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Mobile Sports App Buzzer To Offer Live NBA Coverage With League Pass

By May 6, 2021December 15th, 2021Sports app

Fans who watch NBA games through the NBA League Pass subscription service will be happy to know that the Buzzer mobile platform seeks to revolutionize the way fans watch games. Buzzer has partnered with the NBA to offer fans, especially younger ones, a way to watch out-of-market games through the NBA League Pass. Starting May 8, fans can purchase multiple NBA League Pass offers through Buzzer. Single play and partial play options will be available on Buzzer, similar to the current options available on and the NBA app.

On Buzzer, fans will be able to purchase NBA League Pass options through transparent micropayments known as “Moments Buzzer”. In a press release describing the launch, “Buzzer Moments will give fans the ability to tune into the NBA League Pass anytime to watch their favorite players, teams and stages.”

“The NBA is an industry leader in innovation and fan experience, and Buzzer offers a new way for the league to reach fans, especially young Gen Z and Millennial fans.” , said Bo Han, founder and CEO of Buzzer. “With Buzzer’s hyper-personalization, notifications and micropayments, mobile-focused basketball fans will have the ability to watch all the amazing moments that happen night after night, increasing audience, l commitment and value of the NBA. Buzzer will be able to meet the needs of the next generation of sports fans by providing them with a seamless experience. We have always viewed Buzzer as a place to build community and our partnership with the NBA accelerates this mission and strengthens our commitment to democratizing access to live sports and supporting fan engagement in the sports ecosystem by broader and constantly evolving direct.

Buzzer is personalized for fans and puts the games in their hands as the platform enables streamlined discovery and viewing experiences in an abbreviated live mobile viewing format. The platform’s user and viewing experiences are described as “frictionless” as the platform aggregates and organizes multiple live sports streaming rights on an easy-to-access mobile platform. Buzzer allows users and fans to customize their notifications and alerts based on their individual preferences.

With its new partnership with the NBA, Buzzer is expanding its portfolio as the mobile platform already has partnerships with the PGA Tour and the NHL. These two partnerships were announced a month ago and Buzzer plans to announce further partnerships for its aggregated multisport platform in the coming months.

Buzzer is available for download on iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store; however, it is currently in Early Access. Once uploaded, users can select their favorite players, teams and leagues while creating and building their profile. Since the app is in early access, new users will be added to a waiting list after creating their profiles, as users are allowed to access the app on a daily basis. The official launch date for the platform will be later this year. Fans can stay informed by visiting, and / or by following @Buzzer on Twitter.