada, Europe, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Russia and Nordic countries

  • Information is collected about the forecast product demand, growth rate and revenue share of each application for the forecast period.

Regional bifurcation: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa, Southeast Asia

  • The sales and earnings accrued by each region along with its projected CAGR are mentioned in the study.

Competitive Landscape Summary

Noteworthy companies exemplifying competitive forces in the Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games market are SIE Japan Studio Beat Games Neat Corporation Impulse Gear Zoink Valve Schell Games Owlchemy Labs Steel Crate Games. Revenues, pricing policies, earnings, business strategies and market portfolio are used to emphasize business operations. Accordingly, the research focuses on how manufacturers can contain their expenses within the specified time frames by engaging in product advancements, R&D, expanded coverage, and successive mergers and acquisitions.

Industry Value Chain Analysis Overview

The industry value chain summary, which focuses on suppliers, customers, and sales platforms, is deliberately designed to help companies reduce costs at each stage of the service/service lifecycle. product while ensuring greater value to stakeholders.


  • What is the growth outlook for the Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games market?
  • Which regions are analyzed in the Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market report coverage?
  • How will the Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market perform in 2022-2028?
  • Which companies are defining the nature of competition in the Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games market?

Reasons to buy this report:

  • It offers an analysis of the evolution of the competitive scenario.
  • To make informed decisions in businesses, it offers analytical data with strategic planning methodologies.
  • It offers a seven-year assessment of the global virtual reality (VR) sports games market.
  • It helps in understanding the major key product segments.
  • The researchers shed light on market dynamics, such as drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities.
  • It offers the regional analysis of the Global Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market along with the business profiles of several stakeholders.
  • It offers massive data about trending factors that will influence the progress of the Global Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market.

Main points covered in the table of contents:

  • Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market Overview
  • Market competition by manufacturers
  • Production market share by regions
  • Consumption by regions
  • Global Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Game Production, Revenue, Price Trend by Type
  • Global Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market Analysis by Applications
  • Virtual reality (VR) sports games industry company profiles and key figures
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Manufacturing Cost Analysis
  • Marketing channel, distributors and customers
  • Market dynamics
  • Global Virtual Reality (VR) Sports Games Market Forecast
  • Research results and conclusion
  • Methodology and data source

Customization request for this report @

From the Olympics to the Commonwealth: why major sporting events can have a lasting positive impact

By Sports events
  • Large-scale sporting events have the potential to bring people together and improve their mental and physical health long after they have ended.

  • The spirit of 2012 continues the volunteerism and social impact created by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • By integrating legacy planning into bid planning for sporting events, events can endure long after the final whistle has blown.

wednesday 29e August 2012 is a date etched forever in my memory. I sat in the Athletes’ Village, huddled around a TV with my teammates watching the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. At the time, I barely registered the enormity of the competition at the second biggest sporting event in the world, watched by millions online and in person.

Much was at stake beyond the playing field, there were high ambitions to challenge perceptions of disability and some perhaps misplaced ideas at the time around ‘inspiration’. However, I was focused on my swimming, controlling my tense nerves and doing my best to deliver results for my team, my friends, my family and the nation who watched with excitement.

How do you deliver something positive beyond a sporting event?

We all enjoy the buzz created by concerts, festivals and events with live sport and music, but what happens next? How can you bottle creativity, positivity and shared experience to deliver something positive beyond the events themselves? How do you reach people who may not feel part of an event that happened ten years ago? Given a myriad of global issues, can sporting events be used to bring people together, not just for a moment of happiness, but for longer?

As an Olympic or Paralympic athlete like me, you don’t consider the long-term potential of the Games beyond the big events hosted by different countries every few years. But, a decade later, I have been closely involved in efforts to create wider and lasting benefits from hosting the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, while continuing to compete as an athlete. Two years after leaving the London Stadium, I joined the board of an organization designed to continue the volunteerism and social impact created by hosting London 2012.

