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LISBON – Columbiana County District Attorney Vito J. Abruzzino has announced the unveiling of the office’s new website, the first of its kind.

Until this point in the office’s history, no online resources were available to citizens of Columbiana County regarding the prosecutor’s office. To become more transparent and provide valuable information and resources, the website is now “live” and can be found at

The website contains many valuable resources, some brought down after years of inactivity, others brand new. The website includes:

– A register of special needs that allows occupants of their housing with special needs to register, thus alerting first responders before their arrival of the presence of a person with special needs.

– Law enforcement templates that will allow officers to retrieve fillable forms consistent with best practice and court format preference.

-A crime whistleblower line where callers can remain anonymous and provide information about a crime they may not be comfortable approaching law enforcement with directly. Those with information can call 330-420-1050 to leave a tip.

–A comprehensive telephone directory with hyperlinks optimized for mobile phone use. Those who need a non-emergency number will find all townships and police departments listed and ready to call with just one click.

“We have created a resource that should serve citizens and law enforcement well”, said Abruzzino, whose office handled the creation and content of the new site. “The website will remain a living portal, which may change over time, to provide the most recent law enforcement resources for the county. I am proud of the hard work that has gone into creating the site and hope it will be a valuable asset for years to come.

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