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“Human Wisdom and Tolerance” – The Royal Gazette

By October 25, 2022Sports events

Created: Oct 25, 2022 07:28

Sorely Missed: The Late Judith Ingham

Dear Sir,

I was very saddened today (October 12, 2022) to see the obituary of my friend, Judith Ingham, in The Royal Gazette on line. I feel I must acknowledge the passing of this great lady.

Judith was my [second] principal of the Purvis School in the 1970s. I was extremely impressed by the strength, the human wisdom and the integrity of this woman. I have tried to keep in touch with her ever since. Every year Judith would send me a wonderful Bermuda calendar – usually that of the late artist Eric Amos, now the creation of Diana Amos and her daughter Stacey. A wonderful way to meditate on the painted images and remember Bermuda.

I’m sure the world has been enriched by the life of Judy Ingham. She certainly had a beneficial influence on my life.

She always led by example and I think she showed great human understanding in the way she approached her position and her work.

A small example: I once wrote a small play based on an African folktale. It was a child hatched from an egg!

Judy, my then headmistress, observed dryly, “Mr. Morris, you know we’re having trouble trying to teach these kids where babies come from.” But she smiled and didn’t try to stop the children from playing the story.

She had that kind of human wisdom and tolerance. She didn’t want to nip my youthful enthusiasm for drama in the bud, so to speak. So, the egg game took place and I hope no child was really confused!

She had a long and full life. She was a real presence in my own life, albeit mostly from a great distance.

I will keep the love in my heart for Judith Ingham until the end of my life.


Byron Bay, New South Wales