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HSBC warns against fraudsters – The Royal Gazette

By January 25, 2022Sports events

Created: Jan 25, 2022 07:49

HSBC has issued a scam warning (file photo)

A bank has warned customers of an increase in scams designed to trick people into revealing confidential information or transferring money.

HSBC Bermuda’s warning came after police revealed last December that people had been defrauded of almost $4million by internet scammers last year.

A spokesperson for the bank said: “We would like to add our voice to recent messages provided by the Bermuda Police Department warning the public that these types of fraudsters are becoming more active and sophisticated.

“We again remind people that we will never ask you to share sensitive information via email or text message.”

He added that the bank was aware that people had received unsolicited text messages claiming to be from HSBC.

A spokesperson said: “These may contain links to websites asking the individual to provide confidential, personal or financial information.”

HSBC customers who receive a suspicious message purporting to be from the bank or who believe they have replied to a message sent by a fraudster should contact the bank’s contact center at 299-5959.

Advice and updates are posted on the HSBC Twitter account and Facebook page.