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NBC Sports app no ​​longer supports games on Windows 10 and Xbox

By August 13, 2016January 15th, 2022Sports app


NBC Sports’ coverage of the 2016/17 Premier League season began with a blow on opening day when Microsoft Windows 10 and Xbox One users discovered they couldn’t use the NBC app Sports to watch the most exciting football league in the world.

The NBC Sports app, formerly known as NBC Sports Live Extra, allows football fans in the United States to stream every game of the Premier League season on computers, smartphones, game consoles, Roku and other devices over the top. The NBC Sports app was recently updated to work on Windows 10. However, the NBC Sports app for Windows 10 and Xbox One does not work for Premier League games, although it does work for Olympic coverage.

On the opening day of the season, football fans unable to watch Premier League games with the NBC Sports app flocked to social media to express their frustration at not being able to watch their favorite team online. Windows 10 software works on personal computers, but also on tablets and the Xbox One game console. The NBC Sports app, however, works on Windows 10 mobile.

According to an NBC Sports spokesperson, Premier League coverage on the NBC Sports app does not support Windows 10 and Xbox One platforms, but they are working to do so in the future.

The news that an update is in the works will not appease many fans who expect the NBC Sports app to be fixed as soon as possible, especially since the Olympics will not be completed before the end of August and that NBC Sports has not given a date when to expect the application to be fixed for the Premier League.


The fact that the NBC Sports app does not support Windows 10 and Xbox One is ironic given that one of NBC’s sponsors (see screenshot above) during Premier League coverage is Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which runs Windows 10.

Solutions? One recommendation is that Windows 10 and/or Xbox One users consider purchasing a Roku stick, which can be purchased for $40. As long as you subscribe to NBCSN and CNBC through your TV provider, you’ll be able to watch the games on your Roku (and on your TV). The alternative is to hope that your favorite team will be shown on TV and/or in Premier League overtime so you don’t miss a game.

You can also buy a Google Chromecast ($35), plug it into your Xbox One HDMI, download the NBC Sports app to your phone, then connect and stream your phone’s games to your Xbox One console.

The last option is to check if the old NBC Sports Live Extra app is installed on your Windows 10 computer. If so, it should be able to play Premier League games instead of the NBC Sports App version.