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Gukesh and Erigaisi are very, very strong players: chess legend Anand

By October 17, 2022October 27th, 2022Sports games

The legendary Viswanathan Anand thinks India’s young chess players are on the right track given their penchant for hogging the limelight here and there.

Teen grandmasters R Praggnanandhaa, D Gukesh and Arjun Erigaisi, among others, have had a superb run in 2022, with victories over world champion Magnus Carlsen being the feather in their cap.

Commenting on Gukesh’s stunning 29-hit win over Norwegian superstar Carlsen in the preliminary section of the ongoing Aimchess Rapid online tournament, the five-time world champion said it showed players like him and Erigaisi are very strong and can take on anyone on the other side of the board.

“I think it just shows that Arjun and Gukesh are very, very strong players who can compete well with anyone sitting on the other side of the board. It’s also good that they regularly play against top players because that’s how you follow,’ Anand told PTI on Monday.

A day before Gukesh, Erigaisi had beaten the world No. 1.

The Chennai-based chess legend praised Gukesh and said he is someone who always plays without fear and never holds back.

”With Gukesh he wins games, loses games, but he is very much in contention for qualification. It was a fierce battle. Gukesh played fearless as always. He never held back, kept the game very dynamic. “He was worse but Magnus made a mistake, and Gukesh’s tactical accuracy is very, very high, and (he) immediately jumped on it.

”I have personal experience of this with Gukesh. Very often I will make a mistake and he will jump on it. He is very alert. It’s one of Magnus’ skills and it’s good that Gukesh is showing it and it just tells me that they (Gukesh and Erigaisi) are on the right track,’ Anand said of the 16-year-old. , who is the youngest GM in the country. to achieve the title at the age of 12 years, 7 months and 17 days, in 2019.

Gukesh, who is coached by Vishnu Prasanna, has been in superb form this year and impressed with a splendid performance at the Chess Olympiad in Mamallapuram near here in July-August, with India-2 taking bronze in the Open section.

He looks to be continuing his great run and the win over Carlsen, his first ever over the Norwegian, could be the start of bigger things.

After scoring against the world No. 1 in an online game and asking if it would be difficult to beat him on the board, Gukesh said: “Online and classic are two different formats and require different skills. Due to Magnus’ skills, he’s a tough opponent to play against whether it’s online or offline. Both formats require different skills and I think it would be a fun encounter to play against him in the classic format.” Meanwhile, former Women’s World Champion Susan Polgar, in a tweet after Gukesh’s loss to Carlsen, wrote, “3 teens @DGukesh @ArjunErigaisi @rpragchess have now beaten World Champion Magnus Carlsen! This is not Only a matter of time there will be another classical world champion from India!” International master and noted trainer V Saravanan hailed Gukesh for the win over Carlsen and said the youngsters (Gukesh, Erigaisi and Praggnanandhaa) have improved very steadily and such performances would allow them to play solid tournaments.

”These boys are improving very steadily. Beating Carlsen is kind of an indication… It’s of course online (event) chess and speed… But they still have to prove themselves in classic tournaments…”, a- he added.

”It gives them an opportunity. I expect them (the young Indian players) to get good breaks and can play good tournaments. All in all, we see a bright future,” Saravanan said.

He also seemed to disagree with the idea that the once unbeatable Carlsen was on the wane. The Norwegian player has surprisingly suffered a few defeats in 2022, including against Indian aces Erigaisi, Gukesh and Praggnanandhaa.

“Carlsen is definitely not on the decline,” he said, dismissing the losses he’s suffered recently.

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