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Former NFL Panther player launches Daily Fantasy Sports app

By October 12, 2021January 22nd, 2022Sports app

by Special — October 12, 2021 .

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CHARLOTTE Retired Carolina Panthers player Brenton Bersin and his team are launching a new Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) app, “Outlast Daily Fantasy Sports”. The new app gives fans a simple, no-commitment way to participate in the DFS phenomenon without worrying about season-long rosters, salary caps, or seasoned sharks.

The app’s trio of games features the first over/under survival pool game in DFS. “Outlast” also has the highest prize multipliers and the most player and sports options to choose from while playing. Players can choose between an easy mode and a pro mode in “Outlast”; the easy mode offers a simplified interface for beginners, which allows new players to understand the basics of games and payments without layers of complexity.

“Our goal is to open the world of everyday fantasy sports to a wider range of sports fans,” said Bersin, co-founder of Outlast. “I noticed a lot of my friends loved the thrill of having a fantasy team or filling a basketball bracket, but then shunned the big daily fantasy sports apps because they thought it was too much of a hassle. , was time-consuming and didn’t want to have to compete against the experts, so we designed our app and games to be more accessible and customizable to player preferences,” he continued.

The application is available for free in Apple App store and on the website for Android users. “Outlast” offers a 100% first deposit match on new accounts, up to $200 per person.

“Outlast” launches with three signature games:

  • The main game “Outlast” is an “Over/Under” single-player challenge where people compete against themselves. They choose a sport, specific games, and then determine if the athletes will perform better or worse than the expert projections. If the person makes three correct choices, they can claim their prize or advance their winnings.
  • “Outlast Survivor Pool” is DFS’s first and only over/under survivor pool where you compete against other players in the pool size and entry fee of your choice.
  • ‘Outlast Purse’ (Coming Soon) is a weekly golf pool with options to play against the public or to play in private pools run commission-free by ‘Outlast’.

“Outlast” is led by Bersin and supported by a team of experts, including co-founder Ehimere Etomi. Current and former professional athletes, including PGA TOUR Mackenzie Hughes and Major League Baseball Wil Myers, are the founding investors of the company.