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JustATickets announces upcoming 2023 concerts and sporting events

By November 17, 2022Sports events

Upcoming music concerts and sporting events in 2023 will feature Formula 1, George Strait, Chris Stapleton and Little Big Town, Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Gayle, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks, and more . has announced the US music concert and sporting event schedule for November and December 2022 and next year’s events in 2023. The most anticipated sporting event and music concert in 2023 is the Grand Prix Formula 1: 2023 in Las Vegas, to be held on the Las Vegas Street Circuit in November 2023, and performances by musical artists from Taylor Swift, Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks, Phoebe Bridgers, Gayle, and more.

Formula 1 Grand Prix racing is always exciting, but the upcoming 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix is ​​the event to look forward to. This will be the first time that an F1 race has taken place on the Las Vegas street circuit, and it will certainly be a complete spectacle for the participants. ESPN predicted that this race will be one of the most anticipated events of 2023. The location alone will make this a top-notch experience: there’s nothing quite like watching an F1 race while being surrounded by casinos and skyscrapers in Las Vegas.

One particularly noteworthy aspect of the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix is ​​all of the new technology that will be on display. The sport has made big changes with its cars in recent years, and this race will highlight how far Formula 1 has come. The cars are already faster than ever, but now they will also look better. And for many fans, that’s a big part of what makes Formula 1 so interesting – watching the drivers push their machines to their limits is thrilling in itself, but seeing the latest technological developments on display makes it even more exciting. Some even say that these technological advances have turned F1 into something closer to science fiction than reality.

Another sporting event to watch is Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines (November 26, 2022). Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Michigan Wolverines is a great start to the college football season and a highly anticipated and highly anticipated game between the two teams. In addition, music lovers were waiting for the Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks concert at Nissan Stadium (May 19, 2023). Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks are not only a legendary duo in the music industry, but also a perfect example of how people from different generations can work together to create something magical. This upcoming tour is worth watching and is a big deal for fans of both artists.

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TOP Music concerts and sporting events in 2023-2023 not to be missed:

  • Coming 2023 Music Concert Tour Dates include: George Strait, Chris Stapleton & Little Big Town (June, July & August 2023), Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers & Gayle (May 2023), Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle (December 2022), Billy Joel & Stevie Nicks (May 2023 ), and more.
  • Coming Sporting events this weekend 2023 include Formula 1: Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 (November 2023), Ohio State Buckeyes v Michigan Wolverines (November 2022), Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Rams (November 2022), Brooklyn Nets v Memphis Grizzlies (November 2022), and more.

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