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DraftKings Launches New Live Sports App: DK Live

By September 12, 2016December 10th, 2021Sports app
[toc]DraftKings has already dabbled in the content of daily fantastic sports, in addition to running his own contests.

This effort has gotten more serious with the recent launch of a new mobile app – DK Live – a product separate from its platform and its DFS application.

DK Live at a glance

DK Live is billed as the digital and fantastic version of “NFL RedZone” by DraftKings. CEO of DraftKings Jason robin unveiled DK Live at TechCrunch Disruption in San Francisco today.

“Our team built DK Live with the fantastic player in mind, creating an experience that’s right for every fan and connecting them to the content that matters most to them,” Robins said in a press release. “DK Live is our latest way to give sports fans the best technology and experience by eliminating frantic screen hopping between different apps and websites on game day. “

Currently, the new offering is available for iOS in the App Store, with plans to eventually launch a Android version. The app is powered largely by data provided by STATS LLC, which DraftKings also uses for its core app.

Zoom on DK Live

The app is not necessarily revolutionary in the idea that it provides sports information to fans, although the app outperforms other fantasy-based apps in its ability to provide information based on what a DFS player wants to see.

“The goal for us is really to have the experience of sweating your lineups and your sports media consumption beyond DraftKings,” Corey gottlieb, vice president of content at DraftKings, told Legal Sports Report in a product demo.

What’s in the app?

  • Strong points: A filterable section allows users to see every red zone play, touchdown, turnover and gain over 20 yards for live games.
  • Notes: Users can see all game scores including a game’s scoreboards to follow a game feed for individual games.
  • News: The news section includes the latest player news and injury updates from Twitter, RotoWire and FantasyLabs, among other news sources. DK Live also builds on a relationship with Inside Injuries, which analyzes the impact of injuries.

The coolest thing about DK Live: DraftKings users can customize the app based on their fantastic lineup for that week. Users who also have the DraftKings app can filter information so that they only receive information relevant to their fantastic queues.

“This is the real differentiator for us, for a DraftKings user,” said Gottlieb. “It all has to do with the players you made decisions about when you were drafting. “

Will people adopt DK live?

DK Live intends to be a one-stop-shop for everyday fantasy football players, allowing them to easily consume information for any players and teams they want, fantasy sports related or not.

“We think it’s a perfect second screen for people who watch games live and for people who are trying to follow their players,” said Gottlieb.

However, the application is separate from the traditional DraftKings application, where players can assemble queues, enter contests, and track their performance against other DFS players in those contests.

Yet DFS users often still use two or more apps or websites to track sports – the app (s) for their DFS competitions and a sports app / website. Gottlieb argues that no product on the market is aimed so much at the DFS user, with the fantastic level of customization available on DK Live. This gives it a head start as a potential sports source, at least for DFS players.

Can DK Live make a dent in a space already filled with a myriad of apps providing real-time sports information? If DraftKings and other users find it different and useful enough, that potential exists.