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Final buzzer sounds on ESPN5 sports website

By October 13, 2021November 19th, 2021Sports website
Dino Maragay –

October 13, 2021 | 11:23

MANILA, Philippines – The sports website of ESPN5, one of the leading sports information portals in the Philippines, closed its operations on Wednesday morning.

This was confirmed by some of the website staff in a series of posts on Twitter.

As of March 2020, ESPN International did not renew its content partnership agreement with TV5 / Cignal, prompting the latter to rename its sports channel to One Sports and remove ESPN5 brand programming from its programming.

The partnership continued online, however, as remained operational with local sports news until staff members confirmed they were severing ties with the website on Tuesday evening.

While the website remains live at time of publication, it is now devoid of local content.

A source who requested anonymity said that plans are underway to launch a standalone One Sports website but have yet to be executed.

TV5’s partnership with ESPN became official on October 12, 2017, with the former acquiring the domestic rights to some of the latter’s US and international shows. These include boxing matches on ESPN Classic, races on the IndyCar series, and select NFL games, including highly anticipated Super Bowl games.