GoFundMe website lifts Rittenhouse fundraising ban after acquittal


The GoFundMe website reported that its ban on fundraising for Kyle Rittenhouse was lifted after his acquittal on Friday.

The site had previously banned fundraising for Rittenhouse’s legal defense because he was accused of a violent crime. His acquittal during his trial on Friday removed this obstacle.

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“If anyone is acquitted of these charges, as Rittenhouse was today, fundraising subsequently began for his legal defense and other expenses would not violate this policy,” the statement said. “Fundraising to pay attorneys, cover legal fees, or help cover living expenses for a person acquitted of these charges could remain active as long as we determine that they are not violating any of our other terms and, for example, the goal is clearly stated and the correct beneficiary is added to the fundraiser.

However, reports indicate that GoFundMe has waived a blanket ban in such cases.

“We monitor our site for related fundraisers to try to verify, as we do with all events that receive wide attention, that funds go to the intended recipient and that the fundraiser meets our terms of. use, ”says GoFundMe’s statement on Rittenhouse’s ban being lifted. “This process takes time and can slow down the withdrawal process. If the fundraiser violates our Terms of Service or does not directly benefit the intended recipient, we will remove it from the platform.

Although he is cleared of the criminal charges, Rittenhouse could potentially face civil or federal civil rights lawsuits related to his gunshot incident. He is also involved in a dispute over a $ 2 million bond posted by his former lawyer, John Pierce.

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