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Fantasy Sports Howzat App Internal Ads Go Out Of The Park

By April 5, 2022Sports app

Although Howzat is endorsed by big cricket stars like Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh and Irfan Pathanot, the ads don’t talk about the stars but weave stories that highlight users’ concerns. Rather than talking about which cricketer practiced late at night or who comes from a modest family background, Howzat advertisements emphatically talk about what the Howzat app actually offers, such as free games on membership, bonuses, the ease of withdrawing winnings and new features such as only playing the second round.

“The ads show how different we are from other fantasy apps,” said Bharat Bhatia, Vice President of Marketing at Junglee Games. “We think it’s very important that ads are relevant to the user and address their pain points and needs. As a fantastic platform with a difference, we know what users are looking for in a fantastic app and we have highlighted how we provide just that. This T20 season, we want users to be able to make an informed choice to have a better fantasy cricket experience.”

The tongue-in-cheek ads are parodies of some hugely popular Indian films and confront competitors head-on. They are targeted at india 13 crores fantasy sports players, the vast majority of whom are cricket fans.

Without emphasizing the themes of national integration, these advertisements featuring Yuvraj SinghIrfan Pathan and Harbhajan Singh let us also remember that the fantastic game, just like the game of cricket, is a pan-India passion. Interest in fantasy games is not limited to one region. So it’s a stroke of genius to have characters that are relatable in every part of India. If Bhool Bhool Pandey, the cop who forgets to field his team in the contest before the deadline, represents india heart of the north, Pooch Pa is a typical South Indian character. Babu Rao, who is desperately trying to get his earnings by calling customer service with his old rotary phone, has a name reminiscent of western India.

These ads work so well because they got married india two great passions: cinema and cricket. And in doing so, they haven’t forgotten what matters most – the user and what the user expects most from a fantasy cricket app.

About Howzat

Howzat is a fantasy sports platform owned by india leading skill game company Junglee Games. It offers sports fans an exciting fantasy sports experience by combining sports, skills and cash prizes. Users can select their own virtual cricket, football and kabaddi teams on Howzat by selecting players from real teams playing matches in the real world and competing with other users for cash prizes. The platform is legally certified, secure and trusted by 16 million regular fantasy sports players worldwide India.