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New PS4 tournaments feature iconic combat, FPS and sports games

As we look back on the past year, we are grateful for the growth of our community of competitive players and excited for what lies ahead. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be delivering a collection of new competitive PlayStation Tournament schedules offering new opportunities for look, to learnand cheek.

A look back at PS4 tournaments in 2021

Last year was our most eventful and competitive year yet. PlayStation players walked away with over $5 million in prize money from over 8,000 tournaments. We’ve also seen over 500,000 entrants win a prize from our competitions – a number we aim to beat in 2022.

We were excited to bring you the Flash Round tournaments recently. These are fast-paced competitions with no brackets or eliminations. With each round lasting just one match, players can compete in multiple flash rounds to rack up as many wins as possible and get bigger prizes at the end of the tournament. You can register for Flash Rounds by FIFA 22 or NBA 2K22 either on the Competition Center or on a PS4* console.

Upcoming programs on PS4

In our upcoming competitions, players can expect less waiting between play times, new formats, expanded prize pools, and more chances to win prizes, including PlayStation-themed avatars and themes. PS4 just for their participation. Here’s a look at some new and upcoming programs coming to PlayStation Tournaments, with many more to come.

Register for PlayStation tournaments at or visit the Events tab on PS4.

  • Apex Legends Master Circuit: Our Apex Legends Master Circuit is an epic eight-week competition offering players a chance to win a share of $10,000 in cash prizes and a PS5 console. The circuit culminates in a massive final, which you can reach by earning points in weekly qualifiers or by participating in bi-weekly two-day mini-tournaments called Slay Days. The best players and teams from the qualifiers and Slay Days will have the chance to compete in the finals for the grand prize.

Season 1 will take place in North America and Europe from May 16 to July 15**.

  • Rainbow Six Siege Open Series: You can sign up for Rainbow Six Siege: Open Series for a chance to become a champion. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other competitors and keep improving your game. We’re updating the series with a player-friendly upgrade that includes bigger prize pools, more opportunities to win prices and a faster experience.

New Rainbow Six Siege Open Series updates are now live and monthly tournaments are available in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Australia & New Zealand and the Middle East .

**To see complete rules

  • FIFA 22 PlayStation Plus Challenges: FIFA 22 is now available to download during the month of May for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Choose your team, head to the field and face new rivals. Download the game and take part in PlayStation Plus challenges to win new prizes throughout the month. For more information and to register, visit or check the events tab on your PS4.

These tournaments will be available from May 2-31 for PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America, Europe and Latin America***.

  • FGC Fight Nights: The fighting game community is always ready to show off their skills and win big. That’s why we introduced “Fight Nights”. These tournaments provide even more chances to win prizes and make a name for yourself in PlayStation live streams. Titles currently featured include Guilty Gear -Strive-, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7, and Under Night In-Birth.

This month’s Fight Nights begin May 4 and are available every month****.

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard: Open Series: Call of Duty always offers intense action and competition. We mix our Open Series tournaments with new monthly modes alternating between Search & Destroy, Hardpoint and Control. Each of these formats will come with larger prize pools, giving players more to take home each month.

Updates will go live on May 2, and tournaments will be available weekly in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East. May feature Hardpoint mode.

**To see complete rules

  • Madden Summer Scrimmage: Just because it’s off season doesn’t mean you can’t hone your skills and compete. This is an epic tournament where winners will represent and play as their favorite NFL team in weekly club tournaments for the chance to win cash prizes, PS5 consoles, and more.

Available now only in North America until July 30.

***To see complete rules

*Active PS Plus membership required for PlayStation Tournaments: Flash Rounds. Eligible country and age requirements vary by title. See full rules by title.
FIFA 22: complete rules
NBA 2K22: complete rules

**Access to PS4, game title and active PS Plus subscription required. Must be 18+ and a member of an eligible country. Void where prohibited.

*** Access to PS4, game title and active PS Plus subscription required. Must be 16+ and a member of an eligible country. Void where prohibited.

****Active PS Plus membership required for PlayStation Tournaments: FGC Fight Nights. Eligible country and age requirements vary by title. See full rules by title.
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle: complete rules
Guilty Equipment -Strive-: complete rules
Mortal Kombat 11: complete rules
SoulCalibur VI: complete rules
Tekken 7: complete rules
Under Night at childbirth: complete rules