The legacy of Spirit of 2012

The spirit of 2012 was set up as an independent trust by the UK’s National Lottery Community Fund in 2013. It received an endowment of £47 million to continue and recreate the spirit of pride, community and empowerment of the Games London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Over the past decade, Spirit of 2012 has invested in over 200 projects across the UK, covering volunteering, events, sports, arts and culture. It has collected lessons, evidence and large-scale projects that contribute to improving the well-being, social cohesion and inclusion of people with disabilities.

He also explored how national sporting events can be relevant to cities and rural communities miles away from where they are held and how smaller, locally run events can have a profound impact on community bonds. To date, projects funded by Spirit of 2012 have reached 5.5 million people in the UK. Here are some of our top numbers:

By investing in grant-funded projects across the UK, Spirit of 2012 has extended the impact of sporting events beyond the host city itself. By investing in grant-funded projects across the UK, Spirit of 2012 has extended impact beyond the host city itself. Lessons learned on how to run sporting events ‘right’ have since been taken to other UK cities through other major sporting events, including Hull and Coventry, which have each been awarded the UK Cities of Culture award in 2017 and 2021 respectively.

In addition, the Commonwealth Games, hosted by Glasgow in 2014, had a longer-term impact built into the planning through Fourteen. Fourteen started in Glasgow and has reached fourteen locations across the UK to connect with volunteers from community organizations, ensuring they use the arts, physical activity and events to bring people together to improve their communities. Similarly, the Commonwealth Games just took place in early August in Birmingham, with many longer-term impact events planned in the design, such as Critical massan inclusive dance project for young people.

Sports legacy

Evidence suggests that behavioral change does not automatically follow from hosting a major sporting event, but there are examples of successful longer-term work initially rooted in the events. Spirit of 2012 Funded Get out, be active, for example, a £7.5 million grant to Activity Alliance in the UK. This has succeeded in creating an inclusive approach to physical activity that reaches people with low activity levels, helping them to change their lives – something that inspirational programs linked to many major sporting events often struggle with. to offer.

Volunteerism also has enormous potential to bring communities together and, as volunteers at vaccination centers have proven during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, they are an essential part of the response. to crises in emergency situations. The London 2012 Gamesmakers who volunteered at the Games were a highlight and engine room of these Games.

And it’s not just the people who benefit who benefit from volunteering. Evidence shows that it can improve the well-being of volunteers and their communities. An example is the Hull Volunteers project, established during Hull UK City of Culture in 2017, volunteers from this project quickly mobilized to support their community during the Covid-19 closures several years after Hull’s City of Culture Year and it turned out is transformed into a thriving and ongoing local volunteer community.

The magic of major sporting events is that they have the potential to create broad and lasting change in their host country, but this is often lost. Following a global pandemic and in the face of conflict, we are in a situation of reduced funding, rising costs of living, food and fuel shortages and the impacts of climate change. It’s hard for a city to justify bidding to host such large, expensive, and “nice to have” mega-events. But with a mandatory requirement to demonstrate the potential for longer-term positive social impact, improved inclusion and accessibility, greener credentials and new accessible sports venues that are repurposed for communities, there is much more justification. strong.

Spirit is a spendthrift charity with a definite purpose, but it has developed a wealth of learning over the past decade that can in some way inform the shape of future sporting events, large and small, to ensure better plan and optimize contributions to public health and social welfare goals. This cannot be a checkbox exercise. It must be a well-thought-out, cross-jurisdictional and cross-sector effort – identifying what a city and country can gain from a sporting event and how this can be incorporated into bid planning. If a so-called “legacy” or “impact” strategy is not a mandatory part of an offer, then it is a lost opportunity.

The article originally appeared in the World Economic Forum.

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Motor racing – Piastri says ‘break in trust’ sparked McLaren move

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Australian Oscar Piastri says a lack of clarity and a “break in trust” with Renault-owned Alpine played a part in his decision to join Formula 1 rival McLaren. McLaren confirmed on Friday during the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, after winning a contract dispute, which the 21-year-old Alpine reserve rider would race for them next season.

