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ES Broadcast selects Telestream PRISM to monitor sporting events

By November 1, 2021January 2nd, 2022Sports events

Munich, Germany—ES Broadcast Hire has offices in the UK, Spain, Germany and the US. As the leader in rental of broadcast equipment in Europe, we are particularly focused on the supply of equipment for events and broadcast production. One of our specialties is the support of IP and remote production systems for live events.

When it came to testing signal monitoring equipment and products, we were looking for a single system that was versatile enough to support hybrid SDI or IP workflows for live production, content editing and trust monitoring from SD to 8K in multiple color spaces. Since multiple audio streams also circulate over IP, having comprehensive audio tools was on our wishlist as well.


Recognizing that operators have varied backgrounds and experiences, we wanted a system that was easy to use and learn, as our customers often hire freelance staff and set up temporary facilities. The ideal system would satisfy multiple use cases and operator positions; the last thing we wanted was to overwhelm an operator with endless menus and features they wouldn’t need.

With that in mind, we preferred a system in which the user interface could be “dressed” to match the job / function on demand.

After taking a close look at the options available with a major customer, we purchased 12 Telestream PRISM waveform monitors after the PRISM platform was requested for use in the IP Broadcast Center for several major sporting events. international over the summer and winter of 2021. Our client used the PRISM Waveform Monitors at several engineering positions and for creative monitoring of editorial signals, including camera shading and color correction, while supporting resolutions up to 8K.

PRISM has proven to be extremely flexible whether the signal path is over ST 2110 or SDI, and has delivered results at all resolutions while ensuring that production teams maximize the potential of Wide Color Gamut (WCG) formats. A vital part of the underlying IP infrastructure, PRISM monitors also allowed engineers to accurately time signals and quickly and easily identify any issues with the timing of the PTP (Precision Time Protocol) signal between positions. , especially in the high-pressure environment of live sports broadcasting.


Now that PRISM systems are part of our rental inventory, we are seeing the broader benefit of remote configuration as the systems are often on the road for extended deployments. The ability to simply reconfigure PRISM systems or update them in the field with new functionality addresses a key part of our requirement to provide the latest and cutting edge equipment to our customers.

Without returning the units to base, our staff can reconfigure menus and remote displays to match any use case or even just to meet individual customer preferences. Unlike traditional waveform monitors, when operating in IP mode, PRISM systems can support audio analysis for Dolby E / D / D +, including surround sound displays. Operators can monitor levels, clipping, silence, and even loudness compliance.

In these difficult times, one of the features our customers rely on is the ability to view signals and manage the PRISM system remotely through a simple but secure web interface. As productions continue to work with fewer onsite staff due to pandemic restrictions, these remote capabilities have become invaluable and mean compromises on quality are never made.

We have a long history of working with Tektronix video products and we are pleased to see that product and development has strengthened under the Telestream brand.

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