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Jets aim for first win over Patriots on Yahoo Sports app

By November 5, 2020December 23rd, 2021Sports app

There is no evidence that the 2020 New York Jets can win a game this season. And no, the Dallas Cowboys are not on their remaining schedule.

The Jets rank in the top 10 in just two regular categories: They are seventh in lost fumbles and 10th in rushing yards allowed per attempt. That’s it. It’s hard to do the same for a team whose greatest strength isn’t losing fumbles.

The 0-8 Jets face the New England Patriots on Monday night, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app. The Patriots are 2-5, in the kind of crisis they haven’t seen in two decades, and they’re still expected to blow up the Jets.

If the Jets don’t pull off this upheaval, it’s not like there’s another game on the schedule they should win. It’s not too early to start wondering about 0-16, especially with such a bad team.

The New York Jets are winless for half the season. (AP Photo / Lynne Sladky)

Could the Jets go from 0 to 16?

There are only two 0-16 teams in NFL history. The 2008 Detroit Lions and 2017 Cleveland Browns are the club.

It’s difficult to go 0-16. All NFL teams have talented players. Even bad teams face an opponent who is demotivated at the end of a season, ravaged by injury, or just having a bad game. While there is no clear hope for the Jets to secure a win, their odds of going 0-16 are only 8.8% according to Football Outsiders.

But it’s hard to look at the remaining schedule and believe there’s a 91.2% chance the Jets will win a game:

Week 9: against the Patriots
Week 10: Goodbye week
Week 11: at Chargers
Week 12: against dolphins
Week 13: against the Raiders
Week 14: to the Seahawks
Week 15: at Rams
Week 16: against browns
Week 17: at the Patriots

Even the week off is favored by a touchdown on the Jets.

There isn’t a game on this list that you would be confident the Jets would pick to win. Collectively, if you fire eight shots, one should hit. But that would require the Jets to play at least some decent football for three hours.

Perhaps the best chance will be against the Patriots, which shows how crazy the Patriots’ downfall has been this season.

Could the Jets win either game against the Patriots?

The last time the Patriots won was September 27. They beat the Raiders to improve to 2-1. Four straight losses followed as the offense struggled and the defense slid due to massive staff losses since last season.

The Jets will have at least one outside shot on Monday night, being at home against a 2-5 team. Perhaps in Week 17 a Patriots team looking to start the offseason will sleepwalking against the Jets, if they are 0-15 at this point. Considering Bill Belichick’s long history of hatred against the Jets, a bad effort in Week 17 seems unlikely. But it could be the Jets’ best prospect.

The Jets are a mess. Adam Gase was a horrible hire. Sam Darnold has shown this season that, until further notice, he is not a starting caliber quarterback. Arguably the three most talented players in the Jets to start the offseason were safety back Jamal Adams, linebacker CJ Mosley and running back Le’Veon Bell. Adams was traded after the relationship with the organization broke, Mosley pulled out due to COVID-19 concerns, and Bell was cut off since Gase never kissed or used him properly.

What remains is a team that has been outscored 94-238 this season, has a coach who has become a running joke and could become the worst team in NFL history. At least the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the excuse of being an expansion team.

Half the season is over and the Jets don’t have a win. It is not too early to wonder if they will get one.

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