“I felt McLaren was a great opportunity. They were very direct and very keen and enthusiastic to have me,” he told in an interview published on Saturday. “To be completely honest, there was a lack of clarity around my future in the Alpine team.

Piastri won the Formula 2 title last year, having won Formula 3 the previous season, but his progress came to a halt without an available seat in Formula 1. He spent that year at Alpine, who had developed a intense preparation program, but the future was uncertain, with the team discussing a contract extension with two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.

Alonso, who wanted a two-year deal, last month announced his departure to Aston Martin at the end of the season. But Piastri had already signed for McLaren by then, signing a deal on July 4. all the reasons why I felt McLaren was where I was best placed,” said Piastri.

Alpine announced in a statement in August that Piastri would race for them, but the Australian later posted a message on social media to rule him out. He told the website he was disappointed with Alpine’s handling of the situation and said his management had informed the team twice before that he would be leaving.

“It was quite upsetting as the announcement was fake and it also deprived me of the opportunity to say goodbye properly to everyone at Enstone,” he said. Alpine manager Otmar Szafnauer says the team delivered on everything promised in a deal and showed loyalty to the youngster.

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Chelsea youngster Broja signs new contract until 2028

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Chelsea striker Armando Broja has signed a new long-term contract which will keep him at the Premier League club until 2028, the London outfit announced on Friday.

Broja, 20, would have been on the radar for West Ham United, Newcastle United and Everton during the closed season but has committed his future to Chelsea after breaking into the first team in the opening weeks of the new campaign. “I’m at a loss for words just thinking about it. This is the club I’ve dreamed of playing for all my life, the club I support and the club I love,” Broja told https: //www.chelseafc. com/en/news/article/new-contract-for-broja Chelsea’s website.

“I’ve been here since I was a boy, so it’s a surreal feeling for me and my family.” The Albania international spent last season on loan at Southampton, scoring nine goals in 38 games in all competitions. He has made three substitute appearances for Chelsea this season.

Chelsea have also announced the transfer of 28-year-old striker Michy Batshuayi to Turkish club Fenerbahce on a two-year deal with an option of a further 12 months. The Belgian, who was at Besiktas last season in the latest of a series of loans, scored 25 goals in 77 appearances for Chelsea after joining Olympique de Marseille in 2016.

Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea, languishing in 10th place with seven points from five games, host West Ham United on Saturday.

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English football shows its financial power with 2.2 billion dollars

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A record spending spree by Premier League clubs in the summer transfer market topped the $2.2 billion mark before the window closed on Thursday with Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and – belatedly – ​​​​Chelsea, all signing players to wrap up their squad overhauls.

The headline on a typically frantic final day of trading was the arrival of Brazilian winger Antony at United from Ajax for $95million, making him the fourth most expensive player in the club. Premier League history and football’s most expensive signing.

This brought United’s total spending in this craziest transfer window to around $240 million – a figure surpassed across Europe by Chelsea, who eventually signed a standout striker in Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Barcelona. During the club’s first transfer window in the post-Roman Abramovich era, Chelsea spent $280 million.

Man City’s signing of Swiss centre-back Manuel Akanji for $17.5m looked low-key by comparison, while Liverpool’s only move – signing Brazilian international Arthur Melo on loan from Juventus – was still significant as she strengthened the team’s injured midfielder.

Fueled by revenue from huge global broadcast deals worth around £10bn ($11.8bn) over three seasons, Premier League clubs have returned to pre-pandemic spending levels – and more – to leave the rest of Europe in its wake.

English top-flight clubs spent roughly the same price on players as those in the top leagues of Spain ($500m), Italy ($750m), Germany ($485m) and France (540 million USD) combined, according to calculations by the Transfermarkt site.

Net spending by Premier League teams was $1.35 billion, compared to Italy ($8 million) and Spain ($64 million). In France and Germany, the leagues actually made a profit according to Transfermarkt.

Summarizing the outrageous follies of English clubs was Nottingham Forest’s business since securing a return to the Premier League for the first time since 1999.

