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Jason Garrett and the Cowboys take on the bears on the Yahoo Sports app

By December 4, 2019January 1st, 2022Sports app

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had something positive to say about coach Jason Garrett this week.

“Jason Garrett will coach in the NFL next year,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan this week.

And everyone was wondering which team Garrett would coach for. Yes, it is embarrassing.

The rest of this season will be strange for the Cowboys. Everyone seems to know Garrett is likely to be fired – people have already speculated but it looks like it’s not a drill – but the Cowboys are still likely to win an NFC East title. Their bizarre season continues as the Cowboys play the Chicago Bears on Thursday night, a game that can be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports app.

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The Bears are a big disappointment after winning an NFC North Championship. Chicago spends its days tearing up coach and quarterback, the Bears have next to no chance for the playoffs… and they still aren’t the biggest train wreck of Thursday’s game.

Cowboys Still Run NFC East One Way Or Another

If the Cowboys were in a better division, it seems likely Garrett would have left already. But because the Cowboys play in what’s in the talk as the worst division since the NFL moved to a 16-game schedule over 40 years ago, they can’t give up the season.

Jones has a way of saying things that seem to contradict the last thing he said. He praised Garrett this week saying he was a good coach and “one of the smartest coaches.”

“Glad to have him,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan. “He’s the guy for the job.”

Maybe the guy for the job the rest of the season if the Cowboys can turn things around before January. Garrett will likely be sidelined for a home playoff game. The Cowboys have a 76.6% chance of winning the NFC East, according to Football Outsiders.

And wouldn’t it be something if Garrett and the Cowboys made a playoff run?

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett calls from the sideline during the first half of an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans on Sunday, September 29 2019. (AP Photo / Butch Dill)

Cowboys, both bears 6-6

The Cowboys and Bears are each disappointing, but in their own way.

The Cowboys are 2-6 against non-NFC East teams, and those two wins were against Miami and Detroit, two teams with three wins. They just weren’t good enough to beat the top teams, which is surprising given their talent and quarterback Dak Prescott having had a great year. The Cowboys are in the top 10 for yards gained, yards allowed, runs scored and runs allowed and are still 6-6. They have lost a lot of close matches. That’s why Garrett’s seat is beyond hot.

In Chicago, the problems are more glaring. Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky didn’t play well, which led to coach Matt Nagy being more conservative with his play calls, which made things worse for Trubisky, and the defense all the time took of hindsight. Kicking is always a problem too. Everything that went well for the Bears in a great 2018 season has gone wrong this season.

The Bears still have a small shot at making the playoffs, but a lot would have to go well. The Cowboys are practically backing down in one place because the Eagles keep giving it to them. You’d think a 6-6 team would be in a bind in Week 14, but the number of games the Cowboys lost doesn’t seem to matter. No matter what they do, they still retain the top spot in the NFC East. And apparently, regardless of how the Cowboys end the regular season, Garrett will remain head coach and coach in the playoffs.

I told you, this Cowboys season is weird.

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