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Meet Pick Perfect: The Fantasy Sports App That Gives Back Every Week

In recent years, D.aily Fantasy Sports has become more popular, attracting a lot of attention, participation and emerging as one of the main markets. the The industry has also seen new players stepping into the game to fill the ever-growing market. To give back while potentially offering the biggest prize pool in Daily Fantasy Sports history, choose perfect is the latest to join the industry and change the landscape.

Pick Perfect is a licensed sports app and one of the easiest DFS apps developed by Mike Borukhov. Using his extensive knowledge of sports and gambling, Mike and his team have created an app that redefines Daily Fantasy Sports. choose perfect makes it easy to select a perfect answer with ten multiple-choice questions, even for those with basic sports knowledge. The app currently has the game contis in the NFL and is looking to include golf, tennis, UFC, NBA and NHL in the near future.They are also the founders of field of dreamsa non-profit organization helping to supportt youth sports to foster personal growth and create positive change in the community.

When placing a bet, every user’s goal is to win big. However, having the odds on your side can be quite difficult. By developing the app, the Pick Perfect team wanted to create a win-win situation for everyone. In order to put the odds on its side, users Ten multiple-choice questions are simple and easy to understand. If a player gets each of them correctly, they have won the prize.

According to Mike, they wanted to develop an app where you don’t have to deal with complex numbers and risk huge sums to win big. True to this, with $20 you have a chance to win millions. The Pick Perfect app allows users to create up to 500,000 entries, and the best thing is that as the number of entries increases, the weekly prize pool also increases. Here as a game changer, the Pick Perfect app gives everyone a chance to win. As they give away life-changing money to their winning users every week, Pick Perfect also supports underprivileged populations.

As a big fan of sports in general, Mike spends his free time listening to games of all kinds. His love for sports is what motivated him to create Field of Dreams, a non-profit organization that operates under Pick Perfect. The company’s mission is to create lasting change in communities through the empowerment and support of young people. Through their non-profit organization, Field of Dreams, they empower young athletic talent to pursue their passions and pursue their hard work.

Looking to the future, Pick Perfect aims to reach more young people and give them a reason to follow their passion through their charity. They are also working to get their app working in more states; the Choose the perfect app is actually available in 26 states for all iPhone and Android users over the age of 18, along with value-added features like a sportsbook, analytics, educational courses, and more for their users.

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