Forest signed three players on deadline day to take their total entries through the window to a remarkable 21, at a cost of $160 million. RONALDO REMAINS The future of Cristiano Ronaldo has been a hot topic since the end of last season – the Portuguese star pushed to leave Man United because the team is not in the Champions League – but the five-time world year will stay at Old Trafford, at least until January anyway.

Ronaldo came on as a second-half substitute for United in their 1-0 Premier League win over Leicester on Thursday and manager Erik ten Hag repeated after the game that he was counting on the 37-year-old striker this season.

Antony’s arrival, however, adds further competition in attacking points, with Ronaldo having started just one of United’s five Premier League games.

United’s rebuild under Ten Hag ended with the signing of Slovakia goalkeeper Martin Dubravka on a season-long loan from Newcastle, replacing David De Gea.

BUSY FULHAM Fulham had a busy end to the game, bringing in three forwards and a defender on deadline day.

Former Brazil winger Willian is back in the Premier League after previous spells at Arsenal and Chelsea, while former Man United winger Daniel James has arrived on loan from Leeds.

Brazilian striker Carlos Vinicius has joined Benfica, while Fulham have brought in left-back Layvin Kurzawa on loan from Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG have further reduced their squad by selling Senegal midfielder Idrissa Gueye to former club Everton, who have also signed young striker James Garner from Man United.

A Southampton deadline spree has also resulted in four transfers – including Croatian defender Duje Caleta-Car, who left Champions League qualifiers Marseille for a side that will do well to finish in the first half of the Premier League. League.

Aston Villa have signed Belgian midfielder Leander Dendoncker from Wolverhampton.

SOLITAIRE SIGNATURE Leicester chose the last day of the window to make their first and only outside signing of the summer, Wout Faes from French club Reims. Faes filled the vacancy left by Wesley Fofana, who joined Chelsea on Wednesday for 75 million pounds ($87 million).

Leicester’s stingy approach this summer has made the club an outlier in the Premier League and manager Brendan Rodgers grumbled after Thursday’s loss to United – which left his side in last place and without a win – about the failure of the club to strengthen the team. in the summer transfer.

“With the greatest respect,” Rodgers said, “we didn’t get the help in the market that this team needed.” windows – previously amounted to 1.86 billion pounds (2.18 billion USD) in 2017-2018.

This figure was exceeded in this transfer window alone.

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Basketball-Nowitzki’s No. 14 jersey retired by the German national team

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Dirk Nowitzki, widely regarded as one of the greatest foreign-born NBA players of all time, had his international No. 14 jersey retired Thursday by the German Basketball Federation ahead of FIBA’s Opening Day ​​EuroBasket 2022 in Cologne. The immense power forward got his first taste of success at international level when he won a bronze medal with Germany at the 2002 World Cup and a silver medal at the 2005 European Championship, winning the Most Valuable Player trophies from both events.

“It’s a huge honour. I’ve always loved playing for the national team and I’ve always given my all,” Nowitzki, 44, said at the ceremony ahead of Germany’s opener against Germany. France, according to a report published on the FIBA ​​EuroBasket website “Almost the whole team from 2002 is here. It’s important and I thank them for always accepting me as I am. I respect them and all my former teammates. Without them, nothing would have been possible. “

Nowitzki joined the NBA in 1998 from local German club Wurzburg in his hometown before being selected as a first-round pick by the Milwaukee Bucks. He was immediately traded to the Dallas Mavericks and spent a record 21 seasons there, leading them to their only championship in 2011 before retiring in 2019 with 14 NBA All-Star appearances under his belt.

Nowitzki, whose No. 41 Dallas jersey was retired in January, also thanked Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for traveling to Germany to attend the ceremony. “Thank you for coming all this way. It means a lot,” Nowitzki said. “You always supported me by playing every summer. You knew it was important for me to represent my country and I really appreciate that.”

