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DSO Transmits Nagpur City School Sports Events to NMC, a civic body which is yet to be confirmed | More sports news

By July 6, 2022August 6th, 2022Sports events

NAGPUR: Eight years after a Government resolution (GR) of 2014, the Departmental Sports Office (DSO) Nagpur asked Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) to organize the inter-school matches within the city limits in the next session.
While the DSO handed over responsibility for organizing matches for all 96 sports disciplines to NMC and issued a press release on Tuesday, the company, which does not have a fully-fledged sports department, has yet to confirmed its acceptance with the department.
Nagpur DSO Pallavi Dhatrak said in a statement that at the District Sports Council meeting held recently, District Collector R Vimala informed NMC to hold the inter-school matches for the 96 events within the city limits . “While NMC will host events for schools within city limits, the DSO will host games for schools outside of NMC boundaries,” Dhatrak said.
Caught off guard by the decision, NMC has yet to confirm the same and is facing a dilemma over staff shortages in their department. In a conversation with TOI, NMC Head of Sports Piyush Ambulkar said, “Like the DSO office, we at NMC do not have a full-fledged sports department. We don’t even have sports officials, coaches like the DSO office has. The commissioner of the NMC did not give his agreement for the same and we therefore did not give our confirmation on the organization of the matches.
Explaining further, Ambulkar said, “At the previous District Sports Council meeting, the same subject was discussed in detail with the then collector, Ravindra Thakre, who in turn directed the DSO to continue. to organize games for schools inside and outside the city limits. At this year’s meeting, the DSO did not confirm the minutes and did not communicate the decision taken at the previous meeting. And the decision was made in haste. I informed them that we will take the consent of the NMC commissioner and confirm it.
A sports officer from the DSO office told TOI that Mumbai and Pune municipal corporations organize matches within the city limits, so why can’t NMC organize them in Nagpur. While municipal corporations that organize sports tournaments have a special assistant director for sports, NMC has only two employees in sports, who report to the education department.


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