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Our top tips for sporting events

If you try to train how to buy football ticketsYou have come to the right place.

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand some of the rules surrounding the sport to ensure you can legitimately attend your favorite club’s fixtures.

This is especially important because ticket laws are constantly changing and, on the contrary, becoming stricter.

This means that buying tickets on some of the best sports ticket sites isn’t as easy as it may have once been.

However, here we offer you some of the best ways to buy football tickets right now. So, without further ado, let’s dive into…

How to buy football tickets

There are several methods of obtaining tickets for football matches; however, the answer to the question really depends on the size of the club, the competition the tickets are for and where in the world the football match is taking place.

Through the club

As far as English football is concerned, the premier league recommends buying tickets directly from official club websites (or at a ticket office), as this is often the safest and easiest way to get a legitimate ticket.

However, each club will have an allocated number of tickets that they are allowed to sell. Therefore, getting a ticket through a club’s official website is not as easy as signing up and being able to purchase them.

For example, Chelsea sell tickets for Premier League home games 42 days before a match.

The club then allocates one ticket per club member the first week, two additional tickets per subscriber and member the second, then the tickets are only put on general sale (if any remain) until the third week, with a maximum of four tickets per person.

Things get even more complicated for European and domestic cup matches as it takes four weeks before the club puts tickets on general sale.

Therefore, we advise you to become a member of the football club you are supporting, or football body in the case of international fixtures, if you are looking to regularly secure match tickets before they sell out.

Sports ticket sites

Although it is possible to buy tickets from trusted sports ticket retailers like ticket master and lively seatsthe subject is a bit hazy when it comes to some football leagues and competitions.

Take England again, for example, where it is actually illegal to resell football tickets at any price.

However, third-party resellers are legal, so football clubs sometimes have authorized ticketing partners to help you get tickets for matches if they sell out.

For instance, StubHub has previously partnered with Tottenham and Everton, while viagogo has had deals with clubs like Fulham, Manchester City and Newcastle United in the past.

If you are still unsure, we recommend that you consult the Buy tickets safely in the Premier League page for official tips.

Ticket exchange

It has become increasingly common for clubs to allow you to return tickets through a ticket exchange, which are then resold to different fans.

Manchester City, for example, has a Ticket exchange system; however, this feature is only available to season pass holders.

Therefore, we recommend becoming a member of your favorite club if you are looking to show your support beyond wearing one of their best football kits.

We feel it’s also worth mentioning that Liverpool will soon be offering a Ticket transfer option for Premier League home games, which allows you to transfer your seat to one of your friends and family members. Keep an eye out for its introduction over the next few months.

What about football tickets outside England?

Most of the countries in the world have made it illegal to sell football tickets after buying them even if they are sold at face value as this is called vantage.

Therefore, your best bet when it comes to buying tickets outside of England is always to go directly to the website of the club in question.

Again though, ticketing sites like ticket master and lively seats also offer tickets to matches around the world, including MLS matches, with Ticketmaster actually offering a ticket exchange service between fans as well.

So, in summary, there are many ways to buy football tickets, many of which are the same regardless of which country you are based in. However, we always advise you to first try to get tickets directly through a football club as it seems to be the most legitimate way to get tickets for a football match.

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