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NEW ways to play and some returning favorites

By February 14, 2022February 16th, 2022Sports games

Nintendo Switch Sports is the latest game in the massively popular series that started with Wii Sports, which was followed by Wii Sports Resort.

Announced at Nintendo Direct, Switch Sports is sure to be another family favorite, and there are already plans to expand it with DLC in the future.

Release date

There’s not long to wait, as Nintendo Switch Sports will be releasing on friday april 29.

If that sounds too far off, don’t worry, as Nintendo will also be hosting an online playtest from Friday February 18 up to sunday 20 February, which will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online members.

Sports included

Switch Sports will initially see six sports included, with three returning and three new favorites, with one additional sport added in the fall.


An absolute franchise classic, get ready to swing your controller like a maniac once again as you try to beat your opponent in a match.

For complete novices to the game, there’s no better place to start than tennis.


Another Wii Sports classic, bowling can be as simple or complex as you want.

Whether you choose to prioritize power, precision or flair, show off your skills and get as many strikes as possible.

On Switch Sports, you also have the option of all bowling at once, so there won’t be any waiting for slow players.


Take on your opponent with this variation of the sword game from Wii Sports Resort.

The goal is to hit your enemy from the elevated platform, but don’t just focus on an all-out attack, as learning defensive skills will also be important for survival.


A new addition to the franchise, the goal is simple – kick the oversized soccer ball into the opponent’s goal.

You can use a leg strap with the Joy-Con controller to kick the ball in Soccer, although this is only available in Shoot-Out mode from the start.

SUPER STRIKE – Football will introduce kicking into sports games

There will be a free update coming this summer that will let you use the Joy-Con controller and leg strap attachment in full football matches.


The inclusion of badminton seems like an easy win for Nintendo, using a swinging motion similar to tennis but wrapped in a different game.

Smoothly rally and play with your opponent before unleashing a powerful smashing shot.


Volleyball seeks to use a more precise set of movements to play different shots.

POWER PLAY – Spike the ball to score points for your team

Use the Joy-Con controller to serve, kick, place and spike the ball in this 2v2 game.


While it won’t initially feature when it releases, a second free update will arrive in the fall when Golf returns to Switch Sports.

It’s another old favorite, which could pave the way for Nintendo to bring even more sports into the game via DLC, whether it’s returning ones or new additions.

Switch Sports Multiplayer

Of course, Switch Sports will offer local multiplayer options, with a party set being one of the great joys of previous games.

Additionally, you can play online through matchmaking and try to reach the Pro League in various sports.

You can also team up with a friend on the same console and play team sports online.

CHOOSE YOUR LOOK – Redeem points to change your look

By playing online, you will earn points, which can be redeemed for rewards to accessorize your avatar.

The rewards will rotate weekly, so be sure to act fast if there’s a certain accessory you want to get your hands on!