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New “MyTeams by NBC Sports” App Tries to Simplify RSN Streaming

By October 16, 2018January 6th, 2022Sports app

Sports network apps aren’t new, but NBC Sports Regional Networks’ new “MyTeams By NBC Sports” app has some interesting twists. To get started, here is a blurb of their release:

NBC Sports Regional Networks today launched MyTeams by NBC Sports, a one-of-a-kind, team-focused mobile app that gives fans personalized all-in-one access to comprehensive coverage of their favorite teams, featuring evident by the live broadcast of the matches. of their local teams. MyTeams brings together all multimedia content focused on the 25 NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB teams covered by NBC Sports Regional Networks. From now on, fans across the United States can download MyTeams for free on iOS and Android devices from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

… MyTeams is highlighted by live coverage of NBA, NHL and MLB games produced by NBC Sports Bay Area, NBC Sports Boston, NBC Sports California, NBC Sports Chicago, NBC Sports Northwest, NBC Sports Philadelphia and NBC Sports Washington. Live broadcasts of the networks’ pre-game and post-game shows, including NFL programming, will also be available on MyTeams. Live match coverage will automatically stream to the top of the respective team pages when available to fans. Authenticated subscribers of the local NBC Sports Regional Network providing coverage in their area will be able to watch full live matches and game day broadcasts, as well as the network’s linear television channel, from anywhere in the United States. no additional cost.

The claim of “the first team-focused mobile app” seems a bit of a stretch, considering previous offerings from Bleacher Report, ESPN, The Score, Big Ten Network, and many more (with all of those including customization of the website). ‘team, and some of them including live game broadcasts). There were previously opportunities for RSN subscribers to stream live match coverage through the NBC Sports app.

But the MyTeams approach seems like an easier way to find coverage for a particular team, and it also seems to offer more opportunities to broadcast on match day (pre and post-match shows) as well. as the linear RSN channel. And focusing on particular teams seems useful; that way, fans of a team in a city who don’t follow all of the teams in that city should be able to see only what interests them. Also, it makes sense to separate the content of the NBC Sports regional networks app from the regular content of the NBC / NBCSN app available on the NBC Sports app, as this could make it easier to find particular games or content. (and easier to get technical support if something goes wrong).

It should be noted that this only affects a few teams in particular: six NFL teams, seven NBA teams, five NHL teams, and seven MLB teams. But it’s a notable development nonetheless, and it comes on top of some of the unconventional moves NBC Sports is trying with its regional networks. This includes over-the-top streaming of Blazers game packages (back for a second year) and over-the-top off-market access to pre-game and post-game content on NBC Sports Philadelphia. . We’ll see what they do next.