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What to play on Game Pass: Sports games

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Not sure what to play on Game Pass? With literally hundreds of games available on the service in just about every genre imaginable, it can be hard to know where to start. Don’t worry, though. Because we’ve got you covered with these Game Pass recommendations for all you sports fans out there. Here we’ve put together a list of some of the best sports games on Game Pass right now. So step up to the plate and check them out.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 brings the thrill of competitive big bass fishing to Xbox Game Pass with fully licensed content from the Bassmaster series, including amateur to elite events. You can play with or against ten professional Elite Tour anglers at 8 real-world locations. Earn sponsors as you climb the ranks and get closer and closer to becoming the Bassmaster Classic® champion. Or take advantage of the game’s online multiplayer modes (including cross-play modes) and climb the global leaderboards or become a Bassmaster Royale champion.

locust 22

Watch the trailer on YouTube
What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Cricket 22 features The Ashes, The Big Bash, The Hundred and a host of other fan-favorite competitions!

EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Golf without limits in EA SPORTS Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR!

EA Sports UFC 3

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Watch the trailer on YouTube

EA SPORTS™ UFC® 3 revolutionizes fighting with Real Player Motion Tech, delivering the smoothest, most responsive fighting motion in the sport.

FIFA 21 Standard Edition

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Watch the trailer on YouTube

This double right contains both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions.

Madden NFL 22

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

The 2022 episode of the long-running Madden NFL series hardly disappoints. The last Madden NFL to be released before John Madden passed away, Madden NFL 22 brings several new features and gameplay adjustments, such as in the staff management and skill tree progression system. Madden NFL also features what is considered the greatest Madden cover of all time, starring Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. This is only the second time two NFL players have shared coverage for a Madden game.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Matchpoint – Tennis Championships is a modern take on tennis, delivering a realistic on-court experience.

MLB The Show 22

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Each location. Every hit. Every win. Make your mark and own the show in MLB® The Show™ 22.

MotoGP 22

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Engines Running: Give the green light to the most immersive and authentic MotoGP™ gaming experience ever.

NHL 22

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

The 31st installment of the premier ice hockey simulation, NHL 22, is the first to use the Frostbite game engine and accompanying next-gen graphics overhaul. The game also features Superstar X-Factors, abilities unique to superstar players. Also new to NHL 22 are improved game animations, including ones for reverse strikes, pass and shot blocks, pick-ups, goalie saves and more. NHL 22 also features women’s national hockey teams, a first for the franchise. The game’s soundtrack features stars such as Machine Gun Kelly, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, Jxdn, Volbeat and many more.

Windbreaker 2

What to play on Game Pass: Sports Games - - September 1, 2022

Watch the trailer on YouTube

The best flying disc game of all time is back!


And that’s just the cream of sports culture on Game Pass. There are many other sports games worth checking out on the service. It’s no wonder Game Pass is rightfully recognized as the best value in gaming, and it’s good to see the sports genre so well represented. If you don’t already have a Game Pass subscription, you can register here. Learn more about the service on Xbox Game Pass FAQ. And be sure to check out our other “What to Play on Game Pass” articles for more Game Pass recommendations.

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Soccer-City signs Dortmund defender Akanji

By Sports games

Manchester City have signed Swiss international defender Manuel Akanji on a five-year deal from Borussia Dortmund, the Premier League club announced on Thursday. The 27-year-old, who has 41 caps for his country, is City’s fifth signing during the current window, which ends later on Thursday.

City director of football Txiki Begiristain says Akanji fits the profile of a defender manager Pep Guardiola requires. “We were impressed with his performance during his time at Dortmund, where he has developed into a very good defender and is ready to play in both the Premier League and the Champions League,” he told the site. club website.

“He’s got everything we want in a centre-back. He’s strong, quick, comfortable in possession, has great passing range and he’ll complement the other defenders on this team and our style of play,” he said. -he adds. Akanji began his career at FC Winterthur then in Basel in the Swiss league before joining Dortmund in January 2018, where he played 158 matches.

City did not release the transfer fee, but media had suggested it was between 15-17 million pounds ($17.4m-$19.7m). ($1 = 0.8627 pounds)

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