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Cricket-Friend of Warne reveals final hours before cricketer’s death

By March 7, 2022March 10th, 2022Sports games

Shane Warne gave presents of his old cricketer clothes and ate the traditional Australian snack of Vegemite on toast in the final hours before his death on Friday, an associate of the cricketer great said. Tom Hall was staying at the resort in Koh Samui, Thailand, where Warne was found unconscious in his bedroom at a villa he shared with three travel companions.

Hall, managing director of The Sporting News website, said there were ‘no unusual circumstances’ surrounding Warne’s death on Friday after the former spin bowler met friends and watched cricket on TV . “The first question is, ‘How can we watch the Australia v Pakistan test here in Thailand; is the game about to start? “, Hall wrote on the website, quoting Warne.

“Warney and cricket have never been far apart.” A few bullets into the test match, Warne jumped up and rushed excitedly to his room.

“He came back with an armful of clothes looking like a garage sale,” Hall said. “Shane had been working with me at The Sporting News for about a year and he presented me with his 2005 Ashes Test sweater, his 2008 IPL shirt and a one day international shirt and cap to be placed at the TSN offices in Australia and United Kingdom.”

He said Warne told stories of his first Indian Premier League (IPL) season where he led the Rajasthan Royals to the inaugural Twenty20 title. After joking around with the various cricket gear and taking pictures, the friends decided to “have a quick bite to eat”.

“I’ve dined with Shane at many fine establishments, but rather than sample local Thai cuisine, we enjoyed a plate of Vegemite on toast,” Hall said. “Shane mumbles, ‘Damn, you can’t beat Vegemite with butter, still awesome wherever you are in the world.’

“An Aussie through and through – this was to prove to be his last meal.” Warne had experienced chest pain before his death in Thailand and suffered from asthma and heart problems, Thai police said on Saturday, citing information from Warne’s family.

Hall said none of Warne’s traveling companions were aware of his doctor’s visit, although he complained to a friend of “some chest pains and shortness of breath”. “He knew he was a little overweight and was getting back to training harder. His Australian traveling companions did all they could, local ambulance crews arrived quickly.”

Warne’s body was taken in for an autopsy on Sunday. Thai police declined to comment on the likely cause of death, but were not treating it as suspicious. Warne’s family had accepted the offer of a state funeral, his Victoria state government said.

The Nine Network announced on Monday that the funeral could take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where the Great Southern Stand will soon be renamed SK Warne Stand in honor of great cricket. “We will be working out all the details of Shane Warne’s state funeral over the next few days, working closely with Shane’s family and ensuring it is a fitting tribute to an extraordinary Victorian,” said Victoria’s Deputy Premier James Merlino to reporters on Monday. .

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