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Nagaland to bid for more national and international sporting events

By March 27, 2022April 27th, 2022Sports events

After South Asia National Cross Country Championships, Nagaland bids for more
Kohima: After Nagaland’s biggest sporting event on Saturday with the second South Asian Athletics Federation (SAAF) Cross Country Championships and the 56th National Cross Country Championships in Kohima, the state is now looking forward to bid for other international and national sporting events.

During the Grand Final of the Championships hosted by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio at the Kohima Cultural Hall on Saturday night, Rio said that as suggested by top sports officials, Nagaland would consider bidding for domestic games to boost sportsmen. and state sports infrastructure.

The CM also thanked the SAAF and the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) for giving Nagaland a chance to host the historic event in Kohima which proved to be a great morale booster.

Rio also thanked the sportspeople for their participation, with participants praising the local athletes who won medals on their debut in the international and sporting event. He said it is a start for the state and an encouragement for the development of sports in the state.

He also acknowledged Baroda Bank for sponsoring the event.
Olympian and AFI Senior Vice-President Anju Bobby George said the cross-country championships made Nagaland’s history.

She appreciated the efforts made by the government and the federation to carry out this event. George also encouraged the athletes to keep doing their best.

SAAF President Dr. Lalit Kumar Bhanot also took the time to congratulate the Nagaland Olympic Association (NOA) and the Government of Nagaland for the successful and grand conduct of the events. He called it one of the best organized competitions in the history of the South Asian Cross Country Championships.

Adille Sumariwalla, president of the Indian Athletics Federation, hopes the events will create excitement among the younger generation of players. He advised the state government to establish high performance centers for athletes in each district, assuring that the Indian Athletics Federation would provide all technical expertise and cooperation.

AFI Associate Vice President Abu Metha said, “This event has given young Naga from all parts of the state the ambition and knowledge to understand that if given the opportunity , they can do better and more than anyone else,” he said. .

According to him, the event marked the arrival of Nagaland on the international and national sports scene. As the state witnessed a surge of dynamism and enthusiasm in the sport, he called on young Naga to have the courage and bravery to achieve the highest standards.

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