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Here’s what a dedicated Apple Sports app could look like

By October 5, 2022November 13th, 2022Sports app

Apple already has an Apple News app, so why not an Apple Sports app too? That’s the question some have been asking given the news that Apple may be looking into sports coverage in the coming months – and a new concept shows us what that could look like.

Apple TV+ is already showing live baseball games and there are talks of the NFL Sunday Ticket coming to the streaming service. Now designer Parker Ortolani has created concept art that shows what a dedicated Apple Sports app could look like.

Sports, by Apple

The concept borrows from existing Apple apps like Apple TV and of course Apple News, but with a decidedly sporty twist. Ortolani says people could “get the latest news, follow scores in real time, watch games, see highlights, follow your favorite teams, players and leagues” with the app. You’ll also be able to explore each player’s maps for more information, according to a series of tweets on the subject.

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The idea of ​​a sports-based Apple News spin-off makes a lot of sense, and Apple is already gearing up to bring sports scores to our home and lock screens through Live Activities – a feature that will debut with iOS 16.1 in the coming weeks. Sports scores and news currently live in the News app, but the suggestion that Apple could distribute them in its own app could also mean freeing up space for more in-depth content.

Live Activities will display scores and real-time information directly on the iPhone Home and Lock screens in a way that was not possible before. More new notifications every time something changes, and with iPhone 14 Pro owners, they’ll be able to glance over their devices to see the scores no matter what – all thanks to the addition of the permanent display.