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City of Clarksville Continues Sidewalk Projects – Clarksville Online

By August 18, 2022Sports events

Clarksville, TN – The Clarksville Streets Department (CPD) has completed new sidewalks along South Jordan Drive and is expected to complete more along North Senseney Circle in the coming weeks.

Both projects are part of the Transportation 2020+ plan and mark important steps towards making North Clarksville a more walkable community.

Over 150 homes are receiving sidewalk connections

The Clarksville Street Department recently completed the addition of 1958 feet of sidewalk to the northeast shoulder of South Jordan Drive from Arrowood Drive to Minglewood Elementary School. The project also includes sidewalks along Panorama Drive.

This new section of sidewalk connects 38 residences and will allow a connection with future developments.

The sidewalks along North Senseney Circle have also recently entered the construction phase. The Clarksville Street service will add 5,000 feet of sidewalk running from Rafiki Drive and connecting to the sidewalk along Peachers Mill Road

125 homes will be connected to sidewalks through this project, which is expected to be completed in early September.

“It’s a priority”

North Senseney Circle Sidewalk
North Senseney Circle Sidewalk

Both projects are included in the first level of the Transport 2020+ plan and fall under “parental responsibility areas”. for Minglewood Elementary, Barkers Mill Elementary and the West Creek School Complex.

Clarksville Street Department Director Dr. Ihab Habib said the safety of students walking to school is a priority for his department and they will continue to focus on safety-related projects. pedestrians.

“It’s a priority for our projects, and we hope it will connect more to schools and create more safety for students crossing into these areas,” Habib said. “It is a priority for our mayor and the street service. We’re working on a citywide plan to connect schools to sidewalks, so all students can get safely from their residences to schools. »

For updates on sidewalks and other infrastructure projects, citizens can visit the Plan Transport 2020+ website.