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Gladys Pulley of Clarksville turns 101 – Clarksville Online

By August 22, 2022Sports events

Clarksville, TN – Kim Shelton, of Clarksville’s Jubilee House, an assisted living facility, took a moment after being served birthday cake and ice cream to recount her conversation earlier today with Gladys Pulley, a resident who turned 101 on August 16, 2022.

“You know today is your birthday, don’t you,” she asked. “‘Yeah, I heard it was’, replied Gladys, with a smirk. “Do you know how old you are” “I think I’m 24”. Are you sure? Well, I’m maybe 25.'”

Sharp, witty, and a little sarcastic are the words most often used to describe Gladys, but everyone smiles when they hear her name, and they love telling stories about her exploits.

“Gladys has been a resident here for three years,” Shelton said. “Usually she is the life of the party, right here in the middle of everything. Sometimes she is in a bad mood, but most of the time she laughs and jokes. In fact, she’s a total ham. She loves telling stories about her childhood in Illinois.

Shelton says eating popcorn and playing bingo are two of her favorite activities. She also loves to crochet and make beautiful blankets, but lately arthritis has slowed her down a bit.

“She’ll talk about the times,” Shelton said. “And, start sharing stories about his dad and the farm, and how his mom was such a neat person. She can talk endlessly about her childhood, about picking and selling apples and water from the well.

Gladys Pulley turns 101 at Jubilee House on August 16, 2022. (Tony Centonze)“She’s a wonderful woman of God, and she can quote her scriptures. She likes to come down and interact with everyone. They all know Miss Gladys. She couldn’t get off today, she fell and broke her hip about a week ago. When I asked her if she wanted us to bring her a cake and ice cream, she said: ‘no, I try to watch my figure.’

Billy Lange works at Jubilee House. He considers Gladys a friend. “Most days she’ll talk about her house endlessly,” Lange said. “She likes to talk about where she grew up. Gladys is happy every day. She always uplifts others when they are having a bad day.

“When she came back from the hospital last week, she said, I’m so happy to be home, I can’t think of any place I’d rather be. We are so happy to have him back with us.

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