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Foundation launches scholarship survey – The Royal Gazette

Created: May 31, 2022 07:46

The Centennial Bermuda Foundation has partnered with a website that highlights local scholarships to help find opportunities for improvement.

A spokesperson for the foundation says that lists over 250 scholarships each year, but it is hoped that the review will help maximize the benefits they provide.

All organizations that offer post-secondary scholarships are invited to complete a 15-minute survey that will collect data on scholarships currently available, including for certification, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional studies. .

Vivien Carter, Director of Centenary Programs, said, “We encourage all scholarship providers to participate in this survey as it will give all of us more insight into the scholarship landscape.

“Thank you to those who have already responded. We plan to share a high-level report with all stakeholders once the data is collected.”

Centennial said it will also conduct a strategic evaluation of the scholarships it offers to reconsider their fit with those available in the wider community.

Allison Towlson, CEO of Centennial, added, “We strive to ensure equitable access and opportunities for all Bermudian post-secondary students.

“Three years ago, Centennial refocused its scholarship eligibility criteria on financial need as the primary criterion. This year’s strategic review is the next step in this work.

The survey has already been emailed to known scholarship providers and the foundation said it hopes to receive responses from at least 100 of the recipients.

The survey is due to close today, May 30, and is available online at