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NAB 2022: TVU Networks will showcase a multi-camera control app for sports

By April 15, 2022April 17th, 2022Sports app

TVU Networks, a market and technology leader in cloud-based and IP-based live video solutions, has announced a multi-camera control sports application that allows officials to instantly review the game during matches and producers to include this live video in their coverage. The application is part of TVU Networks overall microservices-based modular approach, with the TVU Producer cloud-based production platform providing management of camera inputs, live streams, interaction with the audience and the audio mix. Replay will premiere at NAB later in April at TVU booth W3806.

Called TVU Replay, the app will have two modes: Review and Replay. Review mode allows in-game officials and coaches to immediately “review” any close call from their phone or tablet. Replay provides all the production elements needed to produce clips on any device. The app is as easy to use as any smartphone interface.

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“We are introducing TVU Replay in response to customer feedback,” said Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks. “We spoke with various college conferences and their need for a next-generation exam solution. Everything we do is in response to solving customer challenges. Thanks to our DevOps culture, we quickly and easily built a versatile solution for a variety of applications. We’ve created a toolset that has revolutionized the way proofreading is handled in terms of ease of use and in a fully cloud-based workflow. »

TVU Networks, NAB 2022

(Image credit: TVU Networks)

The frame rate in Replay and Review can be controlled with your fingers on the touchscreen of a phone or tablet or using a video game controller for a laptop. “By replacing purpose-built replay hardware with a video game controller, we’re opening the door to a new potential talent base,” Shen added. “It’s just another example of innovation through listening. Clients have told us about the challenges they face and the obstacles that prevent them from doing what they want, the way they want. The old way is just that, the old way. Our cloud solutions are available today.

TVU Replay is ideal for sports teams, sports leagues, broadcasters and production companies.

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In addition to Replay, TVU will showcase its latest cloud and IP solutions that are reinventing the media supply chain. Experience hands-on demos of TVU Channel, a cloud-native 24/7 streaming solution with full SCTE ad insertion, FAST Channels, emergency offsite remote master control, and dedicated OTT channels. TVU will also showcase REMI remote production and the latest aggregated 5G cellular IP transmissions with 8K support.